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Take This House And Shuppet (357)


Kagebouzu probably should've been captured by Masato in this episode since they had become good friends, and Masato deserved to get his first Pokemon halfway through Houen.


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Max and Shuppet becoming friends seemed like it was leading to Shuppet joining Max on his journey but instead Shuppet stayed behind. I can't help but feel cheated out of 20 minutes.
Wtf is that intro? We get to see the Solar System yay!
Cliche plot "gang gets stuck in rain so they go to a haunted house for shelter" case 1
Shuppet is cute, I thought it was going to be the womans dead brother at first
Why are May's eyes green?
Nuzleaf turns into a plump good Sealeo boy after turning into a Beautifly last time
Overall good Max and Shuppet bonding episode