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Tanks For The Memories! (530)


Between Ash and Dawn's ice cream date and the humor from those maid outfits, this episode I consider memorably hilarious. I liked seeing Ash's concern for Dawn when she started crying, even if he thought that she had something in her eye. Of course, I had to chuckle when Autumn asked what on Earth Team Rocket was... with this response from Brock: "Crooks that steal Pokémon, and yes, they're nuts.". Hopefully, there are future episodes that give me laughs as good as the ones I got from this episode.

I can agree that this episode was one of the funnier ones. Screenshots of the best moments!
[IMG200]http://i383.photobucket.com/albums/oo276/tunkyhunk/AshMaid.jpg?t=1237560624[/IMG200] [IMG200]http://i383.photobucket.com/albums/oo276/tunkyhunk/BrockandtehMaids.png?t=1237560885[/IMG200]

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I can't believe that Brock didn't even notice that Autumn had a crush on him.

It was like watching Lucy all over again.

It was nice to see her get control of her Miltank eventually though.


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Jessie was scary in this episode. With the flame eyes and all.

Happiny used Secret Power! Yays.

Ash is a cross dresser. OMG, who knew? Isn't that like the fifth time he's done that?


Brock is so good breeder!
He is proving it all the time.
And I don't understand something. Kenny told Ash that if Turtwig has a bullet seed attack, he can learn energy ball. But Turtwig has'nt bullet seed, so how he can learn energy ball?


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Episode was interesting. I really liked seeing Miltank again and Hapinny learining new move...
Dawn crying AGAIN wasn't even sad, just pathetic...


Best Filler ever in my opinion. We've seen Miltank so many times but this one featured a lazy and odd Miltank and it's hyperactive trainer :p

I'm glad that they included the Maid Cafe in the anime, the girls in charge there wore pretty outfits. Dawn was coming to terms with her failure in the previous two Contests and that was great to see her cry, just because it proves she's human, unlike May (jk).

I loved that Brock was trying his best to coach Miltank's trainer and Ash in a dress was too good to pass up. 9/10


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I find it funny how Brock falls for so many girls yet when one falls for him he's completely oblivious lol. I liked that they made Autumns Miltank lazy instead of happy and cheery like every other Miltank encountered thus far and I'm glad Brock helped her get along with it. TR was hilarious, great episode.

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Didn't really like the episode too much, I don't know it was just a bit boring to me. But did Ash literally ask "Why are you crying Dawn?" Uh let's see she lost her contest the second time and didn't make it to the next round, why the hell do you think she's crying.
And I understand that Dawn should pick herself up and move on but she should able to cry a little bit without being called a baby, it makes her human. If her Pokemon gets nervous or upset then stay in their pokeballs and quit complaining because she should be allowed to.

There were some parts that was funny but I didn't really like the episode much.


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This episode is a Brock episode. And so that means nothing too important is going to happen in Dawn's story. She's supportive of Ash's enthusiasm for the next gym, but hesitates to answer when he asks her what she's going to do. B/c really, she does not know what to do. She spies Ash leaving the cafe to train Turtwig, causing her to stare out the window lost in serious, sad thought. Turtwig is having problems mastering Energy Ball (I said earlier that the way of Sinnoh is that hard work does not guarantee a win, and I'm going to apply that to Turtwig's energy ball; of course, Turtwig eventually masters Energy Ball, but keep a look out for how important that turns out to be in the next 2 gyms), and Ash, although honest with his pokemon on its progress, continues to encourage it. Dawn has taken a seat in the shadow of some building to watch (she's an introverted character when really troubled), and the way Ash is training brings a smile to her face. She decides to train as well in a burst of optimism, but then stops as Zoey's words play in her head; Dawn knows what her goal should be, but she isn't sure how to do that when training her pokemon. Just like that, her outlook changes, and she feels just as lost as she did right before Zoey came to her last episode. And you know, that's really realistic. When something terrible happens that takes away your confidence, it doesn't come back immediately, and even then, probably only for stretches at a time. In a span of maybe 5 mins, you can go from thinking you know exactly what you are doing to being scared/depressed and wondering why you were naive enough to think that way at all. As Dawn starts to cry, Ash is shown to be standing right next to her, and he inquires, with a worried look, why she is doing that. Dawn turns away from him and wipes her tears away, and I honestly believe he gives her an easy way out by asking if she got something in her eye. Dawn jumps at that excuse, and Ash then changes the subject to food, with the two and their pokemon running off to get ice cream.

So all in all, nothing is resolved, but now it's Ash reaching out to Dawn (in his own way) after Zoey did it last episode. Also, Dawn, in her confusion about what to do in her own training, has taken to watching Ash do his.
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Why is it that whenever a girl has a crush on Brock he's totally oblivious to it?

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I am surprised Brock did not get irritated trying to teach such a clumsy girl


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This episode was ok... It was cool to see a Miltank again. Miltank really had a bad attitude in this episode and was really lazy, especially the way it acted towards its trainer. It's cool to see Turtwig practicing and trying to get Energy Ball together. It didn't master it just yet, it still shrinks after being launched and failing. It was funny to see Brock trying to help Autumn get closer with Miltank. It was cool to see the Secret Power move for the 1st time.



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A tired little girl~

WELCOME HOME! :D -Ash as a maid.
best line ever. lol xD

I can't believe i didn't mention dawn in a maid outfit in my response to this.


She looked so cute ;//~\\;....
NO ASH. YOU COMFORT HER MORE. CRUEL PERSON D8 /would do the same thing because I don't like to intrude.
...yet at least notice it a LITTLE bit more. D'X
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Brock helping the Miltank girl was sort of shippy and Miltank's expression was hilarious & so was Ash's cross dressing. 8/10

Mrs. Oreo

Ha ha, I loved seeing Ash dress up as a waitress inside the cafe and I liked seeing Brock help out with the girl's lazy Miltank also. That Marina fan with the May bandana was a cool easter egg as well. :3
My favorite thing here was Autumn's maid outfit because it looked gothic. I also liked how Brock helped her with Miltank + Turtwig practicing Energy Ball was good too.
I cackled when Autumn’s Miltank ate the flower she pointed out, as well as Happiny’s amazing ability to toss people. I must admit, Brock sure does have plenty of patience. It was cool to see a Secret Power, too.