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Taming of the Shroomish! (285)


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Taming of the Shroomish!

On the Way to the next gym, Ash & Co. discover a Shroomish, and it turns out none have come to the town for Ages. They appear to be hiding in a Mansion since humans are constantly cruel to them. However Team Rocket want to steal them. Will they?

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Argh, I missed this episode. Was it a good filler, or at least a better one than Johto's.


Team Awesome
I think the climax of the episode was a bit overkill, with Team Rocket being stun spored, leech seeded, and shocked. Egads, it was like watching season four. :( The rest of the episode was okay. The one shroomish looked awfully cute with the bandana on its head, and it's interesting how there was only a partial happy ending for the episode (the mansion is toast, but the shroomish will be fine after relocation). Still, as far as odd mansion episodes go, I prefer "Holy Matrimony" and "Take This House and Shuppet".


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Meh it was alright. Could of had a much better plot though
Alright for a mere filer episode, but did Team Rocket get overkill or what


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A nice filler episode the Shroomish are cute. One thing I liked about this episode is we get to see more of May's personality and compare her to Misty. May definitely seems more girlish in wanting to go shopping as soon as the gang got to the city, I think their were only a few times they showed off Misty's girlish side in the Indigo series other than that she was your typical tomboy, also May seems to have more of an adventures spirit than Misty, especially wanting to go checkout a possible haunted mansion, if I remember correctly Misty never wanted to set foot in haunted areas and was always yelling at Ash about it when he did.


Ever since this R/S commercial, I will always view Shroomish as grumpy old men in dirty mochi ball form.

Good to see Brock and May bonding, and Ash more or less babysitting Max. At least Max can go places.

Team Rocket did not deserve that amount of pain.

4/10 Not much else to say here.


the plot could be better but it was still watchable if you ask me, i should watch it again sometime it has been a while since i last saw this one.


Grass Pokemon Expert
I thought this was a great episode. I think Shroomish are just adorable. I thought the Shroomish looked really cute when Max placed the bow on its head. I laughed how May was dragging Brock around town to go shopping and wanting to see the haunted mansion. I just love her personality, as she reminds me of me. I thought it was sweet how Alex decided to create a new area that he and the Shroomish could live in. I thought it was kind of dumb of Meowth to open the windows though. It was because of that they were hit with Stun Spore, Leech Seed, and Thunder.


Let's go to the beach, each.
I honestly felt that this episode was Filler. Despite Shroomish's debut.

I wanted Max to catch Shroomish at least but it didn't happen. I was disappointed.

Team Rocket was great as usual though.



Dragon Tamer
I think the interaction between May and Brock is funny. I like the story of the Shroomish and the Old Mansion. However, I don't like how Team Rocket got overkilled in this episode.
I love Shroomish, and the Shroomish in this episode are really cute.

Overall, this is an alright episode.


Shiny Flygon
The Shroomish guy(Alex)was able to do more with the Shroomish's house. Too bad he didn't want to help them with that, but he was kind by deciding to build a new house...:)
I liked the shroomish :D Now, to catch one in the 4th gen... somehow


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Didn't like this episode that much... It was cool seeing Shroomish for the 1st time. This episode moved a little too slow for me. TR getting Stun Spored, Leech Seeded, and shocked was a bit over the top in this episode. Stun Spore was definitely Shroomish's special attack in this episode.