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wow u play with that


FairyDragon Queen~
I had one when I was younger. Now I don't own any.


I had a couple when I was in third grade, but I haven't seen them since. Are they super high-tech and in color now? Back then they were just black pixels but I can imagine, like the rest of the technological world, they have come a long way since 1997.
I had one of the original Digimon ones.

Too bad its battery ran out of power and the screws of the battery lid are rusty, but I still have it.

I put a pc version of it on my computer (but in color and stuff) but it's been a few months since I used it.


TRC Boss
I remember these I had one when I was like 10 do they still make it? I think i will get another one. These were fun but sad when they die

Jagged Little Pill

the good life
I used to have one like 4 years ago. I remember it was blue. But then I got bored really quickly then I lost it or threw it away. My friend still has one, but I haven't seen it lately.


I was more into Digimon... which is basically the same thing, marketed mainly to boys. God, now I'm in the mood to play with some digital pets.

wow u play with that
These kinds of comments coming from a Pokemon forum make my day.


not bad

No, really. I've never seen anyone touch them. Onlt ime I've ever seen them is in the clearance section of Wal-Mart.


The Awesomnator



I was so obsessed with them when I was 10 and 11, my friends used to give me their Tamagotchi's so I could look after them while they went on the playground.

I was the Tamagotchi Babysitter and the memory will never die.

Tear ;__;


Fighting Type Prof.
I had a shitton of them when they first came out. Those and "nano-pets." I even had a "Talkin' Nano."

I had a normal white-egg Tamagotchi, a Tamagotchi Angel, and the Original Digimon pet. I liked my Digimon pet the best. I always got Guilamon...wanted Agumon.

Shiny Mew2

I remember these... I can still see when I went to toy r us to get the snake v3. then getting 2 v2s off of ebay for the price of 1. And the craze at my school. then getting more v3s. I have a v4, but my mom through it out.

Good times.


Almost there, buddy.
I only had one machine. The creature usually died in my sleep. So I got frustrated and pounded it with the hammer. :D


this is a Nessa x Sonia stan account ✨
I remember the fad... 7 years ago. I had 3.