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Team Building Help Thread


New Member
Hi guys ,

Just joined the forums now , I got myself soulsilver on my B'day (4 days back) . So i've been doing my reading and made a team for now , but I think It would be best if I could get some assistance from experienced guys . I am not into competitive matches , just the elite 4 and finishing the game . Below is the planned team (got all of them except gengar which is a haunter now and still got to catch larvitar )

1. Typhlosion
Moves :
Flamethrower (STAB)
Eruption (STAB and super powerful)

2. Scizor (Tichnician + Arogant nature)
Iron Head
Night Slash
Bug Bite
Wing Attack /Sword Dance
I think wing attack would be good as it is useful in the Elite 4 + Technician effect . so 60*1.5

3. Tyranitar
Thunder Fang
Fire Fang

Earthqauke cause its awesome , crunch for all the ghost/psychics . Thunder Fang for the water and Fire fang for grass ,bug and steel(also helps with ice) .
Looks like almost all the weaknesses are covered . (If not all , atleast most)

4. Lapras
Ice Beam
Hydro Pump

Decided only on 3 , what should be the 4th ?

5. Gengar
Shadow Ball
Brick Break (for against Dark Pokemon)
Destiny Bond (For desperate measures )

6. Ampharos
Thunder Bolt
Signal Beam
Power Gem

Well , Thats about it . Do share your views guys !

Happy Playing ,


New Member
Hello my friends.. I need a little help to make up my team.. I have 7 pokemons which are better than others I have.. I will write their names and moves and will expect you to decide which one should I have and moves.. Actually I'm confused between Snorlax, Arcanine and Dragonite .I have ;

-Steel Wings
-Light Screen
-Drill Peck

-Rock Throw

-hydro Pump

-Dream Eater
-Sludge Bomb
-Shadow Ball

-Thunder Wave
-Fire Blast

Snorlax (Irritable nature Phy Def (-) )
-Double Edge
-Fire Punch
-Ice Punch
-Thunder Punch

-Fire Blast
-Solar Beam
-Extreme Speed
-Iron Tail

These are moves and the best pokemons I have. Snorlax is good and has moves I can hit almost every type. But it dies when gets Phy atck.
But Arcanine, I cant benefit well it. I dont know its stats are amazing..
And Dragonite.. I really want to use it..
I'm planning to add Ice Beam to Starmie.. But I dont know which should I replace. Minimize and Recover are good strategy but dont work every time. And I need Ice move to hit Dragonite foes.. I have Blizzard TM but its accuracy is low.
I'm waiting you guys, what should I do?


New Member
What should I add to this team? (only one Pokemon as of now.)

Ability:Shell Armor
Confuse Ray
Body Slam
Perish Song
I'm planning to use it to wreck high-HP havoc with Confuse Ray and Body Slam causing Paralyze, and when HP is low, use Perish song and switch out/let it faint. Mist is just a cover-up move.

I am also new to competitive and have never participated. (Though I did do some research.)


Pokemon Platinum Master
If someone could suggest a Pokemon to replace a member of this team, that would be helpful. If you need more details, don't hesitate to ask. I am currently playing platinum. The Pokemon below are my current team members.

(average stats, not exact)

Confuse Ray
Shadow Punch
Future Sight

Dusknoir is my "wall" or "sheild" of my group. He has some of the highest defense and since he is a ghost type, he has some immunities which helps. He isn't the strongest puncher of the group, but he can let me heal the rest of my team up. He is ment to cover Houndoom from Fighting+Ground and Scizor from Ground.

Garchomp/Dragon-Ground/Sand Veil/None
(average stats, not exact)

Dragon Claw
Dragon Rush

Garchomp is the "Sweeper" of my team. He can really pack a punch and is pretty fast, too. His defense is on the weaker side but his other stats make up for it. He can cover for Scizor and Jolteon pretty well. If I send him out, my plan is to just knock as many pokemon as I can out.

(average stats, not exact)

Ice Fang
Aqua Tail
Hydro Pump
Hyper Beam

Gyarados is another "Sweeper" that I have, as the fact he can also pack a punch. Although generally slower than Garchomp, he can hit with more power. Normally one of the first I send out, and one of the first I choose to heal. He can cover for Jolteon and Garchomp.

Jolteon/Electric/Volt Absorb/None
(average stats, not exact)

Thunder Fang
Last Resort
Thunder Wave

Jolteon is used more as a status type pokemon. He will hit first most of the time, and paralyze the enemy pokemon. He has lower attack and defense than the rest of my party but no one else can paralyze other pokemon or even make them sleep etc. He will be great when fighting Flying and Steel types.

Houndoom/Dark-Fire/Flash Fire/None
(average stats, not exact)

Fire Fang
Faint Attack

Houndoom is really a "Sweeper" in my party, even though he is on the weaker side. He has high special attack, attack, and defense, which I find a great balance in when your looking for a "Sweeper". He is good against a lot of types including Grass, Ice, Bug, Steel, Psychic and Ghost. He can cover for Dusknoir,Garchomp and Gyarados.
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