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Take The Lombre Home! (339)

Jesse GS the II

I was frozen today!
I noticed that too...my guess is either a cut scene or recycled footage.


Old Coot
Cut as in cut from the dub? Nah. Looked at the scene in Japanese. Same thing occured. Habunake was no where to be found until it blasted off. Doesn't seem recycled either. More like another brilliant animation error on their behalves, OR it could be they made two different kind of battle situations and forgot to change the blast off scene.

Jesse GS the II

I was frozen today!
I meant a scene cut from the Japanese version, perhaps for time, and they didn't reanimate the blastoff sequence by mistake. I was judging from the Japanese version myself.


Old Coot
Yeah, as I said. :p Coulda been something that they were working on where they had two different versions where one coulda involved Habunake instead and forgot to change that blastoff scene.

Shiny May

Well I've seen this eppie too and I thought it was quite boring in the beginning. I wasn't really interested in it at all!! But when the fighting started, it became more interested. Solrock really has some great attacks and Lombre looks cool too and a good voice.


Battle Factory Champion
Yeah this episode was a fillerish enough filler, similar to the "Wake Up Snorlax!" one, just without the fat pokémon blocking the river this time, and instead a rather unique situation with Team Rocket draining the river, hmmm, who would have worked that one out? :p

More of a Brock episode than anything else, which is good, because he's not entirely useless, he and his pokémon both have their moments, and his Lombre did today, although I was just as equally insterested in Solrock to be honest. Good little battle in the end to finish it off as well.


Well-Known Member
I thought the pokemon in this episode were funny
*imagines Lotad falling into the bucket again*
The only thing is that Solrock's voice was like moving your finger up and down your lips and making a noise.

Kakashi-Sharingan Warrior

Well-Known Member
i hate lombre's dub voice! i blame 4Kids!!

but lombre is cool tho

and when they blasted off why the hell was seviper there?

cacnea was sent out not seviper!


Previously Iota
What a pathetic evolution. It fell down a well and was pulled up, then evolved. Seviper was in the wrong place at the wrong time, and both Solrock and Lombre had crap dub voices. This was one of my least favourite episodes ever.


V Faction

Hunting Guard said:
both Solrock and Lombre had crap dub voices.
Hey ****wad, Solrock didn't get a dub voice and Lombre's owns your pathetic soul. Stop blaming 4Kids! for your horrible life.

God, three 4Kids!-hating posts in a row... That's real originality.

Factory Head Noland

I saw this episode this morning because I missed it yesterday.
This was a really good episode, Lotad evolved so randomly but I love Lombre! Solrock looked cool aswell and it's voice sounded nothing like Tate's Solrock does, it just makes a noise, lol.
I was really thirsty when watching this episode...I had such a craving for water.
I loved how Lombre just danced away and didn't have a care in the world, Lombre is so cool! It looks me a few minutes to get used to it's voice but I like it's voice now.

Overall: 8.1/10


The Blazikenator
Science? You can't be serious. lol! Two water Pokemon spray Solrock using Water Gun. Do you really believe they could have produced rain clouds that way? Rain clouds weigh tons! That would be impossible! And has anyone noticed the large resemblance this episode had with the movie, "The Village"? lol I'm not even going to begin to name the many ways it's similar to it and I have no doubt that is what this episode was based on. How ironic! This is the first Pokemon episode I've seen in 5 years as well. Darn WB became a cable station. Boo!! I saw this episode at the doctor's office. The waiting room was empty so I had the TV to myself.


Funny dances they had. Especially the Lombre dance but spraying Water Gun and making rain is a bit too much. Solrock was featured well in this episode.


I loved this episode and not to mention the dancing Lombre.
Lombre was awesome, but the episode wasn't that great. Solrock had kind of a bad voice