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Team Advent

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Team Advent Leader


Welcome to Team Advent!

~Our Team~

Team Advent is all about community. A friendly community of battlers where everyone, from beginner to professional, is welcomed with open arms. We are here to help everyone be the best they can be. New players will find a safe and friendly environment in which they can grow and develop into powerful trainers, while experienced players can hone their skills among friends. Everyone in Team Advent can relax and battle with friends while they learn or perfect their game.

~What We Offer~

Team Advent offers an invitation to be a part of a great Pokemon family. Everyone here is helpful, and you can always feel at home among us. We also offer our own Battle Tower, in which you can battle fellow members to advance through the ranks. Tournaments will be held periodically, as well as other fun events. One of our major features is the Acquisition Center, which replaces the traditional "point shop" found in many clans and instead presents a large selection of Pokemon which are completely free.

~Battle Tower Ranks~

This is where we record your wins and losses in official team battles. Your record here is what determines your rank in the team, and the Pokemon you can get from the Acquisition Center. Your rank will be determine based on points you receive for winning battles against other members. The number of points you gain for winning depend on you and your opponents rank, as do the number of points that are subtracted when you lose.

This point system is based on relative ranks. If you defeat anyone of the same rank or of a rank below you, you will earn 5 points. If you defeat someone of a higher rank, you will gain 2 additional points per rank they have over you to a maximum of 10 points. If you defeat someone one rank above you, you will earn 7 points. Two ranks above you, 9 points. Defeating anyone 3 or more ranks above you will earn you 10 points. Whenever you lose a battle, you will lose 2 points if your opponent is the same rank as you or higher, or 3 points if your opponent is below your rank. Your point total cannot be negative, and recording a loss when you have 0 points will not result in any penalty. These are the ranks, and the points at which you achieve them:

Apprentice - 20 Points
Graduate - 50 Points
Adept - 100 Points
Elite - 200 Points
Master - 350 Points
Legend - 500 Points

To prevent people from losing a rank immediately after reaching it, each rank has a fall back point. You will not lose your rank as long as you are within 10 points of the requirement. For example, if you reach Graduate rank with 50 points, even if you lose several battles, you will remain a Graduate as long as you have at least 40 points. If you fall more than ten points below your ranks' requirement, you will revert back to the previous rank.

Battles in Team Advent are often agreed to be either 'official' or 'non-official'. If you wish to have a test battle or merely a for-fun battle, anyone will gladly agree to a non-official battle which does not get recorded in the battle tower.

~Team Advent League~

For those of you who simply cannot battle enough, we now have our very own in-house league with a full 8 gyms and 4 Elite Four for members of Team Advent to challenge. You can challenge the gyms in any order you like, but once you gather all 8 badges you must challenge the Elite Four in order!

Gym Leaders:
1. Kai678 - Fighting
2. seanruiz2010 - Grass
3. Cap.Dynamic - Dragon
4. Serris - Steel
5. dbcb - Psychic
6. Alex3 - Normal
7. ger9119 - Poison
8. CrazeyGirl - Electric

Elite Four:
1. Ich777Ich - Rock
2. SolarPowerX - Fire
3. all4game - Water
4. Crazie_Guy - Dark

~Acquisition Center~

There are many ways to measure a battler, from prediction to knowledge. I believe that an equally important measure is the number of Pokemon a trainer has ready to fight. As part of our efforts to help every battler become better, we proudly introduce our Acquisition Center. Set up much like a shop, you can choose Pokemon from the Acquisition center to receive for free. The Pokemon available are divided into ranks which correspond to the battle tower. You can choose from any Pokemon in any rank at or below your current rank in the battle tower, so if you see something you want you may have to battle your way up the ranks to get it - though there are plenty of Pokemon still readily available in the beginning rank. All of this is done with what we call trading cycles, which last 2 weeks each. Once per cycle you may get free Pokemon from the Acquisition center. The number of Pokemon you can get per cycle also depends on your rank in the battle tower. This offer is only for active Team Advent members; anyone found to be abusing this team exclusively for this offer will be denied this privilege. Also note that the Pokemon are cloned in order to maintain supplies, in case you have anything against cloned Pokemon.

Trade Cycles. The Acquisition Center runs in trade cycles which last 2 weeks. You may receive free Pokemon of your choice one time per cycle. The number of Pokemon you can receive per cycle depends on your Battle Tower rank and the store rank of the Pokemon.

Store Ranks. The new Acquisition Center is divided into ranks corresponding to the ranks in the battle tower. You can order any Pokemon, as per the above rules, that is in the same rank as you or lower. If you are ranked as an Adept in the battle tower, you can order any Pokemon from the Adept, Graduate, Apprentice, or Novice stores, but you may not order Pokemon from the Elite store. If there is a Pokemon you want in a higher rank, you will have to battle your way up through the ranks in order to access the higher store.

How many Pokemon can you get per cycle? This depends on your rank. Simply put, every trade cycle you may order 1 Pokemon from the store of your own rank, OR any 2 Pokemon from any of the stores below your rank. You may also notice that there are no Master or Legendary rank stores. All the Pokemon available in the Acquisition center will be open to you when you achieve the Elite rank, while Master and Legendary have special privileges. If you are a Master rank, you may request any 4 Pokemon from any of the stores. If you achieve the Legendary rank, you may directly request 1 custom Pokemon from me, with an EV spread and move-set of your choosing.

Exceptions. If you are new to battling and do not yet have a full team with which to battle, please contact me. In such cases I can allow one-time exceptions to the per-cycle limit in order to help new players assemble a playable team and start battling.

This offer is only for active Team Advent members; anyone found to be abusing this team exclusively for this offer will be denied this privilege.

~How to Join~

All you have to do is send a PM to me saying that you wish to join. Do not post a request on this thread, as that constitutes unnecessary spam and is against the new Serebii rules, possibly resulting in an infraction from one of the local moderators. There are no restrictions; everyone is welcome in Team Advent. There is, however, a zero tolerance policy for abusive behavior. There will be no flaming or disrespecting of any kind towards fellow members. If we ever go to war with another clan, any Team Advent members that are also a member of that clan are expected to take our side or remain neutral.

Clan Members
PLEASE NOTE: This list is based on Battle Tower records. Some people listed may be currently inactive. Names may or may not be the same as that members' Serebii username. Because this list is based on the Battle Tower, some Team Advent members may not be listed if they do not yet have any official battles recorded.


CrazeyGirl [Lethal Light]




Fire Mario
Seth Dusken

Here are some official userbars for use in your signature. These were made by all4game. Feel free to make your own of course:









Our war manager is FashionableLad. If your team is looking to challenge us, please PM him first. Our war team is made up of our best battlers, called Guardians.

Team Advent Guardians:









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I'm sticking with this clan.
Who made the userbars? because I want to know who to credit in my sig


Magic Type
I don't know if it counts as coming back, but you will see me around from time to time. (Sorry to disappoint.)


Well-Known Member
Ok seems like we are returning so lets keep this clan running

how do you guys decide on which pokemon go on your team?


Personally I just make a team out of pokemon that I like, use it in some battles and modify it based on how well it works. For example changing an item, moveset or sometimes a pokemon. It seems to work quite well but some people prefer a little more structure when it comes to team building.


Well-Known Member
I like personally use Mixed sweepers insted of sweepers dedictaed to one side of offence and mixed walls


My team lacks walls I only have one mix wall and thats swampert the rest are sweepers 2 special 3 physical. It works quite well as a team but I did have to go through a lot of bad combanations to get to it.


Team Advent Leader
Welcome back everyone :)

Majiksub, we're going to have to get a good time for trading. I always have a hard time coordinating with people through PMs :(

Also, there will be new Pokemon available for the next trade cycle, which begins Saturday, so everyone should watch for those.

dark sen

im happy to be a team advent member i will not disappoint you all there is a saying for want of a nail a horse shoe was lost for want of a horse shoe the steed was lost for want of a steed the message was lost and for want of a message the war was lost. so let there be no secrets between us for we shall rule the pokemon world and bring down evil.myself and my pokemon are at ur disposal.GO TEAM ADVENT!!!!!
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