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Teachers that suck.


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Hey Blue I haven't seen you in a while! Anyways, I've never really had any bad teachers except for these 2. In year 7 I had this horrible maths teacher who yelled at a kid if they did the slightest thing wrong, I mean I am a good student (behaviour and levels wise) yet I was scared into silence for the full hour lesson. Allthough that was probably why he was so nice to me when it was parents evening. Oh and everyone called him Wiggy because his hair looks like a wig, one of my friends swore it almost fell off once!

The other was in year 8 when we used to have this really awesome teacher who was funny, clever and really nice. Then she got pregnant and left and this old dude replaced her and he made everything boring! Seriously, one time we watched Ice age because it was near the end of school and afterwards he gets us to write a rewiew of it. Not that bad right? How about the fact that he had written the entire review and left out the characters names. He then said that if anyone needed help they should just go up to him and ask. I MEAN COME ON!!! I really think he thinks we are mentally retarded. He also speaks in a monotone and thinks that ballads of some mining disaster are super interesting to 12-13 year old kids.

Thankfully my other 2 maths teachers were amazing! They taught us loads, took us to the computer room often enough and made everything fun! The first one was coloured so he had a slightly strange name. It was Mr. Mistry and when we first met him he asked us how his name was spelt. When nobody said anything he went "Right then, we're going to play some Hangman!" so we spent half the lesson playing Hangman and the other half solving Proffesor Layton-esque puzzles. The other was pretty much the same except he wasn't coloured and answered these two girls their questions about his personal life. They are awesome girls though, not pedos, and they were only having a laugh.


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When I was in the sixth through eighth grade, my family was in a deep financial crisis, and as a result I couldn't afford the newer PE uniform(It was just really a different-styled shirt and shorts, but I still had my old one). :/

The teacher I had thought it was funny to make fun of my family's problems, and would openly mock my father's business in front of the entire class and other faculty. He would also give me(and a few other students in similar situations) failing grades under the "dress" section, despite the administration saying students could wear the old uniform if they could not buy the new one. I was never happier to be rid of him when I got into high school.

Though there is one douchebag of a teacher in our school, though I'm lucky I've never had her. She's an incredibly religious English teacher who tends to let her faith affect how she grades her students.

I'm guessing she's evangelical or something, as she was incredibly...ah...spirited? I walked by her room once as she let her students go, and noticed she had held back a few people, two of my friends among them. I heard crying, and was later told by one of them that this teacher had been trying to convert them, and was going on a tirade about "saving their doomed souls" and just being incredibly pushy.

Last I heard of her before summer break, she was reported and likely to be fired for the incident. -shudder- I've no problem if you're into your religion, but please...just don't impose it on your students. It's not that difficult, go promote it elsewhere.
Subs in my life have either been awesome or evil. The first one i can remember from primary 1 or 2 ALWAYS told the same stories about 2 little doggies <_< it got boring. even for a bunch of 5/6 year olds that love animals, it got boring.

A teacher at my primary school called Mrs Kilgour always scared me and everyone else just because he shouted really loudly. But i think she was good teacher... just terrifying.

You are not allowed to get C in maths :/

Well i failed int2 maths because...

MRS WOOD! Ugh i even asked when i went into 5th year that i specifically DID NOT want her for a teacher as in 3rd and 4th year i barely scraped through. Her problem was she went too fast. She didn't take enough time to explain things properly especially for my class as it was one of the lower classes that didn't grasp the subject as well as the higher classes. She was really good for the highest classes because they could keep up with her pace but we couldn't and i really couldn't. At first i asked for help but even then she just sighed and then zoomed away and i still didn't understand.

I was so dissapointed when i got her again in 5th year, after a while i just gave up. It wasn't entirely her fault because we had this right arsehole sitting right behind me who was a total lunatic and lost his temper at nothing and distracted the class and mrs wood. She could have still done something about it mind you, she could have been more tough on the class or somehting but she just sighed all the time and got another teacher who was scarier down to sort it out. When we actually had this scary teacher once when wood was off though i learned more in that one day than the year put together.
In 7th grade, my Science teacher was from India (which I'm pretty sure I was teased about considering I'm also Indian), whose accent really got in the way of her teaching us. My class used to make fun of it behind her back and was usually able to pull off all kinds of crap in class and study hall. Study hall usually went like this:

Kid: "What's a penis?"

Teacher: "What did you just say?"

Kid: "I was just asking him what a pen is."

And then the guy sitting next to that kid explained to him what a ballpoint pen was to convince her.

When we had a substitute once, he was able to teach us the material we needed to learn, as well as a bunch of other things, in a way we could understand. He became our awesome 8th grade Science teacher.

I haven't had any evil teachers... at least, not yet.
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Middle school math teacher. Evil human that shouldn't walk the streets. I can't tell you how many stories about MTV and The Hills that I've heard from her.

7th grade english teacher. Miserable single 40-something woman.

That's all, high school this year. I'm sure that holds some.


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From the previous page, but still...How can you 'technically' get an answer right? You either get it right, or you get it wrong. It's pretty simple.
Like he said, the answers were right, but the teacher would get them for the little things, so even if the answer would have otherwise been correct, writing (per the example provided) "log" instead of "Log" would make it "wrong."


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In 10th grade I had this one biology teacher whom used to be a singer for a punk rock rock band. Whenever he got mad at us he would yell in his screamo shouting voice. It was pretty scary. No one dared to talk out of turn while he was talking.


^Dude, that beats this teacher my friend had. He sucked, or at least thought about it.

He's in jail now too.


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Our school had 2 seperate English teachers - one taught grades 7, 8, 9 and the other taught grades 10, 11, 12. The one who taught the younger kids was named Mrs. Argue. (No kidding.)

She dressed as a cougar, she was extremely sexist in favor of girls (and there were some smart guys in my class who struggled with her), and she was generally a horrible teacher. I didn't learn a thing from her, but I automatically got good grades for being a girl.

We were so glad to get to grade 10. This teacher was named Mrs. Payne. Best name ever. She was such a kind elder lady, and she would talk to us like adults. She'd joke with us, but at the same time, we knew she'd never let us get away with any bullsh*t. I miss her...


Haha seems like everyone hates their math teachers!!
I love my math teachers o(

I got the same math teacher 8/9 grade and signed up to get the same teacher 10-12 grade. Those two are some of the best at the schools I went to.. especially my high school math teacher.
My friend had to teach herself Trig last year, her teacher did crap.

Tho my math teacher, female, felt me up one time and expressed regret she didn't grope my chest. I'm female too, so.. imagine how awkward it was 8|
She creeped on me other times too but we had a lot of fun in class [no pedo] and she is one of my favorite teachers o(

I think the only teacher I've ever disliked by the end of the year is my 9th grade Spanish 1 teacher. I didn't overly want to take Spanish and she dyked the class up real good. She rarely let us have break and ALL of her classes hated her. They trolled her constantly she was such a nut. Apparently she was also a bellydancer but her stomach stuck out really awkwardly. She made class so boring.. she talked in the same robotic teacher voice and never said anything funny or told a joke. Or let us do any fun assignments except Battleship twice.
Ruined Spanish for me for the rest of my life 8\
Alot of my teachers were always bad tempered and never treated the kids that nice but to be honest when they get payed so little to cope with annoying brats all day what do you expect? The only teacher i didn't like was a guy from Indian and why you may ask... He couldn't talk English. Why employ someone who can't speak English in a school in England? I suppose that was partly the schools fault.


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I had a teacher in 6th grade who was OBSESSED with calculators. We only had like three VERY EASY mental math problems everyday. She was half-science half-math teacher and knew nothing about math. The only reason she became a teacher is because she failed getting a degree geology due to have a "boring teacher." When we had our final exams, she sad that she was ashamed of us because I had the highest score in the class.... which was 76. I was like OH MY GOD I'M GONNA DIE!!!!! I thought to myself that this was very strange as I was the top in that class and that "exam" was freakin' easy. So I used my excellent deductive skills and found out that the answer key had only two options while our study guides had four. This meant that if an answer was D it would be A or B only. You should've seen the ridiculous answers that she couldn't notice. I'm so glad I'm in a private school now. My new math teacher is strict but very nice. :)

Also my English teacher that same year smoked in the classroom...
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Aren't all teachers bad?

I mean seriously. But for me there's one teacher who's worse than everyone else.

Our class teacher. She expects us to carry around 3 kgs worth of thick textbooks for only history. I mean, cmon! We have other subjects too you know.

I hope some teachers are reading this thread right now.


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Aren't all teachers bad?

I mean seriously. But for me there's one teacher who's worse than everyone else.

Our class teacher. She expects us to carry around 3 kgs worth of thick textbooks for only history. I mean, cmon! We have other subjects too you know.

I hope some teachers are reading this thread right now.
O please, you should've seen my geology books >_>
5 books, 6 notebooks, 2 workbooks, 6 cds
I mean cmon....We only used 2 books, 1 workbook and the notebooks <_< guess who has to pay that much for nothing?


No, he got arrested for looking at child, "stuff", on the internet. Little boy, "stuff"


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I know someone who in third grade had a desk thrown at them, seriously. He was being pretty stupid though...but a desk really?

My first grade teacher had it out for me because I day dreamed in her class and constantly stared out the window. Now this I understand would be a problem under normal circumstances but I was doing excellently in her class. She also forced me to be into a horrible role in a play, but looking back on it, it was one of the best roles to have.

My fifth grade teacher I just didn't like and she favored all the jocks because she was the Jr. High Softball and Field Hockey Coach...it's not like she disliked me but the favoritism just bothered me.

yeah so there is elementry school in a nutshell but I have had pretty good luck with teachers. The attitude I took up last year was if the teacher doesn't already dislike me get them to and then spite them by doing well.

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6th grade band director: he was fresh out of college and had no clule how to teach middle school kids. we (which excludes me) drove him insane. he cussed us out so many times. last i heard of him he became the manager of an Arby's a mile from the school.
6th grade math teacher: he was a good teacher, but unusually grumpy. he hated having knocks on the door for something important amongst the teachers or something like that. i understand when he was giving a lesson, but when he wasnt, he still got agitated. feshman year i learned that he was grump cuz he was in a fire some years back and had most of his face severly burned (which explained why his face was wrinkled at age ~45-55)
7th/8th grade lit: the 1st semester of 7th grade wasnt bad cuz we had the awesomest sub ever. but then the teacher comse back from back surgery for 2nd semester and shes was a *****. on a monday, she would give us a project that was due on friday. not that bad, except i never did all project. in the middle of the week she would give us one more project due the same friday. she also wouldnt let me read what i wanted to read. i wanted to read the Star Wars Republic Commando books, and she wouldnt let me.
7th math teacher: not a bad teacher, but at the start of the school year she was 7 months pregnant, making her real edgy. in october, she goes into labor (not in class thank God) and we get a Pakinstani sub with very poor English and horrendous math skills. sometime before Christmas, we are watching a movie and out of nowhere, she yells "i have a gun". everyone says wow and are amazed but i get nervous. i tell my parents, who tell the principal who tells the school board who tells the courts who place the sub in jail.
9th grade honors biology teacher: crazy 30 year old woman with a limp. she looked like she was atleast 45. she was a good teacher, but i was the teacher's pet for 2 reasons: 1) i was the smartest in the class (i passed with a 95, everybody else 90 or below). 2)the lab aides (which were also in marching band with me) forced her to be nice to me.
9th grade health/PEI teacher: girls softball coach. all he did was throw the book at us and tell us to write out of it while he just sat up front, watched baseball clips online an chewed dip.
9th grade algebra teachers: that year the county had this thing going on where you had to make a 80 or higher to pass the class. if you made below,, you failed and had to take the course again. every 4 1/2 weeks we would get our class grades and be placed in another class (be it mod 1 or 2). i failed mod 1 twice. the 1st time i was with this wierd middle aged Florida woman who always had a cold, put way too much make up on, was in a dispute over her children with her husband and didnt teach us a thing. i failed so i was placed with one of the football coaches who loved the cold. he always had the ac on (just like the school building itself did). he seemed to be a sexist also. for punishment he would make the guys do 25 pushups while the girls would clean out the desks in the row that they were sitting in. he didnt let us have a choice in it. 3rd rotation im back with the Florida lady. but this time she gives us all the tests at once and the ones that we fail, we can take again when we want. i ended up passing mod 1 and got into mod 2. that teacher just gave up on all of us so everyone failed.
9th grade honors American government teacher: she was hot. the hottest real life teacher i have ever seen. but she didnt treat everyone equally. i had a friend in that class who was blonde, so one would naturally trhink that she is dumb. but she was actually smart. whenever said friend would ask a question, the teacher would just look at my friend like she was the dumbest thing on the planet.
9th grade band director: this fat man was, and i qoute my bestfriend, "a big meanie pants". he threatened us by using the base drum head as an example. he said that he had enough strength to crush our skulls inward, but not enough to break a drum head. everything also had to be all fancy and formal for him. the band awards for that year were awful. aside from the chocolate fountain, the party was boring and had nothing that i would eat.
10th grade honors American lit teacher: the animal i would associate this woman with would be a pug. she also thought that she was abducted by aliens. we teased her about it once. she went to make a few more copies and when she came back, we said that the aliens came to visit her. she freaked out. she also had OCD. she wouldnt accept any wrinkled papers. the tiniest wrinkle on a paper would be the cause of the paper being thrown away.
10th honors American history teacher: this man was amazing. he actually made history intersting, by going into gruesome details about trech warfare etc. but the only things he said to me were "Shut up emo boy" and "McChicken". he apparently taught my cousin and hated him as a student and was forced to slam him to the ground.
10th grade algebra teacher: after putting away the before mentioned mod-system, the school went back to giving us a single teacher for algebra. i ended up with a man who was essentially Dr. Gregory House, only black and without a sense of humor. he was the best math teacher i ever had, but was just too grumpy.
10th grade technology teacher: this ***** couldnt teach ****. she just stood at the front of the class chewed gum and said "okay guys, you cant do that guys." the first assignment i had in that class was an autobiography on the computer. i did it with all of the requirements and beyond. it was an 85 or more worthy project. i got a 60. that time i did nothing about it. but three months later we were to make a powerpoint about our favorite artist/band. i did a powerpoint on, of course, Red. i went beyond the required criteria and made a 75. that ****** me off, so with my peaceful negotiation skills (i lack those skills) i ended up with a 95. a friend was also in that class. she did all of the work and still failed the class because the teacher said that my friend wasnt doing her work and was instead talking. same thing happened to me.
10th grade business ed teacher: i liked this class becuase it was on computers always. but there was nothing to do because all websites that i normally go to (including here) are blocked and the proxys used changed every day. but about the teacher: she didnt grade anything. we were told to email all our work to her. i did all of the work, emailed it all and still she only graded half of the work. plus she always called out my friend sitting next to me. she said that he was a disruption. sure he was, 75% of the time, but there were others that were more disruptive 100% of the time.
11th grade honors world lit teacher: i havent had this class yet (hell, the school year doesnt start for two more days) but the teacher im gonna end up with has a problem or two. all my older friends who ahd her said that shes awesome, but i could from the 10th grade lit room that she screamed for no apparent reason... a lot. ill update on this teacher and any other teachers from my junior year later.


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My English teacher last year her name was Mrs. Jewbag and she graded my final exam and gave me a 64....She couldn't have just given me a 65 to pass...She hates me.