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.../|Tales Of Densin|\...

Chrono Mew

I may ad more to this chapter but for now...
this chapter will be in black for an easier read.

Chapter 1
The River To No-Where

The wind was blowing hard into my whiskers and made the brass blades flow into the strong breeze. Dew clung to the bushes of Densin and made everything soaking, my feet pounded onto the floor of the clearing. I was looking for food; I had been a traveler for my whole life with my parents and grand parents. This was the life I loved and knew, scourging the woods of Densin for food. Looking for roots and berries that is eatable for an otter like me. My dagger staying steady on my belt, the sapphire gleaming on the amber hilt showed the symbol of a traveler. The earring made noises as it was hit with the breeze and sang along with the fish bone rings on my rudder. I looked closely over the clearing for the wanted Draught Root that tasted like a normal desert to a traveler like me. I un-sheathed my dagger to cut off the roots and examine them. The first root I cut open was a complete loss the inside was messy and dirty. Even thought it was a Draught Root I couldn’t clean it off my canteen was almost out and I needed to find a stream as fast as possible. The next root was a nice clean Draught and I stuffed it in the pouch hanging at my waist. “Nice… Vittles.” I mumbled to myself as I stuffed it into the leather pouch.

The third root was milky and splashed up at me, I was stunned. In my whole life, {eighteen years of traveling, wondering if you will.} I had never cut open a root with a liquid center. I licked it to see if it was eatable, I found out it wasn’t. The liquid clung to my whiskers, feeling like dew across a spider-web and whipped it off with my paw. My tongue stuck out trying to get the taste away from my mouth. I dropped the root and smashed it with my back paws. And dropped the knife onto it. A spurt of white liquid shot up and hit my eye, I whipped it off as much as I could. The sting in my eye made my angry and I cut it into small pieces, lashing out my anger at a stupid root. I turned around and made eye contact with a ferret. “Why are you in my territory!” he snarled at me. I laughed and picked up my dagger, jabbing the air I replied, “Cutting open roots for some food and then I’m of, so stop naggin’” I cut off another root and cut that open. The ferret glared and I felt his gaze upon me. “Get out.” He yelled with a blade at my throat. I laughed and asked, “Is that a challenge?” and stepped backwards. The ferret had his turn to laugh, “Why I guess it is!” and ran at me. I rolled off behind a tree and turned around, “Hold you’re blade up higher mate! You might have a chance!” As I said this he turned around, using the blade as offense and defense he tried blocking me but the jab at his neck was to fast for him.

I was standing on top of the dead, bleeding body of the un-named ferret. I stabbed my knife down into his heart and declared, “No beast can stand in a challenge with me, Radder Oaktail!” and walked to find more roots. I walked at the bottom of a hemlock tree and dug my dagger deep into the bark, pulling it out and sticking it back into my belt. I did this every time I killed someone who claimed I was on their territory, it cleaned off my blade.. I didn’t consider myself murderous just a guy trying to get through life and roaming the whole place of Densin. I had to live even if it meant killing others, they were murderous and greedy, a stupid thing to get sleighed over. I roamed the lands never staying in one place long. As I walked I often sang the otter wandering song:

“Oh wander and walk
We play and we talk
To find out new lands
Help each other and give our hands
We lift our weight
And don’t care if we’re late
We walk and walk
And talk and talk
As I bang my tail
In rain or hail
We roam and wander
Forever and to yonder.”

I sang this skinning the fourth root I found in this clearing. And to my surprise it was a Draught Root! I stuffed it into my pouch and felt a tick of rain hit my head. I sighed and walked on, no good catching a cold, better go down for the night but where to?” I started looked around for a cave or a hollowed out tree. The rain fell in big sheets after awhile, and I had still not found a place to stay away from the rain and sleep. I walked and searched in all the places and found nothing. I looked up at the sky rain pouring into my eyes, remembering the lines of the song

“I bang my tail
In rain or hail”

And I went on in the rain and hit my tail against the mud to keep me motivated.

The path way was getting to muddy for my feet, I was slipping in the mud with each and every step. I used my paws to keep my balance yet I still fell, with mud caked over my face I kept on through the narrow path. The fast rain zipped down and got into my eyes, I could barley see through all of this, a minute ago it had been sunny with a nice breeze, now it lashes out at all the creatures out in the stormy night. I heard lightning strike a tree and a big CRACK! I turned around and didn’t see anything wrong and kept on walking, not far from there I realized the tree had fallen in front of me. I put my fury paw onto the trunk and lifted the rest of my body onto it. I jumped up and slid once again as I landed onto the muddy ground, no rain in Densin had ever hit this hard! I was thinking. I covered my eyes and ran on to a ditch in the ground where a big plant had been uprooted. My rings were jingling just like the bells on Santa’s sleigh. I wish it was Christmas, with the cheer and the snow. Not the vermin running loose claming it was their territory. I always stayed at Zengoth’s Castle for he was a hold friend of mine, Zangoth was a weasel and as so messed around and played little tricks on everyone.

Here I am thinking about Christmas at a time like this! I came back to my senses and wanted to look for a good cave. I had still not found a cave to sleep in so I wandered on. My back bounced up and down as I concentrated on finding a place to stay. I couldn’t stay out in the rain pouring down on me for much longer. I ran as fast as I could, pounding my paws on the splashing mud. Every once in awhile wipe of my eyes. My two free hands were at my side swinging back and forth. I boosted my speed as I saw a cave in the rain, it was pitch black and you couldn’t even see your hand in there, but it would probably work, that’s what most caves are anyways. I slid down onto the stone floor of the cave, taking off my back and lying it down by the side of the wall. I quickly took out a pillow and blanket from my pack and scribbled down some notes of my journey into my journal

“I ran looking for some good solid roots to eat; I found some nasty liquid root that splashed onto me, annoying the heck out of me! I didn’t find much until an ugly old ferret came and tried to mess with me! I took care of him by the element of surprise and jabbed him with my dagger. Not much effort to clean of my knife, but still it was one more stupid creature turning his back to the good and going all bad and rotten. I stood above him thinking triumphant thoughts and started cutting open another root. The rain started going soft but really got going after awhile. I needed to find someplace to stay and quick! It took me about a hour to find this cave. Now I’m all soggy! I’ll have a tough time sleeping too cold too wet.”

I stuck my journal into the sack and fell asleep on the cold tile, or at least tried to. I tossed and turned in my ‘bed’ as you would call it, making a puddle of rain water underneath me. I shivered and tried to stay warm all night. Cold air was blowing into the cave. I shut my eyes tight and tried not to think about how I might feel the next morning, grumpy, angry or even sick. I stood up and walked over to my pack, lighting the torch, I wrote another few sentences:

“The air is cold here, I can barley sleep, well no, I can’t sleep at all. Water keeps dripping from my nose and the night air is making it icier and colder every second. I love traveling but not when in a cold rain storm.”

I heaved the pack over by my pillow and put it back into the pack. I wiped my eyes; this was the hardest stuff a wanderer had to go through besides blizzards. Trying to survive. I didn’t have much food but I doubt water will be a problem.


The next morning was still pouring hard and didn’t show any signs of going away. I went back and dug into my sack, looking for my torch I could light and take a look around in this cave. As I pulled it out and lit it, I walked back to my pack and grabbed a root to eat, along with my journal and favorite book. I walked on for awhile, it was a deep cave. Sometimes seeing bats and other nocturnal animals. One paw was on the torch and the other on the hilt of my amber hilt. I kept on walking, my back paws slapping down on the hard rock and dirt. Turning my head every which way, looking at cave pictures and writings. I nibbled on my root a little taking my hand away from my dagger. I was amazed at the cool stuff ancient animals did and had. Very soon I heard one of my favorite sounds in the whole world, running water! Just like the water I ran as fast as I could, sending stones shooting towards the walls and bouncing off everything. My breathing was growing fast and louder every moment, being an otter I LOVED water and everything in and about it. The amazing plants to the colorful fishes were the greatest of great for an otter.

My torch was soon growing dark and making other things seem to grow brighter! I saw tiny lights around where the running water sounds came from. Tiny, moving lights. They seemed to dance in the air as if someone had just come home from a year long trip. The lights looked happy… but was this possible? How was a normal light looking happy? And how come I could tell they were happy from yards away? I shrugged and ran faster; half excitement half mysterious lights drove me to get to the sound. The lights got bigger and brighter and the sound got louder. My rings were jingling and clattering as my legs raced across the stone floor. I was straining to see what kind of water made the noise. Although I was pretty sure it was running water. It might be someone swimming or someone washing their hands. It could be anything! I finally stepped my last step before I was at the edge of it, a river! The lights were little fireflies flying in the air, there must have been millions of them here!

I put my paw down and let the water rush over my paw, cool and refreshing it was! I pulled it up and took a sip out of it with the water I had remaining in my paw. I walked down into the river and felt the water rush around my knee. As I walked deeper it went to my stomach and then to my shoulders. I dived all the way down looking for some fish to catch and eat. The river was pretty deep and there could easily be fish in. I swam down to the bottom {that wasn’t far} and swiped I picked up a clam and a small fish. Keeping my food locked in my paw I jerked up and threw them onto land. I broke open the clam shell and ate it, I don’t really like clams and I don’t know many otters besides wanderers who eat them. Usually otters are treated with scones. I had only had scones once in my life time and didn’t like them that much. Back to the other fish and ate all the meat and spat everything else out. My stomach was full and I wanted to just wade in the water and relax. Before I could though I wanted to write and read a little. I got out and got my journal and Otter Otter I went back in the river to write a little about the amazing stuff here.

“More clams and fish then I have ever seen in one river! I didn’t know what the lights were. I got close and realized they were little fireflies and then dived in. I had a meal here and I plan on taking a little more.”

I put the journal down on my dry stomach and picked up Otter Otter I read a couple of lines in the first song.

Feed The Otter
To the tune of: Amish paradise

As I walk down the valley were I harvest my root
I take a look at my wife and realize she needed to toot
But that’s just perfect for an otter like me
You know mine are loud like a bang of electricity
At 12:30 in the morning I’m scoffing scones
Chewing bread and ice cream cones
I’ve been chewing and chowing so long
Even me’ dad thinks my muscle is gone

I rolled my eyes and threw that book onto the land. It was cheep remake by some crappy song writer. It didn't even work with the tune! It was usually a funny book but some parts are just so... stupid! I turned my attention to my journal and looked at the cover of my journal. A fierce otter with a staff on his shoulder was standing on a rock with waves crashing down everywhere. He looked triumphant at his work to explore. I sighed and closed my eyes. I waded in the water with my eyes closed and slowly drifting, drifting to sleep… and drifting down the river.


I awoke feeling a cool rush down my back, my paws in the air and a soothing feeling all over. I opened my brown eyes to a tunnel with tons of multi colored streaks all over it. It looked cool but was scary at the same time. The water was still rushing all around me; I was riding on my back at least a hundred and fifty miles per hour through this dark and scary cave. The streaks were gone in an instant every time and it showed no sign of slowing down or ending. It was a perfect tube at a nice forty five degree angle it seemed. Just like a crazy rollercoaster except no knowing what was in the water or by the water. I hit my rudder down fast trying to slow myself down. I hacked at the water and thrusted my paws at the walls. I didn’t like how fast it was going, at first part was nice and slow but now I was tumbling through the water, not knowing anything. This river seemed more and more scary to me. I tried clutching onto everything beside me to stop me from continuing I finally couldn’t go on anymore, going against water for a half an hour trying to slow myself or stop my self. I reached to the last seaweed for awhile and pulled it out. I gasped for air but then I couldn’t hold on…. I blanked out right before hearing the horror striking roar of not an animal, but something much more terrifying to an otter that’s out of control. A waterfall!

I may or may not add more to this chapter, we will see.
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Chrono Mew

Editing the post some more. I might make even more to the fliipen' chapter, uggh.
This is my first try at a book and i really want it to work. I hope you guys will enjoy it as much as my fam does and my friends.
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