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Tales of stolen games

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In class, one of my friends wanted Pokemon Sapphire. I was letting him borrow it, as I didn't want to ruin my trio of third generation games. I later found out that his sister stepped on it and broke it on purpose. /:


The Essential One
I remembered in 9th or 10th grade I left my DS with 3 games (one of them was Platinum) in the bleachers inside a bag so I could step in the gym. When I was finished my Platinum and Super Mario 64 DS were missing. I couldn't do anytihng about it. I think then my friend found it and gave it back (I'm sure he had nothing do to with it), but I never got my other game back. But Platinum was what matter until I sold the game a few weeks ago.


Not an official steal, but still a tale of heart wrenching sadness and wintery misery.

T'was Christmas of '07, and my cousins from Ireland stayed over at our house. All was well, until they left and the cartridge to my beloved Diamond Game went missing. I searched high and low, in every nook and every cranny, but lest, no avail. I had to accept the sad reality that my game was gone, and considering the circumstances, I found a scapegoat.

My cousin.

For years I held a grudge against my cousin, who dared to steal away my Empoleon, even when he didn't posses a DS to appreciate my penguin on. Those were painful years of my life, where I'd sit by the window watching as a the rain streamed down the glass, to try and distract myself from the heartbreak and turmoil I was going through...

It was only until the Summer of '09, which was more than a year since I'd seen any trace of my game. Since then, we'd moved house, and chances of finding it were slimmer than a supermodel's waistline. It was only until I was ambling through the new garage, where my attention was drawn to a shelf. Upon this shelf lay numerous generic objects you'd find in a typical garage, plant pots, tool boxes... where upon the shelf, I saw a single cartridge.

Avast! The cartridge that I'd lost had found its way here! I was overjoyed, and I quickly snatched it away to adventure with Empoleon. Yes, my grudge against my cousin was pointless but, he shouldn't have been so suspicious.

Brody McSteveBro

<---Charlie Scene?
I had my Silver stolen once. When I did detective work, I found the guy that stole it and challenged him to a battle, using my Crystal Version. He accepted, battling me with my own Silver Version. We fought on the condition that, if he won, I'd have to give him my Crystal Version too. If I won, I would take back my Silver Version and forget this ever happened.

I had to admit, seeing "PkMn Trainer Sam wants to battle!" looked odd. But, I managed.

It took almost an hour, but I eventually beat him and won my game back.

That is without a doubt the best way to win your game back :D

Well anyway I lost my FireRed at a Hotel. I swear I think the cleaning person took it. I had it in my Gameboy SP and me and my family went for supper. I came back nothing was in my SP. I searched high and low through that whole hotel room. And the evidence I have is that if anyone broke into the hotel room they would've taken something else not just a pokemon game >.< Ever since then I take all my valuables with me when I stay at a hotel.
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