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[T] [Poetry] - Scrimshaw


A Dense Irritating Miniature Beast of Burden
Two hundred tonnes of nautical mass
is lifted out from its watery grave,
hauled on a hook for all to see,
hog-tied, naked for its open peep-show.

From Fresnel lanterns to flensing knives,
the sea lays both man and animal bare,
its length plunges into walls of blubber,
exposing sheets of skin and duvets of muscle.

The exhibitionist’s remains are scattered
by gloved hands with blades and pliers,
its products used to light tunnels and kill bacteria,
for its meats to be cooked in its own oils and consumed.

One acquires its tooth and performs his art,
carving niches of landscapes into his ivory canvas,
once he is done, it’s sent half the world in a box
to lie in wait for his sister to lay bare again.