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T-B0nes art world

Discussion in 'Fan Art' started by T-B0ne27, Jul 13, 2011.

  1. T-B0ne27

    T-B0ne27 Banned

    Hey everyone. i have been hand drawing pokemon for a long time and i have decided to upload my best ones for you all to see. feel free to be a critque on them but remember they are hand drawn and i am only 16. :) enjoy

    Jolteon, Flareon and Vaporeon

    altered giratina

    all sketches took between 30min-1hr
    all colored drawings took between 2hr-4hr

    i will update more as i draw them
  2. draya the dark master

    draya the dark master Sort of Undead atm♥

    these are cool... maby going over them with an ink pen will help the lines to stand out a bit ^_^
    also if you have a scanner the pics will look of better quallity rether then just taking pics with a camra XD
  3. T-B0ne27

    T-B0ne27 Banned

    i wish i had a scanner...i will try the ink outlining thank you for the tip :)
  4. Latios_lover

    Latios_lover Savvy

    Hey those are really good! I like the shading on the grados and I like your alternet giratina too! I
  5. Mr. Reloaded

    Mr. Reloaded An enigma

    not bad actually good job
  6. T-B0ne27

    T-B0ne27 Banned

    @latios lover and thebattlefrontierash-thank you i actually drew the gyarados in 2008 so that was when i was 13 :) i put a lot of effort into all of them
  7. pinkchomby

    pinkchomby The Heir of Space

    everything other than the giratina is AMAZING!!!!!
  8. T-B0ne27

    T-B0ne27 Banned

    @pinkchomby- thank you! also what is wrong w/the altered giratina? i made my own version that i thought looked cool.

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