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Team Eevee and the Pokemon Rescue Squad! (763)


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Great episode! Eevee and its evolutions were all awesome! Though it's a shame that Leafeon didn't get much action. Ash using the Pokédex a total of nine times, wow. I doubt that will be topped. And already, League time this coming Saturday. Damn, it feels like we're trying to catch up to Japan's current episode, though that will never happen. Except maybe October 2013?


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Did anyone find this episode to be extremely reminiscent of Thunderbirds? I mean, Rescue 1 and Rescue 2 (Thunderbirds 1 and 2), Virgil is pilot of Thunderbird 2 (likewise, this Virgil is pilot of Rescue 2), the dad is the boss of the organisation (with a remarkable resemblance to Jeff Tracy), and the HQ is pretty much exactly like Tracy Island, just with the monitor replacing the pictures of the Tracy siblings on the wall...

If only Davy was named Scott, it would have been exactly like Thunderbirds...


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Good episode in showing off the current Eevees, you can tell this was probably written to be a Pokemon Ranger episode. I'm sure we'll see Virgil again when the show needs to show off Sylveon before the new series begins.
Virgil: So eevee what do you want to evolve into?

Eevee: I don't know...*cough* sylveon *cough*
I'm totally thinking that. And they made her the only girl, it's making it seem more like to evolve an Eevee into a Ninfia requires a female Eevee and something else. I'm betting it on it happening to Virgil's.


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I loved this episode. I love how Umbreon was used as a flashlight and it was a good episode for all the eeveelutions. I thought the trapped Cryogonal was a good reason for the Cryogonal being mad.


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I could tell Virgil's eevee was a girl just by its voice before he even said so. She was a cutie pie. :) And why does helping hand always seem to be something worth having in the anime? I've never liked the move in the games except for the animation. That and water gun and bubble. At least quick attack is worth something. Otherwise, the episode was fine.



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Looking back at it now... Virgil was a pretty wasted character and this episode could have been thrown out for a longer league arc


Meh ಠ_ಠ
You meant to say Cameron and Axew right?
Unfortunately no on Cameron as he did appear first and with enough time in-between, as for the Axew episode, that one could have been moved back or used after the league.


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This was an okay episode, it showcased Virgil and his Eeveelutions(for promotion). I didn't like it when Ash dexed all those Eveelutions one by one.......I know the he does it for the new viewers of the series, but this is just too much.
If Virgil hadn't debuted in this episode, it would've been a forgettable filler.
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I'm actually not surprised Umbreon uses Flash that way.
Also, when Ash was dexing all the other Eeveelutions, I was thinking "Oh boy, here we go!", as in it felt like it took an eternity to get through them all.


Virgil's shameless Eeveelution promotion made this episode weak. Even the stranded Cryogonal situation seemed tacked on & pointless. 5/10

Mrs. Oreo

Virgil's Eeveelutions were quite cute hee hee, tho I liked his older brother a tad more than I liked Virgil. The Cryogonals who froze the dam seemed kind of evil to me until we saw the trapped Cryogonal inside. ^^;


Virgil was a pretty cool guy, although I was expecting his Eievui to become a Nymphia by the end of the episode since he had the whole Eievui set minus Nymphia. The situation at the dam facility involving the angered Freezeo was intense, and I liked when Virgil's brother's Hihidaruma melted the frozen landscape.
This episode helped better understand Virgil's origins. Episodes are so much better when you know what they are actually saying. I liked how Davey teased Virgil about being reckless. It's interesting that Virgil used to be like Ash.


I thought this was a great episode and also a great debut for Virgil. Maybe it's just because I really love Eevee and it's evolutions but I like how Virgil uses them.


Looking back, Eievui and its evolved forms sure were shown a lot in late Best Wishes. We saw them here, at the Isshu League, in the treasure island episode, and in the sixteenth Pikachu short.


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Wow, for as much promotion as the Eeveelutions got I was thinking we'd see them a lot more in this episode. They were cute but they didn't really do much. The writers must really hate Leafeon, we saw it for only three seconds.


Given how Satoshi lost to Kotetsu at the Isshu League and didn't even face Virgil there, I do wonder why Virgil even debuted here since his role as a League rival never happened.