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Team Advent

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Beware of the Blaze
...These rules are annoying, but I guess I'll stick with Advent like I usually do

I probly will send a PM later

So How's everyone doing?
Anyone know a good set for a Jolly Raticate?
I was gonna go for this:
Raticate @ Flame Orb
Guts and Jolly Nature
6 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe
-Flame Wheel
-Sucker Punch


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It's not actually, only 4 people like it XD But yeah, the roulette tourney should be fun, and I think we have enough people to get it started now.


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Yay roulette tourny has begun!

Had my first match and it was a blast. Got a real weird team.

Blaze, you should post the bracket in this thread too so people can see it...

oh and the league is abotu to become active again. I have recruited some new active gym leaders, got rid of the ones that are unactive, and ect. PM/Find me if you want to become a gym leaders. Participation *should* pick up once the new guys get their threads up. Leah is REALLY close to becoming the first one to challenge the E4.


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League information!

Don't forget to vote for the final Elite Four slot. Read now it is a dead heat between Blazeknight and Kiraofpokemon. Get your votes in I want to have ti settled Sunday.

People who took gyms... lets get them up as soon as you can. Canelo just got his dragon gym up!
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