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Team Dawn

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Written Insanity~
Hey everyone, I'm back =D

Tobbe; The tourney's been all filled up :p We'll be getting underway with it very shortly.

Eric, welcome back to the team =D heheheh. Nice to have you back ;D We'll be looking forward to seeing you around the team once again.

On an entirely other note, the Storm Kings beat us to the punch; They asked us to war. I know I've said several times we were going to war with them after we fought a different team which for the moment shall remain unnamed, but it seems that the time has come for us to get up to the front-lines and show serebii we're as strong as ever ;]

I'll be asking specific people to be going into the war within the next few days, and within a week at most (as I'm sure I've missed a lot in my absence and would like to get reacquanted as well as test the 'troops'). Prepare for battle! >=D

Okay everyone, the Team Dawn Starter Tournament is OFFICIALLY underway!!

Here are the current match-ups.

Blazeknight VS. Chaoses
CrazieGuy VS. DaveTheFishGuy
Ger9119 VS. Kasmeargy
Almgandi VS. Clone1

You have one week to finish your battles ;D good luck!
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not a fan?
~good luck guys
~May the best team win ;)

Risen from the ashes, we come to fight again.

Hello everyone, and welcome to Team Dawn!

==Team Overview==

Team Dawn is a team dedicated to giving you the best experience you can have with Pokemon on wi-fi, from battling to trading to everything inbetween. We focus on members and what we can do to help them, and create many events to help members make friends within the team and have a good time. Our mascot is ;475; Gallade ;475; , a pokemon known for its chivalry and good attitude, which we value most of all on this team.

Team Song: Headstrong by Trapt.

==What We Offer==

We offer as much as we can, from help on team building to battle training all the way to prizes and give aways. We have our own points shop which I will try to add soon, where you can use points you gain from missions, challenges, and tournaments (see below) to buy different prizes ranging from EV trained pokemon to legendary pokemon and all the way to items and berries. We will host a monthly tournament for our members, and will have pokemon and item give aways on all holidays. We will offer services to help train people who don't know how to battle well on wi-fi or need help creating a team, and will begin clan wars once we have enough members.

==Missions, Challenges? How do I get points?==

It's simple! There are three main ways to get points in Team Dawn. The first way is to complete missions. Missions are things in Team Dawn any member can complete, and the amount of points gained by completing these missions vary depending on the mission's intensity. Missions can be anything from posting 50 times to recruiting members, and everything inbetween. Missions normally have to do with the team, but challenges are different. Challenges are the same as missions in every way besides the fact they don't have to do with the team, they have to do with wi-fi and your game. Challenges can be anything from getting a certain pokemon to doing a specific thing in your game (i.e. getting a black trainer card or getting 8 badges). The next one, tournaments, will be explained more further on.

==Tournaments & Giveaways==

What would a team be without Tournaments? Every month Team Dawn will host its own tournament within our team, and whoever wins can receive a special gift, a set amount of points, a special user-bar, etc. There is more than one way to get a pokemon for free in Team Dawn, though. Every holiday we will give away special pokemon to our team members who signed up to receive it. For example, on Valentine's day we may give away Luvdisc, on Christmas we may give away Delibird, etc. These pokemon will know hard to find moves and possibly good natures/IVs, so if you don't like it you can always trade it for something better.

==Ranking System==

Since we are a battling community here, I have decided like most team leaders to have our ranking system based upon battling prowess. However, our system may act a bit differently than others. There is no "entrance exam" where we set your rank and you work up. Every member begins as a grunt and works their way up to the ultimate rank, a S.T.A.R.S. member. Here are the ranks and requirements:

Rank 1- Grunt:
Immediately attained after joining Umbrella
Everyone will start out as a grunt, like most clans. the fun part is building your way up ;] In time, I'm sure everyone will be able to make it to the elite ranks of Team Dawn.

Rank 2- Rookie:
Defeat 5 different grunts in battle
This rank is a bit more complex. To prove your battling prowess, you need to defeat 5 of your fellow grunts. Once you've done this, you'll become a rookie in Team Dawn. Rookies will receive 100 points for making it to this level.

Rank 3- Cadet:
Defeat 5 different Rookies in battle
Much like making your way to rookie status, to become a Cadet you have to fight and beat 5 different rookies in battle to become a cadet. Cadets will Receive 500 points for reaching this level in Team Dawn.

Rank 4- Elite:
Defeat 10 different Cadets in battle
Elites are the beginning of the top placements in umbrella. These people have really begun to show their prowess as battlers and are a force to be reckoned with. When you reach Elite status, you receive 1,000 points towards the Team Dawn Gift Shop.

Rank 5- General:
Defeat 10 different Elites in battle
Some of the highest ranked officers in all of Dawn, these people aren't ones to be messed with. Being the third highest rank in all of Team Dawn, they will be the ones most used as foot-soldiers for higher battles and will be the normal force of Umbrella once enough people make it to this rank. They can lead Grunts and Cadets into battle, and will be assigned their own battalion of Rookies to train and prepare for combat. Reaching this rank will give you 5,000 points towards the Team Dawn Gift Shop.

Rank 6- Admin:
Defeat 15 different Generals in battle
These people are normally going to be the highest-ranking officers in all of Team Dawn. A fight with any of these members will be one to remember, as they will definitely be extremely skilled in combat. They can lead Rookies, Cadets and Elites into battle, and will be assigned their own battalion of Cadets to help teach them and prepare them for combat. Reaching this insane level will net the member 10,000 points for the Dawn gift shop.

Final Rank- S.T.A.R.S. Member (Special Tactics and Recon Squad):
Defeat 20 different Admins in battle
Although based off of Resident Evil, members of the S.T.A.R.S. group are definitely the elite of serebii. After fighting this much, not many people can top them. Any member of S.T.A.R.S. can lead a group of assorted other ranks into battle, will be assigned their own battalion of Elites to train and prepare for combat, and will generally be viewed as the best of the best in all of Umbrella. For becoming a member of the prestigious S.T.A.R.S. group, the member will receive 100,000 points for the umbrella gift shop and will be appointed a specialized Gallade to show their rank in Team Dawn.

==Points Shop==

Here's the clan shop, everyone. Currently, this is just sort of a 'sample' since my wi-fi is down. I'm currently working on getting more legendaries and EV trained pokemon, and don't even have half the EV trained pokemon up for grabs on here yet D; I'll update later with items, regular pokes, and more as well.


Rash Nature w/ Enigma Berry
~Roar of Time
~Spacial Rend
Relaxed Nature w/ Enigma Berry
~Roar of Time
~Spacial Rend

Cost: 2,000 points


Manaphy egg

Cost: 1,000 points


Quirky Nature
~Grass Knot
~Rain Dance

Cost: 500 points


Timid Nature w/ NeverMeltIce
~Psycho Boost
~Zap Cannon
~Iron Defense

Cost: 2,000 points


Timid Nature

Cost: 1,500 points


Jolly Nature

Cost: 1,500 points


Quiet Nature
~Rain Dance
~Quick Attack

Cost: 1,500 points


Serious Nature
~Sunny Day
~Fire Blast

Cost: 1,500 points


Calm Nature
~Rain Dance
~Aurora Beam

Cost: 2,000 points


Quiet Nature w/ Pokerus
~Baton Pass
~Perish Song

Cost: 2,000 points


Shiny Latias
Relaxed Nature w/ Soul Dew
~Mist Ball

Cost: 2,000 points


Shiny Kyogre
Bold Nature
~Hydro Pump
~Sheer Cold

Cost: 2,000 Points


Shiny Metagross
Adamant Nature w/ Focus Sash
~Meteor Mash

Cost: 2,000 Points


Jolly Nature w/ Expert Belt
~Aerial Ace
~Brick Break
~Ice Shard

Cost: 1,500 Points


Calm Nature w/ Leftovers
~Rapid Spin
~Hidden Power
~Toxic Spikes

Cost: 1,500 Points


Adamant Nature w/ Life Orb
~Close Combat
~Swords Dance

Cost: 1,500 Points


Mild Nature w/ Life Orb
~Cross Chop
~Hidden Power

Cost: 1,500 Points


Modest Nature w/ Choice Specs
~Draco Meteor
~Dragon Pulse
~Hydro Pump

Cost: 1,500 Points

==Team Events==

Currently, there are two events under-way.

#1- Team Dawn Starters Tournament- To kick off the return of Team Dawn, I'm hosting an in-clan tournament. Currently, there will be 8 participants competing for a grand prize. The prize will be a shiny male ralts, who happens to have some pretty decent stats ;3 The winner will also be awarded 1,000 points towards the Team Dawn Points Shop. There are currently 2 spots left for this tournament!


Adamant Nature w/ Life Orb
~Shadow Sneak

#2- Valentine's Day Give-away- I will be giving away Luvdisc to all ROOKIE members of Team Dawn on Valentine's Day this year (this date may be subject to change if I don't get my wi-fi back. If it isn't back by then, I'll give them out as soon as possible). All rookie members are able to sign up for the give-away and get them for free, which ends February 13. They are well worth it, as you can most likely trade them if nothing else for a good pokemon.


Modest Nature w/ Leftovers
252 HP/252 SPA/6 SPE
~Rain Dance
~Ice Beam

==How to Join==

To join, simply fill out this form and post it. It's never too late to join Team Dawn! We accept all members, regardless of skill level or anything else, so please be truthful in your answers so I can see where you're at.

How long have you been battling on wi-fi?:
Do you have a wi-fi team that is ready to battle?:
What is your current record?:
Are you in any other Teams/Clans?:

==Current Members==

Lion Demon


Team Dawn Leader

Total Members: 24

Now then, who would like to join us? :] It is NEVER too late to join Team Dawn ;D

Can I join?
Username:Sunnyangel(Sunny in game)
How long have you been battling on wi-fi?:around 2 months?
Do you have a wi-fi team that is ready to battle?:yep
What is your current record?:don't battle mutch coz i don't have any friends with wi-fi
Are you in any other Teams/Clans?:no
pls let me join

charlie rulez

Username:charlie rulez (Charlie in game)
How long have you been battling on wi-fi?:2 months
Do you have a wi-fi team that is ready to battle?:yes
What is your current record?:dunno
Are you in any other Teams/Clans?:zodiacXII and blackfalcons
also have gallade in ma team


not a fan?
xD yea I lol'd when I saw that
thats a first :S

I can help you guys in any way. Ask me if you need a banner, of even if you just need me to kill in wars. ;)
username:cake lover game in lol
How long have I fought in wi-fi: none because i have do not my team yet
do I have a team ready to battle: working on it
what is my current record: 0
am I in other teams or clans: nope


New Member
I've been looking for a place to sharpen my skills in general, and this seems the place to start at.

How long have I fought in Wi-Fi: like... ummm once? ^_^; it was a 'gag' battle between a friend and I
Do I have a team ready to battle: currently a work in progress
What is your current record: 1-0... of course I won the gag battle...
Are you on any other teams or clans: none at the moment, nor do I plan on joining any others... I can only handle one at a time ^_^;


Written Insanity~
wow, one day and everybody decides to join xD

PokemonTrainerDawn; Please don't quote the first post, cuz it's hella long xD and instead of doing it, just fill out the form. Thank you! :]

To Yoshi; Sorry, but we prefer to rely on our own powers for war :) if a clan hires mercenaries to fight for them in wars, they don't really win the war now, do they? Their clan's power didn't, at least. Thank you for the offer though! ;)

I'll PM all the new members with all the info you'll need :] welcome to Team Dawn!
question: can i still sign up for the newbie tourney???


not a fan?
Can you guys Pt. me, Sky, or FireTrainer92 your line-up
were almost set up as well ;)


Written Insanity~
Can you guys Pt. me, Sky, or FireTrainer92 your line-up
were almost set up as well ;)

Umm, we're still in the process of getting everything set up ^^;; You guys decided to war with us at a bad time, we're still just getting onto our feet. Or maybe that's the point?

Either way, I believe we have until Thursday to get all that set up ^^
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