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System Tool Virus

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So recently my laptop has somehow been infected with the System Tool virus. In a nutshell, it spams my screen with fake viruses and problems with my computer and leads me to a page that allows me to pay for Security Tool, supposedly anti-spyware program that will help me get rid of the viruses it is showing. The problem is that it's a hoax. Every single one of the viruses it is showing is fake, and just meant to coax the user into purchasing the fake anti-virus program. To make matters worse, it disables basically every other program on the computer, barring the internet. This makes getting rid of it that much tougher, and why I need help. If anyone who has experienced with issue before, or might be able to help in some way, I could use all the advice I can get. I really want to get this off of my computer.

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download malware bytes and spyware vanisher and install them using safemode with networking if it will allow you to or download them and install them and run them in safe mode so the virus files are not protected

Maylu Sakurai

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quick scan doesnt do run a full system scan it will find it and make sure it is up to date a full ysstem scan will detect the variants of it and elimiate them from the system or try the fallobing item blow

try this: http://www.2-spyware.com/remove-system-tool.html
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Sometimes viruses are sophisticated enough to hook system calls, and can hence "fool" an AV scanner into either missing the existence of a file, or thinking it's clean. Good AV suites such as Eset's NOD32 have an "Anti-Stealth" feature that does a pretty good job at detecting such attacks, but it's not foolproof. Installing an AV scanner after an infection by a sophisticated virus is usually useless. Scanners excel in detecting and stopping infections, once a file has been infected, it can be very difficult to clean.

Rootkits can be extremely difficult to even detect, let alone remove. They can really integrate themselves into the OS, making removal almost impossible.

In all honesty, it's probably simpler and definitely more thorough to just back up important files, scan them to make sure they're clean, then do a complete format of your computers hard drive(s).


In all honesty, it's probably simpler and definitely more thorough to just back up important files, scan them to make sure they're clean, then do a complete format of your computers hard drive(s).

I had the same problem as TC a while back. I couldn't get rid of it by any normal means either. So I just phoned up Norton and payed them (IIRC) $100 and they spent half an hour and fixed it. So depending on how important your files are, and if you have any that can't be backed up like I did, then this kind of thing might be an option for you.


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They're a pain to get rid of. I haven't experienced anything like that, but I know people who have and its a pain to get rid of. There are ways to get rid of those types of viruses though, its just a matter of searching the 'said' virus, and read the instructions suggested by others to know how to get rid of it, you won't need a complete format if you do a bit of googling and find out how to get rid of this virus. :] Actually, search System Tool 2011 virus removal and I think a couple of sites will actually tell you on how you can get rid of it.


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What spyware software do you have? I noticed that webroot and Kaspersky stop everything. If you didn't do a critcal and full scan and it won't stop it I would reccomend going to BestBuy and getting a better antispyware program. Or if you don't want to change the spyware you can have them clean it.

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i have a method to get rid of it but that takes time to remove though as i said restart in safemode and have malware bytes run a FULL SCAN a quick scan doesnt do it run a full scan in safemode and its guranteed to remove rogue virus software