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TCG battlers! What is your Deck like?


Vae Victis
One of my Pokemon TCG decks is a Fire/Darkness deck. I use pokemon collector to get Zorua and Poke Ball to get Zoroark. I then use Zoroark to get any card I want (like Tyranitar and Emboar) until my opponent KOs Zoroark then I see where I can go from there. My other deck is a Grass/Psychic Deck. I get Gengar Prime and Giratina up and then get as many of my opponents Pokemon in the Lost Zone and then use Lost World to win.

What is your strategy? I'd like to know so I can become a better battler. Thanks for your posts in advance.


Sgt. Sunshine
Mine is a Grass deck, I have Pokeballs and Dual Balls to get the mons that I want, and Energy Retrieval to get my precious Grass Energy back.
My Butterfree SP (my deck has old cards in it) is a basic Pokemon, so I don't have to worry about getting the evolution tree; and her attack, Select Powder, does a solid 30 damage and I can choose to Poison or Burn them-- no coin flipping needed!
Also, my Maractus takes 3 Grass and can use Giga Drain, dealing 50 damage and letting me take off as much damage from Maractus as I dealt.
My only issue is that my Bulbasaur or Venusaur are constantly in my Prizes!


has written:
I'll go over two out of my four decks. You can rate it in the rating section. It's an electric/fire dual deck that uses Luxray to counter any old Lv. X's and has speedy Pokemon like Infernape that can retreat for little to nothing while they can still dish out some serious damage. I have the Conductive Quarry Stadium card to recycle my electric energies while my Magmortar and Torkoal can both dish out satus conditions and they can move the energies attatched to them to other Pokemon waiting on the bench.

My Grass/Metal dual deck uses strong Pokemon like Torterra to dish out serious damage. My Serpirior can heal every grass Pokemon on my bench, while my Celebi makes sure it can't be damaged by Stage 1 or 2 cards. My Flygon makes sure everyone retreats for free, allowing me to get cards such as Torterra on my bench as quickly as possible. My Flygon can also dish out some serious damage and feeds off my opponents Stadiums. The only problem with this deck is its x4 weakness to Fire.


Kanto Region Champ
I'm better at coming up with strategys for electric, colourless, psychic, and metal, so whatever my deck may be thats usually the centerfold of my deck. They change so much considering set's and the format so it's hard to sit down and say thats exactly what I play with.


Better then you
I currently play a Grass/Steel deck. I use Royal Heal Serperior to keep my Steelix Prime alive, along with special Metal Energy to reduce damage.


Scottish Octopuses:P
I have a Grass/Physic deck. Combee works well to do serious damage if Vespiquen has damage counters on it while in the bench. I also can use Torterra to do really big damage, and i can use Jirachi to de-evolve my opponent's team.


I went to an Emerging Powers pre-release, and built a full deck just now based upon only cards that I got there. Excadrill, Virizion, and Terrakion are great, and I have x4 Pokemon Catcher to deal with anything that might have the advantage over me, such as Darmanitan.
It's a grass/fighting deck.


Be greedy! Or not.
i have a water/fire deck
its a good combo since the fire covers up my grass weekness and my water can do damage to water without weekness so when i draw a tepig and pignite i place tepig on my beach then wait till next turn to evolve then when i do i use the retreat thing and switch in pignite since the retreat using energy to discard from the pokemon i use energy retrevile to make sure im not low on enery cards to quickly and i use energy seacrch to GET my energy cards and attach one then fainlly i use my pokeball to get emboar in my place an evolve and since i have all the enrgys i can attacth it makes emboars life easy.....