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Team Completion- Alpha Sapphire

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Medieva lTrainer

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So I'm playing a casual game in my Alpha Sapphire. I had a complete team, but I cant get it because my wireless broke, making me incapable of getting a Mawile in my game. So I need to find a replacement for it. This casual run through I wanted to go for my Hoenn nostalgia, using only Pokemon that came from Hoenn in the Pokedex. So heres what I have so far:

;257; Blaziken, lv 61
Bashful Nature
Sky Uppercut
Blaze Kick
Blast Burn

;302; Sableye, lv 61
Gentle Nature
Rock Tomb
Foul Play
Shadow Claw
Zen Headbutt

;369; Relicanth, lv 61
Hasty Nature
Ancient Power
[undetermined move to take place of Dive]
Aqua Tail

;357; Tropius, lv 61
Brave Nature
Steel Wing
Leaf Storm

;317; Swalot, lv 61
Adamant Nature
Sludge Bomb
Body Slam
Gunk Shot

The 6th Pokemon I really don't know what to choose. I am open to any suggestions. Mainly I am looking for something to take take the place of what Mawile could've done for my team. I am currently weak against dragons for sure. Also I do need a good move for Relicanth to take the place of freaking Dive, seeing as how it is useless to me now. I just need it to compliment the rest of the team based on what the last Pokemon is. I do need Secret Power for someone though, I was using a Zigzagoon slave for that, but now I need a good Pokemon for the rest of the game. Move sets shown above are just current, they are not set in stone. Thank you for reading and have a great day :)
Not open for further replies.