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Tainted Innocence

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by Teddiursa fan forever, Jun 24, 2008.

  1. Hello, and welcome to Tainted Inocence! =D Thank you for choosing my fic to read, it's my pleasure, yadda yadda yadda.

    just a note, in this fic, any pokemon are actually supposed to be talking in regular pokemon talk. it's 'translated' for you in this writing otherwise all you'd see in this first prolouge is "pika, pika pika chuu... pika." and that can get old. ;D

    as for the ships... there may be a few references to pokeshipping, pearlshipping, hoennshipping, ikarishipping, penguinshipping, and contestshipping, but it's all very subtle that it's hardly worth mentioning. ^^; as for the main ship, it's just one for my two characters: Laila and Alexander [you'll see who/what they are with given time]. i looked all over with no success of finding a pikachu/riachu ship,[oops, gave it away] so i'll call it sparkstaticshipping.

    there will be drug/alcohol references as well as the use of guns, death, gore, and all that good stuff, so it's going to be rated R.
    [I repeat: rated R so no complaining]
    without any further ado, i present--

    Prolouge~ Small Voice, Loudly Spoken

    I’ve always wondered why I was created. I’m not just merely a servant to the Boss, am I? No. I can’t be. I know I have a purpose other than to hurt and steal. My name is Laila, and I’m one of the most well-known creatures in the Pokémon world: a Pikachu. But I’m not a natural one. For starters, I know I’m a clone of a stronger-than-average Pikachu. How did I figure this out? Out of all the powerful clones created with me, I’m the most powerful.

    Being created, I’m genetically perfect. All of my attacks launched at stationary targets land without fail, and I’m pretty much invulnerable. Of course, being born in a test tube has its drawbacks. I’ve never been able to say I have an actual family. No parents. No siblings. No aunts, uncles, or cousins. Nothing. The closest thing I have to family is my best friend and partner in crime, Alexander. He has the most amazing mahogany eyes I’ve ever seen and as strong as any Raichu I’ve ever encountered. We work with each other all the time and have never failed at anything when we do. Though he’s well built and muscular, he’s slightly thinner than you’d expect a typical Raichu to be, but it’s only because of the way he gets fed by his handlers.

    This partnership I mentioned is actually a worldwide corporation, Team Rocket. Now don’t get me wrong; we really had no choice but to join. My creator is the top scientist for the team and Alexander literally had nowhere else to turn. He’s a natural born Pokémon of two Pikachu, one of them a rare ‘shiny’. Birthed a lonely Pichu, he seemed like a regular electric fur ball. With the love he felt for his parents, he too quickly evolved into a Pikachu. Afterwards, however, all three realized he wasn’t as normal as he seemed. Going down the middle of his tail was a dark stripe of black as well as two on his back that were supposed to be brown. He told me it had something to do with a rare recessive gene both his parents had or something gone genetically wrong from his dad being that of a different color. That’s when they became official nomads.

    Since his father was shiny, they were always coming across collectors seeking his exceptional coat. Now that there was another oddball in the family, the danger was far greater. He’s told me of breathtaking sights he’s seen on his journeys all over the different regions. The problems began when he started in on a tale of a time in the biggest he’d ever seen; a place where humans live: Goldenrod City.

    The three found a temporary home underneath a bridge for a railway that went beyond the boundaries of the city. It was a place few came and protected them from rain the sun’s rays beating down during the blistering summer. One night, while Alexander was out looking for a snack before dinner, he’d heard a shift in the serene evening: the cries of his mother and father. When he returned to his home, they were both gone. He searched the entire city high and low; not necessarily a figure of speech. He ran through every ally, around every block with the blanket of shadows to cover his unique tail. Alexander called for his parents until he was too exhausted to carry on any longer. When he opened his eyes from a short nap in an alleyway, he found that he was cornered by two humans. He was terrified at that point. He’d always been told never to go near any and was then being confronted by a two. They were dressed in black with striking red letters on the front of their caps. Alexander couldn’t read then, so he didn’t know what the striking red R had been, nor that it would be the most important symbol of his life. The men blocking his only exit came at him with grim expressions masking their unreadable eyes. It was only when they spoke to him that Alexander’s nerves calmed. Miraculously, he was able to understand the two, though they had some sort of accent. They reassured him with comforting words implying that they’d been watching him and knew he’d been orphaned that day. With nowhere to turn and no goals for himself, he handed his future over to the hands of the Rocket agents.

    It wasn’t long before Alexander was whisked to the local headquarters and under the narrow eyes of Giovanni. He passed as a rare Pikachu with a lot of potential and headed off to begin his training where he’d be taught everything to survive a life of crime. Training was vigorous and nearly scarred him emotionally. Physically, I don’t think he could’ve had any more injuries than he’d ended with. I can say this with knowledge because I’d first laid eyes on him only days after his training had begun. Because my genetics were nearly perfect, I never needed training as far as endurance and strength. One evening, I heard him coming back to his room from the final night of coaching. Our ‘dorms’ are merely leaky doghouses with hardly enough space to sleep, let alone live. Mine just so happened to have a single cracked window with a lovely view of a barbed wire fence. Luckily, I’m not too far away from Alexander’s diminutive hut. When I laid eyes on his wounds for the first time, I ushered him in with me to tend to them. I’d been lucky enough to swipe a first aid kit from a storage room just a few days before. It came complete with bandages, rubbing alcohol, various lotions, and a pair of heavy duty fingernail clippers. Despite the lack of elbow room, I was able to give him proper treatment and he was back to normal in no time.

    After that incident, we started to trust one another and easily became close friends. Though we were both Pikachu, we each had unique patterns in our fur. My tail isn’t the same shape as his, but rather more like that of a Poochyena and with a tip coated in midnight black. Another feature I have is the long streaks on my ears compared to a regular Pikachu. To me, it looks like graffiti, but it’s pretty in a way. On the top of my head are strands of longer hair in various lengths and widths. Surprisingly, it doesn’t get in my way most of the time and it makes it so I’m able to hide my vivid green eyes. The two stripes on my back are black as well and are jagged on top. Needless to say, I’ve never met another Pikachu quite like myself.

    My background isn’t all that exciting. I remember images from when I had opened my eyes in the oversized test tube. I had many circular patches sticking to me and bubbles clung to every inch of my fur. I remember the scientists studying me day and night and messing with data on their computers. At one time or another, one of the researchers had apparently made a mistake and had almost pulled the plug on me. Thankfully, I lived to see many more days, though I often wonder what it was exactly that was the mistake. After countless days of being their science experiment, I became fully conscious of my surroundings. Not much longer after that, a painful tingling coursed through my cheeks and tail. I closed my eyes and braced myself, as the pain was getting more severe with every passing second. With the crashing sound of glass breaking all around me, the rip of the patches being torn from my fur, and the thud of me hitting the frigid tiled floor, I choked in my first few breaths. Electric bolts danced on my rosy cheeks and the dangling cords that previously monitored me. As a physician bathed and checked me over, everything was explained to me: what I’d been created for, the months of work that had been put into my existence, and what I’d spend the rest of my life doing. During the first few minutes of my life on the outside, they’d tied a small red R charm on a black ribbon around my neck and said it was the symbol of this team that had made me: Team Rocket. After a while I’d tossed it aside, for I needed no other beacon. I’d also been told that because of my unique markings, I’d be easy to track down if ever I would try to escape.

    Since then, it’s never been about relationships with friends or other agents or anything like that, excluding the time I met Alexander. I’ve been on a lot of missions and heists mostly dealing with taking expensive paintings and sculptures. Nothing too important. I guess they’ve just been testing my abilities, but they’re always easy and I never come back with any reported failures. Sometimes I get to work with Alexander. He’s a little less experienced than me, but only because he was raised with the right kind of parents. He usually gets nervous when we can hear sirens coming down the street and he can’t get himself to move fast enough, but one small drawback isn’t enough for me to just leave him on any occasion. Maybe about three months ago, on one of our missions, we went to a breeding center somewhere around Fortree City. Alexander was trying to knock down a box from one of the higher shelves to get at the hidden safe. Little did he know that there were different evolution stones in it. When he did manage to pull it off the edge, a few evolution stones came spilling on top of him. One of them must have been a thunderstone because the next thing I knew, I was standing face to face with a dark coated Raichu. As quickly as we could, we finished the mission for fear of the owner of the shop returning from the ruckus we’d made.

    From that point on, most of the training agents worked with Alexander on stronger attacks such as mega kick, thunder, and hyper beam. He still goes through rigorous training daily, but he’s a lot tougher now. I think he might be inspired by me as well. Every night after he gets done, he comes into my room and we chat for a while before he returns to his dorm. I know we both enjoy each other’s company. It’s as if we distract one another from the daily stresses of Team Rocket

    As for me, I’ve got a few good moves at my disposal. As I’ve said before, my genes were tampered with, so I can learn moves that no other Pikachu can. I know regular moves like thundershock, thunderbolt, iron tail, and volt tackle. However, I can also perform moves such as night slash, sonic boom, and shadow claw. It gives me a nice advantage in battle and with irregular moves, I can defeat Pokémon that I’d normally have type disadvantages against.

    More than once, I’ve run into a bratty looking kid with dark hair and a normal Pikachu riding on his shoulder. A few times, he’s had different people and Pokémon with him. All of them have caused trouble for us and have foiled some of Team Rocket’s best plans. He makes me sick with his know-it-all attitude and give-it-your-everything strategy. But all the different Pokémon he’s had over the years have all been very well trained and have given even me a challenge. But his Pikachu is the strongest I’ve ever had to face. Granted, I did beat him more than enough times, but he’s still a tough little ball of static electricity. However, that doesn’t stop him from being a domesticated pet rat. He doesn’t ever make a move unless instructed by his scrawny trainer. Even if I’m heading right for him with a shadow claw, he won’t budge until he’s told to. In all the times I’ve faced him, he’s never done anything for himself. It’s always about that idiotic ‘master’ of his. What I’m still vexed about is the reason why he travels with those losers. The last time I saw him was in Sangem Town battling against an opponent that looked as if he could squish the rodent like road kill. Rooting for him was a naïve girl with a hooker skirt tied around her waist. With a voice that could make a Wismur cringe, I can’t see how that Pikachu can tolerate her. If I were in his place, I would’ve joined forces with the violent indigo-haired kid a long time ago.

    But living and working with Team Rocket has been a fun experience for me. I’m still happily working along side Alexander and he’s gotten a lot stronger since he evolved. Together, we make a great team. We’re both very powerful, but he knows moves that could knock out a herd of Tauros in one hit. I’m small enough to fit in smaller spaces while he keeps watch with his sensitive hearing that can practically detect a hairdryer in Cianwood. We can communicate with electric attacks--a technique Zapdos is famous for--and that makes us nearly unstoppable. Though our handlers discipline us in horrible ways most of the time, we’ve both admitted that we like the lifestyle. I believe Alexander with all my heart. He was too young to remember most of the times when his mom and dad were still with him and can’t compare this to what his life could be like. As for me, some things are better left unsaid.


    There ya have it. jot down any questions you might have and leave a comment. very much appriciated. ^^
    and if you want more goodies, Tainted Innocence art can be found on my deviantart page (see sig)
    Last edited: Nov 29, 2009
  2. asperger1981

    asperger1981 good reader

    It is me, or the narrator/protagonist sounds like one heck of a 'lady'.
    Seriously, the way you described her made her look like she had been raised to become a rogue and liking it(though the male partner kinda helps, too)

    I would've been a bit more shocked, but I read the shorts of burntflower, who should be added to your contact list, pronto.

    If such contact doesn't already exist.
  3. well, you're right. she does like the life because she wouldn't know what she was missing and the fact that she met Alexander in her 'life of crime.' she's far from a proper lady and that will be dicribed in the first chapter. ;)
    and i just read a story of Burnt Flower's... and you're right. ^^

    ;216; Tff
    Last edited: Jun 25, 2008
  4. ChloboShoka

    ChloboShoka Writer

    A very chunky prologue we have here. I think it has been well written and very clearly thought out.

    I'd love to read more.

    A nice start here, nice twist about Lailia being cloned.

    I liked this bit, it's all summig up Laila's thoughts and feelings.

    I think this fic is a very good idea and very different to others here.
  5. hey, thanks. -^^- that really cheered me up about this one. =P

    just to let you know, i have been working on it, but i've been in school for the past few weeks, so i've only been able to work on that in study hall. =/ more is on the way as soon as i have the time to figure out how to tie the end of the first chapter. ^^

    ;216; Tff
  6. oh, geez, it's been a long time... o_O sorry, folks. haven't exactly had a lot of time. ^^; but i'm still working on it. haven't abandoned it. actually, i've been talking to someone on ff.net about intertwining our stories, so i'm pretty pumped. =P [look for and read the Journey of Lex by Lex The Pikachu. mine's on there too btw...] well, enjoy this in a nice third person this time. if you see any mistakes, post it and i'll fix it. ^^

    btw, pm list is still available...

    Chapter One: Cheaters Always Win

    “Alexander, he’s dead. Come on! We’re running out of time. If we don’t get this done in the next ten minutes, there’s going to be hell to pay.”

    “I know. Just give me a minute. I dropped a few coins and the sack’s getting heavier.”

    “We don’t have a minute. We have to keep going. This way. I see an air vent in the ceiling.”

    The small Pikachu’s bright green eyes darted from one corner of the shadowed hallway to another. It would only be seconds before an alarm went off and they’d be caught. She desperately clung to the cloth sack trailing behind her before leaving it and asking her partner for a boost. Responding loyally, the exhausted Raichu lifted his companion with his long, cord-like tail, grimacing as he looked into the blood-soaked face of the Game Corner’s owner.

    “Almost there. Just a little higher.”

    “I can’t go any higher! Just use that rope!” Alexander cried irritably. It had been a long night for him, as he’d had to take out multiple Houndoom and many security guards. His cheeks ached from the constant flows of electricity he’d been giving off, and the tip of his sharp tail as well as both paws reeked of human flesh and blood. Stretching his tail as far as it could possibly go, he heard the delightful clank of the vent cover opening.

    “I got it!”

    “Great, Laila. Now get up there before I need a therapist. I don’t think I can look at this guy much longer.”

    Scrambling to the safety of the air vent, Laila turned to her partner and, with a smirk, remarked, “It might be a bit too late for that. Now throw me the bags. I want to get going.” One by one, the bulky bags of coins were tossed up to Laila. Once everything was up, she lowered the rope she’d slung over her shoulder on the way over to the casino for Alexander. Closing the vent’s cover with a click, the two scampered through the air system in hopes it would lead them outside. To their pleasure, it did, but as soon as Laila set foot on the pavement of the parking lot, a flash of multi colored lights came upon her.

    “Drop the bag and put your hands in the air,” came a voice from a megaphone.

    Laila’s eyes narrowed. “Damn,” she whispered to herself. “Alexander, help me out here. Think we can pull off a combination?”

    “Sure. Night slash-shock wave?”

    “Okay. Just make sure none of the loot gets damaged.” Having said that, Alexander leaped to Laila’s side and began storing the necessary power for a dangerous shock wave. Hearing the click of guns at the police’s disposal, Laila quickly shot Alexander a power boost of her own electricity before letting loose an ominous night slash. The shock wave was released and collided with the night slash and sailed at the policemen in flashes of black, orange, and yellow. Making contact with the vehicles, there was a booming explosion, blowing back many of the officers and creating a temporary diversion. Bullets were fired at the thieves from every direction as squad cars crackled beneath the raging flames.

    “Come on,” Laila hissed, grabbing one of the cloth bags and sprinting off into a nearby ally. Alexander followed closely behind, moving as gracefully as a Spinda on a tightrope. Reaching the end of the alleyway, the two squeezed through a small hole on the bottom of a chain-link fence. However, on his way under, Alexander’s pack snagged on a small stick of metal jutting perpendicularly. Both electric mice stopped in their tracks as the sound of dropped coins reached their ears. “Alexander!”

    “I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Help me pick these up. I’ll just take it back like this.” As quickly and quietly as they could, they began scraping the fallen coins back into the torn bag. Before they finished however, the two could already hear another wave of sirens racing around the corner. Desperately seeking help, Laila unleashed a strong thunderbolt into the dark sky. Perhaps that could be their only way out.

    “Come on,” she muttered to herself, clinging to her black cap as a chilly gust of wind swept through the alley. Looking to the corner of the street, she saw the remaining squad cars stop, their lights fully on the thieves. Alexander clenched his jaw, for he knew what would happen once turned over to a police force in a big city. An officer emerged from the car with a large gun--something Team Rocket used all the time. But it was no ordinary gun. Within the barrel was a net, and a strong one at that. Not even the team’s strongest Rydon could penetrate it. Every thread in it was created with iron and rubber extracts, fire and waterproof material, and bullet proof fabrics. It was incredibly tough material and could be used over and over no matter what hit it. Laila’s mind raced in panic. They were both through. Heather couldn’t save them now. She was probably too far away anyway. She looked to Alexander, who stared back. His chocolate brown eyes glistened in the dim light of the moon as if apologizing. There had to be another way out. Their careers couldn’t end on a simple mission. They had both gone too long and much too far to give in this easily. She felt her rosy cheeks tingle with static. She wasn’t going down without a fight.

    It all seemed to move in slow motion after that. Both the pokemon’s ears picked up on the click of the trigger as the net was released; the blast of it being shot out at them; the overhead sound of feathers lashing frantically over the wind. Alexander glanced up in time to lock eyes with the reason for Laila’s earlier thunderbolt: Heather, a larger-than-average Fearow. In an instant, Heather launched a massive hyper beam at the indestructible net, colliding with it in mid air. Though not destroying it, Heather flung it back at the line of police. Alexander leaped onto her uneven back, followed closely by a relieved and astounded Laila. With one mighty flap of her wings, Heather lifted herself into the air. Bullets zipped past the three, but the Fearow swerved overtop a building and into safety.

    “Thank god,” Alexander said, breathing a sigh of relief as the sirens grew quieter. The curly hairs on either ear danced about his damp, exhausted face from the force of the wind. “You came just in time. I thought we were caught.” He still clutched the torn bag in his hands, making sure no other coins spilled out.

    “Yeah, no thanks to you,” Laila teased. With one hand, she reached under her hat to rearrange her longer tuff of fur before she went on. “Leave it to you to find the one fence that tears the bag and makes you drop everything.”

    Alexander shifted his weight as Heather continued on the course to the base. “Hey, it wasn’t entirely my fault. I wouldn’t have been so jittery if I hadn’t had to stare at the owner’s face for so long.” Glancing at his pointed tail, he grimaced once again at the sight of the drying blood. “Ugh, speaking of… Laila, think you could get this off when we get back?”

    “Aw, come on. Take it like a man.”

    He scoffed at Laila’s taunt.

    Heather rolled her eyes at the two. Finally able to get her word in, she mused, “You guys sound like a bickering old couple.” Her voice was the same scratchy tone as it always was. “Take it down a notch, will ya? You don’t know how loud and irritating it is having to listen to you two squabble about every little thing.”

    Alexander flustered, scooping a few coins back into place. Then, nearly ignoring her statements, he asked, “By the way, what’s the update on the most wanted list?”

    “Eh, same old-same old. Your boss is still at the top of the federal listings. Domino’s not far behind.”

    Laila scowled. “That Black Tulip girl?”


    “Oh, please. She’s not nearly as big of a threat as the boss. She needs to stop playing in the garden and get a real mission for once.” Laila removed her hat and let her hair flow in the breeze. Leaning back on her bag of coins, she continued, “Last I heard she’d been trying to capture some kind of clone. I glad that thing put her in her place.”

    Alexander chuckled in response to her frustration. “What about the local list?” he smiled to Heather.

    “Amber’s still got the two of you beat. You’ve got to admit--she’s good at what she does.”

    Laila smirked, shrugging her shoulders into a more comfortable position. “Hey, second or third isn’t that bad. Quite a switch from Rookie of the Month.” By then, the headquarters were in sight. Pointing a finger in its direction, she asked, “Could you just drop us off at the front? They just put in a biometric lock and it’s the only place I can reach it.”

    “Sure thing.” Gently curving her wings, Heather glided downward to the main entrance. Once landing, Laila hopped to the ground and assisted Alexander with his load. Readying for takeoff once more, Heather stated, “Well, I’m glad to be of any help to you two whenever you might need it.” Winking, she added, “As always.”

    “And thank you so much for that.” The Raichu spoke his words with utter sincerity. “Without you, we’d probably be in a high security prison by now.”

    “Don’t mention it. Just take care of yourselves. I’d hate to see my two favorite mice all locked up in a cage.”

    This made the two smile at the irony of the large bird’s words. They soon bid farewell and watched as Heather flew back to the inner city. Laila took a deep breath, putting on her business look before peering into the biometric sensor. Identifying the small Pikachu, the towering doors creaked open. As the two crept inside, they were soon greeted by a tall, yet oddly thin human. His short, spiked hair jutted out in very deep emerald locks from under his hat. His eyes were a vivid rust color that made a dramatic contrast with his dark uniform. Kneeling down on one knee, he pet both Pokemon in a friendly greeting.

    “Welcome back, you guys,” he grinned in a higher voice than a usual Rocket agent. “I see the trip was successful.”

    “Hey, Mark! And yes, it was,” Laila responded, though in her own language. Alexander only nodded in agreement.

    Mark’s smile, however, slanted a bit. “If only I could understand you two. It’d be nice to have an actual conversation with you.” He stood at his full height once again and led Laila and Alexander through a corridor to an enormous set of iron doors. Wrenching one open just enough, Mark nodded to them as a silent farewell. After the electric agents entered the gloomy, dungeon-like room, an echoing clatter was heard ricocheting off the solid walls.

    The chamber itself wasn’t that impressive. The electricity was poorly managed and flickered from time to time. Dust clung to the air from the unswept, uncarpeted floor. On the very back wall was a giant screen and various gadgets bordering it. Upon the screen was a single wooden desk situated in the middle of a room at Team Rocket’s headquarters off in Viridian City. On the polished desk’s surface, many piles of paper were neatly stacked, topped by decorative weights. Looming over them was the boss, Giovanni. His slitted eyes scanned the bags in Laila and Alexander’s hands as he smirked, seemingly pleased. With two fingers, he removed a lit cigarette from his mouth and exhaled a puff of smoke. At his other hand sat a tamed Persian. The gem on its head seemed to flicker in the lighting of the Boss’s office, and its fur rose as it spotted the two electric mice. Giovanni stroked its back seductively as if urging it to accept the mice’s presence.

    “Well done, sixty-three. Eighty-seven,” he praised Laila and Alexander respectively. Smoke still slithered from his throat as he spoke in a deep voice.. “You are done for this week. You can expect another mission due next Tuesday.” Laila nodded, trying her best to hide an excited grin. Giovanni took another drag from his cigarette, signifying the end of his words. Laila and Alexander once again took a hold of their bags and turned towards the door. The boss frowned and grunted softly, releasing small amounts of smoke from his lungs once again before calling, “Eighty-seven!”

    “Rai,” was what came to the human’s ears. Alexander stopped in his tracks and cringed when he heard Giovanni’s voice. Laila half turned as well, but continued outside. She would get the news later. Turning back around slowly to face him, Alexander found Giovanni’s eyes boring into him.

    “Eighty-seven, I’ve received word from another agent that you’ve been having many confrontations with Goldenrod’s police force. Is this true?”

    Alexander nodded, not taking his eyes off Giovanni.

    “Then I expect you to be making fewer ruckuses during your missions. There will be no consequences this time. However, if this continues, you will be suspended from all official assignments until you’ve completed a set amount of training hours. It that clear?”

    Straightening his back, Alexander hoped he held a confident posture. He saluted as the boss dismissed him. Turning around, he managed to hold it together until the iron doors closed behind him.

    Laila immediately hopped to his side and asked, “What was that all about? You’re not in trouble, are you?”

    “Not yet,” he responded, feeling the sting of threatening tears behind his eyes. But he had to stay strong. He couldn’t lose it in front of Laila. “But if I keep holding you back, I will be. Laila, don’t you think you should go on your next mission alone? I really don’t’ want you to get hurt because of me.”

    “Alexander, what are you talking about?” Her brow furrowed as she spoke. “I wouldn’t have been able to do anything alone. What makes you say that?”

    “Well, he muttered, fixing his gaze on the tiled floor. “I just don’t want to see you get hurt. If it wasn’t for me, we wouldn’t have run into the cops. You wouldn’t have almost been shot…” He struggled to blink back tears as the grazed the edge of his eyelids. He, however, was unsuccessful. The thought of his best friend lying in her own sticky blood was too much. “I don’t want to have to watch you die.”

    Laila’s scruffy ears fell as her eyes grew soft. She removed her hat and let it fall to the ground before she lifted her friend’s chin with both hands. Looking directly into his eyes, she said, “Look at me, Alexander. I don’t have a scratch on me. If not for you, the Game Corner’s owner would’ve killed me. You were the one who knocked the gun out of his hands in the first place. And you were the one who threw yourself in front of him when he came after me.” she wiped a charged tear from his cheek. “If you hadn’t killed him, I would’ve been.” Picking up her hat, she tugged it on backwards, grinning at Alexander. “I can’t rely on anyone in this business as much as you. So will we stick together?”

    Alexander smiled at his friend through the salty tears. No matter what the situation, she always seemed to know exactly what to say. “Sure,” he chuckled, turning his cap to copy Laila. However, his smile became a frown as his bloody tail caught his eye. “Ugh, but before we go back to the commons, can we get this clean? It still smells like him.”

    Laila giggled, closing her bright green eyes with amusement. Taking his hand, she said, “Come on,” and led him to the dorms.


    After fully recovering his mind from the mission, Alexander was more than willing to go back to the commons; a large, cafeteria-like room in which most of the agents were when not taking a job. The florescent-lit room had thick, concrete walls that blocked sunlight from every angle, yet still held a cheery feel. Vending machines dotted the perimeter of the wall, but few were stocked. This often raised complaints from hungry agents that didn’t have an outside supply.

    At that particular time, there wasn’t much of a crowd. However, Mark spotted Laila as she led Alexander though the propped open double doors. “Hey, you guys,” he laughed as the Pikachu jumped to his shoulder. “I take it the boss wasn’t too hard on you.”

    “Rai,” Alexander responded softly, clutching his tail in his hands.

    Mark sat on the frigid floor next to his friend. “He couldn’t have been that hard on you. Was it because you didn’t get the right thing?” Laila shook her head and imitated a siren with her voice. Alexander’s ears lowered as he bit his lip. “Oh, the police.” He set his hand on the top of the Raichu’s head and ruffled his fur. “Don’t let it get you down. Everyone makes mistakes. I still do, and I’m only human.”

    Alexander forced a smile, unintentionally showing one of his pointed teeth.

    “That’s the spirit. Now what do you say we get something to eat?” Mark smiled. “You must’ve had a long night.”

    Both Alexander and Laila smiled at his friendly gesture and started off with him to a vending machine.

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  7. asperger1981

    asperger1981 good reader

    The way you treat the relationship between Alexander and Laila is as excellent as always, and the touch of insecurity (mainly in a certain raichu) makes the charaters highly believable; they might consider that their job is wrong, but continue to do it anyway.

    Thanks for begining to post again.
  8. Been a long while...

    well, it's been a long time. i've been really inactive, but have been improving my writing and drawing on my deviantart account. a little more of the story is posted there, but i'll catch up on here pretty soon. i'm working on the story again, though Laila's look has been changed a little bit. please, continue to R&R my fics and i'll be very grateful. :3

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