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Team Enchanted Garden Vs. The Ascension

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alright I'm ready and eager for my match...Archer told me that Lance wants to battle me...

Mad remember we were in this clan ;D we got this right? lol I'm quite confident


Nymph ニンフ <3
lul yeah we got this ;D


Metroid Hunter
lol hey guys just letting you know lance is not on right at the moment but Acio and jokers are on right now...try to see if they want to battle you mad...bobby not on yet ethier though...he really eager to battle lol...

Lance The Champ

The Aura Guardian
Yup we wanted to battle each other before Blazing Arrow and I but it didn't workout I guess... So I am looking forward to battling him


Well-Known Member
Any Ascension members on now? I'm on for the next hour or so if anyone with PO or Wi-Fi wants to battle. I'll be on a few hours later too. Have at me!


Nymph ニンフ <3
i can battle anyone, but as requested of leader archer, i'll battle jokers. so when you're on jokers, i'll battle you :3


Nymph ニンフ <3
lol yeah, okay..


Nymph ニンフ <3
I think Gannon ONLY does po. I can't rmbr


Dragon Master
I CAN do both, but po is MUCH preferred. I am ready for my battle


♥ Ace ♥
good, cause I can only do PO. so the match-ups are:

Eevee vs. Archer
Mad vs. Joker
Lance vs. Blazing
Bobyjoe vs. Ganno
Acio vs. Ioliolk


The Clown Prince
me and mad had our battle, i won 2-0 it was intense


Nymph ニンフ <3
i lost to joker 2-0. sorry ascension, i guess having not battle for awhile makes me noob again D:

made so many mistakes
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