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Tú y Yo (Contestshipping)

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by Yoshi-kun, Jan 12, 2009.

  1. Yoshi-kun

    Yoshi-kun Wandering the Forums

    Tú y Yo (Contestshipping)

    Si no soy el propietario de Pokémon(aka I do not own Pokémon :p)

    Rating: G

    This is a little Spanish/English one-shot I found sitting in my notebook when I went to look for drabbles for the drabble thread. Don't worry if you don't know anything about Spanish, it's in English too. Personally I just hope my Spanish grammar doesn't suck.

    Note: Drew's POV and brackets () mean English


    Tú y Yo
    (You and I)

    Yo camino solo.
    (I walk alone.)

    Yo siempre tengo.
    (I always have.)

    Yo te veo
    (I see you.)

    Tú me ves
    (You see me.)

    Yo te conozco.
    (I know you.)

    Tú me conoces
    (You know me.)

    Yo se que estas sorprendida.
    (I know you're suprised.)

    Yo veo que estas sorprendida
    (I see you're nervious.)

    Yo digo, "Estas en un apuro?"
    (I say, "You're in a hurry.")

    Tú contestas, "¡No estoy en un apuro"!
    (You reply, "I am not in a hurry!")

    Yo sé cómo jugar.
    (I know how to play.)

    Yo creo que tu tambien jugaras
    (I think that you will play too.)

    Yo pregunto, "¿Qué hora es"?
    (I ask, "What time is it?")

    Tú preguntas, "¿Qué"?
    (You ask, "What?")

    Yo pregunto otra vez, "¿A qué hora...?"
    (I ask again, "What time...?")

    Yo sé.
    (I know.)

    Yo te conozco
    (I know you.)

    Tú miras el reloj.
    (You look at the clock.)

    Tú dices, "Con permiso, tengo que irme".
    (You say, "Excuse me, I have to leave.")

    Yo pregunto, "¿Por qué estás tan apurada"?
    (I ask, "Why are you in a hurry?")

    Tú repetir, "He dicho, no estoy ..."
    (You repeat, "I said, I am not...")

    Yo digo, "Es cierto".
    (I say, "It's true.")

    Tú gruñes
    (You growl.)

    Tú te vas.
    (You walk away.)

    Tú no sabes.
    (You do not know.)

    Yo te sigo.
    (I follow.)

    Tú paras enfrente de una tienda.
    (You stop in front of a store.)

    Tú miras hacia atrás.
    (You look back.)

    Tú me ves
    (You see me.)

    Tú gruñes de nuevo.
    (You growl again.)

    Tú gritas, "¡¿Qué ..."?!
    (You shout, "What...?!")

    Yo sonrio.
    (I smile.)

    Tú intentas decirme algo.
    (You try open to your mouth.)

    Yo digo, "Tenía curiosidad".
    (I say, "I was curious.")

    Tú dices, "Estoy en un apuro, porque el... Poké Mart cierra pronto".
    (You say, "I am in a hurry because the... Poké Mart closes soon.")

    Yo digo, "Yo entiendo".
    (I say, "I understand.")

    Tú preguntas, "¿En serio"?
    (You ask, "Really?")

    Yo apunto y digo, "Eso es una tienda de ropa".
    (I point my finger and say, "That's a clothing store.")

    Tú miras y contestas, "¿Uh... tal vez"?
    (You look and answer, "Uh... maybe?")

    Yo explico, "Sabes, camisas, faldas, y zapatos se venden en la tienda".
    (I explain, "You know, shirts, skirts, and shoes are sold in the store.")

    Tú balbuceas, " Sí ".
    (You stammer, "Yes")

    Yo sonrio.
    (I smile.)

    Yo sacudo mi cabello con mi mano.
    (I flick my hair with my hand.)

    Yo sé.
    (I know.)

    Yo digo, "Es obvio que usted necesitas ropa nueva".
    (I say, "Obviously you need some new clothes.")

    Tú dices, "¡Mira tu..."!
    (You say, "Why you!")

    Yo digo, "Yo sé qué usted quieres más".
    (I say, "I know what you want more.")

    Yo tengo una rosa.
    (I have a rose.)

    Tú tartamudeas y me la arrebatas.
    (You stutter and snatch it away.)

    Tú me dices, "Tengo todo lo que necesito y nada mas".
    (You grumble, "I have everything I need and nothing more.")

    Yo pregunto, "¿En serio? "
    (I ask, "Really?")

    Tú dices, "No importa, tengo que irme. Adiós".
    (You say, "Never mind, I'm in a hurry now. Bye.")

    Yo sonrio y digo, "Rojo".
    (I smile and say, "Red.")

    Tú preguntas, "¿Qué"?
    (You ask, "What?")

    Yo pongo mi mano en mi pelo y rio, "Compra rojo".
    (I put my hand in my hair and chuckle, "Buy red.")

    Tú preguntas, "¿Eh"?
    (You ask, "Huh?")

    Yo quito mi mano y digo, "Tú eres la chica de rojo, ¿no"?
    (I flip out my hand and say, "You are the girl in red, right?")

    Tú no dices nada.
    (You say nothing.)

    Tú te enojas.
    (You're sulking.)

    Tú corres a la tienda.
    (You run into the store.)

    Tú miras hacia atrás.
    (You look back.)

    Yo sé.
    (I know.)

    Tú sabes.
    (You know.)

    Yo te conozco.
    (I know you.)

    Tú me conoces.
    (You know me.)

    Yo me alejo
    (I walk away.)

    Yo ya no estoy solo.
    (I'm no longer alone.)


    Random notes: Number one, the ending punctuation is supposed to come outside the quotation marks in Spanish.

    Number two, I know I didn't need to use all the pronouns, but I did for emphasis and it's not wrong to use the pronouns if even most people don't. And that was the point. I wrote every single sentence with "I" or "You" didn't I?

    Number three, I wrote this in Spanish first and then translated it into English instead of the other way around, so that means I threw in some neat parts that were lost in translation.

    Like Drew, through out the fic he tended to use "usted" the more formal version of you when talking to May, like you would a stranger. But when he thought of her always used the more personal version of "tú" to refer to her. Except for his last line, where he said "Tú eres la chica en rojo, ¿no"? ("You are the girl in red, right?") he let it slip out. The formal tone would have been "Usted es la niña (or chica) in rojo, ¿no"?, but he didn't say that. Because hey, I think a more personal tone was in order. ;)

    Erm anyway. Drew was vague on "Buy red" on purpose, he was playing around with her. But I kinda liked the idea. He is a little prat after all, and why I like him. ;)

    May however used personal pronouns the whole time. Even when she was screaming at him. Because, I don't she her as the type to use the formal tone, and it also can show respect. Maybe it's her way of saying "You're no better than me, muchacho." :p What ever you want to think.

    Number four, I haven't seen the Latin American version so I don't know how they speak in the anime. So don't flog me if I got it wrong. :p Okay?

    Number five, Spanish is not my native language so if you know it, and can offer me advice it would be much appreciated.
    Last edited: Jan 12, 2009
  2. Negi-Bozu®

    Negi-Bozu® 僕は。。。パックンです、よろしく。。。

    I'll help you,I'll bold the corrections you need to make :)
    Hope this helps :)
  3. Yoshi-kun

    Yoshi-kun Wandering the Forums

    Thank you :) , now I know for sure my books don't care about teaching proper grammar, just the words. *shakes head*
  4. Encyclopika

    Encyclopika The Queen

    I know some Spanish, but it's fading as the years go on. XD
    This was a very cute poem. I understand the emphasis in using the pronouns...it made me stop and think on every line, which I suppose acted like speed bumps. Very well-played. I'm glad I read your notes because I didn't catch the switch between the Spanish "you"'s.
    As for the interaction, it was adorable...certainly the classic Contestshipping the ship spawned from. Great work. Overall, a very nice piece. ^^
  5. Yoshi-kun

    Yoshi-kun Wandering the Forums

    Oh, wow this is an honor. I'm glad that you liked it and said it was classic Contestshipping as it wasn't easy using another language. Thank you for reviewing.
    Last edited: Jan 13, 2009
  6. Negi-Bozu®

    Negi-Bozu® 僕は。。。パックンです、よろしく。。。

    Glad I could help :), Spanish could be a very tricky language.. specially if your translating from english... a few words or sentences in english could mean 2 or 3 different things in spanish.
  7. ContestNoir888

    ContestNoir888 Smitten

    Aaaaaw, this was very cute poem, Yoshi. This poem somehow symbolicly showed May and Drew's interaction their entire time in the series....XD wish you made some more ;)
  8. Yoshi-kun

    Yoshi-kun Wandering the Forums

    Thank you. I'm happy it came across that way. It's kind of funny, I was looking at a Spanish book one day, and I saw some of the phrases and thought wow that would work for May and Drew. So I wrote some down, and forgot about it. :p Till now. Could I write some more? Hopefully if I got some inspiration.

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