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T-Rex's Monstrous Machine Deck

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<-Don't wake him up!
Ok here it is.
Cyber Stein
Summoner of Illusions
Cyber Jar
Ancient Gear Beast
X-Head Cannon
Y-Dragon Head
Z-Metal Tank
W-Wing Catapult
V-Fighter Jet
Exiled Force
Chaos Sorceror
Spirit Reaper
Magician of Faith
Iron Blacksmith Kotetsu

Dark Hole
Premature Burial
Heavy Storm
Giant Trunade
Emergency Provisions
Limiter Removal
Snatch Steal
Last Will
Swords of Revealing Light
Creature Swap
Smashing Ground
Book of Moon
Frontline Base

Draining Shield
Royal Decree
Bottomless Trap Hole
Torrential Tribute
Dust Tornado
Call of the Haunted

Cyber End Dragon
Cyber Twin Dragon
VWXYZ-Dragon Catapult Cannon
XYZ-Dragon Cannon
YZ-Tank Dragon
XZ-Tank Cannon
XY-Dragon Cannon
VW-Tiger Catapult(x2)

It's a killer deck guys. I have killed people on my very 1st turn with this deck several times(the 2nd turn of the duel where I can attack of course)
Anyways, what are your thoughts, and feel free to give some input on what cards you consider would help my deck that I don't have. Thanks ;-D

The Requiem

I think you should find better opponents...o_O..

You have to make a descion, b/c you have like...2-3 decks in one and that DOESENT work well.

XYZ + Cyber Dragon OTK + Chaos = not a good idea...


<-Don't wake him up!
Orochi Breakwing said:
I think you should find better opponents...o_O..

You have to make a descion, b/c you have like...2-3 decks in one and that DOESENT work well.

XYZ + Cyber Dragon OTK + Chaos = not a good idea...
Well I like to keep my deck randomized. I don't like to have duplicates. For the most part, it's about Cyber End and Twin more than the VWXYZ monsters and Chaos Sorceror. Those cards are just there for support, b/c you can't totally rely on 1 strategy such as Cyber Stein.(espcially that card since you have to pay 5000)
LoL as for finding better opponents, I actually do play formidable opponents but as good as a duelist might be, it can't stop me if I have the game winning hand on my 1st turn after my opponent's 1st turn
GAME WINNING HAND FOR 1ST TURN(4 cards are all I need):
Heavy Storm
Exiled Force
Last Will
Megamorph and/or Limiter Removal
*Lets say my opponent plays 2 cards face down and sets a monster in defensive mode. It's my turn now, I heavy storm everything to oblivion to clear the spells and traps, then I summon Exiled Force to pop the face down monster, then activate Last Will to special summon Cyber Stein from my deck, pay my 5000 life points, bring out Cyber End/Twin, use Megamorph or Limiter Removal to double its attack regardless and win automatically.
*Another scenario is that my opponent chains to my heavy storm by activating scapegoats, I still kill it with Cyber End b/c of Trample (-8000 right there)
*Another scenario is that my opponent chains to Heavy Storm with Emergency Provisions and gets his/her lifepoints over 8000 at the very least. I'll simply bring out Cyber Twin Dragon and double its attack to hit my opponent for 5600 twice which equals 11200 lifepoint damage total.(my opponent would have to use Emergency Provisions on 4 spell/traps to gain 4000 bringing his lifepoints up to 12000, which would survive the attack of Cyber Twin obviously by 800 lipfepoints.
The only counters to my 1st turn kill are:
Magic Jammer and Drain for Heavy Storm
Winged Kuriboh getting destroyed by Exiled Force while it was face down, so my opponent doesn't lose any lifepoints that turn
Kuriboh getting discarded from my opponent's hand on my Cyber End/Twin's attack
^ Other than those 3 counters mentioned above, I'll win that turn, no matter how good the opponent is ;-P
*Thanks for your insight anyways.
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