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T.V Trouble


Earlier this week my moms T.V stopped working for unknown reasons. We just left for dinner and when we came back it wouldn't turn on. When we try to turn it on it will click and do nothing else. I've looked at the cables and nothing seems to have changed, the remote has batteries and we didn't leave it on when we left.

Some help would be greatly Appreciated!


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If a capacitor blew in anything, you would know it. The sign that this happened are if you hear a pop sound and see a bit of smoke. The symptoms only show up when the capacitor actually blows and the only way to tell afterward is to take the thing apart and look for capacitors that are leaking their electrolyte or if the top of the thing is blown off entirely. If the set is doing nothing what could have happened is the picture tube could have burned out. The picture tube in a TV set is a bit like a light bulb, it does burn out after some time and the only thing I would say to do is to replace the TV as I am not sure if it can be replaced and this would not be something to do yourself as the picture tube has a capacitor circuit on the back which can store a dangerously high amount of electricity even long after the set has been unplugged.