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Team Freelance - White 2 Ingame


Hey. This is my first RMT thread, so bear with me.

Team at a glance:


A closer look:

Ampharos @ item unknown
Modest, Static
-Power Gem
-Signal Beam

I am not using a starter because Unova's starters bore me. I like Ampharos because Flaafy can be found really early at Sangi Ranch. I like it's nice special attack and kind of diverse coverage. This pokemon will be staying on the team and I am not looking to replace him. Moveset suggestions are highly appreciated!

Azumarill @ item unknown
nature to be decided, Huge Power
-Superpower/Brick Break
-Ice Beam
-Aqua Tail

I decided I needed a water type and Azumarill seemed like the right fit. Not too frail, with a fantastic ability and decent hitpoints. It is also found quite early. Azumarill seems nice. It looked like a good pair with Ampharos. Moveset I put together doesn't seem great, but I can't think of much.

Roserade @ item unknown
Modest, Poison Point
-Sleep Powder
-Giga Drain
-Sludge Bomb

I like Roserade as a pokemon. Roselia is found pretty early, and I needed a grass type. I like its dual typing, and thought that Ampharos, Azumarill, and Roserade would work well together. Ampharos can take out any flying types coming after Roserade, and the same for Azumarill with fire. Looks like a good match.

Cinccino @ item unknown
Jolly, Skill Link
-Tail Slap
-Rock Blast
-Bullet Seed
-Aqua Tail

I absolutely love the cute little Cinccino. I love Skill Link on it, and it just seems like the perfect fit. I will have to grind out hidden hollows, but it will be worth it. This is another one that I definitely want to keep on the team. I decided to add it because it looks really useful.

Flygon @ item unknown
Nature Undecided, Levitate
-Fire Blast

My first 4 pokemon are quite frail. I decided Flygon was a good addition due to many resistances, and I always need a ground type. Dragon type is a nice bonus. I am VERY unsure about the moveset, the one above looks kind of awful, but I do want to at least keep fly for ingame usability purposes. Not much to be said here, Flygon is a boss and said to be very useful.

Steelix @ item unknown
Nature Undecided- possibly Relaxed, Sturdy
-Fire Fang/Other
-Ice Fang/Other
-Iron Head/Iron Tail

I needed a pokemon with high defense to round out the team. A steel type looked good, and Onix is found relatively early.

All in all, that is the team. Please offer advice, suggestions, rates on whatever you think I need to improve. Could be natures, moves, pokemon I should swap, or whatever. Point out any weaknesses I missed and tell me what you think.
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Arcane Trainer
SE Power Gem does 140. STAB neutral Thunderbolt does 147.5. You don't need Power Gem. Cotton Guard>Power Gem.

Ice Punch>Ice Beam, Double Edge>Surf.

Sleep Powder/Giga Drain/Sludge Bomb/Growth is fine on Roserade.

Technician is superior to Skill Link on Cincinno. Aqua Tail is better than Sing.

Fire Blast>Dragon Tail on Flygon.

General Nonsense

Star Glider
On Steelix, use Sturdy>Rock Head. If you're not using recoil moves, Rock Head is completely useless. Sturdy prevents OHKOs, and in 5th gen, it's any OHKOs, not just OHKO moves. Sturdy is such a great ability, there's no reason not to use it.


Thanks for the advice :D I have edited to include most of these tips, thank you

And about Cinccino, I have tried both Skill Link and Technician on PO and although Technician may be the more appropriate option, I have a personal preference for Skill Link because I love efficiency and knowing exactly how much I'll hit. Besides, its an ingame team, so won't make too much of a difference.

Thanks! :)
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Your WORST nightmare
Amphy can use Focus Blast instead of Discharge/ Thunder

and I don't think Azumarill should be using mixed set. Aqua Jet would fit nicely in there.

Not much else to be said, except that Leftovers, Shell Bells, Expert Belts could all be good items (ingame)


Hehe, some great tips, thanks! Will edit tomorrow :p


The Torterra Trainer
Azumarill @Choice Band
Huge Power
-Return/Ice Punch
-Aqua Jet/Ice Punch

I'll be using this.
Also, you practically stole half of my planned team.


Well-Known Member
For Cinccino
Use Life Orb for your item slot since it give more Attack by 1.3 which make Skill Link become more useful than Technician.

Star Champion AJ

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Here's a nice Flygon moveset (if you don't mind getting another Pokémon with Fly):
Flygon@Life Orb
Ability: Levitate
Nature: Adamant
Dragon Claw
Fire Punch


thanks for the advice!

And to benwsf- that looks like a great azumarill set. Also, I haven't seen your team at all, sorry about that. I came up with these trying to be original.


The Torterra Trainer
I haven't posted it yet (but I will soon), but it doesn't matter anyway. Lots of people seem to planning on Flygon and a few less on Azumarill. But that's off topic.

I forgot, Aqua Jet is an egg move, so if you don't want to breed, use Ice Punch (but Aqua Jet is nice because Azumarill is so slow).

Cinccino @Life Orb/Choice Band
Jolly (slightly preferable over Adamant)
Skill Link
-Tail Slap
-Bullet Seed
-Rock Blast

Just U-Turn out if run into something you don't want to see.
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Yeah, I love Flygon. I have been seeing a lot of setups like Starter/Lucario/Arcanine/Random/Flygon/Random

Lots of Zoroarks and Galvantulas too.

And also Aqua Tail is a move tutor move in BW2, but I have no idea how early you get it. I will probably just keep U-Turn as it would be extremely useful for switching into Steelix or so. Anyway, I am considering replacing Roserade with Braviary, which would leave me without a grass type which I am slightly uncomfortable with.

Star Champion AJ

Well-Known Member
Yeah, I love Flygon. I have been seeing a lot of setups like Starter/Lucario/Arcanine/Random/Flygon/Random

Lots of Zoroarks and Galvantulas too.
Hello! Sorry if I'm late to the party (that happens often), but my planned team has the Starter/Lucario/Arcanine/Flygon/Random/Random and the Randoms are precisely Zoruark and Galvantula like you said before.
Now, going on-topic, here's an Ampharos example set

Ampharos@Leftovers/Wise Glasses
Nature: Modest/Timid
Focus Blast (if you don't mind the low accuracy and PP)
Signal Beam
Thunder Wave/Power Gem
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Arcane Trainer
For a more defensively minded Ampharos with less redundant coverage:

Calm (+Sp. Def, -Atk)
Trait: Static

~Cotton Guard
~Light Screen
~HP {Fire/Fight/Ground/Grass/Ice}

Aura Sensei™

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I'm fairly sure that Roserade dosen't get Sleep Powder. Correct me if I'm wrong though. If so , Leech Seed is a nice addition in there.

Also , n00b , ingame suggesting HP's is kinda bad since they can never always geT the right HP.


Thanks for the lovely Ampharos sets :D

And also- still thinking of replacing Roserade.


Arcane Trainer
Suggesting 4 or 5 HP's makes it pretty easy to get one of them. Roserade gets Sleep Powder through breeding.