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king krab kingler

Can someone tell me the following;

How to make a TC?
Does it cost?
Will I need to download anything?
Where can I get templates?
Will I need to be able to do White-Be-Gone?

Thanks in advance to all who help!!


Good Night!
you could have just asked me, the templates you can just make or something, and you make them by going to pokemonelite2000 and drawing squares around them and putting in the slots and the badges i just google

Tropical Spirit

YAY! Original>You =3
there is a sticky here and in the fan sprites section if you wana make one....

king krab kingler

Ok,the sticky doesn't really help,It tells you what you need.
Not how to get it.I can't find templates or WBG thingys.
I need to know where to find the stuff,I know how to do it!!

Black Hayate

Ablare en Español.
Some of templates are in the sticky, and the WBG, for me, it there really isn't much of a difference, but you can request it from a shop or dowload a program. I use Microsoft GIF Animator. And if you dont want templates from the sticky, use the same instructions with any picture (thats what I do).

~Black Hayate

RaZoR LeAf

Night Terror
It's not meant to tell you where to get things. It's meant to be a breif outline of Trainer Cards for the people who constantly ask about them instead of using the Search Button to look in the correct forum. This is the Newbie Lounge, not the Trainer Card Lounge.
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