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Take The Lombre Home! (339)


Lombre was cute, i loved to see an episode focused on it,
And it was great how Solrock saved the town.

Willow's Tara

The Bewitched
It was an okay episode but not that good. I don't really like Lombre though not a favorite of mine.

Wait so TR was there for like several weeks stealing the water? So between the contest and this episode several weeks had passed? Wonder what they did in that time. Those old people were annoying blaming Solrock for it (They always blame the Pokemon, like Absol and Solrock when it's not their fault)


Man of Mystery
This episode was alright.

The only thing I really liked about it was the fact that Lotad evolved, but that's about it.


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There are only two things I feel I should note in this episode; both of them involve Solrock.

First is the obvious boss fantasy Ember error, of course.

Second; and this is just weird to me: Solrock's voice. You know that sound you make when you wiggle your finger across your lips? That seems like a very... odd choice for Solrock's voice; I really prefer the sound of Tate's Solrock (Brandon's sounds like Noctowl).

So... yeah. Besides that, the episode was okay.


This episode was a real treat despite my first impressions of it. Ash and friends getting saved by a Solrock as Team Rocket had trapped them in a hole was unexpected. I mean, how often do wild Pokemon save Ash and friends? Not too often. When they stopped at the local well for water and Brock's Lotad evolved into Lombre, I was stunned! Yeah the title hints that Lotad would evolve, but I didn't think it would evolve at the start of the episode. Kinda neat. It was funny to see Lombre getting the people and wild Pokemon to dance as well. It looked like Lombre and the villager's rain dance worked since it finally started to rain and Solrock was no longer a bother to the people in the end. Nice episode really. 7/10.


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This episode was ok... It was cool seeing Brock's Lotad evolve into Lombre, getting to see Lombre for the 1st time. It was cool to see a Solrock for the 1st time. It was a very odd way for Lotad to evolve. Another drought episode.... This has been a theme that's really been used a lot. The Rain Dance was really cool. It was great to see Solrock save the day.



The strangest Pokemon to ever be owned by a protagonist has the weirdest evolution ever. How fitting. Well, this episode was rather strange. I mean Solrock seemed rather out of place here and it kind of took away the spotlight away from Lombre. I don't even know what to make of the villagers to be honest. It was just a strange episode overall but I suppose that it's fitting since Lombre evolved in it.


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Yeah, the evolution was quite unexpected. I did like it though. But for the rest was the episode alright, based on the whole concept behind it. It was unfortunately, nothing exceptional, but still quite enjoyable for me! :D


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A very boring episode, I didn't like it all. I don't even know what to say about those creepy villagers to be honest. The only thing I liked was when it rained in the end.
Wow, it's a long time ago since I reviewed an episode here, and since I saw AG anyways... Oh well, time to review some episodes again... Anyways, it was cool to see Solrock, I always thought that Pokemon was cool. I don't like it as much as I used to, but it's still cool. Anyways, the episode didn't entertain me much, but Brock's Lotad evolving was a nice surprise. And of course Brock flirts again, which I like. 5/10, it just didn't entertain me.


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"Take The Lombre Home!"

Geez, Lotad's evolution was unexpected and weird, I mean seriously......how in the world Lotad evolved into Lombre after falling in the empty well ? Was that all Loted needed to evolve! That's odd.

The old woman's beleif was odd too, it's weird how she thought that Solrock is reason why there's water shortage in the village. The old woman's grandaughter Mary was kinda cute, it was nice to see her having a different opinion about Solrock. Brock falling in love with Mary was no surprise, I liked Mary's facial expressions when Brock grabed her hands and started hitting on her. xD

The rest of the episode was rather boring, it really bored me when Lombre and the other Pokémon dancing around for bringing rain. It's ironic how Mary also seemed frustated to see all the dancing Pokémon. She even told the villagers to investigate what might be stopping the water, but sadly her grandmother didn't let them do it because she thought it'd anger the water lord. Lol, seriously? -_-

It out that Team Rocket is the reason why there's water shortage in the village and then Ash and Co.(along with Solrock)blasts them off. When Solrock turns into a fireball, Mudkip and Lombre uses Water Gun on it to stop it. Soon all the streams being given off by the two makes clouds in the sky and soon it begins rain, solving the villagers water shortage. Later, the villagers praised Lombre(no love for Mudkip?)and made Solrock some kind of "Sacred Guardian" of the lake.

Overall, this was an OK episode, nothing spacial about it. Most of the episode were boring. If Brock's Lotad didn't evolved in this episode, it would be just a boring filler.

Also, the dub title "Take The Lombre Home!" is kinda misleading. When I first watched this episode, I thought the village was Lombre's home and Brock would leave it there......which didn't happen.
Solrock's voice. You know that sound you make when you wiggle your finger across your lips?

I thought the exact same thing! :)

Solrock's voice was, to me, the best part of the episode.
Lotad evolving in to Lombre was sudden. And random.


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That was a good episode. I wonder how Cacnea's Pin Missile didn't do anything against Solrock, if it's weak to bug?

Mrs. Oreo

Aww I always kind of liked Brock's Lotad cuz he was so cute and all, but him evolving into Lombre here ruined that. The village peoples' hats were funny however, and Solrock ended up being likable.


Thank god that Lotad evolved here! Lombre was way better than Lotad because it was bipedal, but the Solrock here was as awkward as I expected.

Mrs. Oreo

Thank god that Lotad evolved here! Lombre was way better than Lotad because it was bipedal, but the Solrock here was as awkward as I expected.

I get that Lombre walking on two legs gave it slightly better mobility than Lotad, but still Lotad had more personality I think and he wasn't as oblivious as Lombre usually was. ^^;
I thought this was a good episode for Lotad/Lombre. It was weird how it evolved though, but at the very least, Lombre was funny in a clumsy way and I liked the Rain Dance part.


For some reason Team Rocket doing something with bottled water brought back deja vu from an old episode for some reason, though I don't remember it so I may be horribly mistaken. The sudden evolution of Lotad was kind of disappointing because I expected something bigger. But Lombre was pretty cool. There's only one thing that cracked me up. I just thought Solrock's cry was hysterical. I don't know why. :)