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PokeGyms Creator
Tamagotchi, the oridginal virtural reality pet. Around since 1996

I got into Tamagotchi back in 2008, and been on and off hooked ever since. My first one was a red star desighn V3, and its still in use today! Since then, my collection has grown above 20, with all the newer versions (2004+), aswell as a P2, and Angelgotchi, a Morino, and a Genjitchi. I have been active as a tama-fan online, known mainly as TamaLove754 (TamaTalk and Tama-Zone), or TL0123 (TamaTown).

Does anyone here still like or play Tamagotchis? Use this thread to discuss all things Tamagotchi!


♧ yoo ♧
i still like tamagothci, but my parents say its a waste of time so im not allowed to play it... :(


5th Gen still sucks.
I used to play it, but I got older and Tamagotchi stopped appealing to me. :/


[Something funny]
I think I had one in grade 3 or something but never liked them to much.


DW Breeder
never got into it, but I can respect it... too much like pokemon for me to dislike anyway...

2D Thom

Im a tombsone
Actually, there is a Tamagotchi anime. I stumbled upon it on Youtube. There are, as i can remember, 11 short dubs. Its a television show in Japan.


Well-Known Member
Oh god, I loved those things in Elementary School. :)
I'd still play with them if I had some, but I just stopped getting them for some reason...


Grand Empress
In elementary school all the cool kids had tamagotchis, so of course I got one too! I actually got several. My tamagotchis kept on dying, though. :( I fed them, they just got sick and died.


K-9 Brigade
I had one when I was about 5 or something, remember I was the first kid in town to get one and soon everyone followed :p

I really wasn't any good at it though, they always ended up dying lol.

The second one was the Pikachu Walker thingy, let's just say it's been used till its death haha.

blaze boy

Aka SamuraiDon
I used to play with Tamagotchi until I discover something better... Digimon and it is made by the same people.


evil tofu!!!
I had 2 of the original Tamagotchis and a Tamagotchi Angel back in the day. I freaking loved those things. <3

But then I lost interest and they pooped a bunch, got sick, and died. :( My Tamagotchi Angel turned into little siamese twins... It was so cute.