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Team Eevee and the Pokemon Rescue Squad! (763)

The episode made me think he is the one that going to beat Ash in the league now. May be new Eevee evolution, dragon or steel type Eevee sound awesome, lol.
Why would Virgil beat Ash with a pokemon that doesn't exist?
Does anyone have a link where I can watch this episode?
Well there's this thing called Google I'd love to give you a link but yeah there's Google and I'm too lazy. But try Google.
I really liked the episode. It was nice to me. Seeing all the Eeveelutions and Eevee made me feel so good. Reminds me of the old days. I kind of wish Leafeon did something, but hey it might be used against Ash or something. Eevee was so cute in the episode, this episode made me love Eevee ten times more. :D


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It doesn't matter if they try to make them friendly in the end, I still think Cryogonal are creepy. And those high-pitched voices aren't helping...
I just noticed this. Vaporeon can't learn Bubblebeam by leveling up or by tutor, well not in this generation. The writes think they're slick. :) I would if this will happen again in the future.


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Does anyone have a link where I can watch this episode?
If I'm not mistaken, I think Japanese Hulu may have this episode (and I'm pretty sure it's legal, it's Hulu after all, and it was in the sponsor part in the break, or the preview for next episode), but I think you need to live in Japan, and have paid for that service to be able to watch this episode.

Whether it's out right now, is entirely different manner.


Wonder if this guy will showcase a possible Generation 6 Eeveelution? That would be a neat move for the writers.
I was thinking maybe there would be a six versus six battle, and Eevee can come back as a new evolution, or evolve during the battle?

Also, I think that Leafeon will have a big role in the league, since it wasn't showcased much. I hope Vaporeon sits out the 6 vs 6 battles.


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Thanks to Sushi that we now know that Virgil's Eevee is the only female of Team Eevee. The Eeveelutions are all male. I guess it's a nod to Eevee's in-game gender ratio.

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This episode helped better understand Virgil's origins. Episodes are so much better when you know what they are actually saying. I liked how Davey teased Virgil about being reckless. It's interesting that Virgil used to be like Ash. Seeing how he is you would least expect that. Does that mean Ash will have to be Virgil's age to win a league?


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English dub today. I just wanted to know Virgil and Davey's english names. Hope he has Sylveon by now...
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Lolol. Now that Pokemon League is Next Week, I am watching it with my brother at home rather than at Vertress City.


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I think he's referring to being Soren and Rocko who we saw a few episodes ago. :p

Good episode. What irked me a little bit was how Eevee sounds, but I got use to it and found it adorable. Loved seeing all the Eevee evolutions together, but shame we didn't get to see much of Leafeon. Odd man out.

Glad Virgil kept his original name; leading up to this episode, I was watching King of the Nerds and one of the contestants was named Virgil. Interesting, they both have the same hair color.

I'm so excited for next week: The Freaking Unova League begins.