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will give nethin 4it
What is tangrowth based off of? Someone said something about it being an ancient pokemon,thus making it able to use Ancientpower, but what is it? I love Palentology and Biology, but still I don't know what the hell tangrowth is that is "ancient". Any one (other than Jigglychu's wikipedia friend) know for sure?


Well-Known Member
Probably some form of ancient plant/vine same as Tangela.


will give nethin 4it
That helps alot....


Rev up those fryers
What do you mean, my "wikipedia friend"?


will give nethin 4it
Those r arms?


will give nethin 4it
What is that arbok


will give nethin 4it
It does sort of look like it.


Pippi! Pi!
Tangela is a fry guy from McDonalds that got fired for tangling up Ronald McDonald's legs during a commercial shoot. Now he's working for Pokemon.

His evolution is a bunch of old spaghetti that's molded over a bit. :p


Tangrowth is most likely a vine all tangeled together and stuck that way somehow


Contest Agent
He looks like prehistoric vines choking a humanoid creature and I want one since its exotic looking.


Tangrowth is a giant Tangela with arms, nothing else.

Really, most all 4th gen pokemon really have creativity put into them to be cleverly designed after anything that Gamefreak hasn't already done.
Looks like a prehistoric plant thingy. :/

Or some creature hidden inside there somewhere and there'll be another evo of Tangela where they show what's actually inside. ;);
I assume that tangrowth is supposed to appear as having a more "prehistoric" design because of the overgrown vines representing the wild vegitation that covered the planet millions of years ago. Forests with thick vines and such.

You also look at the other two new pokemon who evolve when they learn ancientpower, mamoswine and yanmega, and you can see that they also have prehistoric designs (extinct mammoths and larger bugs that were more common long ago).