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Tapu Bulu! Intense Slacker Training!! (1018)


Bonnie stan
That...does not seem like a proper counterargument.
Fair enough. I agree with what @dman_dustin said in terms of it's not possible to show everything but it is definitely possible to include scenes of Rockruff in the mud just for a few seconds each time across various episodes during its time as a Rockruff, if they had properly planned out this arc. What I just said is true and can't really be defended. They could have and should have done so, they didn't, it was badly written, let's move on.
Oh, it's Hapu with her Mudsdale! ...Wait, no. It's just a nasty tease.

Ash should have left Rowlet absorb the earth's energy. Maybe in 1o minutes, he would have evolved all the way to Decidueye.

Ash: You have aspects of both Midday and Midnight Lycanroc. It's two powers!

What an amazing speech...that is made useless when his hound would rather not summon his red eyes ever again, which only leaves the more prominent Midday features on. We get it. Midday is the best Pokemon. (Which isn't true. Midnight has the best design.)

Lifting a tree is incredibly surprising, but it's somehow more surprising than all the other more amazing moves you've seen in this region alone, Ash?

At least Sunny-D Rock stopped being a worse Pokemon than Fennekin getting dirty.

Eh. Decent episode. It was too tame for my tastes.


Soaring Pikachu

Cool Trainer
Pretty calm for an episode with a Tapu in it. This was a period of training but also really straight forward and did not have any big surprises. I will say it might be slightly better than a montage.
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