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~Tattychu's Sprite Request Shop~

Discussion in 'Fan Art Shops' started by Tattychu, Apr 2, 2011.

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  1. Tattychu

    Tattychu Member

    Welcome to my sprite request shop! Please read the rules below, there aren't many ^^ Please note that not following the rules will result in your request not being accepted (You will know this as your name will not appear in the waiting list. Sorry, I don't have time to go through and notify everybody of whats wrong with your request but if you ask I will tell you ^^)

    -If posting several requests in 1 post, please number them, just makes it easier to read - also, please no more than 3 requests per person in 1 post- though after i've done your 3 requests feel free to post again later with more ^^
    -Please use the forms provided, but feel free to add more detail if you wish when requesting.
    -Please credit me if you use any of my sprites in your sig/on your website etc, especially if its something highly customised as although I enjoy making these, some of them do take a while to finish properly ^^;;
    -Just a note rather than a rule; If your request is rather complex or large, I may take breaks to do other simpler requests in between, so don't worry if I post up requests that were requested after you, yours will still be in progress x

    Pokemon in chao form ^^
    Chao Form
    Any other details?:

    Standard Trainer Card
    Standard trainer cards with an optional friend code space.
    Standard Trainer Card Form
    Friend Code(optional):
    Trainer Sprite:
    Pokemon: (up to 7, 6 in boxes, 1 beside trainer)
    Card colours(optional, I can just pick what I think complements the rest of it):
    Badge Set:

    Mini Trainer Card
    Small trainer cards ideal for the user without much signature space XD
    Mini Trainer Card Form
    Trainer Sprite:
    Box Pokemon: (up to 6:
    Pokemon Next to trainer(Must be a small pokemon, and is optional-pikachu,mudkip,charmander etc.):
    Card colours(optional, I can just pick what I think complements the rest of it):
    Badge Set:

    an egg with pokemon colours and parts
    Egg Form
    Any other details?:

    Mummy And Baby Pokemon
    Cute mummy/daddy and baby sprite scenes, which could include diapers,rattles, bottles, pacifiers, and for bird pokemon, nests to snuggle in ^^
    Mummy and Baby Pokemon Form
    Any other details?:

    Fusions of several pokemon.
    Fusion Form
    Pokemon (up to 6):
    Base Pokemon(optional):
    Any other details?:

    Cosplay Trainers
    Custom trainers cosplaying pokemon.
    Cosplay Trainer Form
    Base Trainer Sprite(optional):
    Any other details?:

    Custom/Recoloured Trainers
    Custom and recoloured trainers of your own specification.
    Custom/Recoloured Trainer Form
    Base Trainer Sprite:
    What do you want customised/recoloured?:

    Science Geek Pokemon
    Geeky pokemon with large square glasses and test tubes with suspect liquids in them XD
    Science Geek Pokemon Form
    Any other Details?:

    Tombstones -Currently Revamping, please do not request-
    RIP Tombstones for the pokemon that are no longer with us.
    Tombstone Form
    Any other Details?:

    Current Request list (1 spot/s open)
    -Weavile22[revamping tombstone sprites]
    -Zekerom[Question:see thread]
    -Pokemon Ace
    -Aslynn Pokemon

    Finished Requests[in order of completion, oldest to newest]
    -Raging Starmie
    -Aslynn Pokemon
    -Hydro Swampert
    -Pokemon Ace
    -gardevoir rocks
    Last edited: Apr 26, 2011
  2. Tattychu

    Tattychu Member

    Yay, accepted! Feel free to request ^^
  3. Zozo1999

    Zozo1999 has left Serebii

    Awww! Could I have a Mummy and Baby Pokemon with Mienshao and Mienfoo?
  4. Zekerom

    Zekerom My little Pwny!

    2 Requests!

    1. Chao!
    Shiny Umbreon

    2. Mummy and Baby Pokemon
    Haxorus and Axew
  5. TrainerRed111

    TrainerRed111 New Member

    Can I have chimchar rip,piplup geek and turtwig egg?
  6. haxorus808

    haxorus808 Gripper trainer

    Hi could i get a mummy and baby pokemon of a swampert and mudkip
    Thank! and take your time
  7. Alliance

    Alliance Re-Arrival


    1. Mummy and Baby
    Cinccino and Minccino

    2. Trainer Card

    Name: Alyss
    Badge Set: Johto
    Pokemon: Timburr, Minccino, Druddigon, Simipour, Unfezant, Beartic and Serperior(Next to the trainer)
    Trainer Sprite: [​IMG]

    Thank you, and take your time ^_^
  8. Tattychu

    Tattychu Member

    Zozo1999: [​IMG]
    Last edited: Apr 3, 2011
  9. Rezzuréct

    Rezzuréct Allez Les Bleus!


    1. Mummy and Baby Pokemon
    Scrafty and Scraggy

    2. Chao

  10. Lulu_used_SunnyDay

    Lulu_used_SunnyDay Petal Blizzard

    Hey there I fell in love with your mother-baby mon, so....
    Mother-baby pokemon with: Golurk and Golett
    please, and thank you.
  11. Ditto123

    Ditto123 ~Word~

    Mummy and Baby Pokemon please. Scraggy and Scrafty
  12. Tattychu

    Tattychu Member

    Last edited: Apr 3, 2011
  13. Zekerom

    Zekerom My little Pwny!

    =D I love them! Could I have an IMG link please?
  14. Tattychu

    Tattychu Member

    added them to the post, glad you like ^^
  15. rykerr1

    rykerr1 The Great Gublet

    Can I have mother/baby pokemon with Sceptile and treecko? Thanks!
    Last edited: Apr 4, 2011
  16. RagingStarmie

    RagingStarmie The Pokemon Director

    Rich Guy Black and White Sprite cosplay trainer
    have him styled after Entei please :)

    Also A Mother and Baby pokemon of
    Meganium and Chikorita
    Last edited: Apr 4, 2011
  17. Zanji

    Zanji Well-Known Member

    ^^ I have a few requests :p

    1.) Custom/Recolored Trainer: Volkner Recolor: Brown hair, the yellow on his jacket turned white and his Jacket black

    2.) Trainer Card
    Name: Tux
    Badge Set: Unova if not Kanto ^^
    Pokemon: Rhyperior next to trainer, and (shiny) Braviary, Samurott, Beartic, Electivire, Infernape, Excadrill in the boxes (all B/W pkmn sprites)
    Trainer: Custom one requested above :p

    3.) Basic Fusion (2 Pokemon) A fusion of Rhyperior and Excadrill please ^^
    Last edited: Apr 4, 2011
  18. HydroSwampert

    HydroSwampert Well-Known Member

    I have 2 requests, please!

    1. Chaos Marshtomp like in your examples

    2. A Trainer Card
    Name: Joseph
    Badge Set: Sinnoh
    Pokemon: Swampert beside trainer, Lucario, Starmie, Blissey, Rhyperior, Gliscor, and Gengar
    Trainer Sprite: regular Pearl male

    Thank you in advance!
  19. Weavile22

    Weavile22 Imma be

    I have 1 request.
    Custon trainer.
    Black/White male trainer with white shirt with quiksilver(R) logo on it. Also wearing plain red pants and shoes. If possible, then have him hold an ultra ball. If not, then have him hold a pokeball. Have a Weavile 1/2 his size (BW pose recommended) on his side. THX

    if its too much, that'd OK
  20. Everest

    Everest Surf's Up!

    1. recolored/custom trainer: Barry with more of palmer's colors and thecape. Basically young Palmer.

    2. chao, empoleon

    3. Mom+child, empoleon and piplup

    Thanks! And if that's too much, just cut out three or three and two.
    Last edited: Apr 5, 2011
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