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Take This House And Shuppet (357)


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This episode was ok... It was cool to see a Shuppet for the 1st time. I'm really glad Max was able to hang out and became friends with it. It was interesting to see May and Max fighting, but then made up as the episode went on. It was odd to see Emily just come out of nowhere and claim to be Shuppet's trainer. It was funny to see May pulling Brock by the ear instead of Max for a change.



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Originally Posted by Shining Espeon
Geez, is Nuzleaf that hard of a Pokemon to rmember? This is the second time they've mixed him up with another Poke in Trainer's Choice. I think I want Who's That Pokemon? back now, and that's sad
Weird. Most of the Advanced episodes I have have Who's That Pokemon near the start of the episode. Some of the episodes before this one even has Burning Battlefield for the credits for some reason and some have various different tracks.
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This was an okay episode. None of it was particularly interesting but I did like how they mis-colored May's eyes in the flashback during the episode. Turning a mansion into a hotel seems like a good plan to me.


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I thought this was a nice filler that served three important purposes of 1. Introducing Shuppet, 2. Giving Torchic his last appearance before he evolved in the next episode and 3. It showed some nice development with May and Max and I both enjoyed how they defended each other as the episode progressed. A really good filler that I unfortunately, also missed back in the day.
Best line of the episode:
(Not sure if I'm getting it right...)

Brock: "I don't know, I think I look pretty stylin!"


Seeing Team Rocket as well as Ash and friends with afros at the start made me cringe. It wasn't funny imho. Seeing Shuppet use its powers on Team Rocket was silly though and liked how Shuppet's toy room looked almost exactly like Gastly, Haunter and Gengar's toy room from Kanto. At least the COTD woman was reunited with Shuppet at the end.
Wish Max would have gotten Shuppet. I thought they were showcasing Conglfusion to get rid of his bad thoughts and Physic for saving Max from falling down the stairs. Shuppet would be a good poke for max to have around. Cool to find out Shuppet is a nice ghost.

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Seeing Ash and everyone else with puffy hair was funny and even tho I liked seeing Shuppet in the haunted mansion setting, I didn't think this episode was scary which disappointed me since I like spooky stuff. ^^;


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The episode slightly felt similar to the one in Kanto.I liked those puffy hair of TR and Ash's friends plus all the stuff happening on the mansion was funny. 8/10

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Hmmm I'm not much of a Shuppet fan, but if Max had been older I think he should've definitely caught the Shuppet since it was one of the few pokemon that he met in AG that I thought suited him. ^^
Good episode. The friendship between Max and the lonely Shuppet was kawaii and my favorite scene was when Ash's friends had puffy hair.
I liked this filler, even if it wasn't the best. With Shuppet involved and the mansion setting, this episode was like Tower of Terror and that early Hoenn Shroomish episode mixed together.


This episode was very unusual. I didn't dislike it or anything, but it left so many questions. Like, how did Emily forget about a Shuppet she'd played with since she was little? What kind of friend is she. And why didn't Meowth just pick the lock with his nail instead of slashing the crap out of it? I liked Max's part in this episode.


Kagebouzu always seemed so plain in the Houen games, so I was pleased that the anime made it seem so much better. I felt bad for it since it must've been lonely in the mansion by itself, and Masato befriending it when he got lost was endearing. I also appreciated Achamo's involvement in the second half of the episode.


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This filler was interesting enough. We saw some sibling rivalry fun and May's Torchic is so adorable here, not to mention that scene where Team Rocket was crying.