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Tag Battle Partners Shipping thread

Discussion in 'Shippers Community' started by darklord18, Aug 1, 2009.

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  1. darklord18

    darklord18 Cheekyshipper

    The last owner, Mr Joker allow me to remake the thread. Anyway

    ~Welcome To The Tag Battle Partner shipping thread~

    Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen! This here is the Tag Battle Partners shipping Thread!
    Here we talk about the crazy shippings between them and the rest of the characters in the Pokemon Series.​

    Character Bios

    Cheryl: A nice lady that appear in the Eterna Forest asking the player for help.
    In the game she focuses on HP. Cheryl asks Ash and co for help in finding the enchanted honey in the anime.
    Some of her ships are: Lucas x Cheryl, Gardenia x Cheryl, Cheryl x Vespiquen.

    Mira: A little lost girl in Wayward Cave, she focuses on Sp Attack.
    In the anime she tricks Ash and co into helping her find her Grandmother pendant.
    Later to actually be a Pokemon she and her friends raised. Some shippings are Cheekyshipping, Waywadshipping.

    Riley: The Player meets Riley in Iron island and help him find out what wrong with the Pokemon.
    He focuses on Attack. While in the anime he kept true to his game counter part
    and was searching for why the steel type were going crazy.
    Some shippings are Ironwillshipping, Bishieshipping, Riley x Roark, Riley x Volkner.

    Marley: Marley is a loner of the group and rather keep to her self.
    The player meets her in Victory Road after getting the national Pokedex.
    She often uses speed to over come tough opponents.
    Marley has yet to appear in the anime.
    Shippings with her are Marley x Mira, Marley x Lucas, Marley x Shaymin.

    Buck: The hot head of the group.
    He focuses on Defense and Special Defense.
    In both DP and Platinum the Player teams up with him at Stark Mountain.
    Buck is the brother of an elite four member but yet to be known who.
    He also has yet to appear in the anime.
    Shippings include are Buck x Marley, Buck x Flint, Buck x Barry.


    1. All SPPF and Shipping rules apply
    2. NO bashing or flaming of ANY kind.
    3. No SPAM or Double/triple/etc post.
    4. Respect one another.
    5. You can post Fan art/Fan fic but give Credit if you didn't draw it.
    6. Don't say ''Can I be Co-owner?'' The owner and the rest of the Co-owners will decide. If you ask you won't be one.
    7. Have fun.

    Failure to not follow these SIMPLE rules shall result in.
    1. First warning.
    2. Second warning
    3. Final warning
    4. Banned for a week.
    5. Banned for a month
    6. Permanent ban.

    Member list
    Owner darklord18
    Co owner Pikachu_luver
    Co owner WGCV23
    Co owner Mr. Joker
    Sweet May
    The Renowned Obscurity
    Akari K

    Jail - Banned members
    No one. Just keep it that way or else.

    There is a community on Fan fiction were there are a lot of fic for tag partners shipping here the link. Credit to The Renowned Obscurity for the link.
    Tag partners Fic Community

    So let start off with a topic.
    What Tag partner shippings do you like?

    Well most of my are ones with Mira but I just say my tops for each one.

    Cheekyshipping for Mira, I just like the idea of Max and Mira being a couple, there could be alot of fighting as well as team work in pulling prank on there friends.

    Buck x Barry as I just like how it was in the D/P games were Buck and Barry had a race to see who can get the magma stone first. Both know that they strong but can improve and I think they can do that together.

    Riley x Delia. Well Ash and Riley do have the aura thing and I really Think Riley and Delia could know each other.

    Marley x Silver, Well both are loner so both need eachother to not be loneily.

    Well Cheryl I don't really know as of yet.

    anyway hope you enjoy your time here.
    Last edited: Nov 9, 2009
  2. Sweet May

    Sweet May o.o

    Mind me popping in for the time?

    What Tag partner shippings do you like?
    Well let's see there's Gaiashipping (Natane x Momi) which I began supporting after DP031 in the anime. As for Gen, there's many ships for him that I support like AuraProtectshipping (Gen x Satoshi) that I've sort of supported but DP110 gave me epic lulz (and the fanart. can't forget about that) so I just had to support it like the shipper I am :p, Haganeshipping (Gen x Hyouta), Bishieshipping (Gen x Shinji) which was brought to me by Mel-Girl, and Oshareshipping (Gen x Goyou).

    Buck in my world gets his brother, Flint for the lulz. Or even Hikari/Kouki because of the interactions in the game. Unfortunately I have no ship for Mai so I tend to pair her up with almost everyone. (since she could use all the love from everyone >D)

  3. darklord18

    darklord18 Cheekyshipper

    Okay Welcome Sweet May. congrats on being first poster.

    funny just reading that make me like Riley x Delia x Ash and Riley X Delia even more.
  4. Mel-Girl

    Mel-Girl left. right.

    Wa-hey, I'll bop up! Woooooooo. <3 Gen is one delicious man to ship around so I'll probably only care for ships with him. But that isn't to say I'll ignore ships with the others. Cuz Baku's pretty nifty too. Anyway, I'll try to post here regularly cuz well, why not?

    What Tag partner shippings do you like?

    Bishieshipping. OTP. OMG. Gen and Shinji are absolutely the snazziest duo ever I'd reckon. I have a huge list as to why I am in love with shipping these two together, but I might save my spaz for another time. But I will say that these two get up to a lot when they're offscreen from the anime. ;DDDD

    Haganeshipping. Gen and Hyouta. These two are insanely cute. Not to mention Gen gave up the chance of being a Gym Leader for Hyouta! I think that's very sweet. Ah Gen, I love you so. <3

    Cableshipping. If it weren't for Bishieshipping, this would be way more huge a ship for me. Gen and Denji are two favourites of mine (after Shinji of course) and I think the smiley yet mysterious Gen would be interesting to Denji, not only bringing some life to Denji but also Gen would be the type of person that makes Denji wonder, don't you think? The mysterious aura man would totally intrigue a bored Denji, I think.

    That leads to my OT3. X3 Ghenjishipping. Gen x Denji x Shinji. But this ain't a polyship thread so I might save the spaz for another thread or something. In any case, Ghenji. It's hot stuff.

    I love IronWillshipping, it's the only het Gen ship I love, really. Hikari would be all bouncy and get Gen up and moving and really enjoying living life and stuff. Plus it's an incredibly sexy ship. Will note: I got Bishieshipping when I thought up Gen x Hikari x Shinji and wondered if I liked all sides of the ship, ie. Gen x Hikari, Hikari x Shinji and Gen x Shinji. Then I thought about Gen and Shinji and I was like, "...OMG. <33333333333333333"

    Uh, moving onto Baku. I like him with Shinji, Hikari, Mai and Jun. Shinji because it would be such a personality clash, Baku would totally drive the guy nuts. Actually, I wrote those two in Yaoi A-Z. Actually Yaoi A-Z will feature quite the few drabbles with Gen and Baku, especially Gen.

    Baku x Hikari just seems snazzy to me. Idk, a wild boy with a lot of spirit could provide some lulz with Hikari and he'd totally challenge her and maybe help her become tougher and crazier. x3 As for him and Mai, idk, it just seems amusing to think if Baku fell for such a quiet, almost emotionless girl. Would be interesting, imo.

    As for Baku x Jun, it's two crazies. Fun shall ensue. x3

    As for Momi, I'll be honest, I don't care enough to ship her with anyone really except maybe Natane but even then, I don't really care. Same with Miru, really.

    As for Mai, I mentioned her x Baku but I also love her x Kouki. It's mostly because some fanart converted me plus I totally wanted a ship for Kouki and well, don't main protagonists have a way of bringing other characters out of their shell? *shot* In any case, Kouki x Mai is cute. :D

    That's it for me really. x3 I shall return with plenty of random ship goodness to share around another time, y/y?

    And um, Cyn's put me in her sig again! 8DDD *shot to pieces*
  5. darklord18

    darklord18 Cheekyshipper

    Mel girl your accepted

    this is a tag partner thread as long as it a shipping with the partner which it dose so it find to talk about so don't worry. I sure it not breaking the rules.

    I agree with that, put those to together will be fun.
    Last edited: Aug 3, 2009
  6. Sweet May

    Sweet May o.o

    I thought of this and such scenarios! Poor Shinji in any case. XD And maybe Buck if he gets strangled eventually.

    A fanart since everyone likes them~ It's Buck x Mai for now.
    From this pixiv artist!
  7. Tomato-kun

    Tomato-kun I'm clueless ♥

    Yay,a Tag Partner shipping thread!

    What Tag partner shippings do you like?

    MiraxDawn,WaywardCaveShipping. It just clicked with me when I was playing Diamond,and I met Mira.

    CherylxGardenia,Gaiashipping. Gardenia's a grass freak,Cheryl is a nature fan,instant pairing.

    MarleyxShaymin is. I'm not sure why though.

    Pearl/DamionxBuck. They're both firey little kids,and they seem compatible.

    RileyxDawn,Ironwillshipping. Just clicked.

    BuckxDawn..? I'm not sure..
  8. darklord18

    darklord18 Cheekyshipper

    Okay welcome.

    it seem nearly everyone like this pairing.

    Why thanks you Sweet May for finding this it look so cute.

    yeah I know, When I play platinum I wrote down what she said and it sound like she really have a crush on Dawn/Lucas. Also in the Match place she said some more thing that seem to me to think she has a crush on Dawn/Lucas so I wrote that down if I every thought of a fic. though I think I still have it somewhere.
  9. Pikachu_luver

    Pikachu_luver ♪ Blue Bird ♪

    Might aswell join. :)

    What Tag partner shippings do you like?

    Ironwillshipping - Since I love Riley and Dawn I just googled them and voila! I started to love the ship.

    Bishieshipping - My friends in RL introduced this ship to me. Turns out I loved it on sight and still do. :)

    AuraProtectshipping - My fangirlisum got the best of me with this ship. XD

    Cableshipping - I love Riley and Volkner so its just normal I have like this ship. :)
  10. darklord18

    darklord18 Cheekyshipper

    Welcome Pikachu luver and like we agree before hand your a co owner.

    and who is in this pair? Riley x Ash or Riley x Lucario?
  11. granbull guy

    granbull guy Vasoline

    i love Buck Marley shipping and Cheryl Riley shipping
  12. Rommath

    Rommath ▲_▲

    Hello. Mind if I join in?

    What Tag partner shippings do you like?

    Cheekyshipping - darklord introduced me to this one. And I've grown to like the pairing of Mira x Max; they both like Pokemon, both seem fairly knowledgeable and I'd imagine they are around the same age as each other.

    Ironwillshipping - I just like Dawn x Riley. No particular reason, they just seem like a good couple.

    Bashfulshipping - Both Jasmine and Cheryl seem rather quiet and shy to me, so that makes me think they are a good pair.

    Waywardcaveshipping - Dawn and Mira are both young girls who seemed to get along really well in the anime. Both friendly and easy for others to talk to.
  13. darklord18

    darklord18 Cheekyshipper

    sorry but you broke the spam rule, please either edited your post if you still like to join or delete it, you have been given a warning.

    I remember that when we first met, ah good times. yeah as well as both having something for psychic types and both tricking Ash and co.

    yeah I amit it dose look good. I can see a lot of fan girl action from dawn.

    yeah I know what you mean though like I said with Riley I see alot of Fan girl action but from Mira and Dawn liking it every second. same for Lucas x Mira.
  14. Hihiroshi

    Hihiroshi <- Waifu

    Wow Sorry Darklord for not joining earlier but at least I joined now XD.

    What Tag partner shippings do you like?

    1. Bishieshipping- My favorite Partner Shipping ATM, Mel-Girl was the one responsible for making me like this ship. But now I love it!. :D . So I ma thank her for doing that ;).

    2.Cableshipping- I like pairing Gen and Denji a lot , so as I am fan of this Pairing to.

    3.HAGANESHIPPINGG- The same Reason as Cableshipping I love Pairing Riley a lot XD

    4.Vicktoreeshipping- Well I started liking this Ship when I was playing Platinum in the Battleground or Underground and when I was battling Marley the coments she gave , got me thinking.... Lucas x Marley... I like that.

    5. Cheeckyshipping- I like it, but not that much although is a pretty Cute Nevermet ship :3
  15. darklord18

    darklord18 Cheekyshipper

    welcome W23. as I promise you are the second co owner if your still up to it, don't worry about it.

    um I may sound dumb but who this in this pair other than Riley?

    yeah I know, picture all the pranks and trouble they get up to together and love being to.

    anyway W23. I still add you to the list, if you change your mind and don't want to co owner then just say so.
    Last edited: Aug 6, 2009
  16. Vulpixel

    Vulpixel Active Member

    What Tag partner shippings do you like?
    Warning: Most of these are crack shippings. Don’t say I didn’t say anything. I am also invincible (I think…).
    IronWillShipping- Uh… really I just support this because it’s a ship of female player character X guy I think is cute. *an Aura Sphere comes flying at her* Moving on!
    AoShipping- When I snuck on my dad’s Diamond version to play the battle tower (I was really far behind in my Pearl…) I constantly had daydreams of these two becoming a couple. To this day I’m still not sure why…
    Aaron X Marley- Kind of a Team Rocket and Pikachu thing here: Marley and Arcainine beat Aaron and all his bug-types (with some possible difficulty from the Surskit I keep imaging him with) and, despite his usual attitude toward loosing (putting on a dramatic “fit” (I can’t think of a better word…) that makes me think he’s an actor), he falls head-over-heels in love with her, but she doesn’t feel the same way at all. A true love-hate relationship. *gets a giant rock thrown at her* Oh, come on!
    Aaron X Buck- I seriously couldn’t help it. I’m turning into a yaoi fangirl. At least… I think I am. Anyway, the way I imagine this is one of those cheesy ships where they both get rejected by someone (for two totally different reasons), and somehow end up together. This the easiest of those to get together because Buck is the younger brother of a Sinnoh Elite Four member (Flint), but then there’s the tiny chance that this is an incest shipping… but this gets two SnazzyShipping and IgnitionShipping meddlers out of the way and I’m just plain crazy when it comes to my SnazzyShipping and IgnitionShipping supporting…
    Mira X Roark- This really just came out of an odd need to ship Mira with someone and a similar need to ship Roark with a person, so… *falls out of her chair and onto Rampardos* you Pokémon are all too overprotective. Anyway, this would be very similar to Lucas/Dawn X Mira, except you substitute: Wayward Cave with the Orebugh Mines (poor Mira gets lost everywhere… she needs a map), Lucas/Dawn with Roark, add a few hurtings from Cranidos/Rampardos, and you have Mira X Roark.

    And, here’s some more questions. We are allowed to add questions, right? I’m going to do some simple ones because I think my questions may have killed the Galactic Shipping Thread.

    What would your reaction be if one of the tag battle partner ships you supported became canon?
    What would your reaction be if one of the tag battle partner ships you didn’t support became canon?
    Have you ever thought of writing a fanfic about a tag battle partner ship (support or not)?
    And finally… this place needs some more fanart (I love fanart… especially shipping fanart). I’ll put it in links because my post is getting pretty big…
    IronWill- Kiss (off of photobucket)
    AoShiping- Falling asleep (by SiphonPikumin)
  17. Hihiroshi

    Hihiroshi <- Waifu

    Haganeshipping is the Pairing of Riley/Gen x Roark/Hyouta

    And don't worry about it , I am still up to it. Hey I will help you a lot in here .
    Basically all my favorite Tag Partners Ship are Yaoi XD except the last 2 I mentioned, but I am really starting to like Vicktoreeshipping a lot ;) .
    Last edited: Aug 7, 2009
  18. darklord18

    darklord18 Cheekyshipper

    Welcome Vulpixel and Thanks W23, I very grateful for you help and thanks so much.

    anyway topic time.
    What would your reaction be if one of the tag battle partner ships you supported became canon?
    I would have a heart attack due to heart problem. but I would be so happy I would watch any hints or moment over and over. I not saying what shipping as you can tell already.

    What would your reaction be if one of the tag battle partner ships you didn’t support became canon?
    I would be happy, frankly I don't mind, I respect all tag partner shipping equally as well as all shipping but more to the topic I will most like watch it. I will just watch it and just be glad that a tag partner shipping is Canon.

    Have you ever thought of writing a fanfic about a tag battle partner ship (support or not)?
    yes I have written a fic on my OTP which is a Tag battle partner ship. I plan to have it up on here near the end of the year.
    Last edited: Aug 7, 2009
  19. Sweet May

    Sweet May o.o

    What would your reaction be if one of the tag battle partner ships you supported became canon?
    Clearly I would burst into hyper shipper fan mode and dance that _____shipping is canon~ ^^
    What would your reaction be if one of the tag battle partner ships you didn’t support became canon?
    The simple "d'aw D:" response would occur. Luckily I don't have a hate for any Tag Partner x _________ so I won't attempt to use my brain to melt the ship away. :p -bricked-
    Have you ever thought of writing a fanfic about a tag battle partner ship (support or not)?
    A LOT OF TIMES YES. Chances of it ever coming true = barely. Maybe one day I'll be bothered enough to make a Haganeshipping and Gaiashipping fic. MAYBE. Until then, we'll sub fanfics with drabbles. Which I'm lazy writing sometimes anyway. \o/

    One line responses FTL. But that's all I can come up with since these don't require some SPECTACULAR post other than rubbing into others' faces that ________shipping became canon in a good or bad way. XD;; [/fail]
  20. Mel-Girl

    Mel-Girl left. right.

    Whee, feel like posting some pictures! 8D Here I got some Gen shipping pics! IronWillshipping, Cable, AuraProtect and Hagane. The fanart are all off pixiv and the screenshot is well, a screenshot. Hell yeah. 8D

    IWS off pixiv :3
    Cableshipping, pixiv again
    Lulzy screenshot which makes me think the words 'Surprise buttsecks!' everytime I see it. XD
    Hagane off pixiv. These two are so cute! :3

    Also because I'm a Bishieshipper, I have indeed written some fics for the shipping. 8DDDD

    Understanding it's a oneshot
    Take Me Over - le Bishieshipping fanfic. :3

    Now to answer le topics! 8D

    Oh wait, hang on. I reckon this Kouki x Mai pic is pretty cute, just noticed it. 8D Le picture link. :3
    Hehe, this is cute too. Baku without ponytail! :eek: Baku & Oba cuteness <3

    Right, topics topics. XD

    What would your reaction be if one of the tag battle partner ships you supported became canon?
    I would scream my head off and be all, 'OMG SPAZ SPAZ SPAZ' then I would write manifestos and all screenshot everyone and generally spaz to the point of being irritating to others, I guess. Lol. Then I'd do the 'I knew it all along' trick. XDDD And yes, I'm referring to Bishieshipping. Also canon ships are usually popular, so I'd be even spazzier at more stuff bopping up for it. XD

    What would your reaction be if one of the tag battle partner ships you didn’t support became canon?

    I wouldn't really mind. If it's a Gen ship that became canon, I might be like, "...Hmph" for a while but in general, I kinda don't really mind. I support Bishieshipping because I like it, not cuz I expect it to become canon. :p

    Have you ever thought of writing a fanfic about a tag battle partner ship (support or not)?

    Read my post and you'd know I already have written for a tag partner ship. Might do a fic based around the tag partners though and shipping and stuff. Could be fun. :eek: I got plot bunnies already.
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