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Taming of the Shroomish! (285)


I thought this episode was lacking, but one of the funniest moments was when those people were talking to Haruka about the mansion being haunted, and she was all like "cool!". And I liked the part when Satoshi and Masato found the Kinococo. I liked Azuma's story about how he liked playing with the Kinococo, and it was entertaining to see all those Kinocoro swarming that mansion. But it was a little over the top how the Kinococo, Achamo, and Pikachu all used their attacks against the Rocket-dan, especially the Stun Spore attack plus the Leech Seed combo.


Ugh this episode was so boring. -_- Team Rocket being paralyzed and Leech Seeded made me cringe.


Meowth fanatic
One thing I liked about this episode is we got to see more of May's personality, especially her wanting to go checkout a haunted mansion. Shroomish was such a bland Pokemon though...


Even though Kinococo isn't exactly a great Pokemon, I kind of wish that Masato or Takeshi had captured one here as a way of adding to the cast's teams in early Houen.


I call you honey
What a travesty of a filler. People defend Hoenn for getting less filler than Johto had or having better fillers overall but this is an example of how that's not true.
Advance Adventure BGM :)
Shroomish are adorable and Max should catch that one when he's older.
"Taming of the Shroomish" man AG episode titles DO NOT MISS. Best dub episode titles imo