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Syaoran Sketch... [View & Comment Plz]


Up and away

The Resized Pic... Still Big...

I'm not even going to put up the resized pic because well, it'd take a lot of space. I'm still coloring, but I'm not liking how it's looking, so, on the meantime while I might finish coloring it, post it here and recolor it all over again because I didn't like it, you guys can at least see this. Comments and Crits are more then Welcomed... I won't bite, any advise I'll take it into consideration for future drawings.
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Crystal Clair

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Coming along pretty good. I envy people like you who have all of those lineart options for Photoshop (?). Paint Shop pro has only boring lines, that's the only drawback......
Good luck with this. It looks fantastic!


Up and away
Do I look mean or something, or do I just plainly scare people off from commenting?
Anyways, thank you Crystal Clair, I truly apreciate your comment. I'm currenly using Photoshop 7, and the stroke-simulation is pretty good to. I'm glad that you like it, and hopefully you'll stick around in any other thread of mine ^^.
It looks very nice Haku, I love the blue outline. Looks great ^.~ Also to get more reviewers give the thread a funny or perverted name *shot*

Good luck with the rest of it and stuff. But tis great anyway.

*shot for lame review*