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Taboos in society.

Discussion in 'Debate Forum' started by Sadib, Jun 21, 2012.

  1. Lethal Llama

    Lethal Llama Random Trainer

    Suicide should be frowned upon because if it's accepted, people may kill themselves when they're simply in a difficult stage of life. For example, this exaggeration is so over the top it's practically a joke, but it could be like:

    John had a hard day at work. He has an assignment tomorrow he won't get done. His girlfriend just dumped him. His cat died. The power goes out. John has had enough. He knows that suicide is an everyday thing, and he knows that his life is looking pretty grim. John takes his own life.

    Obviously a complete over exaggeration but you get my point.

    About public nudity, I think it's frowned upon because it's violating other people's freedom to not see your bare bottom in the local grocer's. It's like kissing every person you pass. Yes you're restricted but more people would be affected if it was OK.
  2. Iceberg

    Iceberg A human

    I did some searching into my local laws after a nude bike ride happened, and I found out in my area it is completely legal to be naked in public. As long as you don't do anything sexual, you can walk down the street totally nude. Unfortunately it's Canada so it's a little chilly to be nude.

    I don't know how I feel about this. It should be taboo because some people nobody would want to see naked. Not to mention all the kids scared for life. Then again, if from birth children were raised to embrace nudity maybe it wouldn't be so weird?
  3. Chidori__O

    Chidori__O Well-Known Member

    Canada's been a really warm lately and the source of the major heatwave in USA is from Canada. But that's not my point.

    Now, I don't really have any evidence for suicide (besides this http://suicideinfo.ca/Library/AboutSuicide/FAQ.aspx) but this is what I'm saying. Listen to my theory then speculate.

    First, suicide is frowned upon because you are a part of society whether you like it or not. It is the only way we can help humans and support ourselves. And just because you have a bad day doesn't mean that you can just commit suicide. Life does get better. If you commit suicide then you're missing all the fun experiences you can achieve.

    Note that this theory is only for if you're depressed. Forced Suicide is a different story.
  4. Charminions

    Charminions Hot♥


    Let's say suicide becomes accepted in society. Are people really stupid enough to commit suicide just because of a rough day at work?


    If public nudity becomes accepted, it will take a generation or so before the public will become accustomed to it. After which, I see no problem with it. Sure, there are people who may not want to see certain individuals' private parts, but after an innocent glance you have the right to look away. Plus, that kind of ideology came from the whole taboo on nudity in the first place.

    >Sex/Gender Roles

    Who's to say a man can't be a loving and nurturing father by day, and a sexual deviant who quenches their wife's desires at night? Also, there are men who objectify women, but there aren't women who objectify men? It can work the other way around too, and this sort of equality is what the last century has been working towards.
  5. SwiftSoul

    SwiftSoul Kinkmeister General

    I love you, Charm.

    To make this not spam, I'll say it's pretty taboo to talk about gender roles when it comes to gay couples, aside from the risque question that always irks me.
  6. Iceberg

    Iceberg A human

    I wouldn't advocate people's right to just off themselves because they got dumped/fired/had a bad day. The woman whom i have mentioned is fighting for the right to be euthanized. There is an interesting case of a man who had a severely retarded daughter. She couldn't do the simplest of tasks. The medication the doctors had her on to keep her from dying prevented her from taking pain medication. So she was in consistent excruciating pain. The father went to court to try and fight for the right to euthanize his daughter - since she was in terrible pain. He lost. So the man took matters into his own hands and euthanized her in a painless way. He's now in prison. (A quick Google search should find the story). The aforementioned example would be an instance where I believe suicide/euthanasia shouldn't be so taboo.

    Personally, if I was diagnosed with cancer with had no hope of recovery, I might consider suicide. Especially if the cancer was very painful. Why suffer and wait to die when I could die painlessly now?
  7. Celestial Moth

    Celestial Moth Bug-Type Deity

    This particular taboo is always going to be objective though because of the different pain everyone feels and how we all deal with it.
  8. Malanu

    Malanu Est sularus oth mith

    Why would the husband have to wait till night? >:)
  9. Iceberg

    Iceberg A human

    Yeah. What I'm saying is that why would people care if I wanted to commit suicide. It's my life right? And if I'm in serious pain with no hope then there isn't much of a point to live on. Society still frowns on this though.
  10. Whitn3y

    Whitn3y Pretty Princ3ss!

    I think suicide can be a very beautiful thing.
  11. iFi Salamander

    iFi Salamander I'm a vampire!

  12. dd1zzle

    dd1zzle Well-Known Member

    Public nudity is terrible. I don't care how hot the weather is, where a light tank top if you gotta!

    Also I think PDA should be limited to a hand hold and a peck on the lips. I don't care if you're gay, straight, bisexual, or lesbian, I don't want to see you smack lips together!
  13. Treecko's Awesomeness

    Treecko's Awesomeness Treecko is claimed!

    Troll! Troll in the dungeon!

    Suicide is just selfish in my opinion. Killing yourself leaves everyone who loved you alone, and can ruin many lives besides your own. No matter how horrible you may think your life is, it could be worse, and it's possible to make it better.
  14. ALordZynix

    ALordZynix Lord of the Wings

    It depends if you make a difference between "suicide" and "assisted suicide". I can have no respect for the people who commit suicide, it's the easy solution and it's selfish but I can have respect for the people who have to make the difficult decision to end the life of a loved one who has mentally already died. Sadly that too is considered by some a taboo .
  15. Pokeshippers

    Pokeshippers AAML Livin The Dream

    As someone who has been suicidal in the past I can tell you that it's easy to talk about it from an outsiders point of view but some people really cannot cope. Without understanding exactly what is happening you cannot brush things off as 'it could be worse' because everyone has their own concept on what is hard to deal with. For example some people can cope with failure easily, others take it painfully. Meanwhile some people can take the death of a loved one easier than others. Also you fail to take into consideration those who have no loved ones left, those who have lost their entire family, have no friends and so forth.

    Making your life better isn't always possible, some things cannot change no matter how hard you try and some people just cannot take that. I wouldn't call it selfish, because no-one commits suicide at the drop of a hat, some people think death is the only escape regardless of how sad it sounds.
  16. dewey911p

    dewey911p primus inter pares

    There is a hotline you should probably call ...

    This is, in my humble opinion, the purpose behind the "social taboo." Quite frankly though, I don't think suicide is quite "taboo." To me, taboo is something along the lines of bestiality, insets, cannibalism, pedophilia and so forth. You know, the extreme stuff. Suicide may be frowned upon or disapproved of in general, but to me it doesn't quite hit that level of "taboo"

    and then there is this. Assisted suicide should be a medical option in my opinion. let it be know SPPF that if I am ever in a coma with no hope of survival, braindead, or in any other way incapacitated to the point where normal life functions are impossible and I am a huge burden and nothing else, pull the damn plug. Roll me into the middle of a freeway, feed me to the wolfs, I don't care because I don't want to live like that, not that this is really living though. You are now my witnesses that can attest to my desires (haha, your burdened with responsibility now). In all seriousness though, while assisted suicide should be a medical option of last resort, those who deteriorate to such a state are often unable to make such a decision for themselves, and there will be a never ending debate over "he wants to live" vs "This is not what he wanted and I know he is crying inside asking us to pull the plug." Therein lies the problem with assisted suicide, the individual who needs to be of sound mind to make the decision is often not able to do so.

    Public nudity doesn't strike me as a taboo either. It is something that has evolved out of necessity and has now become socially expected. I was born and raised in upstate New York and I vividly recall weather forecast that went like so : "The temperature is -7 degrees outside and with wind chill it is -25. Any exposed skin is at risk of getting frost bite if exposed for more than just a few minutes." People are not dressed because it is a taboo to be naked, people are dressed because there are just certain parts of your body that you don't want to lose to frostbite. Even in warmer climates clothes help protect against disease, sun light, and other harmful things. Nudity in and of itself isn't bad, it may be ugly sometimes, and it may be stunning at other times, but it isn't bad. We are socially constructed to be shy and modest about our bodies and to immediately associate nudity with sex, but this is simply not necessary. It would not be to hard to "reteach" society that nudity is beautiful, natural and acceptable and that nudity does not always equate to sex.

    as for public displays of affection, I find them kinda nice sometimes. It is always nice to see a young couple in love, people caring for each other, a passionate kiss between lovers and genuine happiness that only love can elicit. The world is so dark and gloomy sometimes, so I find that seeing others happy can brighten my day, and often make me miss my girlfriend when she is not around. I don't advocate hardcore sex in the park, but a warm embrace and a loving kiss can makes others feel good to if they think about it a certain way.

    Generally speaking, all taboos are nothing more than social constructs human have created for various reasons, usually religious reasons. Take incest for example. This is taboo because we are taught that it is wrong, but if we were not taught it was wrong, it wouldn't be taboo. Humans are the only species that have taboos, and I find that peculiar and interesting. For example, Komoto Dragons have a survival mechanism that allows a single female dragon to start and entire colony by herself. A female Komoto Dragon can fertilize her own eggs, but only the male eggs hatch. From there the males grow, develop, and eventually reproduce with the original female, their mother. From this act both male and female eggs can be fertilized, hatched, and then reproduce with their parents, brothers/sisters, and aunts/uncles. In this fashion 1 female Komoto Dragon can start an entire population of dragons. This species has no quarrels about incest, and the same can be said for other species. Not only incest, but other taboos too, such as cannibalism, interspecial reproduction, etc. the human mind is fascinating and beyond comprehension. From this, we have concocted society, rules to govern that society, and even social expectations from others on a daily basis. This is something unique to the human species, and it will always be with us as long as we are together in society. I would even go so far as to argue that taboos exist out of a fear of judgement by others. Taboos are broken every day, maybe even every hour (just surf the internet for 5 minutes and you will get the general jist), but the people who break these taboos do not display them to the public (aside from the people on the internet I just told you to look up ... moving on). We humans are ok with breaking taboos but we are not ok with others finding out about what we do. We do not care about taboos, we care about being judged, shunned, and outcasted from society.
    Last edited: Sep 3, 2012
  17. ALordZynix

    ALordZynix Lord of the Wings

    By taboo I think of a victimless crime, so I agree with bestiality, incest and cannibalism (only if you didn't kill the person you are eating) and I would end necrophilia, but I don't think you can include pedophilia in a list of taboos. Mostly because when one thinks of pedophilia your mind automatically goes to child rape which is a far from victimless crime.

    Also, I do think "suicide" counts as a social taboo because the only milder version I can think of is a social faux pas, farting in a lift that kind of thing, and it is much extremer then any social faux pas I can think of.
  18. octoboy

    octoboy I Crush Everything

    Actually, I think part of it comes from inbred children having very nasty birth defects, as displayed by quite a few people in royalty.

    Which actually brings an interesting discussion as to whether incest is then ok if the people involved can't reproduce (being either both the same sex or infertile). In that case it would be purely a taboo.

    Then again, non-reproductive sex has been a pretty big taboo of its own. That's definitely a religious one. Though it certainly has become less and less of one over the years.
  19. Steampunk

    Steampunk One Truth Prevails

    as for the scuicide thing let me tell you this.
    a lot of them are overreactions!
    there is this one girl on this site, i talked her out of suicide twice!
    and both times were over something that could have been easily corrected!
    1) a crush on a video game character that a friend didnt approve of
    2) an article she read online that said that pretty girls grow up to be violet/killers

    as most of us know these thins are not true/stupid
    what i am saying is how many people have comitted suicide and we dont know why?
    how many of them died over something as trivial as this?
    human life is a precious thing you cant destroy it becaouse you feel bad.
    i rest my case.
  20. Sadib

    Sadib Time Lord Victorious

    If someone wants to end their lives over something as stupid as the two reasons you listed, I say let then. This world needs less irrational people.

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