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Take This House And Shuppet (357)



YTV aired this episode today at noon...
It's not one of my favourite episodes, but it's okay, I guess...
I like how May took Max's place and pulled Brock's ear...lol
The fight between May and Max are okay...It could be better though...
Overall, I give a rating 6/10 for the episode...^^

Kakashi-Sharingan Warrior

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Sky one aired this ep today

how come at the beginning they had weird hair and they mentioned team rocket with some sort of device and how it made their hair go like that but it never shown anything of that sort or even mentioned it

It was an OK ep though



Old school
I thought this episode was grand. I'm not the greatest fan of the whole Max/May bit, but this episode was grand. I liked the way the Advanced Generation had to rip off yet another idea from Kanto with the whole ghost Pokémon and it's playground. :D

I see the Trainer's Choice matter has been discussed...

Alfonso said:
Type doesn't matter if you're as strong as hell compared to the enemy.
The true secret of Pokémon battles.
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Champion Jared 14

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Nice episode. I really liked the part when May's Torchic was taking down both of TR's pokemon all by itself with no help.


I have just watched the episode. It is okay. I think "the lonely ghost who is bored" part is too similar to the "tower of terror" episode. The playing room is very similar to the one in the "tower of terror" episode too. I am surprised when ? saw May's GREEN eyes, how they do such a big mistake? I like the relation between Max and May , it is original. Over all I give this episode 7/10. Very good for a filler.

Ash's Pika Pal

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It was a fine episode. It was nice Max got more spotlight and the Shuppet was cute. It was also nice how Max was worried about Torchic for May's sake.


Coming Ta Town
It's a Tower of Terror showcasing Shuppet. Excitement.
I thought the Shumpet was pretty cute. And I loved watching the sibling rivalry between Max and May. I was hoping Max could keep the Shumpet, but that never happened


hm seeing this episode it reminded me of the tower of terror as well, it was a good episode nontheless.


Shuppet and Max were cute together in this episode. Sigh...another Pokemon that he should've captured as his first Pokemon, gone to nothing. So much wasted potential. Despite the fact that Max befriended another lonely Pokemon, there wasn't too much else going for this episode. I feel like it was created just to give Max some more screentime since the anime was focusing a lot on Ash and May at the time. 4/10.
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Shuppet and Max were good friends, how bad he didn't take it with him...
And i loved how they did a trick on Ash, Brock and May


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This episode was cute.

I liked Shuppet's playfulness and it's chemistry with Max was really good.

It would have been nice if it became Max's pokemon.