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Take Fifty Five! (Comedy Fanfic)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by Bay, Jul 24, 2006.

  1. Bay


    Hi everyone! It's me Bay, the writer of "Heart of the Sea"! (waves)

    Okay, here is the fic that made me delayed my drama story for a while. This is my first comedy fic, so I am not sure how I fared in this one. Well, at least this fic got fifth place in the Laughingstock Comedy One Shot Contest! ^^

    Now, some things I am going to say before you guys get to read this fic.

    First, this fic WAS orignally going to be longer then it is now, with about ten short chapters. When the Laughingstock contest came, I decided to edit the plot a lot so that the story won't be long.

    Second, I had actually post this story on Pokemon Community Forums and Pokemon Elite 2000 Forums. (Reason for that was IceKing first used the one I posted on PC, but then it shut down for a while. IceKing later used the one on Pokemon Elite 2000. Yes, I will post the story in its orignal form, since I did post the orignal form in those forums also.

    Third, this fic will actually be in three parts. It is a very long story. (Twenty pages in twelve size font, singled space). The first part will be posted now. The second part will be posted probably after I get back from my college orientation. The third part will be posted after I get the last chapter of "Heart of the Sea" posted. (Yes, I am finished with "Heart of the Sea", but had not posted the last two chapters yet. <_>).

    Okay, presented by this forum and written from my word processor on my cheap laptop, may I present to you "Take Fifty Five!".

    Table of Contents
    Part One: Overated History (posted 7/23/2006)
    Part Two: Revenge is not sweet (which includes apples)
    Part Three: Mollywood Nights

    Take Fifty Five!
    +Part One: Overated History+

    The sun was burned very bright in Mollywood, looked as if many of the buildings were engulfed in flames. Many of the Pokemon were sweating a lot, some sweating as much as a Snorlax. Even a few Pidgey and Tailow started to hit some buildings because of their sweat flowing through their small eyes. One hit Lancelot Studios.

    Lancelot Studios was where all the movie magic happens. Actually, all movie production studios were where all the movie magic happens. The three-story building was where most Mollywood visitors came to see because they always wanted to break in the building and get a glimpse of future movie productions. Whenever the Pokemon broke in the building, they were chased away by Arcanine guards.

    While the big heat wave of Mollywood was going on, a Swellow and a Pidgeotto were sweating themselves while staying inside at Lancelot Studios.

    Pidge and Mell were inside the third floor of Lancelot Studios. While Pidge was drinking his water, he saw that Mell’s blue feathers were all wet. In addition, he saw that Mell’s top part of his head was all wet too. Pidge was not sure how long Mell had been sweating like that. He took a wild guess and believed that Mell had been sweating ever since they got in here two hours ago. Wanted to make sure the sweat drops were not from nervousness, Pidge decided to talk to Mell.

    “Mell, are you nervous about this interview?” asked Pidge in a girly voice.

    “Me? No! I really want to do this interview right now!” said Mell in a girly voice also. Actually, both of those voices almost sounded the same.

    “Um, your feathers are all wet,” said Pidge dryly.

    Mell looked at his feathers and indeed saw his feathers were all wet. He closed his eyes and then soft pink blushes were coming from his red cheeks.

    “Yeah, you got me,” said Mell, embarrassed to admit that.

    “Why are you so nervous?”

    “You want to know why I am nervous. For the past year, we cannot put our next idea put up on the big screen! I do know about you, but I am tired of rejection after rejection after rejection …”
    Pidge suddenly slapped Mell with his tan wings before hearing “after rejection” the third time.

    “All right, I get it.”

    “How about you? You seemed to be relaxed and all.”

    Pidge was about to answer until he heard a Delcatty’s voice.

    “Pidge, Mell? Mr. Basta…, I mean, Mr. Dastard would like to see you…aw!”

    Both Pidge and Mell flew into Mr. Dastard’s office before the poor Delcatty finished her sentence. After the two went in the office, they bumped their heads on the wall, close to where Mr. Dastard was. Pidge and Mell then slowly got up and sat on their seats. Both of their eyes then turn to see Mr. Dastard, a skinny Fearow. He was giving a short chuckle.

    “So you must be Pidge and Mell, correct?”

    “Correct!” said both Pidge and Mell happily.

    Mr. Dastard took a deep breath before he began talking again. “Now, I have been reading over the script the two of you had co-write together. Kingdom of Pokemon was it called?”

    Pidge and Mell nodded quickly.

    “Well, the problem is it’s a historic movie. Historic movies are overrated now these days. Also, those kinds of movies are usually made to get the Pokescars more easily.”

    “But I thought Lancelot Studios would always accept movies of Pokeoscar caliber,” said Pidge nervously.

    “True, but have you look at the last couple of historic movies the studio had released? Many of those movies had plot holes and inaccurate information in them. Those movies were just utter garbage. Right now the studio is looking for movies that dealt with more modern issues like race, depression, and politics.”

    “I hate politics because it can get nasty at times. One time in second grade, I was running for class president with this Hoothoot named Candy. When elections came, the results were that it was a tie. When the children ask the teacher whom she wanted to vote for, she said Candy. The reason Mrs. Keelson chose Candy because she would always volunteer to clean the classroom!” said Mell nonstop. After finished talking, he was catching his breath for a little bit. “Dang,..I…need…to…get…more…exercise!”
    Pidge rolled his eyes after Mell made that comment. Even talking was too much for him, Pidge thought to himself.

    “Anyways, what I have been trying to say was that I am going to have to reject doing this project.”

    Mr. Dastard was about to rip the script, but luckily Pidge had an idea that can save both his and Mell’s career.

    “Wait! Mr. Dastard, please do this project! We really need the money and I bet your studio needs the money too! You see, all of the other studios had rejected our movie idea because of how both Mell and I lived our lifestyle.”

    “Flying? I fly all the time!” gasped the skinny bird Pokemon.

    “Actually, Mell and I are…a couple.”

    Mr. Dastard’s mouth suddenly dropped open. Mell was also quite surprised at the statement. His eyes grew very large, shining as bright as grease from a hamburger.

    “Pidge, what are you doing?” whispered Mell, not wanting Mr. Dastard to hear him.

    “Just play along, all right,” answered Pidge softly, not wanting Mr. Dastard to hear him also.

    “So you two are life long partners? How long have you two been together?”

    “We had been seeing each other in our teens. Did you know how hard it was for Mell and me to live a normal life without being harassed and made fun of, twenty-four seven? All the time we asked to ourselves, ‘why we cannot love the female species liked all the other male Pokemon?

    “Um…What he had just said,” mumbled Mell.

    Pidge then broke down to a sob. The tears were flowing down through the brown bird’s cheeks and then his white chest. While Pidge was faking his crying, Mr. Dastard cannot help it but let out a tear. He was very touched at Pidge’s story.

    “Wow, I did not knew you two had gone through a lot together. You know what, because you two are very nice people, I will let my movie studio host your movie!”

    “Really?” asked both Pidge and Mell, sounding as if they had choked on a fly.

    Mell and Pidge were so happy of the news, that the two started doing a little song and dance. While they were singing, Mell and Pidge were moving their wings left to right a few times.

    “All right! Our movie is going to be made after all, oh yeah!”

    Mr. Dastard chuckled a bit before he spoke again.

    “All right you two. You had better leave now because I have to meet some of the others waiting for me. Before you go, this movie better be worth it or else I will not accept any more movies from you Pokemon. Got that?”

    Mell and Pidge stop doing their little dance. The two nodded very quickly.

    “Good. Well, hope you two will have fun doing that project.”

    “Don’t worry, we will!” said Mell in a happy tone.

    “Okay, we better get started on this movie! Let’s go Mell!”

    Mell and Pidge got out of their seats and then flew out quickly from Mr. Dastard’s office. While the two were flying, they suddenly saw the Delcatty again.

    “All right Bianaca, Mr. Dastard would like to see…Oh no, not those stupid birds again!” screamed the Delcatty in a screech tone.

    Mell, Pidge, and the Delcatty were all screaming wildly. The screams were so wild, it might just hurt your ears. Mell and Pidge were trying to stop flying, but their wings were faster then their very bony chicken legs. They bumped into the Delcatty, with all three of them piled together on the green carpet.

    “Ow,” said the three slowly.

    After the interview with Mr. Dastard, Mell and Pidge were eating hamburgers at a fast food restaurant called Mr. Mime Burgers. While the two were eating, they were discussing on some possible locations for where Kingdom of Pokemon can be film.

    “So the place where we can do the battle scenes will be at the desert on Route 111, close to where Rustrobro City is?” asked Pidge while eating the fries with his mouth full. After a little bit, he suddenly spit out the French fries. “Yuk, the French fries here taste like air!”

    “Yep, that’s the place.”

    “I don’t know. We might get third degree burns! Why we cannot just film at a forest or somewhere in the artic? Oh, we can see those cute little Delibird! Last night I went to see The March of the Delibird and those baby Delibirds are just adorable”

    “We can’t do that for two reasons. One, the battle at Tenfort City took place at a desert. Not at a forest. Not at an artic. THE DESERT!”

    After Mell said “the desert” very loud, he bang the table very hard. Luckily, everyone else was busy stuffing his or her mouths with those very greasy hamburgers.
    “Second, we are flying Pokemon. You know flying Pokemon is weak against ice! Plus, who would be stupid enough to film in the artic?”

    Mel later started to hit the table very hard again. This time, Pidgin’s French fires suddenly fell to the floor. That made Pidgin a little mad.

    “Hey, you made my French fries fell! You made me waste my two dollars.”

    “Not my money, so I don’t care.”

    Pidgin was about to get out of his seat and strangle Mel but then he heard a sweet child voice.

    Suddenly, Mel and Pidge were hearing something outside from the window.

    “Hoothoot, don’t pollute! Hoothoot, don’t pollute!”

    “Hoothoot, don’t pollute? Is it Friday Night Pokemon Poetry Slam already?” asked Mell sheepishly.

    “I don’t think so. Let’s go outside and see what is going on.”

    The two got out of their seats and went to see what was happening outside.

    Outside the sky changed from light blue to a fusion of orange and purple. The sun was less bright now then before. Despite night coming soon, many of the Pokemon are still sweating from the heat wave.

    When Mell and Pidge got out of the fast food place, they saw many other Pokemon already circled to see what was going on.

    Apparently, about thirty Hoothoot were protesting on pollution. Some of them were holding up signs that said things like “Pollution needs to be stop!”, and “We’re the pollution police! Pollution patrol!”

    “Hoothoot, don’t pollute! Hoothoot, don’t pollute!”

    While the Hoothoot were still protesting, Mell was asking an Arbok on what was going on.

    “Can you tell me what is going on?”

    “Oh, there was this news of global warming more badly then ever, so the Hoothoot started protesting over pollution a few minutes ago.”

    After the Arbok answered his question, Mell turned around and saw that one of the Hoothoot was talking.

    “Everyone, pollution is a serious subject. Did you know that one out of every three Pokemon dies from pollution?”

    “What pollution? I don’t see the sky turned black or green!” said a Swalot.

    “Actually, you are the problem!” said the Hoothoot, pointing at the Swalot. “Pokemon, have you ever took the time to think that maybe it’s the poison Pokemon’s fault that global warming is more serious then ever? I do not think so. If you do not want to die from pollution, then let’s get rid of all poison Pokemon right now!”

    Suddenly all of the poison Pokemon was looking nervous.

    “Aw oh!” said all of the poison Pokemon!

    All of the Hoothoot then went to chase all of the poison Pokemon that they can see. Most of them cannot seem to get away from the psychic attacks the Hoothoots were using.

    “Why do I have to be both poison and grass?” said an Ivysaur while a Hoothoot was using Psychic on it.

    While all of that was happening, Pidge and Mell had flown away from all of the commotion.

    “Wow, getting rid of all of the poison Pokemon? Glad we are flying Pokemon!” shouted Mell.

    “Same here Mell, same here.”

    The two then flew up towards where the sunset was. The light of the sun had turned Mell and Pidge into black figures that are flying high.

    For the next few days, Mell and Pidge were holding acting tryouts for their movie at an auditorium in Mollywood High School. They could have held the tryouts at one of the theaters, but all of them were playing their shows. The auditorium had many blue seats, enough for the three thousand Pokemon students enrolled in Mollywood High. The stage inside the auditorium was quite big too, enough to hold one hundred Pokemon students.

    So far, all they could find were many extras to be the soldiers. Most of the people that had showed up for the tryouts either were bad actors or just came to get free food.

    The morning before the fifth day of the tryouts, Mell was on the stage and then took a Mollywood Times newspaper and some apple juice on a blue table. Mell then went to sit down on one of the empty seats in the auditorium. As soon as he got comfortable, Mell started reading the newspaper.

    Fifteen minutes later, he went to go see Pidge, who was inside a small office. When Mell came inside the office, he saw Pidge talking on the phone.

    “Yes Mr. Dastard, we started doing auditions for a couple of weeks now. Yes, I will let you know who will be in the cast. Okay, bye.”

    After Pidge finished talking with on the phone, he saw Mell’s face turned from red to maroon.

    “Hi Mell! Your red face seemed to be a little pale today. Are you sick?”

    Mell quickly pecked Pidge with its light yellow beak. While Mell was doing that, Pidge kept saying “Ow!” a few times. A minute passed by and the next thing Pidge knew he was rubbing his damaged cheeks with his left wing.

    “Read this. It has to do something with us.”

    Mell threw the paper right at Pidge’s face. Once again, Pidge was rubbing his damaged cheeks. A little later Pidge picked up the newspaper and started reading at the article entitled PRODUCERS MELL AND PIDGE SEEING EACH OTHER? in bold black words.

    “There were rumors that Pidge and Mell were actually seeing each other…as a couple. Pidge and Mell had been working together as producers for a lot of Pokemon movies, with most nominated for numerous awards at the Pokeoscars. Their most famous produced works were the Lord of the Pokeballs and Trainer. Both of those movies won Best Picture at the awards ceremony. No one knew for sure how the rumor got started, but there were speculations that Mr. Dastard was the one that started this rumor. Another speculation was that either Mell or Pidge had broken the news to their closest friends and family members and then eventually they started telling the about their assumed relationship. So far, there was no more information on the relationship between Mell and Pidge. More information will come as this unfolds.”

    Pidge became silent for a couple of minutes, recollecting his thoughts. He then folded the newspaper, put it on the ground, and turned around to see Mell.

    “Now everyone believed that we are a couple, and it’s all thanks to you! I don’t know about you, but I am going to do something about it.”

    Mell then snatched the phone and started pushing some buttons.

    “Mell, what the hell are you doing?”

    “I am calling Mr. Dastard and telling him the truth.”

    Pidge was about to say something but then he heard Mr. Dastard’s voice on his cell phone already.

    “For the last time, I am not interested in buying your cosmetics!”

    “Um…Mr. Dastard?”

    “Oh, sorry Mell! I thought you were someone else. So why were you calling me?”

    “Mr. Dastard, had you told anyone about how Pidge and I were seeing each other?”

    “No, I had not. Wait, I did tell it to someone. Last night my sister called and asked how I was doing. We talked for a few minutes and then without thinking about it, I told her about you two. So why you wanted to know whom I had talked to about your guys’ relationship?”

    “Well Mr. Dastard, to tell you the truth…”

    “Oh sorry Mell can’t talk right now. I have to take this next call. Maybe we could talk again soon. Talk to you sooner or later!”

    After Mr. Dastard had hung up, Mell gave out a huge sigh.

    “Not so good huh?” said Pidge nervously.

    Mell then pecked on Pidge again.


    Well, that's part one. Part two will be with the tryouts and also a few new characters will be introduced. Hope you guys liked it so far.

    ;134;~Good night, and good luck~
    Last edited: Jul 30, 2006
  2. Sike Saner

    Sike Saner s l i t h e r

    Yep, I like this one. Not only for the gags, but also because it's a Pokécentric story - my favorite kind. ^^

    Of this section of the story, I'd say my favorite part was the Hoothoot scene. At first, they seemed kind of cute - and then they just went on this rampage on those poor Poison-types. XD I loved it.

    Other parts I particularly liked:

    XD And I suspect that Mell would have gone on forever with the “after rejection”s if Pidge hadn’t done that…

    XDDDD Oh, that poor Fearow…I’ll bet that he’s had a lot of people make that slip-up with his name in the past, too.
  3. Bay


    Sike Saner: Glad you liked this fic so far. ^^ Yeah, Pokécentric stories are fun!

    Hehe, I liked this part also. I actually got that idea one day in my American Government AP class. What happened was the class was doing an end of the year group project and the teacher had showed us some old posters as examples of what we can do on the project. One of the posters was with a picture of an owl that said "Hoot, don't pollute!". Suddenly, I thought about this idea of having a bunch of Hoothoot saying "Hoothoot, don't pollute!" and destroying the poor poison type Pokemon!

    Oh, and don't worry...the Hoothoot will be back. XD

    Hehe, yeah poor Mell would had said that forever if Pidge had not hit him like that. Hey, I would had kept saying "after rejection" also if I were worried too! XD

    Yep, that poor Fearow. At least Mell and Pidge did not called Mr. Bas... opps, I mean, Mr. Dastard like that! XD

    Thanks for the review! (Gives you a stuff Hoothoot plushie).

    Okay everyone, liked I said, part two will come after I come back from the college orientation. I will be gone on the 27th and 28th, so expect the next part to be posted probably on the 29th.

    ;134;~Good night, and good luck~
  4. Timid Kyogre

    Timid Kyogre Endangered Creature

    Not bad really, not bad XD I didn't laugh out loud at some parts, but I still thought some parts were funny ^^

    I'm not much of a good reviewer so this will be a short review xP

    lmao! XD

    Also, I liked the Mollywood thing. Awesome. XD

    ~Timid Kyogre
  5. Bay


    Timid Kyogre: Yeah, I am not that good in comedy. This is my first one so I am sure what to expect out of it. I can't really write jokes that would make people really laugh out loud like Ches and IceKing. Meh, sarcastic comedy is not that easy to pull and it can be hard to understand at times, in my ophinion. Maybe if I had more pratice in comedy, then I will be able to make people laugh really out loud. ^^;

    Hehe, glad you liked the Mollywood thing. ^^

    Glad you reviewed Timid Kyogre! (Gives you cookies shaped like Kyogre).

    ;134;~Good night, and good luck~
  6. Hahahabvc87

    Hahahabvc87 Always watching...

    Er... was this spell checked? =_="
    Aside from the numerous grammatical errors, this fic did give me quite a few good laughs! :) Here are them "crack-me-up" lines that I really liked!

    "Broken record syndrome"? XDD

    LAWL. Imagine if she was shouting to them across a busy hallway...

    O_O Didn't see that one coming!

    XDD And so the "half-innocents" feel the wrath of the psychic Hoothoots!

    O_O Yikes. The paparazzi are sure to mob them later!

    Small name error here:
    "Pidgin"? You mean "Pidge", right?
  7. Bay


    Hi everyone! Yep, I am back from my little vacation that I HAVE to go to! XD Okay, the next part will be up shortly, but first I am going to reply to Hahahabvc87's review.


    Hehe! Yes, the "broken record syndrome", the worst syndrome there is! XD

    Dang, everyone likes that bit. Maybe I should do more of that in comedy! XD That bit just came out of the blue, really. ^^;

    Hehe, no one saw that coming. ;)

    XD Actually, that idea came while I was still a guest here in the forums. I looked at some of the threads where some members said how poison type Pokemon are not that good. When I wrote that story, I thought, "what would happen if a Pokemon wanted to change their type?" After that, I put that bit into the story! ^^

    O_O Yikes. The paparazzi are sure to mob them later!

    Hehe! Well, the paparazzi won't mob them, but the citizens of Mollywood will later in the story! XD

    Ugh, yes! I meant it to be "Pidge"! <_> Thanks for pointing out that mistake!

    OKay everyone, here is part two. This part may not be that funny, but I liked how I developed the new characters in it. Well, enjoy!

    +Part Two: Revenge is not sweet (which includes apples)+

    That same day, despite Mell and Pidge being inside the auditorium, they were still sweating. The air conditioner in the auditorium was broken, so that was why inside it was hot.

    The Pokemon that came to tryout for the movie had to deal with the heat inside the auditorium also. Some of them were very wet already, especially the fire Pokemon. Each time they felt a drop of sweat on their skin, they immediately screamed and ran for their lives. The ones that screamed the most were the Charmanders and the Ponytas.

    The tryouts were dragging a little. More bad actors came and gone. More bad actors came to get the free sandwiches. It was not until late afternoon that the two producers had finally found one of their main characters.

    When it was almost four o’ clock, Mell and Pidge were drinking some coffee. They were having a half hour break from the horrible tryouts.

    “Man Mell, I never knew these tryouts would be this bad!”

    “Tell me about it. Besides, half of the contenders only came for the food.”

    “Poor Pokemon, don’t have enough money to buy decent food,” mumbled Mell.

    Pidge sighed before he spoke again. “I guess we should go through the tryouts again.”

    The two then went on the stage. Pidge was holding a few sheets of paper while Mell was still drinking his coffee.

    “Who’s next on the list?”

    “Next Pokemon will be Eval Tailfin.”

    Mell turned around to see the other Pokemon, in which they were sitting on the auditorium seats.


    Eval Tailfin, after hearing her name, suddenly came on the stage in a few seconds.

    Mell and Pidge were amazed at how beautiful Eval was. She has her dolphin like blue tail swinging freely. Mell cannot stop looking at her shiny black eyes. Pidge was looking Eval’s flowing tan gills. He was thinking how those gills looked like elegant ball gowns he saw on many romantic movies.

    “You guys called my name?” said Eval in a smooth tone.
    “Yep, we did just that. Now Miss Tailfin, tell us a little bit about yourself,” said Pidge nervously.

    “Well, this could be the big break I had been wanting for a long time. So far I was in a few Mollywood Pokemon Store commercials.”

    “At least you had gotten some acting experience. According to the information you gave us, you are going for the part of Queen Venna. Now, I want you to recite the part where Queen Venna was talking to Nimus, the main character of this movie. Okay, go!” yelled Mell in a cold tone.

    Eval took a deep breathe and started to recite one of the lines.

    “I must admit, I never met a Pokemon knight who is brave and honest as you. If only I wish to be with you. Right now in my life, I felt trapped. Oh how I wish to be free, and fly up to the heavens, like those Altarias I saw every day. Each time I met you, I felt I was an Altaria instead of whom I am now…and I thank you for that.”

    Mell and Pidge were shocked of how well Eval said those lines. Mell felt as if she was talking to him while Pidge felt as if he was actually watching the movie. After seconds of silence, the two suddenly clap their hands (or their wings for that manner).

    “Great job Eval! I thought for a second you were a very experienced actress,” said Pidge. His voice sounded like as if he had met someone very famous.

    Congratulations Eval, you got the part of Queen Venna!” replied Mell while shaking Eval’s right paw.

    “Oh my gosh! Thank you guys!”

    “You are welcome! We’ll give you a call doll when the production begins all right?” said Mell softly.

    “I will be eagerly waiting for that call! See you soon guys!”

    Eval waved to the two birds Pokemon and then she left the auditorium. Before Eval left the auditorium, Mell and Pidge waved to her back.

    While all of this was happening, a Nidorina was looking through the window. Her expression was of full jealously. Suddenly the blue chubby rabbit Pokemon heard a tough man like voice.

    “Nani, why are you still here?”

    Nani turned around and saw a Charmelon looking at her oddly. She knew what that face means.

    “Oh, hi Rex! What are you doing here? I thought you left Mollywood yesterday after you got rejected.”

    “I decided to stay here for a couple more days to tour this city a little bit. So did you get the part of Queen Venna yet?” asked the red lizard Pokemon.

    “Nope, I did not get the part. I was one hundred times better than that Vaporeon!”

    “Maybe you weren’t that good?” said Rex shakily.

    Nani’s red eyes suddenly became even redder. For a second Rex thought here eyes were burning like forest fires. She suddenly head butted Rex down to the grass.

    After Rex was down, he got himself up and was rubbing his flaming tail. “You almost killed me! The flame on my tail was almost gone.”

    “Want me to use my water pulse on you Rex?” snapped Nani.

    Rex suddenly shook his head very fast, knowing Nani was serious doing that.

    “Good. Look, I am a very good actress and you knew that Rex. Now, I will tell you what really happened between those two bird brain producers and me.”

    Nani was eagerly waiting for her turn to tryout for the part as Queen Venna. While sitting on the front seat, she saw Pokemon after Pokemon being either rejected or had another part in the movie. My chances of getting this part are getting better, Nani thought to herself.

    “NANI BINA!”

    As soon as Nani heard her voice, she suddenly ran quickly up on stage. When she finally came up on stage, she saw a Pidgeotto and a Swellow looking at her.

    “Hi there Miss Nani! My name is Pidge and this is Mell. Now, would you kindly tell us a little about yourself?” said Pidge nicely.

    “I actually played in movies before, but as a young Nidoran.”

    “Really? Can you name some of the movies you had played?” said Mell in a surprised tone.

    “All I can remember right now were The Pokemon Family Trap, Wailmer Rider, and War of the Regions.”

    “I remember War of the Regions! You were very cute in that movie. Also, it’s with Ben Muse!” shouted Mell.

    “Ben Muse, the Raichu actor that got a little crazy at The Morpha Show a couple of years ago?”

    After Pidge said that, Mell punched Pidge’s shoulders.

    “Ow, that hurt!” said Pidge weakly.

    “Sorry for my friend here. He drank a little too much coffee today. All right sweetie, lets get started. I want you to recite the lines where Queen Venna was gazing thorough the window and wondering about Nimus. Do it whenever you are ready.”

    Nani was not feeling good inside. She felt as if there was a Beautifly in her stomach. After a little bit, she took a deep breathe and then began reciting one of the lines.

    “Naimus, my true love, be careful. The fallen feathers of Ho-oh should give you some warmth during nights like these, and the bright star of Jirachi should led you the way to victory. Hope you come back with a sense of victory.”

    Despite Nani’s excellent peformance, Mell and Pidge were showing faces of unsatisfaction. Nani was wondering what she did wrong.

    “So you guys did not like my performance? What’s wrong with it?”

    “It’s not that your performance was garbage, but that you’re ugly,” said Pidge slowly.

    “What? Why looks have to matter in this movie?”

    “We are trying to find an actress that is both beautiful and can act. Nani, you can act defintily, but you’re not beautiful,” said Mell gloomily.

    Nani cannot believe what Pidge and Mell had told her. She felt like attacking them right now. Rage was taking control of her, both mentally and physically.

    All of a sudden, Nani started charging at both Pide and Mell. When she was about a few inches away, the two birds managed to flap their wings and fly up to a safe distance. Even though Nani had missed her target, she cannot seem to stop her small legs from moving. She then hit her head hard on the wall. Luckily, Nani managed to come off from a bruise on her head.

    “And then after that, they asked me to leave the auditorium. I did what they asked, and now I am here still mad at what they had done to me.”

    “You were much cuter when you were a Nidoran.”

    Nani’s eyes suddenly started at Rex again. The flames that he feared so much were showing up again.

    “Um, what I meant was that you are actually more beautiful now as a Nidorina then a Nidoran. Please don’t use your water pluse on me!” said Rex nervously.

    Nani was about to open its mouth and use Water Pluse on Rex, but then she turned around and closed here eyes.

    “I realized that sobbing isn’t going to give me that role. I am actually going to do something about it. I will try to think of a plan to get that role, since talking to Pidge and Mell will be pointless.”

    “Can I help you? Also, have you thought of a plan yet?”

    Nani slowly turned around to see Rex’s face, sweating like crazy. She gave out an evil grin.

    “Of course you can Rex. Two Pokemon are better then one anyways. Moreover, to answer your question, no I have not thought of a plan yet. Don’t worry though, when the time comes, this future brilliant plan will make me the most famous Pokemon actress in the world!”

    Nani suddenly started to laugh evily. A couple of seconds later, Rex started to laugh evily also. After the two were laughing evily for a while, Rex suddenly spoke.

    “Why are we laughing evilly?”

    “We’re evil, that’s why!” responded Nani quickly.

    The lizard and the rabbit then started laughing evily again.

    Pidge and Mell are at a place called Rolling Hills. That place is a flat grassy area with not very much flowers blooming. There is a lot of open space for a Rapidash to be able to run freely. The reason Pidge and Mell were using this place for their movie was that they were trying to find a place to put some battle scenes in. In addition, the two were trying to find a place with a castle still standing. After many weeks of searching different places, Pidge and Mell were relieved that they found Rolling Hills.

    On one of the shooting days over there, Nani and Rex were on top of a nearby tree, looking at the scenery. There were many trailers outside, but no Pokemon at site.

    “They are shooting some scenes inside the castle. Come on, the faster we do this, the better chance we won’t get caught red handed!”

    Rex was looking at his red hands and then was saying in a sad voice, “But I’m already red handed!”

    Nani gave a depressed sigh before she leapt out from the tree. After she made it to the grassy ground, Rex leaped out from the tree also. The two then went to try to find Eval’s trailer.

    Nani and Rex managed to find Eval’s trailer in less then half an hour. The two managed to find the trailer when they saw a yellow star with the name “Eval” written in blue cursive writing. Without hesitation, Rex opened the door, and then the two were inside the trailer.

    When inside, Rex and Nani were surprised how beautiful the trailer was. A green sofa was next to one of the two windows in the trailer. In addition, the gray wall has green polka dots painted on it. The two Pokemon saw that the trailer was very clean.

    “Man, this trailer is cleaner then my apartment!” exclaimed Rex softly.

    “True. Okay, let’s put this ‘special’ fruit basket on the makeup area.”

    Rex looked at the fruit basket he was holding. For a minute, he wanted to eat one of the fruits in the basket. Bannas, apples, grapes, and oranges galore! Letting the sin of tempation get to him, Rex grabbed an apple. He was about to eat it, but then Nani suddenly used her tail to take the apple off from Rex’s hands.

    “Why did you do that?” asked Rex loudly.

    “You almost forgot that the fruits inside that basket were meant for Eval!” Nani took a deep breathe before she continued to speak. “Just put the fruit basket over at the makeup area.”

    Rex did just what Nani said. He quickly put the fruit basket at the makeup area, without any hesitation.

    Suddenly, Nani and Rex heard the sound of the door opening.

    “Nani, what should we do now?” aked Rex quickly.

    Nani was looking around the trailer quickly. Her eyes then saw the closet.

    “Ah ha! Let’s hide inside the closet!” said Nani, smiling.

    The two then went to the closet quickly. Nani and Rex managed to go inside the closet as quickly as Rex had opened it. After the two were inside the closet, Rex opened the closet door very slowly.

    “Rex, what are doing?” asked Nani madly.

    “I’m just going to see if Eval will eat any one of the fruits in the fruit basket.”

    Nani was at first going to command Rex to close the closet door, but decided to look also.

    What happens next will not go as Rex and Nani had planned.

    When Eval, Pidge, and Mell had entered the trailer, all three of them were sitting at different places. Eval sat on a chair next to her makeup area, Mell sat on the green sofa, and Pidge sat on a red skinny chair. After everyone got comfortable, the three started to talk about today is shooting.

    “You were really good today Eval! A worthy Pokeoscar performance!” said Mell.

    “Mell is right you know! You should be very proud of yourself!”

    Eval started to smile, cannot believed that both of the producers thought she was Pokeoscar material. For the first time in her life, she felt very special.

    “Thanks you two! I’m glad you think I got what it takes for the Pokeoscars!”

    Eval suddenly saw something she had not noticed before-the fruit basket.

    “Hey guys look, a fruit basket!”

    Pidge and Mell quickly got out of their seats and went to look over at the fruit basket.

    “Hum, a fruit basket. I wonder who had brought this?” said Mell slowly.

    Pidge was trying to see if there was any gretting card inside the fruit basket. His eyes then saw a small white card on top of an apple. He grabbed it and then started to read the writtings on it aloud.

    “Congratulations on getting the part of Queen Venna, Eval. I am sure you will do a superb job acting out that role. From, Anonymous.”

    While Pidge was reading from the card, Mell thought this does not sound right. He was not sure why an anonymous Pokemon would suddenly congratulate Eval for the role. If anything, the anonymous Pokmon should at least congratulate Eval when she gets a Pokeoscar. Also, he was thinking there must be something wrong with the fruit. Mell then decided to forget about it, thinking he worried too much over nothing.

    “You guys can eat the fruits if you want. I am not hungry right at this moment.”

    Pidge was looking at the fruit basket a little bit. He suddenly heard his stoamch growled. Maybe I could have one banana, Pidge thought to himself.

    “Really? Thanks! I am quite hungry right now.”

    Pidge quickly grabbed a banana and then started muching it away. He finished the banana in less then four seconds.

    “Wow, I didn’t know you can eat very fast!” said Eval, amazed.

    “Well, I am used to eating…”

    Pidge suddenly stop his sentnce right there. At first he does not looked too good, with his eyes looking heavy and his goans sounded very loud. Then suddenly, Pidge fainted.

    After seeing Mell and Eval in shock and then taking Pidge to a Pokemon Center, Rex and Nani came out from the closet. Rex suddenly gave Nani an evil glare.

    “So do you have a Plan B?” screamed Rex loudly.

    Nani started thinking what Plan B should be. After a few seconds, she suddenly gave out a huge grin on her face.

    “Rex, do you know what the most important source to a movie is?”


    “No, not writers. They are the least important. Actually, whom I am talking about are cinematographers. Without cameras, no movie will be seen to the public.”

    “What are you going with this Nani?” asked Rex, unsure of what she was going on with this.

    Nani then whispered Rex what their next plan will be.

    Well, that is part two. Part three, the last part, will introduce new characters, and also you will see how the last few events will unfold. Hope you guys enjoyed this one!

    Oh, and "Heart of the Sea" fans: Chapter Seven will come eventually. For now I am waiting for Silentvibrava to give me the grammar lesson. It might take a little while, as she is on vacation now. Hm...maybe I will post Chapter Seven anyways (what I got so far from it), and then I will have the grammar mostly corrected in Chapter Eight. (Remember, I said I had finished "Heart of the Sea" but the last two chapters had not been posted yet). Meh, we'll see.

    ;134;~Good night, and good luck~
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    Ah, Nani. The washed-up former child actress/evil 'genius". XP She amuses me, and so does Rex. Those two were responsible for most of my favorite parts in that installment.


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    Well, that aside there are still some funny gags here! :D

    XDDD What's worse, I don't think the sweat came from themselves!

    Ahh, the evil antagonist and her bumbling sidekick combo :)
    Brains and brawn, except that they don't work well together! XD

    FATALITY!!!! *Sound of shattering glass and sanity*

    :p Now I see why she needs to smack Rex around!

    XDD The bumbling sidekick does it again!

    He really has only half a brain, doesn't he? X3

    I can finish mine in two! BWAHAHA!!

    Torture her in the next chapter please... *Evil glint in eyes*

    Well, I came across numerous errors, but this one struck me as the strangest:
    What's a call doll? If Mell was referring to Eval as "doll", maybe you should reword it so that those two words aren't together!
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    I'd say this part was better than the first one.

    And everytime I read "Mollywood" I have to laugh. I really like the name...Mollywood XD

    ~Timid Kyogre
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    I just noticed some very peculiar stuff...

    "Eval Tailfin" is also an anagram for "Evil Fat Nail"... I think that's why Timid Kyogre found it so funny!

    "Mollywood" is also an anagram for "Lowly Doom"...
    Will these come up in later chapters?
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    Hehe, yeah. Those two are actually my favorites also. It's probably because I had so much fun writing them because their personality is more easily to write then Pidge and Mell.

    XD Yeah. I actually got that inspiration from one of the Pokemon anime scenes. There was this one scene where Ash's Torkoal wanted to save a Spoink (which is on a small long). Torkoal then dived underwater, but then Brock told Ash that Torkoal is a fire type! ^^;

    Hehe, thanks for the review!

    Hahahabvc87: I wrote the story on MicrosoftWorks. The truth, there were times the spellcheck did not work. <_> Also, yes I know I might have a lot of grammar mistakes. I really hate it when I still can't seem to get the grammar right. Well, at least my friend Silentvibrava will give me the grammar lesson soon.

    Well, it was a very hot day! XD

    XD Yeah, those two don't work well together.

    Hehe. In the last part, you will see how much Nani really wants that part.

    Yeah. Rex really needs to think before he says or else Nani will use Water Pulse on him! XD

    XD In the next part, you will see how much a brain Rex has!

    XDDDDDDDD Sure! Don't worry, Nani will get in trouble in the last part. Oh, and I actually think screenwriters are the most important source to the movies. Seriouly, without a script, where's the movie! ^^ The reason I put that was because of how screenwriters are not that well known. I actually wanted to become a screenwriter once. :O

    Oh, and one more think. The "Lowly Doom" and "Evil Fat Nail" thing, I did not intended it to happen like that. "Mollywood" and "Eval Tailfin" I just thought of it out of the blue.

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    Timid Kyogre:

    Well, there is a story behind how I got the name "Eval". Okay, one of my teachers was not such a great speller. One of the words he spelled wrong is "evil". Yes, he spelled "evil" "eval". ORIGINALLY, on the longer version of "Take Fifty Five", I was about to put Eval the antagoinist, not Nani. I will explain more about the original plot for this story when I get the last part "Mollywood Nights" up. If I said anything about the original plot I was going for, I might spoil the ending. :/ Also, the last name Tailfin I put because of Eval's meraid like tail. Nothing special. ^^;

    Aw, thanks for liking this part better then the first one. :) Hehe, yeah, I like the revenge thing also. IT WENT HORRIBLY WRONG! XD

    Well, nothing much to say but thanks for the review!

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    Now, since all of you readers and reviewers had been good to be so far with my two stories, I will actually TRY to finish editing Chapter Seven of "Heart of the Sea" and post it here today. Also, when I post the last part of "Take Fifty Five!" here, I will reveal what was the original take on this story. Seriously, I had a TOTALLY different idea for this story then the one I had now. :O

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    Okay everyone, here is the last part of "Take Fifty Five!" I was originally going to post it on Saturday, but I went fishing that day and when I came back, I suddenly became sick. Right now I am a little better. ^^

    Wow, finished two fics in one month! (Actually, I finished this fic like in early June, but had not posted it yet because one of the rules of the Laughingstock contest was you can't post the story until the results come.

    Okay, now here is the last part of "Take Fifty Five!"

    +Part Three+
    Mollywood Nights

    The next morning clouds started floating by, covering the sun. Outside, Pokemon were happy that today was cloudly because of how the last few days were hot. Everything so far was normal that day. Well, almost normal.

    In Mollywood Park, a few Pokemon were screaming very loud. The park has a few swings, a slide, and many picnic tables. Usually the park was very quiet without anything serious going on, but today a few owls were chasing a few Pokemon running on the green grass.

    The Hoothoot were still going through their crusade in getting rid of any Posion Pokemon they could find. Three poison Pokemon were running away from them. A purple cobra (an Arbok), a big violet moth (a Venomoth), and a big purple spider (an Ariados) were all screaming, running away from the Hoothoot that were using Confusion and Psychic on them.

    “When will those stupid Hoothoot stop torturing us?” asked the Arbok.

    “When a fat Miltank sings James, that’s when!” replied the Venomoth.

    “Shut up Venny!” shouted James the Arbok.

    “If you guys keep arguing then expect us to faint in a matter of seconds!” said the Ariados.

    “All right Adios!” replied James and Venny sadly.

    After James and Venny apologized to each other, the three poison Pokemon kept running for a few more minutes until suddenly a Nidorina coming towards them. James, Venny, and Adios were surprised when they suddenly saw a Nidorina, but the Hoothoots were happy that they got another poison Pokemon to get rid of.

    “Look guys, another posion Pokemon! Psychic attack now!”

    All of the Hoothoot’s eyes suddenly glowed light pink, then letting out a colorful flowing beam at the Nidorina. Luckily, a big green half circle was protecting her, making the colorful beam bounce off from the green circle.

    “Dang it, she used Protect!” screamed one of the Hoothoots.

    As soon as the Nidorina’s Protect attack was wearing off, she gave out a huge grin. All of a sudden, electric bolts were coming out from the Nidorina’s fat body. The Thunderbolt attack was then going towards the Hoothoots.

    “Oh no!” said all of the Hoothoot.

    The Thunderbolt suddenly shocked all of the Hoothoot, with all of them screaming loudly. While still shocking all of the Hoothoot, the Nidorina was laughing very softly. She was really enjoying this. After a few minutes, the Nidorina stopped shocking the Hoothoot.

    “She knew how to use an attack! Retreat!”

    The other Hoothoot nodded in agreement, and then all of them were flying very quickly.

    As soon as the Hoothoot were away, Nidorina turned around to face the three poison Pokemon and then said to them, “It is called Pokemon battling. Use it sometime.”

    James, Adios, and Venny were suddenly silent, shocked of how a Nidorina had saved their lives.

    “You just saved our lives! I cannot believe that you would do that to us! You must be an angel!” shuttered Venny slowly.

    “Why, thank you. Oh, by the way, my name is Nani.”

    “Nice to meet you Nani. Well, my name is Venny. The Arbok over there is James and the Ariados with the big butt is Adios.”

    “Hey! I do not have a big butt!” screamed Adios, madden at Venny’s comment.

    “Nice to meet you all. I also have a friend here I should introduce. Rex!”

    Suddenly, Rex leaped out from the tree and then walked towards Nani. When he was next to Nani, Rex was looking at the three poison Poekmon, thinking those are very frightening looking Pokemon.

    “Hi everyone!” said Rex in a soft voice.

    All of a sudden, Venny was looking at Nani and Rex. He started to wonder why those two are here in the first place.

    “Um…I’m a little suspicious. How come you two are here?”

    “Aw, good question Venny,” said Nani in a sweet voice. “I am here to ask you guys to do a favor for me.”

    Venny, James, and Adios gave Nani glaring looks.

    “Why do you need us?” asked James in a lazy voice.

    “I will tell you everything, from what I want from you guys to what you will get out of it. This will take some time so you all better keep your ears open.”

    Darkness started to cover Barkson, a city close to Rolling Hills. It would take a flying Pokemon thirty minutes to fly from Rolling Hills to Barkson. The moon was shining very brightly, enough for some Pokemon to see what was going on in the dark. Buildings started to light up, colors of yellow coming all over the small city.

    One of the buildings that lit the lights full blast was the Barkson Pokemon Center, a five-story buidling with a big replica of a pokeball. Inside the first floor, it was very loud. Lots of baby Pokemon crying, young Pokemon complaining about their boo-boos, and adult Pokemon getting headaches.

    Mell had just entered the Pokemon center. He was walking towards to the information center, where an Azumarill was talking on the phone. She is a blue colored rabbit Pokemon with white spots all over her body. While the Azumarill was talking on the phone, Mell cannot stop looking at the big ball attached to her skinny black tail. The big ball was moving back and forth slowly.

    “Sorry, Dr. Hensy is at vaction at the moment. Oh, I see. Can change your appointment to some other time? Okay then, how next Friday sounds? All right, your next appointment is next Friday. Good night.”

    After the rabbit Pokemon hung up on the phone, she turned around and saw Mell’s face.

    “Oh, hi Mell! Visiting Pidge again so soon?”

    “Actually, it’s very important. I need to talk to him,” said Mell in a grim tone.

    “What, really?” said the Azumarill, very confused. “Pidge had not even waked up yet! Maybe that important thing can wait a little bit.”

    Mell suddenly gave a sigh, knew the Azumarill has the right to thought like that. Pidge had not waked up since the food poisoning incident. Also, he had just visted Pidge a few hours ago. Still, he believed it could be a chance Pidge might be awake at this moment. Miracles do happen, do they?

    “Well, can I just visit him anyways?”

    After Mell said that, the Azumarill suddenly gave out a big grin.

    “Oh, I see. You really loved Pidge so much you are worried about his health, right?”

    “Yes, I mean no! Liked I said before, it’s something important,” said Mell, almost said yes to the Azumarill’s comment on him visiting Pidge because he is in love with him.

    “All right, fine. You can visit Pidge again today. Fourth floor, room twenty two.”

    After the Azumarill said that, Mell went to one of the elevators behind her. When inside, he pushed the fourth floor button, and then a few seconds later the elevator started to moved slowly.

    While the elevator was moving, Mell was suddenly thiking about dancing Trapinch for an odd reason. It was probably because everyday he kept seeing those dancing fat ant Pokemon in the Raikou Frosty Flakes cereal commercials. He now cannot wait for breakfast tomorrow.

    When the elevator made it to the fourth floor, Mell started to try to find room twenty-two. Just as soon as Mell entered the room, he saw a Meganium, a green dinosaur like Pokemon with a big flower around its neck, tucking Pidge underneath a blanket. Pidge was still asleep, with his chest moving slowly. Mell was relived Pidge was still breathing fine.

    “Oh, hi Mell! Back so soon already? Oh, and where’s Eval?” said the Meganium gleefully.

    “Hi Tracy. Eval got some business to do, and I am here to check up on Pidge again.”

    All of a sudden, both Mell and Tracy heard a weak voice.

    “Mell, is that you?”

    Both Mell and Tracy turned around and saw that Pidge had waked up.

    “Pidge, you are all right!”

    Mell suddenly came and gave Pidge a big hug, with Pidge suffocating a little bit.

    “Mell, you are going to make me unconscious again!”

    Mell then let go of Pidge, with him gasping for breathe a little bit.

    “Sorry about that Pidge. I was really worried about you, which is all.”

    “It’s all right Mell. I forgive you.”

    Pidge’s eyes suddenly turned towards the Meganium. He cannot help it but felt an attraction towards it.

    “Hi there nurse. I can’t help to wonder why would a beautiful Meganium like you would want to take care of me.”

    Mell’s voice suddenly burst into laughter and then he started rolling on the ground. After seeing that, Pidge got a little frustrated.

    “What’s so funny?”

    “It is…just…that…Tracy, you nurse…is actually a male!” said Mell, talking while he was laughing.

    Pidge suddenly was embarrassed of how he thought Tracy was a female. He turned to see Tracy’s face, surprised that he was only giving a smile.

    “It’s all right Pidge. All of the male patients had mistaken me for a female Meganium also. I had better go now as I got other patients to tend. See you two later.”

    Tracy then left Pidge and Mell alone in the room. After Tracy was gone, Mell started to speak.

    “Pidge, something has happened. All of the cameras used for the movie were gone.”

    “What? How do you know this?” asked Pidge, voice choked up a little bit.

    “Okay, I will tell you what has happened during the last couple of days. Yesterday after you suddenly fainted, Eval and I took you to the nearest Pokemon center we can find. The Pokemon center you are in right now is called Barkson Pokemon Center.”

    “Really? This is a nice Pokemon center.”
    “Anyways, after you were in the Pokemon Center, the doctors here were checking up on you to see what was wrong with you. One of the doctors then told Eval and me that the banana you ate has some sleeping powder in it.”

    “Sleeping powder? No wonder the banana tasted a little sugary.”

    “After that, the doctor decided to give you some full restore pills and also let you stay here for a little bit until you woke up.”

    “What did you two do after that?”

    “Well, after that we left the Pokemon center and then went to the police to tell them what had happened.Right now the police are trying to find out who made those sleeping powdered fruits.”

    “How about what had happened to the dang cameras?” asked Pidge madly, being a little impatient.

    “I’m getting to it. Okay, so the next day we came to visit you again to see if you had woke up yet. After staying in your room for a couple of hours, Eval and I went back to Rolling Hills to go do a few more scenes for the movie. When we got there, we suddenly saw the cinematographers tied up, with their mouths covered by tape. Therefore, we then set all of them free, with them telling us how a Nidorina, a Venomoth, an Arbok, an Ariados, and a Charmelon attacked them all of a sudden. Later one of the camermen told us the Charmelon had left a letter pinned on Eval’s door, so we went and checked the note. Here is the note.”

    Mell gave Pidge the letter Pidge unfolded the paper, and started reading the letter:

    Dear Mell,

    You may no know me, but I know you.

    Okay, by the time you read this, you probably knew already what had happened. The cinematographers might have told you of how a few Pokemon had suddenly attacked them. If they had not told you about that incident yet, then now you know.

    Now, here is what I want. Come to my place tonight at eight so that we can discuss the matter in private. My place is at 5555 Woodpeck Drive in Vickerson Town. It is not too far from Rolling Hills. If you come, you just might get your precious cameras back.

    Oh, and one bit of information. Pidge was not supposed to eat the fruit. The original plan was for Eval to eat one of the fruits in the fruit basket. After eating one of the fruits, she will faint. Later, I would kidnap Eval and put her in a safe place until the production of the movie “Kingdom of Pokemon” was finished. Now I had to deal with the new plan of mine. Oh, and I promised the Arbok, Ariados, and Venomoth I will pay them one thousand dollars.
    Anonymous ​

    Pidge was speechless after reading that letter. There were so many questions flowing thorugh his head, not sure which one to ask first. He felt as if he was about to faint again.

    “Are you going to give this to the police? This could be good evidence as to whom had put that sleeping powder in those fruits.”

    “Actually, the one you are reading right now is a copied one. I did that so that I can show you the letter. Eval has the real letter and she is taking it to the police right now.”

    “So Mell, are you actually going to go to that Pokemon’s place?”

    “I’m going to have to Pidge if we want those cameras back. We really cannot afford to buy new cameras right now. Without those cameras, we might not be able to finish making the movie.”

    Pidge was shocked of his answer. He cannot believe that Mell will do this. Pidge does not want anything happen to him.

    “What if something bad will happen to you?”

    “At first I was worried about that too Pidge, but I learned that I must face my fears sooner or later. I am tired of hiding like a coward. I don‘t want to be a worrywart anymore. ”

    Pidge was about to comment on Mel’s words, but his mouth stopped halfway through. He knew Mel was right, he has to face his fears one day and stopped worrying too much.

    Pidge sighed and said weakly, “I guess I cannot stop you. You can go to that address if you felt you really need to.”

    “Thanks Pidge, you’re the best,” said Mell with a smile. “I will see you again later.”

    After Mell said that, he walked slowly out from Pidge’s room. When Pidge did not see Mell no more, he said to himself, “I hope you will be all right or else we might loose a lot of money for our movie.”

    Vickerson Town was very quiet that night. Not very much Pokemon outside except a few that are just walking and talking. When Mell entered that town, he thought to himself this could be a nice town to settle when he retired.

    It did not take long for Mell to find Woodpeck Drive. He asked a few Pokemon where it was and they gave him directions. When it comes to directions, Mell can easily find a street or place that he was looking for because all he had to do was ask.
    As soon as Mell found the house that he wanted to see, he rang the doorbell. The sound was of chimes gently moving from the brezze.

    “Weird doorbell sound,” Mell said to himself.

    After waiting for a couple of seconds, a blue Nidorina with a pink scraf around its neck opened the door.

    “Hello?” said the Nidorina sweetly.

    “Um, my name is Mell and I had this letter telling me to come to this address here. Is this 5555 Woodpeck Drive?”

    Mell gave the letter to the Nidorina to read it. After the Nidorina finished reading the letter, she let out a big grin on her ugly face.

    “Aw, so you got my letter? Excellent. Come in Mr. Mell.”

    Mell slowly went inside the house. After the Nidorina closed the door, Mell was looking around the house. The walls were painted light brown, matching the curtains and the rug. His eyes then turned to the fireplace, with the orange flames dancing slowly with the Mozart song blasting softly from a CD player. Mell then went to sit down on a small green sofa. As soon as he sat down, he grabbed some crakers lying on a maroon coffee table. After Mell got comfortable, the Nidorina sat down on a small pink softball and then saw Mell eating the crackers slowly.

    “Okay, let me introduce myself. My name is Nani. I don’t think you remembered me.”

    After Nani said her name, Mell suddenly choked. He knew who that Nidorina was. She was that Nidorina whom he rejected back at the tryouts. Mell was surprised to see her face again. It took him a few seconds for his breathing to be back to normal again.

    “Wait, ugly Nani? One of the Pokemon that came to the tryouts that we rejected?

    Nani nodded slowly. Suddenly, Mell realized what was going on. Everything was coming to him now- the fruit basket, stolen cameras, and a meeting with one of the rejected actors. Mell felt a little stupid for not knowing this earlier.

    “Wait a minute! Now I know what you are trying to do. You were so upset that you did not get the part of Queen Verna that you would do anything to have that part. I bet those fruits were not for Pidge but for Eval isn’t it?”

    Nani gave a soft evil chuckle.

    “You seemed to be catching up very fast, little birdy.”

    “And I bet you used those poison Pokemon to hurt those camermen and then you ran off with those cameras!”

    “Bingo, you are right!”

    Mell was taking deep breathes. He has never been this mad before in his life. Mell wished he could peck Nani for hours.

    “So Nani, what do you want me to do so to make this weird war end?”

    Nani suddenly got out of her seat, and then jump on the sofa where Mell is. Before he knew it, Mell saw Nani on top of her, with her two front arms touching his white chest.

    “I want you to give me the part of Queen Verna.”

    “Are you nuts? The movie is almost half over. I cannot just scrap Eval out of the project so easily, unless it is for a good reason.”

    Nani was suddenly enraged of Mell’s answer. As Nai breathed very hard, Mell felt some smoke coming out from her nose.

    “Look here mister! I had been trying to get a role in a movie for a long time now. Ever since I turned into a Nidorina, my life was ruined. Now, you had better give me the part of Queen Verna or there will be consequences. Nani gets what Nani wants!” exclaimed Nani slowly.

    “I’m sorry Nani, but I cannot give you the part of Queen Verna. Do not worry, if I ever produced a movie with ugly Pokemon in it, I will give you a call. And for your information, that scarf actually made you uglier.”

    After Mell said that, he thought he was about to be dead meat. Instead, he saw Nani jumped off from his chest. As soon as Nani’s legs were on the rug, she gave out a small smile.

    “Fine, be it that way. This will teach you to never mess with me. Boys!”

    All of a sudden, three Pokemon- a Charmelon, an Arbok, an Ariados, and a Venomoth came out from the kitchen. After seeing their faces, Mell knew who those Pokemon were.

    “I know those guys! Those were the same ones that hurt the cameramen!”

    “And yet you were right again, despite not shutting up yet,” said Nani slowly in a cold tone.

    “What we should do with him? Poison him, Paralyze him, or something else you had in mind?” asked Venny quickly.

    Nani was about to answer Venny’s question, until suddenly yellow stars broke one of the windows.

    “What the hell is that?” asked Nani.

    “Swift?” answered Rex slowly.

    After Rex said that, Nani lift up her left arm and then scratched Rex’s face-badly.

    “Ow, that hurts!” screamed Rex loudly.

    Suddenly, a Pidgeotto flew inside, but landed on the rug badly a second later.

    “Pidge!” said Mell after seeing Pidge unexpectedly.

    Mell went to pick Pidge put and then set him down on the green sofa. After a few seconds, Pidge woke up.

    “Oh, hi Mell! You did not expect me here did you?”

    Mell was about to say something until the two of them saw Nani, Rex, and the three poison Pokemon circled around them.

    “Hum, I know what to do with you two right now…”
    Mell and Pidge were now insde the closet, both cannot breathe. Lucky Pidge found the light switch so that the two can see each other clearly.

    “Great Pidge, now here we are, stuck inside a closet!”

    “Hey, it was you who rejected Nani in the first place!”

    “What? The both of us rejected her you nimwit!”

    “Okay, so the two of us rejected her, but doesn’t solve the problem on how to deal with her.”

    After a few seconds of silence, Mell broke the silence.

    “So why you came here Pidge? Had the doctors even cleared you to get out from the Pokemon Center?”

    “I came here to help you Mell. Remember, we are producer parteners. When one of us goes down, we both go down together. Moreover, yes, the doctors had cleared me cleared. They said I will be fine since nothing major had happened to me.”

    Mell cannot help but smile. He knew Pidge was right. For many years the two had been proucing partners, with both of them had experienced the difficulties of the movie business. Mell decided to forgive Pidge, not wanting their partnership, and also their friendship, to end this way.

    “You are right Pidge. We had gone through a lot together. I forgave you.”

    Mell then let out his blue wing, wanting Pidge to shake wings. After a couple of seconds, Pidge started shaking Mell’s wings. As soon as the two stopped shaking wings, they talked about how to get out of the closet.

    Back in the living room, the five antagonists Pokemon were arguing what to do with the two bird producers.

    “Can we burn them?’ asked Rex.

    “How about poison them! They will be gone sooner or later!” asked Adios.

    “How many times do I have to tell you guys, what can we do that won’t result in them being burned or tortured to death?” yelled Nani loudly.

    Suddenly, the doorbell rang, with Nani going to answer it.

    Before she opened the door, she said acidly, “If any of you ordered pizza, I am not paying it.”

    When Nani opened the door, she was surprised to see Eval and two Pokemon in police uniform on her doorstep.

    “Um, what seems to be the problem here officers?” asked Eval in an angelic voice.

    “Nani Bina, you are under arrest for attempted kidnapping of Eval Tailfin!” said one of the police Pokemon, a green Munchlax.

    After the chubby bear Pokemon said that, everyone had heard a loud noise. Everyone turned around and saw the closet door was broken, with both Mell and Pidge on the floor. The two were breathing heavily, their chests pumping up and down quickly.

    “Now what happened?” hissed Nani.

    “Looks like the two finally came out of the closet!” said Rex, laughing.

    As soon as Nani gave Rex an evil glare, he stopped laughing in a second.

    “Not only that Nani, but your little friends are going to be arrested also,” said the other police Pokemon, this time a light blue walrus Pokemon called a Sealeo.

    It took a few minutes for the Sealeo and Munchlax to handcuffed Nani and her four “little friends”.

    After everyone was handcuffed, Rex had asked the Sealeo, “Hey, your eyes are creamy white. Had you been eating donuts?”

    “Don’t push it,” said the Sealeo.

    The police Pokemon managed to put Rex, James, Venny, and Adios inside the police car. Nani, on the other hand, was a little bit harder to pull through. She kept scratching the Munchlax a few times, but he managed to put Nani inside the police car.

    After the two police Poekmon put the five Pokemon inside the police car and then drove off, Pidge and Mell were talking to Eval.

    “Thanks Eval for helping us,” said Mell.

    “No problem. You two had been very nice to me, so I returned the favor.”

    “You’re one incredible gal,” said Pidge.

    “Why thank you.”

    “I think I speak for everyone that we don’t need to worry about Nani disturbing us no more,” said Mell cheerfully.

    “Here, here!” said both Eval and Pidge.

    “Now come on, let’s walk back to Rolling Hills. I think a long walk will be good exercise for us.”

    “Yes, a long walk would be a good idea. I want to loose weight before I become a Pidgeot.”

    The three then walked together slowly, looking at the bright moon. Mell, Pidge, and Eval were then thinking that everything will be just fine.


    Well, that is the end of "Take Fifty Five!". Yeah, sorry if the grammar here is sort of worse then the last chapter of "Heart of the Sea". (Remember, I said I will post the original verison liked the ones I posted in the other two forums. Also, this was written a little while ago before I became a bit better with my grammar).

    Okay, say I promised I will say what the ORIGINAL take of this story was, I will say what I intend this story to be.

    All right, oriiginally I was actually going to have a Vaporeon, Flareon, Jolteon, and an Umberon trying to ruin Mel and Pidge's movie plans and also try to make their sister (yes, all four of them are sisters), an Esperon, get out of the movie. Also, I was about to have a couple of actors going against each other for the main male leading part. Eventually, both the Eon sisters and the actors will team up together and really mess the movie big time.

    I scrap on that idea for a few reasons.
    -It will be a little too long
    -Too many characters for me to handle
    -It might drag a little (I want the story to be a bit fast pace, not too slow or else it will be really boring)

    Okay, well, I hope you guys like this story. Right now I am working on a one-shot called "Mori" which should come out in early/late September. After that, my next chapter fic "Nothing, Everything" shall make its debut in either late fall or early winter.

    Thank you guys for sticking to this story and also "Heart of the Sea" (if you had read that also XD).

    ;134;~Good night, and good luck~
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  15. Sike Saner

    Sike Saner s l i t h e r

    So, now this one has been completed, too. Congratulations! The third installment here had quite a few funny moments – I especially liked some of the moments between Rex and Nani, whenever Rex said something that made Nani deck him one. XD

    The moments that made me laugh and/or smile:

    Big butt jokes…XD

    I can totally imagine that commercial, and that’s…quite an image. Especially the way it makes me imagine a Raikou going, “They’re grrrreat!” XP

    XDDDD I would love to actually see that!

    Mell: *peck* *peck* *peck*
    Nani: OW! Quit it!

    Yeah, the idea of that just amuses me. XD

    *snort* XP

    Again, I just love it when Rex gets smacked for opening his big, stupid mouth. XD

    I don’t know quite why, but that made me smile. XD

    That one kind of caught me off guard. I can’t read it out loud without giggling. XDD

    Well, congratulations again on another finished fic, and good luck on your next projects! ^^
  16. Hahahabvc87

    Hahahabvc87 Always watching...

    Wow, what a grammatical nightmare! No comment on it though, since I'd rather focus on the LOL factor!

    Revenge of Captain Boris? :p

    Sounds like the day-care my neighbour used to run! Yikes!

    o_O What's all this about dancing Trapinch? I don't quite get it...

    Are they REALLY pretending to be gay? ;)

    XD That reminds me of a funny incident a few years back... Once, my friend visited me and rang my doorbell. It short-circuited and wouldn't stop ringing until the batteries died out! It didn't help that the doorbell was 10 meters on the ceiling too...

    o_O Must've been a REALLY messy eater!

    Well, seeing as how you've finished two of your fics in such a short time of each other, I wonder what you'll be fiddling with... Don't forget to pm me when you release something new!
  17. Bay


    Sorry I had not replied eariler! I had been very busy writing "Nothing, Everything", which I will say the progress is going VERY slowly, but good. Okay, now to reply.

    Sike Saner:

    The spider Pokemon really does have a big butt joke! XD

    Hehe, gotta love those Tony the Tiger commericals! ^^

    Oh my gosh, I could had done that on a little dream sequence or something. XD

    Yeah, that Rex. Now if only he would just shut up...^^;

    It's probably because you are hungry and want to have pizza for lunch. XD

    Yeah, I really like that donut joke too. Actually, I got that joke from this one comedian who came to my school. I forgot his name, but I knew him from this one sitcom I used to watch but didn't anymore because I was really, really busy with school and family.

    Aw, thank you! I will let you know when my other works came out!

    Oh, and the Nidorina thing-it is kind of based how one time my sister and I bought a pack of those very, very old Pokemon trainer cards. Okay, when my sister and I first got the Nidorina card, my sister was like, "Ew! It looked like a pig!" XD


    Yeah, kid these days...(gets shot)

    Eh, it's all right. That just came out of the blue. It's actually based off with the conversations me and may lover (now Kagome Lover) used to have. We would joke around a lot about Trapinch, wheter it be if I caught anymore to those dancing Trapinches you see on everyone's signautures now. ^^;

    XD The last time I talked to them, they say they are not, though the Mollywood magazines are still at it, oy! ^O^

    Really? I wonder what music it played. XD

    Eh, it's just Rex being dump again!.Actually, I was originally going to put Rex drunk in that arresting scene, but decided not too because that time I am not sure if it would go so well.

    Well, liked I said before, this fic was finished in early June. Also, this fic was done BEFORE Chapter Five of "Heart of the Sea" was done. So yeah, the rest of the summer I was focusing on "Heart of the Sea". (Man, now I really missed writing that story and this one also. ;_; )

    And yes, I will let you know when my other works will come out. Also, I will try to have my other fics be beated, but if I was unable to, I will try my best to improve the grammar in my stories.

    Thanks again you two for the review! (Gives both of you big Flygon plushies!)

    Yeah, right now I am working on "Nothing, Everything" and a preview of it (not the story...yet) will be coming in a few days. (All will be explained when I have the preview up).

    ;134;~Good night, and good luck~

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