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TDK (thundurus/deoxys/kyurem, why play anything else, the meta is extremely silly atm


Kanto Region Champ
That and I'm waiting for mega gengar... to be good, like genar cards have been, through out DP, P and HGSS.

Overview: I played this deck when it was good, so much so I was the first person in my area to actually buy and construct the first TDK list, 1 week after the set came out. I rollo stomped worlds competetors last year, I have to volunteer this year, maybe next year, I bet it's europe, oh well.

^what did any of that have to do with the list? everything, I have spent months to a year testing the list, this is a list for BRC-on, I expect people to be some what sour with my deck choices such as using thundurus for a utility card rather then a turn 1 attacker, however it has always been my major consort throughout the format, and with lando decks leading on strong, kyurem becomes that much better and faster to play, and with the ability to one shot the matchup, I will take that gamble.

4 kyurem PLF
4 deoxys EX PLF
1 thundurus PLF

6 water energy
4 rainbow energy
4 prisim energy

3 shauna
2 N
2 colress
4 juniper
2 triad

3 frozen city
3 plasma ball
2 muscle band
4 colress machine
1 dowsing machine
2 virbank city
3 switch
4 laser
1 megaphone