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Tale of Heroes - Part 1: Reign of Diaz[DISCUSSION]

Discussion in 'RPG Café' started by AJ2000, Apr 15, 2013.

  1. AJ2000

    AJ2000 Well-Known Member


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    The Legend

    Stories say that in ancient times, certain beings were given powers of unimaginable force. A power that allowed them to fight even the mightiest of foes, whether they be man or beast. People who obtained this power, were known as Valkyries. In a sense, a Valkyrie is able to attain a higher state of form that allows them limited flight, enhanced battle skills and/or various other traits, depending on the individual. However, as Valkyries became plentiful, a new type of power had emerged. Unknown, how it came to be, this new type of power was similar in the sense that it gave its users a great deal of battle potential, it was different in the sense of appearance, and purpose. Individuals with this other power were known as Wyverns. In time, these two powers were dubbed as Oversouls. Legend says that the source of these Oversouls originate from Dragons. However, the accuracy of that claim is unknown. They are malicious, vicious, and deadly creatures that avoid the outside world, and live in solitude, rarely seen. Many people do not even go looking for dragons, so the possibility of them being the originating source of the Oversouls is nearly impossible.

    As time went by, conflicts had risen between the two groups such as rights, minorities, and of course, ruling over people without Oversouls. This sparked the famous Dragon War. A 10 year war that had completely wiped out the population of Wyverns and Valkyries, as well as the Dragons. Now, as the world progressed, these stories and legends have become a thing of the past.


    Current Events

    The continent of Aras. Currently in the midst of a civil war between Kale and Grandora, in the country Salos. The newly crowned King of Kale, Kazu, stepped up to the throne after the death of his father. Kazu and his sister, princess Luna both rule Kale. However, Diaz, the King of Grandora, decided that the way those two were ruling were unfit to his liking. Ever since the death of the previous King of Kale, Diaz had changed. He brought in troops and did hostile takeovers on various cities across the country. This eventually led to various rebellion groups, and well as an imbalance in the economy. Many places have become slums, due to the aftermath of battles between Kale and Grandora. Diaz denounced his title of king, and is now known as Emperor. He had reached a new level of power. He was literally invincible.

    A few months later, Diaz created Galvaz Prison. Notorious for torturing prisoners, this prison spells out death for anyone who goes there. Before his death, Kazu’s father originally intended the prison to be a sort of shelter for homeless people. Now, almost anyone who commits crimes can be sent here, whether it be treason or petty crimes. Not many people know what really goes on in Galvaz, due to the fact not many people have come out. Most likely they remain locked up, or shipped out of the country.

    As of now, Diaz controls nearly two-thirds of the country. From the Eastern side, to the Middle West. The only place not in control is the south, part of the north, the West, along with several cities which have been remained neutral. Kale is still under rule by Kazu and his sister Luna, and unlike Diaz, have not done takeovers to expand their kingdom of ruling, but rather have sent troops to places where they think Diaz might try to takeover next, to prevent him from doing so. With that being said, only time will tell how this war will be played out, and how it will end.


    Hey, guys this is the official discussion thread for our RP, A Tale of Heroes: Reign of Diaz. Remember, this is a discussion thread, not a chat thread. Here, you can discuss various plans with other players(if you don't want to keep it private), ideas for side-stories, questions, and anything else related to the RP.

    NPCs/Misc/Major Characters:
    NOTE: You ARE allowed to create your own NPCs if you wish, if they are part of your character’s storyline/backstory.

    Kazu: The current King of Kale, and the son of Grant, the previous King. Despite his king status, he’s really not judgmental. In fact, he’s quite the opposite. He’s gentle, calm, and friendly. Always willing to help those in need. He’s about 24 years old. Around 6 feet tall, his blonde hair, and blue eyes resemble his father’s. Even the facial structure is similar.

    Luna: Kazu’s sister. Also the princess of Kale, and daughter of Grant. Like her brother, she’s always willing to help those in need. She’s kind, sweet, and gentle, and if she had her way, the world would be a much nicer place than it is. Her blonde hair is much softer looking than her brother’s, and her blue eyes stand out more as well. She’s essentially the town sweetheart, as almost all the boys in the town romance her, and the girls envy her. She's 20 years, almost 21.

    Diaz: The ruler of the Grandora Empire. He doesn’t go out much, and lets other do his dirty work. In fact, he stays most of the time isolated in his throne room. Ever since his takeovers, not much him has been seen to the public eye. Many debate that he is dead, and someone else has taken over, but under the same name. This would solve the mystery about his sudden change. As of now, he resides in his castle in Grandora, which nobody is allowed in without permission, or Diaz knowing about it.

    Elements: There are six elements in total. Elements are essentially the type of an individual’s attacks and magic. Everyone has an element. Magic of that element will be stronger. However, some of your other magic of a different element may be weaker and harder to learn. Essentially magic of your element is easier to learn, and magic of resisting element is harder. Here are the elements:

    Fire: Is good against Lightning/ Weak against Water
    Water: Is good against Fire/Weak against Lightning
    Wind: Is good against Earth/ Weak against Earth
    Earth: Is good against Wind/Weak against Wind
    Lightning: Is good against Water/Weak against Fire
    Light: is good against Dark/Weak against Dark
    Dark: Is good against Light/Weak against Light

    What’s an RPG without magic? Magic has many uses rather than just attacking. The amount of magic spells created is nearly limitless. Magic can be learned by either practicing, learned from others, or created by one’s self through extensive research and trail and error. They can range from simple attacks, healing spells, shields, etc. Mana is the energy needed to perform Magic. The amount of Mana depends on the person. Some people naturally have larger reserves of Mana, and others do not. The main way of increasing Mana is through training, frequency of usage, and the most common way is just by waiting, as time naturally lets your body increase reserves of mana.
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  2. AJ2000

    AJ2000 Well-Known Member

    Opening Post - Continued


    Name: Artus Callum

    Age: 19

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Artus is a tall fellow, standing approximately 6’2”, and weighing in at about 200lbs. He is pretty solid in terms of build. He has light brown skin, with medium-short black hair. His eyes are dark brown, almost black if not seen from up close. He wears relatively light armor, for faster movement, and more range of motion with attacks. He wears a black chest plate, with shoulder gauntlets, as well as thin guards on his forearms. His chest plate also covers most of his back. He wears dark blue pants, made of a tough denim-like material. He wears black boots made out of a casual material that would normally be seen on a commoner. He also wears a tan-colored, long sleeve shirt.

    Personality: Artus the type of guy you would want having your back. He’s a loyal friend, and never turns his back away from his peers. Although he can get timid at times, however this usually occurs when he is embarrassed about something. He is also on the more competitive side. He loves friendly competition, and occasionally gambles for money, items, and other minor things. However, his gambling sometimes goes too far. Although he is no an addict, he does have a tendency to gamble whenever he has the chance. He also shows a violent side of himself when he gets mad. Not temper problems exactly, but when it comes to direct fist fighting, he is known to throw some hard punches, and go all out. Almost all the time he would rather fight with his fists than his sword, as he likes the feel of a punch landing a direct hit.

    History: His hometown was invaded by Diaz’s forces, and left to rubble, after one of Diaz’s commanders, known as Commander Ghan, decided to burn down the place, rather than follow Diaz’s orders and just take control. After the chaos, he was Artus was one of many who were captured and put on a wagon to Galvaz Prison. While on the trip to Galvaz, Artus and some others were able to escape, after they were hit by a landslide, that killed most of the soldiers that were escorting the prisoners, as well as most of the prisoners. Artus was one of the few who survived, and since then, plans on heading to Kale, in hopes of finding a new home, seeing as it is one of several places that Diaz does not have control of. He has relatives in a large city known as Verness, however due to personal differences with his family, he tends to not visit them.

    Hometown: Nalan – Located south of Grandora, and one of the first places to be invaded by Diaz and his forces. Although not occupied by them, currently it resides as a sort of refugee camp, with minimal shelter.

    Weapon: A regular sword, made of steel.

    Element: Lightning

    Magic Spells:
    ThunderBolt : Artus shoots a bolt of electricity at his opponent(s).
    Barrier: This particular spell is Light Elemented. Artus creates shield formed out of Mana. The shield does not cover 360 degrees, but rather only one side at a time.
    Electric Blade: Artus fills his sword with Lightning elemented magic energy, increasing damage potential.

    Other: N/A

    Name: Lanzo Maximus Zahne

    Age: 24

    Gender: M

    Appearance: Standing at a “tall” 5’7 ½, Lanzo looks taller than he is simply because of how he carries himself. Head held high and back held straight, his dark brown eyes almost never look to the ground. He keeps his jet-black hair in a unique cut, spikey but irregularly so, – one that he does himself with one of his weapons when it gets too long. His face is devoid of facial hair outside of the obvious eyebrows; unless, of course, you count the giant dark mustache that he keeps well groomed just above his top lip.

    He usually wears light armor, enough to allow him the maximum amount of movement possible while still protecting vital organs from some pain. Over his armor he wears a leather vest, usually kept open. This open vest is the only piece of clothing he wears on his upper body when in “neutral” or non-threatening locations – places where he’s not likely to die, for instance. His pants are the same as his shirt; enough armor to protect while allowing him to make quick, precise movements if necessary.

    He’s in great shape, and takes pride in maintaining that look.

    Personality: The best word to describe Lanzo would be arrogant. The man is arrogant to the point instability, insanity, and even in-hey,thisiskindafunny-ity. His view of himself is rather massive, to the point where he cannot take any criticism. Not in the normal way of getting upset either, he actually thinks that they’re doing it for some obscure reason like trying to get him to fit in better by seeming less amazing. In other words, his subconscious is constantly creating lies to protect his massive ego.

    If you can get past his crippling arrogance and greed (hey, he’s so amazing everything should belong to him, right?) then he’s not such a bad guy. He’s not evil, for instance; he’d never harm children, small animals, or innocent women. He also believes that war is “not always the best idea,” though for the life of him he just can’t seem to really put his heart into peace talks.

    When he isn’t talking about himself he likes listening to stories. Those tales about beautiful places, hopes and dreams, and glorious battles intrigue him the most. This and the rare pensive moments are about the only time he is quiet – it’s been said he even talks about himself in his dreams.

    History: Born to the clan leader of a small village known as Dunfirth, Lanzo had a pretty spoiled life. His father was a good, well-respected, but powerfully intimidating leader so the people all made sure to treat him with respect and shower him with praise that he really didn’t earn. Not that he realized that: growing up hearing all the constant glory made him think that he really deserved it all. He grew to love it, and constantly put himself in positions that he would hear more, whether that be in going hunting with the clan’s best hunters (where they protected him and let him have the last blow) or lending a hand in cooking the night’s feast (he’s actually pretty darn good at this).

    Still, he decided that the life of a clan leader wasn’t his true calling, and so set off into the real world. It couldn’t be, of course, the world needed to witness his amazing self. Plus, he must have some grand true calling, or else why would fate make him so great? And so his people bid him a sad adieu (they actually really liked the brat).

    For about a year he was having the time of his life. Going from place to place to see the various wonders the natural earth had to offer, going from bar to bar listening to stories of wonder that led him to even greater sights, going from road to road beating up thugs preying on merchants – for some coin, of course. All in all, you’d be surprised just how easy it was to get by with the confidence that there was just no way he could fail.

    Then he went to visit a wizened old hermit he heard tales about and found his first taste of true defeat. Defeat wouldn’t really be the best word to describe it either; Lanzo got his booty handed to him on a silver platter.

    For about a month he wallowed around in self-pity, thinking that perhaps he wasn’t the end-all be-all. His savior came in the form of a knife thrown haphazardly in the middle of a fight – a knife that was heading straight for a kid. With incredible reaction time the dark-haired young man grabbed the knife. The resultant praise from the mother and those watching was enough to rise up an old feeling, and he realized what had happened: fate had intervened to pick him back up and put him back on the right path. What was he doing before, trying to fight with a sword, when his true calling was with throwing weapons? Besides, if he couldn’t beat someone now it just meant he had to wait for his (supposedly) massive, unending potential to catch up.

    Lanzo Maximus Zahne is the most important person in this world; the people just didn’t know it yet. But they would, they would.

    Hometown: Dunfirth


    Leah the meteor hammer: Leah, a meteor hammer, is basically two weights connected by a chain. A very quick, easy to conceal, and hard to master weapon, Leah is deadly in the right hands. “She” can be used to keep opponents at a distance while performing a variety of attacks.

    Element: Water

    Magic Tricks[SUP]Spells[/SUP]:

    Clean Up Time!: Uses water to clean his wounds / speed up the healing process. This spell is great at keeping away those pesky, life threatening infections.

    Splash!: Warm water, splashed usually right in his opponents face. Good at getting away from those sticky melee situations. Sometimes cold water, when his opponent is being extra frisky.

    Breathe baby, breathe!: He can create a bubble of oxygen around his and up to one other person’s head. Extra mana can be spent to create a snorkel of sorts to replenish the oxygen.

    Other: The people of Dunfirth look down upon magic, so when he found out he could also use magic he took to believing / calling them “tricks.”

    Name: Keres Adrastea
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Keres is an average tall young man with a fair physical apperance. He's quite slender, and is not the strongest guy around, despite his looks. His eyes are red, and pretty much emotionless, and he rarely smile, or show any kind of emotion at all. His hair is a regular blonde color, and he would look pretty average if not for his eyes and emotionlessness. His hair is at a medium length, just above his shoulders, and he doesn't mind keeping it classy, as it pretty much does so itself. He's blessed with that kind of hair that always look good without much effort.

    For clothing, he usually covers himself in a dark, black cape, having the hood covering his face, making him look pretty mysterious and ominous. under the hood, he wear a frilled white shirt, with a black vest over it, with his tribe's sigil, the full moon, on its back. (As he have no memory of the tribe, it's only a moon to him). He wears decorative greaves, among with matching gauntlets, decorated with the phases of the moon. (His claw-hand appear on the right gauntlet). He wears no body armor or faulds. He also wear a full moon-shaped pendant he feels attached to. He does not know why, but he hopes it might uncover the secrets of his past one day.

    Personality: Keres is a rather cold, indifferent young man. His demeanor is both dark and ominous and he doesn't seem to care about anything or anyone that he does not think worty. It's just simpler that way. He have a pretty grim outlook on life, and he's facinated by the concept of death. He is quiet, and prefer being alone, even though he can function in a group. He's a free spirit, and does not take orders from anyone, and act based on how he think is the right way to go. He doesn't like fighting, even though he's skilled at it, but he enjoy casting curses and practice dark magic.

    He has no memory of his childhood or early life, and his main goal in his life is to discover why his memory is wiped clean, and what it is he have forgotten. He enjoy inflicting woe and misery unto others, and he fights with a cheerfull glee towards hurting others. He simply don't care about them.

    History: Keres was born into a tribe of magicians, worshipping the dark arts of necromancy. he was a cheerfull kid with lots of energy, and he loved playing with the tribe's other kids. The tribe was pretty small, and contained of 26 people, including Keres' father, the patriarch. Keres' father was a powerfull necromancer, and a formidable psychic. He was able to foresee detailed glimpses of the future, and Keres inherited the psychic-ability, thus making him the sucessor of his father as the tribes patriarch. His mother died of illness when he was younger, as the tribe did not have acess to medical care, as they were being feared by the world. the were rumored for being satanic worshippers, which was not entirely untrue.

    Keres learnt some basic necromancy by his father, who also helped him utilizing his psychic abilities. His father had a Crystal Orb which he would always peer into with Keres, in order to teach him about dark arts. Keres is a fast learner, and quickly learnt two spells that his father made sure he could master. Keres never understood his father ways of doing things, but he did not care. He loved his father and would do basically anything for him, as he was preparing for being patriarch. He was a good fighter, easily the strongest one in the tribe, and he had been trained to be an excellent assassin, making use of his stamina and stealth.

    However, the emperor Diaz learnt about the tribe, and he quickly saw that they were exactly the thing he needed for his newest creation: A spell to summon death upon those who goes to the Galvaz prison, which he had created. for the spell to work, he needed a tremendous amount of dark magic, which could only be harvested from a tribe of necromancers. The tribe, who rarely got taken by suprise, was suddenly attacked by the emperors soliders. they put up a good fight, but it was not enough. Keres, now a late teenager, managed to earn them some time. During that time, his father took him aside. "Son, I will not let you die here today!" he said. he was wounded, and did not have much time left. Keres was speechless, and knew he just had to listen for his father to give him a command. "I will grant you a secound chance!" his father said, to Keres' suprise. Before he could react properly, his father chanted a spell, a spell that would disable both his emotions and his memories. "I am sorry, son. You will avenge us. I know you will. That is why..." He coughed, and knew he had little time left. He used his last breath to chant a teleporting-spell, and Keres vanished.

    Keres initially awoke in the middle of a graveyard, located deep within a forest. He could remember nothing about himself, all he had was a mysterious Crystal orb by his side. He knew nothing of its origin, nor his own. All he felt, was a deep anger and hatred towards someone. He could not remember who, or why. But he only had the name Diaz in his head.

    Hometown: A small tribe of dark magicians called the "Arcanum Azrael" They are nomads, and don't stay very long at one place

    Weapon: Keres fight mainly in close combats, and take advantage of his speed and flexibility, hitting oponents fast, and can easily dodge most blows. He's not very strong though, and don't deal fatal damage as easily as others. He fight using elongated, claw-like armor rings on four fingers of his right hand, and can use his left hand to cast spells. Nothing much, but he is a fast learner, and can force upon some unfair forces during a battle.
    He also fight using his crystall orb, which can be used in an active or passive way. He can place his orb anywhere around his oponents, and call it back, hitting the oponent from behind as a suprise-attack in the process. The orb is also important for his spell, Reaper's Call.

    Element: Dark

    Magic Spells:
    - Reaper's Call: A usefull spell he can summon during a battle. It basically drains his oponents energy, adding it to his own. This is very useful in battle, as it draing oponents over time, and he can make oponents tired without tiering himself, making him able to strike them down with ease. The energy gets sapped through his Crystal orb, but he can do it without it, even though it is less effective that way
    - Omega Therion: Summons a revenant, usually a dead corpse nearby, by filling it with dark energy, in order to do his bidding. If there are no corpses, he can summon a shadow from "The other side". These revenants are very strong, and can only be defeated by the use of Light magic.
    - Hellfire: Blasts a powerful ball of Fire-energy engulfed by the fires of hell.

    Other: He's a psychic, and is able to see glimpses of the future. He can see the future better through his crystall orb.

    Name: Colenar Ellidyn

    Age: 21

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Coelnar's face is quite chiselled and rugged, mildly handsome. His hair is dark, medium length, and he has a little stubble covering his chin. His skin is slightly pale, a stark contrast to his hair, and his eyes are a dark brown, almost black. He is slightly shorter than average, but stocky, meaning he can hold his own in a test of strength. One of his most striking features are the silver tattoos that run down his arms- The left, a runic design, of intertwined lines forming a spiral over his bicep; The right, the symbol of his people, a silver owl with flecks of gold in the wings , swooping down on its prey.
    He wears a light, short sleeved tunic in a subdued red, underneath a similarly short sleeved coat of chainmail, though if he is in a situation where he feels there is no danger, he won't wear the mail. Over his shoulders, he wears a grey cape, held in place by a brooch, again in the shape of his people's symbol. He wears beige cloth trousers, and plain black leather boots. If he is heading into a certain battle, he will wear a plain iron helm, with a bronze trim. Around his waist, he has a leather belt, with a plain iron buckle, on which hangs a war horn. He has a large, double edged axe strapped to his back, and around his neck is a stone pendant with a runic design, which hangs on a leather cord.

    Personality: Coelnar is a peacemaker; Level headed and calm, with a good head on his shoulders. He will often try to negotiate his way out of a situation, or calm a fight between others. Of course, butting into fights can inevitably put him in harms way, and he sometimes ends up being the focus of others' anger. He is firmly set in his beliefs, however, and would rather fight someone than negotiate if he finds what they are doing to be evil, or causing harm to others. He is also extremely compassionate, and finds it easier than most to feel empathy for his foes; Sometimes even sympathizing with them to a certain degree.
    According to the tradition of his people, he doesn't believe in any gods, but rather in nature, and the elements, as the governing forces of the world. His beliefs mean that he refuses to waste anything after hunting or fishing; Indeed, his own cloak was made from the pelt of a deer that his father hunted, and his war horn from the bone of a bear that he'd fought himself. His refusal to leave any waste can cause delays, and be a source of irritation for others.

    History: Coelnar spent the first seventeen years of his life in the mountain village of Sylvain, home of the Polrin, a mountain tribe devoted to compassion and the ways of nature, and into which Coelnar himself was born. He was the grandson of their leader, and was given expert tuition in their ways, learning to hunt and farm, though his greatest talent by far was in the spoken word. He wasn't taught to fight, as the Polrin were a peaceful people, who avoided violence at all costs. He was one of the brightest stars of the tribe, and many expected him to be their leader someday. It wasn't meant to be, however.
    Coelnar and his father were out hunting when they saw the smoke. A raiding party from Grandora had been sent into the mountains, razing or slaughtering any of the villages that were unsympathetic to their cause. Of course, Coelnar knew nothing of this, and he and his father headed back to the village as quickly as they could. But not quick enough to warn their people, as by the time they reached Sylvain, there were almost none left alive. The only movement was of the soldiers, looting all they could lay their hands on, and throwing any survivors into a cart, to be sent to Galvaz, almost certainly for the rest of their lives. Coelnar managed, somehow to stay calm, until he saw the figure of his mother being thrown into the cart. For the first time in his life, Coelnar lost it, drawing his hunting axe from his belt with a roar of pure rage. He only had time to see the shocked expression of the soldier holding his mother before the axe slit his throat. But his attack was doomed from the start, and he found himself surrounded by soldiers. He knew that a slow, painful death awaited him if he was captured after killing one of them. But his father saved him, fighting with the strength of five men, and giving Coelnar an opportunity to flee. But as Coelnar reached the ridge, he heard a triumphant yell. The commander of the raiders had his father in a lock. There was nothing Coelnar could do, and he watched helplessly as they cut his father's throat.
    Coelnar fled, and kept fleeing. The nightmare scene played through his mind again and again, taunting him. He kept wondering if there was something, anything, that he could have done to stop it. Sometimes, he wondered if life was worth living anymore. But he knew he had to live. He had to find some way to avenge his people. He would find out who those men were. And he would hunt them down, one by one. With that thought in his head, he headed off of the mountain, to wander in hope of vengeance.

    Hometown: Sylvain, once home of the Polrin, now a Grandoran mountain village, run by the people who killed Coelnar's tribe.

    Weapon: A double edged axe, with a hilt made of dark oak wood, and a blade made of iron. He wields it with both hands, and it is slightly over a meter in length. He also has a warhorn made of bone, with bronze bands along the rim and the mouth.

    Element: Light

    Magic Spells: Sunbeam: A thin, incredibly concentrated beam of light, fired from either palm, that can burn a hole in just about anything. The beam can be widened, but the wider it is, the less powerful it becomes. Once the spell is completely mastered, he'll be able to vary the size without affecting the power.
    Divinity: A spell that can heal most illnesses and minor injuries within ten minutes. Requires a lot of concentration, so can't really be used in battle. This takes a lot out of Coelnar.
    Inflammable: Allows him to walk through fire or endure extreme heat without being burned. This is slightly helped by his affinity to light, but he can't keep it up for long, so tries to avoid situations where he has to use it.

    Other: As a member of the Polrin, he has an affinity with animals, and skills in hunting, cooking, and mending clothes.

    Name: Natalia Denar

    Age: 19

    Gender: Female

    Appearance: Natalia is 1,75 meters tall and has a slim figure. Her hair is straight and very long, reaching to the middle of her back. She dyes her hair dark blue and ties it into a ponytail with a thin white ribbon. The skin on her face is slightly tanned and without major imperfections, apart from a scar under her right eye. The eyes themselves are small and dark green.

    Natalia’s armour only consists of a steel cuirass and bracers. Below the waist she is protected by nothing more substantial than white leggings and black leather knee-high boots with three decorative white straps with gold buckles. Over the armour, Natalia wears a black long-sleeved tunic reaching just above her knees and a white belt with a silver buckle. On the left shoulder, the tunic is decorated with a golden floral pattern. She also wears a magical silver necklace with sapphires passed down in her family, which improves her mana regeneration rate.

    Personality: Natalia was brought up in an incredibly rich family, which shows in her personality. She is spoilt to the extreme and used to having every wish fulfilled. She believes she is more important than anyone else and is thus arrogant, bossy and sarcastic. She lacks patience and is easily irritated even by minor things. When that happens, she is more than willing to let everyone know of her suffering. She is very confident, but gives up easily as she has always relied on others to do what she doesn’t fancy.

    History: Natalia was born into Denar family – one of the oldest and richest families on the continent. It has been centuries since any of them actually had to work; they make their money by owning a number of mines and vast tracts of farming land. As such, Natalia was raised in luxury where her servants complied with each one of her whims. She spent her days on the estate, either in her rooms or in the garden bossing others around. Her parents didn’t spend much time with her, she was only the third child and a girl to boot so she wasn’t going to inherit anything – instead they focused their attention on her elder brothers. The only time she saw what was going on in the real world was when she was travelling to one of Denar’s other residences for holidays.

    In puberty, she often had violent outbursts which ended with her destroying a piece of furniture or damaging a wall. As an attempt to keep those outbursts under control, she was assigned a swordplay teacher, so she would let her anger out during practice instead.

    When Diaz’s forces invaded they also conquered Rose Manor - Natalia’s favourite summer residence, where she also planned to have her 20th birthday party. Months after invasion with Kale’s army still showing no capability of winning it back, Natalia has had enough. She pleaded, but her parents showed no interest in paying for mercenaries to retake their possession. She decided to take action into her own hands – nobody else seemed competent to free her favourite mansion so she would have to do it on her own.

    Hometown: Wolf Ears Manor – not really a town, huge estate south of Kale owned by her family for generations. Initially it was guarded by a pack of domesticated wolfs, who could hear any intruder coming, hence the name.

    Weapon: Natalia wields two wakizashi-style swords (basically a shorter version of katana) with 50 centimeter blades. They are a matching set: one has a black handle and a white blade, the other has a white handle and a black blade. The sheaths match the colour of their respective handle and are decorated with gold and silver patterns.

    Element: Wind

    Magic Spells:

    Whirlwind Cloak: Natalia is surrounded by a whirlwind which deflects any attack. It also amplifies all physical attacks Natalia makes while this spell is active.

    Wind Spiral: Natalia creates a powerful "beam" of wind that knocks the target to the ground.

    Blinding Flash (Light): Does exactly what it says on the tin. Natalia releases a strong light blinding everyone looking at it for a few seconds.

    Other: N/A

    Name: Asher Ikakois

    Age: Looks 24, but has “lived” for 38 years.

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Being created from dirt, Asher is mostly brown. His entirety is not the same shade of brown, for his creator was more creative than that. His skin is the color of common mud, but it is rather smooth. As they are made of the same substitute for the same material, both his nails and hair are the deep, dark brown of humus. His hair is down to his waist and rather roughly-cut, for his creator had splashed the dark brown dirt all over and it would have been a pain to clean up, so the creator let it stay. The original material for his eyes was silver, so that is reflected in their gray color. He is tall, an inch taller than the standard height, and slender. His creator was aiming for bulky and strong, Asher did end up strong, but he was not a sculptor; thus, Asher was very lucky to end up mostly symmetrical. Because the creator made mistakes while building his body, Asher cannot speak. His body has the distressing habit of dissolving in water.

    As his abilities mostly rely on contact with the ground, Asher does not wear shoes. The clothes that he does wear consist of a well-worn shirt a shade of brown that blends in with his skin, with sleeves that go to his elbow; black denim bottoms that go to his knees; a creamy-coffee colored belt; and a brown leather pouch with multiple pockets that has a strap that he slings across one of his shoulders.

    Where humans would have a heart, Asher has a core. This mostly functions as his heart and reservoir of mana, even going to the point of pumping blood, and once this is destroyed, so is Asher. Taking the core out of his body destroys the container for it (his body crumbles), but not the data in it. He stores memories and his personality in it, but thinks with his brain. In the case that his brain is destroyed, this can function as his brain, but it rapidly drains his mana. If the core runs out of mana, it needs to be activated again by an outside source of mana and can go on functioning as before without many problems. It looks like a metal ball with purple lettering circling around it; when non-active, a dull gray metal ball with engraved letters. If this is seized and removed from its container, then it can be reprogrammed to obey its new “master”, but only if one knows the spells and is prepared to create a new body. As the body is only an “instance” required for the core to communicate and move, it does not age.

    Personality: For a being programmed to hate killing and follow the law absolutely, Asher has a surprising amount of non-programmed personality. This is because his creator created his “core” with the capabilities to learn both physically and emotionally. He will never kill, and obeys the law to the point of stupidity, yet that does not mean that he cannot exhibit maliciousness. He rarely forms any hatred towards anyone, but if one does manage to irritate the unflappable, then they best be prepared for...nothing. Asher would never hurt anyone unless it is to protect his current owner/master, in self-defense, or defense of those innocent; that has also been programmed into his personality. A burning hatred for Diaz has been engraved upon his core. As his creator wanted something of a lab assistant, he gave much knowledge of magic and history to Asher, as well as his curiosity and love of learning. He does take things a bit more literally than people would sometimes like, but he generally can interpret what people mean.

    Asher’s own personality is something that can look upon the past objectively and without prejudice. He does not hate easily and can forgive most things; however, if one breaks the law, then he will do his best to deliver justice. He is slightly shy as people look upon him as if he was a monster. He knows that he is not human and does not blame his master for creating him, but he understands that people might fear him, so he keeps his distance from strangers and does not reveal his state easily. If he grows comfortable enough around someone, then that someone will discover that he likes to “talk” a lot. It is very difficult to get him to open up as he has been discriminated against for being a construct and not a natural being. If his secret is suddenly discovered, then he will probably run away.

    Asher cannot understand why some people would purposefully set out to harm one another for money or items if one can earn them honestly. He is, in some ways, unable to understand why people would intentionally earn the ire of others for their own enjoyment. He loathes fighting and will only engage in it if there is no other way and if the option is available, then he will even flee.

    History: Asher was created as a genius magician’s work of magic that was required to graduate the magicians’ university. To create a construct that could learn on its own was something that, it was thought, could not be achieved. After years of work and research, then magician began work on the container for the core. Since he was rather poor, he had to make do with mud, but he did search through old magical ingredient stores for cheap silver. Once the body was built the magician cast the spell and…Asher was created.

    Asher was “born” with enough memories and information to be able to clothe and feed himself, and how to understand language, but, otherwise, he was completely clueless. The magician, having never raised a child before had to quickly read up on how to raise something that was rather stronger than a human and inclined to take things apart to discover their functions. What made this even tougher was that Asher could not speak. For the first year or so, the construct ran around the campus and made a fool of himself. The administrators, getting tired of patching things up, ordered the magician to overturn Asher to them, or make him learn how to behave correctly. The magician stepped up his efforts to educate Asher, and they succeeded. The administration was rightfully impressed and apologized to the magician, but not Asher--who was entirely not at fault.

    The next years were peaceful for Asher as he learned more about humans through his master’s interactions with them. He helped his master with magic and picked up enough to form words through magic. As his master grew older and Asher did not age, the construct began to realize that he would be left alone after his creator died. Unfortunately, when his creator was growing old, Diaz invaded. In the time that he afforded the town to decide whether to cooperate with him or not, Asher’s creator taught him a new spell. He also added new “code” to the construct’s core in order to make Asher unconditionally detest Emperor Diaz and his followers. The magician finally sent him away for fear that the army and the mages of Diaz would experiment on him. Asher was told to run until he came into Kale – he obeyed and never saw, or heard of, his creator afterwards.

    Hometown: Aime

    Weapon: See: Spells. Asher normally carries around a dagger or two in the case that he cannot get his hands on another source of metal.

    Element: Earth

    Magic Spells:

    Restoration: Asher can drain the earth to rebuild his body. This takes a rather long time, and is only practical for battle if he does not have to move around. If he is not in contact with the any metal or dirt, then he cannot use this. Non-dirt or metal floors put a damper on this: contact with the dirt with his “skin” is a must for this skill. If he is touching the ground while unconscious, this repair process does occur, but only to very superficial wounds and his hair and nails (his creator was rather vain). He can use this skill to use dirt as a substitute for food.

    Weapon Formation: Forms a single weapon out of any material that one would find in the ground and is available to the user. Asher can use metal objects for this, but the source has to be at hand. He can also form words with this, which enables him to speak. He carries a lump of metal around for the sole purpose of talking.

    Dark Sight (Dark): Surprisingly, this does not allow him to see in the dark. This allows Asher the ability to blend in with the shadows and be unable to be touched or seen. While he is under the effects of this spell, he cannot use any other spell or touch people. If he steps into the sunlight, the spell is immediately dispelled. This has a cooldown time of two hours that starts as soon as the spell is dispelled, but the effect can last for as long as he wants otherwise.


    Name: (Captain) Ethan Daggett

    Age: 26

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Ethan has dark blonde hair, just above his shoulders. He often has a well-trimmed goatee. Ethan’s skin is well tanned from his time on the sea, but his skin is naturally white. He stands at six foot two and is well toned and muscular, though slim. Many would consider Ethan an attractive man. Ethan will typically wear a long, brown, leather coat that reaches his knees; this coat is lined with solid gold buttons, although it is rarely buttoned up unless it is cold. Under his coat he wears a white buttoned tunic. There are four pockets on his coat, containing supplies such as ammo, money and bandages. Over his coat Ethan will wear a brown leather belt with a golden buckle, holding the sheath of his cutlass and the holster of his gun. On the inside of Ethan’s coat is a small, easily concealed dagger, Ethan has trained himself to quickly grab this dagger in case of emergency. Upon Ethan’s head there will often be a black tricorne hat. On Ethan’s lower half is a pair of simple brown breeches, tucked into black leather boots, just below the knee. There is also a dagger concealed inside these boots.

    Personality: Outside of combat Ethan can be sly, cunning, and charming. He has a special way with words and can often sway others to his side, and if that doesn’t work, he can always bring violence and threats into it. Ethan can be flirtatious, and has been with many women in his day. Not everybody finds Ethan to their liking; he can be a trouble maker. Although he is certainly bad, being a pirate, Ethan is not evil, he doesn’t kill innocents, but he might scare them, however.

    Ethan likes to spend his time in taverns and bars. Drinking, playing cards, the occasional bar fight, and picking up women, of course.

    Ethan is a skilled fighter, but can often get cocky and get ahead of himself. He takes advantage of his lack of armour on the battlefield and likes to stay manoeuvrable, he can be stealthy when need-be, but his flintlock would be no use to him while trying to stay hidden, of course.

    History: Ethan was born the slums of the seaside town Port Dernsway, a town that had previously been known for fishing, but in recent years had become over run with crime and chaos. He was born and raised in poverty; thievery and deceit were the only way he knew how to get by. His father was abusive to both him and his mother, and at the age of fifteen, after Ethan's father killed Ethan's mother in a drunken rage, Ethan had had enough. Ethan ran away from his home and hid as a stowaway on the Myrydian, a pirate ship docked in the port for the night. He was soon discovered upon the ship, and in order to be allowed to leave at the next docking, and not be killed on the spot; he had to be put to work. It was menial work, but work nonetheless, and if it meant both getting away from Port Dernsway and staying alive, he would have to do it. Ethan worked incredibly hard, hard enough to be allowed to stay, he accepted. The rest of the crew was sceptical, but the captain saw potential in Ethan.

    Ethan slowly rose through the ranks, from slave, to swabbie, to sword sharpener, he exceeded at each of his jobs. By the young age of sixteen Ethan had started taking part in the raids and treasure hunts. At just twenty five, Ethan had been promoted to first mate. Not long after being promoted, the captain was killed, and so Ethan took his place. Of course, this frustrated the other crew members, crew members that had been around a lot longer than Ethan. A mutiny took place, those few crew members loyal to Ethan fought for him, in the end of the fight, only Ethan and three crew members loyal to him remained.

    Over the next year, many raids and pillages took place; the crew grew in size and began nearing its former glory. The crew was trusted by Ethan, and the crew trusted Ethan. One night, one of Diaz’s frigates invaded the Myrydian, murdering many in their sleep. By the time the crew had woken up, they were too thin in numbers to fight on. The Myrydian’s entire stash was looted. After much bloodshed, Ethan was the only remaining member of the Myrydian, he dived under water and remained there until Diaz’s men had departed, Diaz’s men presumed it it to be suicide, unaware of Ethan's magic. Ethan propelled himself back onto the ship’s deck with a strong gust of wind.

    Among the many treasures that Diaz’s men looted, was the legendary ‘Oceon’s Blade.’ A powerful sword combined with a pistol and imbued with frost to be a deadly weapon, this sword could be either be used as a weapon on the battlefield, or sold for great amounts of money. Ethan still seeks this weapon to this day. It is mostly likely in the possession of one of Diaz’s high ranking men.

    (The hilt of Oceon’s Blade would be shaped a bit like this, though more ornate. I can go into more detail at the time, if Ethan does get it back.)

    Hometown: Born in Port Dernsway, though Myrydian could count as hometown

    -A Cutlass passed down to him from the previous captain, the cutlass is made from a dark blue-grey metal and needs sharpened far less often than most swords.
    -A triple barrelled flintlock pistol made of light coloured wood, steel and gold accents. Unlike other flintlocks, this can fire up to three times before requiring a reload.
    -Steel Daggers previously mentioned, hidden in boot and jacket

    Element: Wind

    Magic Spells:

    Propel - Ethan can propel objects at a high speed with a strong, focused burst gust of wind; this can include the sails of the Myrydian or other boats, though a gust strong enough to push the Myrydian would drain a lot of Ethan’s mana.
    Power Shot - Ethan can add some extra power to his flintlock by propelling the bullet forwards with a strong, focused burst of wind, this can make it cause serious damage and bullets can even pass through multiple enemies.
    Water Breath - This allows Ethan to breath underwater for as long as his mana will allow it

    Other: Ethan has the Myrydian ready for use; it is currently hidden in a cove near Port Dernsway.

    You mentioned that the characters should be inexperienced with fighting, this didn’t really make sense with Ethan’s backstory so to make up for it, his spells aren’t very powerful and he will have a lower mana reserves compared to the others (Too start with, at least). Hopefully this is okay.

    Name: Fabian Alabond
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male

    Fabian is a tall, broad shouldered, young man with a thin build and light brown skin. He is not very muscular, but he is not frail either. His long legs make up most of his height. He compensates for his lack of physical durability with flexibility and nimbleness. He has a great bone structure, so he has high cheek bones and a well defined jaw line. His ears are slightly pointed. He has a wide mouth and pouty lips. His nose is long and small. Many people view him as being handsome. He has a head of brown, messy hair. His thick, brown eyebrows frame a pair of blue, almond-shaped eyes.

    Fabian wears a sleeveless blue and white tunic that has silver designs along the side. Over the tunic, he wears a black, leather belt with a silver buckle fastened around his waist. He also wears a pair of black and blue cloth pants tucked into a pair of navy boots with silver buckles. The pants have one blue leg and one black leg. As extra protection from the elements, Fabian wears a short, pale blue cape; it is made of satin and stops near his lower back. There is also a shoulder guard that he wears on his right shoulder, as well as a pair of navy gloves. He carries a black bag that he contains his traveling supplies. Fabian wears a silver circlet with a blue gem in its center that keeps his hair out of his face.

    Fabian is a confident young man that is very bold. He is a bit too confident at times. Although he is skilled and intelligent, he brags about his talents. He can often back up his boast which makes him quite insufferable. Fabian seems to have a constant sense of superiority emanating from him that rubs some people the wrong way. He tends to make sarcastic remarks very often and teases others for fun.

    Fabian is also a very honest person and tends to speak his mind. He typically means well, but as he is learning that not many people like to hear the truth. Fabian is an enthusiastic person, and he is always looking for adventure. He enjoys challenges, and his determination is remarkable. Many people assume that Fabian is not very intelligent due to his boisterous nature, but he is actually quite the bookworm. If he would take a moment and think he could come up with some very great strategies.

    Fabian was born in a city in the East called Feyburg. It was a city that many mages occupied. Fabian was born to a pair of researchers, who were top specialists in their respective fields. Fabian was naturally gifted with a large mana supply, and his parents realized this. When he became of age, they enrolled him in a school to allow him to take advantage of his tremendous amount of mana. Obviously, Fabian was able to do very well and advance through the levels fairly quickly.

    Fabian was able to graduate a year early from Feyburg Academy, so he decided to become a researcher for the mage’s guild in Feyburg. He specifically wanted to study magical artifacts and ancient magic. Fabian was interested in these kinds of studies, because it would allow him to travel instead of being locked up in a library all day studying, not that he disliked studying. Fabian set off on his first expedition with a few companions to find a tome of ancient magic.

    Fabian had come back from the expedition to find the city being overrun by Diaz’s troops. He frantically ran through the city to check for any survivors, but he was not able to save anyone. The companions that he went on the expedition were slain as well. Fabian was soon cornered by one of the soldiers, but he was not about to die now. He casts a very powerful fire spell, channeling all of his mana into. A large explosion occurred. He wasn’t sure if the soldier died or not, but he fled from the city, hoping to find a new place to live.

    Fabian eventually set a course for the city of Kale. He was uncertain if this would suffice, but he would stay here to bide his time. Diaz’s men not only killed a majority of his friends and family, but they also looted the Mage’s Guild’s library and artifact vault. Fabian has made it his responsibility to restore Feyburg back to its former glory as the capital of magic.

    Hometown: Feyburg- a city in the East.

    Fabian wields a magical whip. The length of the whip increases to anywhere between three to six feet when activated, otherwise, it is the appropriate length to be tied around his waist. The whip is black, but the color gradually becomes red when in combat.

    Element: Fire

    Magic Spells:
    -Fireball: This spell is a typical fire ball that is generated in the palm of Fabian’s hand. It explodes on impact and burns the target.

    -Stone Blast: The ground momentarily rumbles beneath the target before a flurry of stones erupt from the ground, forcefully propelling the target into the air.

    -Lightning Strike: Lightning strikes the target from above. There is a chance that the enemy will be stunned by this attack.

    Other: N/A
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  3. Nythe

    Nythe Mostly Harmless

    Do you plan any more excitement before we arrive to Kale or will be the path there more or less empty until we get there?
  4. Schade

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    Yay, the discussion thread. I'll post something involving Asher in the morning. Feel free to come up with suggestions
  5. AJ2000

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    Not really, I think we might just do a small 'time-skip' and go right near Kale.

    However, there was this one minor thing that was originally there before we got to Kale. The area between Meryl Forest and Kale, is mostly grasslands with some hills and whatnot, and a small(really small) village. The quest was to help the village defeat a group of bandits. However, only one group would be able to do the quest. I decided to scrap the idea, just because I thought it would just end up killing time, and become one of those quests where the GM just threw in, just for the sake of fighting things.

    That, and the fact that bandits do eventually come up later in the story.

    EDIT: Also, SteelKing, I know Krazy still hasn't posted his SU yet, so if we all get to Kale before you, feel free to get there as well, and Krazy's character will meet up later on.
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  6. Corrosion

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    Perhaps have both of them go to sleep and have a rude awakening from Diaz's soldiers? How many soldiers should there be? Will they take hostages of the fellow patrons of the tavern? I think that the soldiers should try and harass the owner of the tavern for money and supplies. Asher, being the law-obiding person he is, will try to stop them, and Keres will probably be glad that he can hurt people while not getting arrested. Anyways, how was the quality if my RP post?
  7. SteelKing 2012

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    If Krazy gets his SU done soon, I imagine we'll probably meet up on the plains. I'm not planning for too much trouble, seeing as Coelnar's on his own. Maybe just wild animals or something.

    I'm so alone... ;_;
  8. Samantha Sparks

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    Well, I suppose the Cap'n doesn't like mermaids/undines/sirens/leviathans/stuff.
    I suppose they'll meet again in the inn then.
  9. Accelgor X

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    Actually, I left it just as he was about to leave, he hasn't QUITE left yet. so you can catch up with/interrupt him before he leaves. Sorry, I thought I had made it clear enough in the post. It didn't really seem to suit Ethan's personality if he were to wait for Undine to wake up.

    And aren't leviathons sea snakes?
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  10. Samantha Sparks

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    Very well. Once I get home from school I'll halt his actions. I'm on mobile and o the way to school, by the way.
    No, Leviathans are sea serpents. Then again there's practically no difference.
  11. Accelgor X

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    Alright, cool. Since our characters will probably start heading to kale afterwards, are you alright with bunnying eachother slightly? Just enough so that we can actually have the other character continue walking alongside the other. We can still have some conersation on the way, Im guessing they'll have a few questions about eachother, the fin ears and whatnot.
  12. Samantha Sparks

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    I'd prefer minimal bunnying, actually. Although just enough to walk along is fine by me.
  13. Schade

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    interesting, indeed. Your post was good, and i liked how ominous you made Keres sound. If you read my first post, Keres see the future than soliders come in and say "Hey, you in the corner!". as Keres sits in a corner, they could mean him, but they could also mean Asher, though Keres doesn't know that, and starts killing them. Then Asher butts in somehow.

    Also, if Krazy doesn't post, Coelnar could just meet up with someone else?
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  14. AJ2000

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    If Krazy doesn't post, then we'll just have Coelnar meet up with us at the inn. It'll save time, and he'll just meet us all at once. Then if Krazy hasn't posted by then, I guess I'm gonna have to open SUs again.
  15. Schade

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    Oh well, let's hope he shows up.

    Edit: Writing a post now. My God, it is moer difficult than i thought. What is the soliders motives?
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  16. AJ2000

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    Technically speaking, the soldiers are only supposed to do what Diaz ays, but considering the amount of damage most of his forces have caused, most of the soldiers find it easier to just act all chaotic without the permission of Diaz. Although they probably won't do anything more than just bully, rather than try to do some sort of takeover.
  17. Schade

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    I did not specify anything in my latest post about what they were after but.. I think I made them more take-overish rather than bullies
  18. Accelgor X

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    Somebody posted in the sign ups asking if they were still open, so there is still an interest.
  19. Nythe

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    How big is Kale? The question popped into my head a bit late (just after I posted in the RPG thread).

    Natalia considered it big, though she hadn't seen a lot of cities in her life, so that doesn't necessarily mean much. On the other hand, there is only one inn in Kale. It could be just that the others closed for the same reason the city is empty, though. Basically, if anything I wrote interferes a lot with your ideas, tell me and I'll change it.
  20. Schade

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    My character does not know about Kale yet. Any advise on how he's compelled to travel there? His goal is revenge on Diaz but.. He does not know that yet

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