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Team Freewill [RP]

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by Pyroli, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. Pyroli

    Pyroli Banned

    Team Freewill
    Run by: SpyroxPikachu
    Co GMs: None at the moment

    PG 14 for slight language, violence, and mild sexual innuendos.

    Sign Up Thread
    Discussion Thread

    Hello Team! Welcome to the RP. I only have one thing that I would like you guys to keep in mind; and that’s to respect your fellow Rpers (and have fun, try and have fun.).

    Currently, I’m running the brains of this operation. If I ever need help I’ll probably post asking for it, but for now, I’m alright running this by myself until things get a-rolling.

    xx Spyro


    The year is 20xx, the various regions of Pokemon lie in ruin, most towns non-existent in the bleakness. Kanto was bombed three years ago, some remnants of an old life still remain, obscured behind the decay. Most people evacuated, some stayed and found a new way of life amongst the decay.

    Johto, and the other regions, aren’t much better. Johto was turned into a war ground, the people made into slaves and mindless robots for the army. The army captured Rayquaza, causing a huge war to break out between Kyogre and Groundon that was never stopped so Hoenn flooded in the process, causing the whole region to undergo the building of islands for people to live in. Sinnoh stands as a seemingly abandoned waste ground, all the once beautiful cities are now rusted and covered in a haze of dirt. But Unova… Unova took the biggest tumble of them all.

    Unova was turned into a huge base of operations for the army, or, ‘Team Rapture’. Team Rapture was newly formed team, their only goal was to create greater Pokemon, robotic servants of their former selves. They bombed Kanto, killing so many innocent people and Pokemon. They turned Johto into a war base, taking all the people who were now out of jobs into their various factories and laboratories. They took Rayquaza from Hoenn, causing it to flood and undergo a complete reconstruction, and finally, they scared most people far away from the Sinnoh and Unova regions.

    Team Rapture eliminates any threat to them, any sign of rebellion. They don’t care about the lives of humans or Pokemon, all they want is power. The Pokemon that they capture are… changed. Far beyond the point of the shadow Pokemon incident in Orre, but something far more sinister. They call this, Project Primal; meaning that they literally turn the Pokemon into beasts; back to their much more dark and primal roots. The first Pokemon ever created with Project Primal was “Rose”, the Tauros. Who is the leader’s prized Pokemon, and an extremely powerful and fearful opponent, given the power to speak with Project Primal, she talks to her victims before killing them. Making her a truly evil and cruel beast.

    But, a resistance has risen up. Secretly working in the Sinnoh region, their main base of operation being in the long abandoned, Pokemon Mansion in Eterna Forest. Lead by a girl known only as ‘Ecanus’ by Team Rapture. She’s been fighting against them for ages, battling constantly, losing many friends and comrades in the battles. She needs help, she needs to build a better resistance. She needs to build a new Team Freewill.

    Team Freewill
    You’re a member of Team Freewill, and like so many others, you want vengeance on Team Rapture. Each member has a different background, a different reason to fight on Team Freewill. They come from all over the world, every single region.

    Each member has a special Pokemon, their starter, that’s based on a certain type. However, the rest of their team are any Pokemon of their choice. These are Pokemon that they seem to have a link to, some sort of special link that helps these Pokemon fight better with their trainers. ‘Ecanus’ has a special link to a grass type, her Leafeon, the two share a special type of bond.

    Ecanus is looking for anyone who’s able, anyone who wants to finally fight! And she wants you.



    Your first couple posts will be your character working their way to the Team Freewill base in Eterna Forest from wherever your character was last. You may start anywhere in your home region (IE: Amelia starts in the Team Freewill base because she’s leader, but Malorie would start in Hoenn.)

    In each post before the content, I’d like if you posted something along the lines of:


    Malorie Weaver
    Ruins Of Fortree City, Hoenn Region.


    Important Places

    Haunted Mansion (Eterna Forest, Sinnoh Region): Team Freewill Base

    Opelucid City (Unova Region): Main base of Rapture Operations

    States Of The Regions

    Kanto: A husk of what it used to be, hardly any buildings remain and most people have left the area. Signs of the bombing still show.

    Johto: A war ground, a constant war against Team Rapture and other rebellious teams are fought here. It’s also a slave camp for innocent people Team Rapture has taken.

    Hoenn: Flooded. Most cities have become, only a few cities remain that were on higher ground, or ones farther from the water.

    Sinnoh: Abandoned. Team rapture is often patrolling Sinnoh to see if anyone is left amongst the dirt and the rust.

    Unova: All of Unova is Team Rapture’s stronghold. They keep livestock, food, supplies, innocent people, and all the corrupted Pokemon.



    1. All Serebii Rules Apply
    2. Don’t make your character EXTREMELY OP.
    3. Inactivity will result in removal
    4. Have fun!
    5. No bunnying.


    Amelia Watson
    Team Freewill Base (Eterna Forest, Sinnoh Region)

    Amelia walked through the forest, she was expecting company. Her posters were plastered all across the regions.

    Ecanus wants you!

    They declared in huge, red flash letters, Just like one of those old Russian propaganda posters. She had links in two of the other regions, she didn’t know their real names yet; they only went by ‘Oswin’ who was from Hoenn, and ‘The Vulture’ from Unova. They were the closest thing Amelia had to friends in this godforsaken world.

    Team Rapture, They’ll help you!

    Those were the posters. She remembered them rather clearly in her mind, the images flashing. The kids from school all jumping for joy, wanting to join this fantastic thing called Team Rapture. They promised a better world, a better place for everyone.

    They lied through their bloody teeth.

    Slaughter rained through the streets of Amelia’s hometown. Her mother- no. Now wasn’t the time to think about Violeta. Amelia gritted her teeth as she clutched her mother’s necklace in her hand, looking towards the base.

    In hindsight, she always knew she needed to make things right. She always felt the need to stand up for what was right. Her first team; well, they were a group of teenagers who were just about as pissed off as she was. Although... Amelia luckily didn’t suffer the same fate as them. Although their faces, those... faces. Twisted in such agony. They always haunted her mind, she say them when she shut her eyes, as well as all that blood, all the gore...

    No, don’t you dare cry thinking about them Amelia. You need to be strong, for your sake, for theirs. They’re counting on you. The voice in her head blared at her, she knew it was right. She knew she needed to be strong.

    Her team, well. That was when Rapture’s leader, Adam. Decided to make R053, or simply “Rose”. The first primal Pokemon. Once a gentle Tauros, now with a desire to kill. Her fur had become a jet black, eyes a special shade of pink, and her horns; sharper, soaked in blood. She watched this horrible monster batter her team into a pulp. She had barely escaped with her life.

    Although, the beast had claimed something of hers. She looked down at her throbbing leg, slowly adjusting the straps to cause herself less pain. Rose had taken her left leg, from the thigh down, with those razor sharp horns. Amelia had just been lucky she hadn’t died from the blood she lost. It wasn’t noticeable, with her pants covering it, it actually looked like a normal leg.

    She shook her head.

    Enough about the past. Let’s live in the present, and currently in the present, all Amelia had to do was sit and wait for the new Team Freewill to show themselves.
    Last edited: Jan 9, 2013
  2. ger9119

    ger9119 Well-Known Member

    Name: River Nash
    Codename: Quantum
    Type: Bug
    Location: Team Freewill Base Eterna Forest, Sinnoh Region

    River walked through the forest with a feeling of being at home he had a smile on his face as he looked down at a poster talking about Team Freewill he climbed over a fallen tree

    " Well i hope this Team Freewill is what it seems like it should be and I'm hoping Ecanus is a really nice person"

    From happy there was a clear sense of uncertainity hovering around River he knew he traveled so far to be apart of something that will hopefully bring change to the world he brushed through some brush and continued on his way to find the base

    " Well i'm hoping i could find this base soon I really want to get all settled and adjusted to the enviorment around me just have to stay focused and do this for mom and dad"

    Finally coming out of a clearing he saw an old mansion which from what he can tell had to be the base.

    " Well this to be it has a kind of creepy haunted mansion vibe but i could get used to this"

    River entered the mansion and saw a girl which he assumed to be Ecanus he began to get nervous and stuck his handle out.

    " Ahhh Hi I'm River ... River Nash is this Team freewill I hope this is the right place"

    River began to sweat a little bit but tryed to play it off with a smile
  3. Sketchie

    Sketchie it's about the CUBES

    (OOC: Okay, the accent of the grunt is a New York City accent, but due to the fact there is no NYC in the pokemn world, I omitted that from the post.)
    Jutta Flamme
    Lower level, Ruins of Snowpoint Temple, Snowpoint City, Sinnoh ---> The Haunted Mansion, Eterna Forest, Sinnoh

    Jutta exhaled, and she watched her breath dance through the air until is was no longer visible. This is it, she thought, This is the day I'll break free. She looked up at the statue of the pokemon she found the day she lost everyone. The pokemon... to Jutta it was her guardian. It protected her during the attack, and Jutta prayed the pokemon's spirit would protect her through her journey. Jutta exhaled again, concentrating on the faint flames every breath made. She sat down by the pokemon and sighed. "How am I going to get from here to the Eterna forest!?" she said to the pokemon. She looked down at the her boots in despair. Then, out of the corner of her eye, she saw the edge of a paper under the pokemon's foot. She slowly slipped it out from underneath the pokemon and gasped. This... this is my town map! I must have dropped it here, and... She got on her feet and looked up at the massive pokemon. Whatever you are... she thought, Thank you. I'll miss you, big guy.

    Jutta looked at the map. Well, seems like a straightforward path, if you don't count that snow-feild and that mountain in the way. Well... looks like I'm traversing that pile of never ending snow, the mess known as Mt. Coronet, then finding my way through Eterna, all without being caught. She thought angrily. She shrugged her emotions off. This was not the time to be doubting. She looked through her blue backpack, and went through everything she needed. Water... check, bread... check, five pokemon... check, rope... check, map... check... She slung her backpack onto her shoulder and looked at the sky. It was white, and it had just started to snow. She looked at the lakefront, where she would start her trek.

    After Jutta got through Acuity Lakefront, the snowfall got much worse. Jutta smiled. She was raised in this weather. Not only does the snow block vision, it also slows down everyone. She smirked as she finished her thought. Everyone... except those who have ice pokemon. "Lorelei, let's go!" she whispered, throwing a pokeball into the air. The pokeball erupted, and a flash of light shot out, morphing into the shape of froslass. When the light dispersed, Lorelei looked up at her trainer and nodded a greeting. "Lorelei, I need you to help me make some... tracks. How about... a sled type thing on a single runer?"

    The ghostly pokemon nodded. Silently, a ice blue orb formed at Lorelei's mouth. A beam short out of the orb, making the start of a thick, foot-wide sheet of ice with a single groove on it. She waited a few seconds, then shot another beam, this time making a plank of ice, with a foot that went into the groove. Jutta nodded, and got onto the plank. Lorelei went in front of her and flew off shooting the same icy beam. Soon after, Jutta started sliding the plank across the track, and with every move she went faster and faster. Soon, she could just stand on the plank, and it carried her to where Lorelei was waiting- the mouth of Mt. Coronet. She got off the plank and watched the track be buried in a blanket of snow. Jutta whispered a thanks to Lorelei, and called her back inside the pokeball.

    Now comes the fun part, Jutta thought with a grin. During and after a big Snowpoint snowstorm, Mt. Coronet became a cave of ice. There were ice patches everywhere, and all the small pools had completely frozen over. The fun part is sliding across this mountain. Jutta threw another pokeball into the air. "Sophia, it's your turn!" she whispered, her voice echoing throughout the chamber. The light then formed into a gardevior, shattering and leaving the graceful pokemon in its place. "I probably don't need you yet, but when the time comes I need some help moving rocks. Follow me!" Jutta said as she ran deeper into the mountain, slipping and sliding on any ice available. She twirled as she moved farther through the mountain, remembering her time spent in Almia Castle. Eventually she came to a narrow passage, the passage leading to the clearing where the Eterna City exit was. The passage was blocked by a large boulder. Jutta looked at Sophia. Sophia nodded and glided up to the boulder. Her eyes started to glow a pale blue color, and the rock began to glow the same color shortly afterwards. Sophia lifted her head up, lifting the boulder up, and lunged forwards, sending the rock flying towards the other side of the cave. The green and white pokemon stopped abruptly, stopping the rock before it hit the wall and lowering it down slowly. Jutta ran up to meet her pokemon, and congratulated Sophia before calling her back into the pokeball.

    Jutta quickly walked out of the cave and scanned the area. No Rapture goons in sight. As she started walking towards the once-great city, her mind began to wander towards Team Rapture. What should I call them, anyway? I called Team Dim Sun goons. Rapture needs it's own nick name. How about- she cut herself off as soon as she got to the edge of the city. Her heart raced. She heard footsteps. She ducked behind a nearby tree and watched as two Team Rapture grunts stop in the middle of the entrance. "Butt-munchers," she whispered angrily as she listened to their conversation.

    "I dunno why da boss put us 'ere," one male grunt said with a heavy accent, "I mean, der's notin' 'ere but ruins of da city."

    The other grunt, in a worried female voice, replied, "Well... m-maybe there's r-resistence forming, a-and it c-could be happing h-here!" Jutta smirked. You bet there's gonna be a resistance. Just not here.

    "Yeah, right, der's gonna be a resistance formin' in a city wit no-one der," the male grunt snapped at the other, who cowered and started to move on.

    Jutta dashed out from her hiding place as soon as the goons were out of sight. Eterna's a straight forward city, so if I run straight through... I won't get caught. She put herself in a running position at the east side of the city. She took a death breath, concentrating on speed and speed alone. She heard the voice of her old coach echo in her head. Jutta Flamme! Up to your mark! Ready... set... go! As soon as she heard the go, instinctively she ran off at top speed. She closed her eyes. She could feel the air flying by, and the ground meeting her feet. Before long, she arrived at the other end of the city. She kept running until she hit the forest.

    As she walked into the forest, she took off her parka and tied it around her waist. Don't need you anymore, she thought. She took out a third pokeball, and without a moment's hesitation, threw it up into the air. Blue flames erupted out of the opening pokeball, swirling until they burned out, leaving a dragonair coiled regally on the grassy ground. Jutta ran and hugged the pokemon, then looked into its crystal eyes and whispered, "We're almost there, Michael. We've come so far... let's go meat this "Ecanus"person, shall we?"

    The long, blue pokemon smiled. "Dragon! Dragonair!" he shouted gleefully. Jutta ran through the forest with Michael by her side. Eventually she arrived at her destination - the Haunted Mansion. Pokemon and trainer leaped over the fence, and slowly pproched the door. Jutta shrugged and pushed the door open. She saw a girl walking through the halls, so Jutta called out and stopped her. "Hey! You with the black hair!" She ran up to the girl, and said, "Are you Ecanus? And am I in the right place?

    (OOC: Aiden's post, coming soon!)
    Last edited: Jan 8, 2013
  4. ger9119

    ger9119 Well-Known Member

    Name: Kendra Park
    Codename: Acuity
    Type: Normal
    Location: Etherna Forest, Team freewill Base

    Kendra entered the forest after being able to duck Team Rapture patrols she looked around getting a full view of her surrondings and reached into a belt around her waist and grabbed a pokeball and lightly tossed it on the floor with a bright glow Kodiak the Ursaring arose from the Pokeball and let out a loud roar to show its power.

    "Not to loud Kodiak I don't want to be found by any of those patrols could mean trouble for us we have to find this base quickly for we can start working on plans to end team rapture and hopefully bring everyone back here to Sinnoh and to restore it's beauty"

    She patted Kodiak on its back hoping to relax it , she was worried that there cover could be blown but she knew she needed to have Kodiak out of it's pokeball for she can feel safe venturing into the forest. Kendra then began to walk ahead of Kodiak as he quickly followed behind her looking around to both side of him to make sure there will be no sneak attacks.

    " This is alot differnt than snowpoint city and its constant cold weather huh Kodiak"

    Kendra and Kodiak were'nt used to the forest conditions but were happy to hopefully be around people soon even though it was Kodiak had his doubts about being teamed with other people's pokemon. On the other hand Kendra seemed overjoyed with the idea of making new friends. They approached the Haunted Mansion which clearly had to be the base , Kendra then sent Kodiak back into it's pokemon in fear of it acting aggressive towards the other trainer's pokemon. She noticed a few people gathered around.

    " Hi everyone i'm Kendra Park from snowpoint city this has to be Team Freewill because none of you are giving me that Team Rapture kind of vibe lets get to work and stop Team Rapture"

    Kendra was clearly over excited and she had a happy glow on her face which had'nt been seen in months.
  5. Nightdreamer

    Nightdreamer rawr .

    (ooc: This is probably going to be in part or two since I have some serious homework to finish. And a quick question, to those prowling Sinnoh, what weapons do they carry? Guns, pokemon, the mutated Pokemon? I just went with my assumptions for this piece. )

    Autumn Bellum
    Ruin Maniac Cave, South of Veilstone City
    Introduction: Part Uno

    The two grunts ducked their heads in the cave, boots thumping the ground, rifles pointed outwards in defense. One pulled out a flashlight. The Sinnoh night lay an eerie haze over the region, the streetlights no longer functioning. Team Rapture had made sure of that.

    The grunt with the flashlight sent the beam searching throughout the cave, the rocks glowing soft orange against the yellow light. "There's nothing here." he called to his partner. The gangly partner huffed. "I told countless times, we should be on the next trip to the Battle Zone, everyone already left the mainland." Flashlight Grunt began to argue back, but Partner had already begun ranting against their irrelevant post.

    / "And that's what we want you to think."/ She gave herself a grim smile as she peeked at her intruders. /" The less of us they know are in hiding, the better."/

    The two grunts stepped into the cave to continue their heated argument, in the vein that the cave was abandon. The Flashlight Grunt nearly tripped on an oddly shaped boulder. He scratched his head in confusion. "Gee, I don't remember this rock being here before." Partner bent on his knees and faced the rock eye-level. He examined it for a couple seconds, before narrowing his eyes. " Phillip, I don't thi-"

    The girl's voice fills the room. "Now Rumple use Yawn!" Before Partner could flinch backwards, two bubbles floated from the so-called rock's now visible mouth. The first hit him directly in the face, as he dropped to the dirt, frivolously snoring. Flashlight Grunt was about ten feet away, and as the bubble hit his arm, he began to sway side to side like a drunk. He fired a few unaimed bullets nowhere in particular. "H-h-oooo are yo-o-o-ou?" he asked, looking around with his last slits of vision.

    She emerged from her hiding spot, under a false boulder, stepping into the shaking glean of the flashlight. A mere little girl, no more than fifteen, yet with lines in her face that only decorated the most war-hardy combat veterans. Her mouth was a fine line and her hair was the color of the cave outside. She walked up to the man, now weakening at the knees. She looked down as his face, into his fluttering eyes. She leaned even closer, until her furrowed eyebrows, unkempt hair, and sand covered clothes filled the man's vision. She whispered, "I. I am your worst nightmare."

    The man fell into unconsciousness.

    She stared at the two men who lay cuddling together in the dust. This struck her as hilarious, the big bad Team Rapture hugging and sucking their thumbs, all in the bed of soft and cozy pebbles and slate. She did not laugh, for their was no one to laugh to, as in appreciation for it. Her Pokemon were in no mood for a joke as well.

    "Looks like you didn't need to anything at all Vee." The Gliscor popped down from it's stalagmite disguise and began to brush dust of his body. Rumple yawned, her four feet collapsed as she slept on her belly. It let out a slight rumble. She put her hand on her stomach, the hunger gnawing at her as well. She had hid what was left of her little family in the Sinnoh Underground; but Spheres and Bones were not food, and they had to resurface to scavenge at least twice a day. Berries were become more scarce with every coming sunrise, picked by the sinister foes, wild Pokemon, or those like them . If nothing was done, they would d1e.

    Anger burned inside of her at the thought, fueling her to kick sand in the face of the dozing grunts. They had found their little enclave and if they did not move fast... she dare not think that.

    She went into her backpack, and pulled out two Pokeballs. The first opening, sucking the sleeping Hippopotas inside. The second, released a a green and white little Pokemon with red horns. "Sosu!"The Kirlia looked up at her with uncertain eyes. She remembered to try and soften her voice. It was not long ago that he was a timid little Ralts, but when he evolved, his personality did as well. Still, she kept that memory of her little baby Sosu deep in her heart.

    She crouched to the Pokemon's level, "Sosu," she whispered, " Can you please take away these big bad men from us? Can you teleport them to... let's say the middle of Lake Acuity?" The Pokemon nodded, it's face contorted with deep concentration. A soft lavender light encompassed it's horns, and then the men... within a few minutes, they were no longer in their vicinity.

    The little Pokemon fainted. She picked him up in her arms. She stared at him, wondering where they would have been if none of this had ever happened. With a title, with her family... this is why she was fighting. For the world to be normal, at least for her, once more. "Let's go Vee." she motioned one arm, and the Gliscor glided to follow. She looked up at him, and gave fierce look. She nodded in the distance. "To Veilstone for now." Vee nodded. / To Veilstone./

    After the incident, she could no longer bear the name of her birth. That belonged to another life. Passion and Pokemon was all that was left. Moldwarp blazed through the lifeless Sinnoh night, running for another temporary home.

    There were black spots in her vision went she realized they had hit pavement. Her arms were sagging with Sosu and Vee was walking on his feet. She wearily gazed around, looking for shelter. /"and food. We need food." / She caught eye of a obsure like, partially- demolished building, but one still with a roof. The party limped inside the shattered glass doors and collapsed on the floor as they reached a corner.

    /"This floor is very soft."/ she thought in a daze, /"But it is decided. We have one last hope at survival. And we try tommorrow."/ As she fluttered into dreamland, Vee slept with her pack in his arms. A red poster stuck out of a pocket, FREEWILL typed in white.

    And we try tommorrow...
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  6. Pyroli

    Pyroli Banned

    Amelia Watson
    Team Freewill Base (Eterna Forest, Sinnoh Region)

    Amelia found herself getting slightly bored, so she sent out her Leafeon, Cas to keep her company while she waited for the rest of her team. Although, she didn’t have to wait much longer. She heard the door open, immediately she spun around, ready to fight as he instincts told her. But what she rather saw, was a young man, she shrank down slightly; away from her fighting pose.

    He introduced himself as “River”, ‘River Nash’. Man, that certainly was a handle. She thought to herself. He held out his hand and Amelia shook it.

    “Charmed, I’m Amelia, Amelia Watson. Although I prefer the name Ecanus now a days...” She paused and looked around, never being that great with social interaction. Luckily, another soul joined them while Amelia was searching for something to say.

    The girl ran in "Hey! You with the black hair! Are you Ecanus? And am I in the right place?”. Amelia smiled, happy not to be stuck with a single person in the room.

    “Certainly. Who might you be?” She asked with a bit of a calm smile. Another girl suddenly burst in, she seemed young, rash, and slightly over excitable. This girl introduced herself as Kendra Park, Amelia held out her hand.

    “Amelia, er, Ecanus. This is River,” She gestured to River. Although she wasn’t quite sure who the other girl was quite yet.


    Malorie Weaver
    Ruins Of Fortree City, Hoenn Region


    Conrad Haggus-Wolfe
    ‘The Vulture’
    Undella Town, Unova. → Ruins Of Fortree City, Hoenn.

    Malorie stared at the sky, surprised it could look so clear and calm in the midst of all this chaos and death. Interestingly, Geoff, her Noctowl, still seemed to have his head in the clouds.

    “Yo, Geoff. Any word from Ecanus or Vulture? Or their flyers?” She asked the Pokemon sitting on the branch next to her. He shook his feathered head and looked into the sky, Malorie followed his vision. Seeing a large bird above them. She smiled, quite sure it was just a wild Pokemon. That was, until it started coming towards them.

    “Geoff. GEOFF,” Malorie called out, quickly hopping onto her Noctowl and flying into the air. She watched as the bird landed on the branch above where her and Geoff had been sitting, she also noticed a boy jump off it’s back.

    “Ah, Oswin dear, did we startle you?” He teased with that insanely beautiful accent. Patting the bird, which she now saw as a Skarmory.

    “Vulture!” She grinned, happy to meet the boy she had been sharing letters with for ages. “The coordinates got you here alright?” She asked.

    He nodded, “Oh of course, Stark and I found this place pretty easily,” He smirked. “Also, please call me Conrad, it’s my name after all.” He remarked, with a playful smile.

    “Conrad, eh?” She giggled. “I’m Malorie, and you’ve already met Geoff, who happily delivered all my letters.” She said as she gestured to the Noctowl she was riding.

    He grinned. “Well my dear, dear Malorie. We’ll have time for pleasantries later, let’s get to Ecanus.” He said, hopping back on Stark. Malorie nodded and the two took off for Sinnoh.
  7. OceanicLanturn

    OceanicLanturn Non non non!

    Name Evan Fletcher
    Codename Trition
    Type Water Type
    Location Cherrygove City -> Eterna City

    "Keep a good lookout for any suspicious individuals. Arrest them immediately, if not, you have the right to kill them!" the Sergeant barked an order. The command was reported back by Team Rapture Soldiers, and they dispersed.

    Looking at them, Evan could almost see anger boiling in him. He wanted to avenge his uncle.

    Let's go grab some food first, Evan thought to myself, as he jumped out from behind a box behind the storage. Two guards were guarding the storage house. He closed his fist around a Pokeball. Neptune, Evan's Wailord, should be hiding deep sea next to the sea in Cherrygove City, and is suited for quick escapes. He infiltrated in the darkness, a wall apart from the guards. He was ready.

    "Emphee, hit!" Evan whispered as his Empoleon, who hid next to me behind the boxes knocked over a box, causing the contents to spill on the floor. The guards' attention were alerted and they move their way into the warehouse. Evan took his chance and swiftly kicked them. All was in the strategy he had planned. Emphee had caused a Water Pulse to encase them before they hit the ground, but they were trapped in a sphere of water. They wouldn't be able to talk or do anything until the sphere was cancelled, after they had escaped the warehouse, of course.

    Evan lounged outside and withdrew Emphee. The moment of withdrawal was when the water burst and they slammed their heads onto the floor. A soft groan was let loose from their mouth. Evan made a run for it.

    "INTRUDERS!" the two guards, who had barely recovered, screamed.

    Evan dashed into the convenient store and looted food and drinks. The guards yelled and some tried to go in, only to be stopped. Aria had created a huge blob of air that snapped any guards backwards. He dumped all the food into his bag and ran outside.

    "THERE!" The Sergeant screamed. Evan had a moment to look at the poster that said Team Freewill which fought in rebellion against Team Rapture. He quickly took down the place and ran for the dock. At the edge, Evan was cornered by the sergeant and a few grunts, who had managed to outspace him. However, he made a Plan B.

    Closing his eyes and making a huge breath, Evan launched backwards into the ocean. Luckily, Neptune was where Evan had commanded him to be at. Evan sped away, riding on Neptune's back, leaving the outraged screams behind in the dock. His next stop was Eterna Forest, Team Freewill HQ, he decided.


    "Man, this place is dark!" Evan muttered as he trudged through Eterna Forest. Weak sunlight filtered through the overgrown leaves and the place looked undisturbed by human activities. It was no wonder that there was no sign of Team Rapture in this forest. He heaved, and for the first time in a long time, he expected no company.

    "Reee!" Aria's cry alerted me. I knew that even in such an isolated place, I must not let my guard down. The world has changed when Team Rapture took over, and who knows if there was a Team Rapture gunmen somewhere lurking in the forest. The thought made him shudder.

    Think positive, Evan thought to himself. "Don't worry, Aria, we'll protect you," I tried to put in a comforting voice. The poor baby pokemon had seen so much of Team Rapture's cruelness that she could've been scarred for life. Aria ducked into the bag once again, after her trainer had reassured her unnerving mind.

    He started to wonder how he got to this place. He remembered hiding in Cherrygove City to get some supplies when he saw the poster. Ecanus wants you, the poster had screamed. To fight against Team Rapture, working as a rebellious team, Evan had to join to avenge his deceased uncle. He had swore revenge, and revenge is what he'll get. Still, he didn't let his guard down, especially when Team Rapture could've easily gotten hold of the poster and send a sniper to shoot anyone that tries to approach the HQ.

    I have to do this! Evan thought again. He finally reached the old Chateau. The place had a rundown feeling to it. He wondered if there is anyone else there and what he should say as he proceeded towards the door. He was so deep in thought that he didn't realise a fallen log was there, and he tripped. Unfortunately, the floor was also quite wet, and he skidded and slammed into the front door. What's worse, the door was open. He could barely prevent himself from stumbling and crashing into the floor. He steadied himself up and realised that people were staring at him.

    "Hi, did I come to the right party?" Evan asked, trying for a forced smile.

    This is my first RP Post, so correct me if I did anything wrong XD
  8. chihaya01

    chihaya01 Thank you my prince!

    Marguerite Crimson
    Team Freewill Base (Eterna Forest, Sinnoh Region)

    Marguerite opened her eyes as if she’d just woken up from a nightmare. Well, that actually might be normal since she’s sleeping in a bed inside Old Chateau. However, she could only wish that was her case. Instead, she was waging a full on war with Vrisk. Sleeping would probably make her lose herself. She should stop sleeping. I should stop sleeping. Whatever she decided; now was not the time for thinking about it. She grabbed the eye patch that she found yesterday while going through a room. Though the package was fairly old, Marguerite decided that a good washing would clean it. And if it didn’t, oh well, anything to cover up her weird purple eye. While looking into the mirror, the eye patched started tying itself to place. Well, I’m presentable now. After a quick thought, she remembered that her hair isn’t curled. She looked down and saw that her curler wasn’t on the old vanity table. Turning her head to look at the old bookcase, she found the device on the top shelf. She would never reach that high. God damn ghosts. She snapped her fingers and her chaired started to levitate and move towards the shelf. With a second snap, the curler flew into her hands but the chair started to shake.

    Crash! The chair fell to the ground, falling apart due to its antiquity. However, Marguerite was still floating there, the curler in her hands.

    ”let me down now” She said to no one who could be seen in the room.

    A strange robotic sound replied to her and it suddenly came into colour next to her. Marguerite landed on her feet and Eileen descended a bit before disappearing again. Eileen always cloaked herself with the Alien technology that she came with. Eileen also grew accustomed to Marguerite wanting to be moved around with psychic powers. Turning her attention to her hair, Marguerite plugged the curler and started doing her hair. Or that what she would be doing if the electricity in her room worked. She cursed at herself for wasting time. "baka" She didn’t know what else to do so she returned the curler to the vanity and stepped out of her room. Eileen teleported next to her. Together, they traveled to the lobby where Amelia seemed to be meeting some new people. This was her chance to come off as superior and powerful to her peers. Eileen could tell what her master was thinking and did what she usually did. She clung onto the back of her master’s dress and went invisible. While Eileen was attacked to Marguerite, she could read thoughts and act them out without gestures or demands. Marguerite levitated over the guard rail and over the crowd of people. What would she say?

    ”i am marguerite like the flower” “i hope youre ready to feel the wrath of my pollen”
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  9. ger9119

    ger9119 Well-Known Member

    Name : River Nash
    Codename : Quantum
    Type: Bug
    Location : Eterna Forest / Team Freewill Base

    River looked around and saw all the people slowly gathering around him and he began to feel overwhelmed he hasn't been around so many people in such a long time so everything was alot to take in, it quicky popped up in his mind that these will be the people he will be around for the next couple of months or longer so he wants to make the right impression on them, he wiped some sweat off head then looked at the whole group of people that has arrived so far

    " Nice to meet you Kendra, Amelia and Marguerite and i haven't learned your name yet but this is the right party"

    River then noticed the girl with the Dragonair and felt that Saba the Beedrill would enjoy the company of new pokemon, so he dropped his pokemon and arriving from it and arising from the pokeball was Saba a beedrill who seemed to bigger than normal Beedrill from all the time training with River in the forest.

    "This is my Beedrill named Saba, maybe we can meet all of eachother's pokemon because they are all reflections of ourselves one way or another"

    This is the most River has said to people in months it felt good but he was hoping everyone will like him and believe that he can help with Team Freewill.
    Name: Kendra Park
    Codename: Acuity
    Type: Normal
    Location: Eterna Forest/ Team Freewill Base

    The more people that showed up the happier Kendra got , she looked around and wondered what everyone's backstory was what brought them here and what will happen to everyone, she wanted to ask but she taught it might bring up painful memories for people .

    "Nice to meet everyone this is going to be an awesome experince I have maps and infomation of the region that I could contribute to the cause I've done research work back in snowpoint that could be useful to stopping Team Rapture. Well I would let my Ursaring out but I'm still not sure how he will be around other pokemon that aren't mine at this point because he could be quite agressive."

    She hoped someone could help her with Ursaring's aggression but she doubted it Kendra was hoping she didn't say too much about her research and that she didn't come off too pushy so early. Kendra noticed Marguente levitating and wondered how she did that so she looked at her confused

    " Hey Marguente how did you do that and you could teach me how to that"

    Name: Seth Ambrose
    Codename: The Voice
    Type: Rock
    Location: In route to Eterna Forest

    " Well Roman finally we have gotten a chance to prove what we are made out of , this time we get the respect we deserve there is no chance we can mess this up this mission is something that will be accomplished fairly easily "

    Seth was walking with Roman his Golem which the two share a partnership they both share this cocky confience which was obvious by the way they communicate with eachother. Seth was looking into his bag filled with various tatical items and the pokeballs for the rest his team.

    "Looks like I'm all prepared I'm glad we were given these and that I didnt have to take them or pay for them this just makes this all too easy Roman and it looks like we are close to Eterna Forest now"

    Roman nodded clearly agreeing with what Seth said as they can see the start of the forest coming up, Seth had the Team Freewill poster in his hand glanced at it crumbbled up into a ball and tossed it into the grass.

    " They have no idea what's coming they will learn to fear Seth Ambrose"
  10. Sketchie

    Sketchie it's about the CUBES

    (OOC: I just realized Aiden and Caden rhyme. Oops.)
    Aiden Bradford
    Lentimas Town, Unova ---> Haunted Mansion, Eterna Forest, Sinnoh

    Aiden walked to the edge of Lentimas town where the ruins of the old warehouse stood. Inside the warehouse stood an old propellor plane, the same plane he used to escape Lentimas Town the first time, and now the second. He took some gas he got from Undella town and filling the gas tank, then putting the rest of the gas cartons in the passenger cabin. Aiden packed all his things in a backpack, threw that into the cockpit. He jumped into the cockpit shortly after, sitting in the pilot's seat. He pulled out a pokeball and let it open in his hand. Green light flashed once, leaving a Gallade in it's place. "Lade, Gallade!" the pokemon shouted in excitement. Caden knew what was going on. A few hours earlier, Aiden told all of his pokemon what was happening.

    They were breaking free.

    "Caden," Aiden said to his pokemon, "I need you to take the copilot's seat, 'kay buddy?" The pokemon nodded in reply and jumped in the seat next to Aiden. Aiden slowly took a key out of his pocket and slid it into the ignition switch, turning it to the right and lighting up all the controls. He reached up above him and flipped a few switches, then his hand drifted to the dashboard, ready to push a single red button. He hesitated for a second, but pressed it anyway. Aiden nodded to his pokemon. "All radio signals are off. We are invisible by radar and radio, but someone could still see us." Caden nodded solemnly in reply. Aiden took 4 pokeballs off of his belt and opened them one by one. Soon, a ninetails, drifblim, pikachu and lucario were all staring deeply at their trainer. "Lavana, Volt, Floop, and Cameron, go sit in the passenger cabin. I need passengers so I don't wreck this thing," Aiden said to the four anxious pokemon. They dashed into the body of the plane, leaving Caden and Aiden alone.

    Aiden flipped a switch next to the steering wheel. In an instant, the propellor started moving, slowly at first, but picking up speed rapidly. Aiden grasped the steering wheel as the small plane started along the runway. Soon, the airplane was near the end of the runway. "Alright, here we go!" Aiden shouted as her pulled up on the wheel. The plane started ascending, climbing higher into the sky. Aiden flipped another switch to lift the landing gear. He watched the altitude meter closely, and when it reached a certain point he let up of the wheel and pressed the button for the intercom.

    "Passengers, we have reached cruising... altitude. We'll be arriving in the Eterna Forest in about an hour. Thank you for flying, Awreck Airline," Aiden spoke into the intercom. Clear skies floated by as he watched the Unova region disappear, merging into the ocean. Ten minutes passed by. Twenty minutes. Thirty minutes. At thirty minutes into the flight, the rusted Sunyshore City came into view. Memories flooded into Aiden's mind about the attack. The flames, the screaming, the bang of the bullet that killed a girl he cared for. He looked down and watch the city disappear. I wonder... he thought, the survivors... are they still alive? Where are they? What are they doing?

    Fourty minutes. Fifty minutes. An hour. Soon, all he could see through the cockpit was green. Aiden smiled and pressed the intercom button. "My dears, we have reached the Eterna Forest without Team Rapture interference. Brace yourselves, this may be a rough landing. Like I said before, thank you for flying with us, Awreck Airline," he said, scanning for a break in the trees. Suddenly he saw it. A break in the trees, leading up to a mansion. That's it. That's Freewill base. I gotta see if I can land there! Aiden's eyes drifted to the red button he had pressed earlier. He closed his eyes and jabbed the button. He pressed the button for outgoing radio and yelled, "Hey, can anyone hear me!"

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  11. Sketchie

    Sketchie it's about the CUBES

    (OOC:Goshness, Mary cries A LOT.)
    Mary Williams
    Cinnabar Island, Kanto ---> Haunted Mansion, Eterna Forest, Sinnoh

    Mary stood on the volcano crater, the wind blowing her short brown hair and blue dress. Beside her was a blue and white pokemon, an azumarill. Mary closed her eyes and took a deep breath of sea air. Last time I’ll be tasting this air... better savor it. she thought. She looked at her azumarill. “Are you ready, Azu. I have my bag and the rest of our friends. Now it’s time to call your friend, Azu,” she whispered. Azu nodded and ran up to the water. “Ama! Azumarill! Azuma!” the pokemon yelled. The two awaited in silence. Shortly after, however, a loud bellow echoed back. Soon, a gigantic whale pokemon appeared on the beaches, and Azu ran up to meet it. "Wailord!" the pokemon greeted Azu as she jumped on top of the wailord. The wailord usually roamed south-western Kanto seas, usually passing by Cinnabar every other day. Azu would always greet a fellow water pokemon, and soon the two would become friends.

    Mary ran up to Azu and the wailord. She patted the wailord on the back and stammered, "Um... w-wailord, I n-need to get up to the S-Sinnoh region. C-Can you help me g-get there?" The wailord bellowed in reply, and Azu nodded an eager yes. Mary climbed up onto the wailord and sat down by her azumarill. The wailord bellowed a final time, and soon they were off. As they surfed the coastline of Kanto, Mary watched in awe at all the destruction Team Rapture caused to her home region. Mary curled up into a ball as tears started to stream down her face. "All those people and pokemon..." she muttered. Mary watched the desolate Kanto region fade from view as the sun went down. A single tear fell down her left cheek. She sniffled and whispered, "Goodbye, Kanto. My home. I promise... I will help restore you to your former glory." She put her hands under her head and waited for the dark blanket of sleep washed over her.

    Mary was awoken by a deep bellow. She looked up, and saw the indigo splattered with silver. I guess... she thought, flipping onto her back, because all the cities are burned out, there's no light to cover up the light of the stars... Her thoughts were interrupted by the wailord roaring again. Azu meandered up to Mary and pointed towards the shore. Through the dark, she could faintly make out a large building covered in dust. She jumped off the wailord and beckoned for Azu to follow. Azu moseyed off of wailord, tripping and falling flat on her face. Mary giggled and called Azu back in her pokeball. She took out another pokeball and threw it up in the starry sky. Out came a lucario, who looked up at Mary and smiled. Gary looked over at the wailord, then back at Mary and nodded. Mary walked up to the massive pokemon and hugged it, saying, "Thank you, wailord. I'd catch you, but I'd hate to see your suffer being away from the sea." The wailord moaned one final time and turned to leave as Mary waved goodbye.

    As soon as the wailord was out of sight, Mary ran over to the large building. She stared at it in the dark, letters hanging over the door. Many had fallen off, leaving only a few behind. "S... ND... M... T... N... PO... M... N... RES... C... L... BS... what on earth could that possibly mean!?" Mary screamed. She looked at Gary, who pointed to a sign next to the building. The two walked over to the sign, caked in dirt and dust. Mary blew off the dust, but was disappointed to see some of the letters were missing there. "What now! SA... G... W... O... E... O... EAR... H... AB... this makes no sense at all!" she cried. Gary kept staring at the sign. "Gary? Gary, what's wrong?" she asked her pokemon.

    "Luca! Rio, lucario!" the pokemon yelled, pointing from the sign to the letters above the door. Gary aura sphered the legs of the sign, then held the sign up to the letters. "Wait... SANDGM TWN POEMON RESEARH LABS... Sandgem Town Pokemon Labs! I've heard of this place! A famous pokemon researcher worked here! Professor... Ruin? It started with an R..." Mary started. Gary glared at her before she could continue. Mary nodded. "The problem is, I have no clue where Sandgem Town is in the Sinnoh region," Mary said to her pokemon. Gary ran over to the building next door, an old pokemon center. He pried the door open, then ran inside. Moments later, he returned with a map and handed it to Mary. Mary looked at the map then rolled it up and put it in her pack. "We'll be borrowing this," she said to no one, then turned to her pokemon and said, "Well, looks like we'll be going north, through Jubilife City, then Floaroma Town, then we'll be at the Eterna Forest."

    The duo walked through the devastated Route 202, marveling at the lack of wild pokemon. Only a few remained, too afraid to go anywhere near Mary. As they reached Jubilife City, Mary couldn't help but cry. She had never seen the city in its full glory, but she knew it had to be more than the dust and ruin she saw. Gary picked up the crying girl and carried her through the desolate city. Route 204 wasn't much better. Ravaged Path was completely trashed and almost impossible to get through. But the thing that shocked Mary the most was when they got through the trashed cave and into the next town.

    Floaroma Town was completely bare. There was absolutely no life whatsoever. The beautiful flowers that once flourished there were no longer existent and the trees were only skeletons of their former selves. The only thing that covered the ground was loose dirt. Mary walked to the middle of the town and looked around. Nothing. Mary nodded and gestured for her pokemon to leave the next town. They walked in complete silence through route 205, until they came to Eterna forest.

    After a while of meandering in the forest, getting lost a few times, and seeing an airplane start to circle the forest, Mary and Gary found a mansion tucked far away in the forest. Gary blasted a part of the fence, and the duo walked in. Mary walked in the mansion and saw multiple other trainer inside. Mary froze, then slowly walked up to everyone and in a small, weak voice whispered, "He-hello? I-is thisT-team Freewill?"

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  12. Nightdreamer

    Nightdreamer rawr .

    Autumn Bellum
    Veilstone City Remnants
    Introduction: Part Dos

    Rays of sunlight gleaned through the demolished building, one hitting her straight in the eye. Instinctively, she had sat up from her sleeping position, ready for whatever was coming to get her. Her covered her eyes with her hands and looked up, squinting. /Oh. It's just sunlight./ She relaxed.

    Yawning, she stretched her arms out and reckoned it was about midday, from the position of the sun. They had to begin moving, and fast. It was only before time the grunts recovered from their dip and went after them once more. Immediately, she thought of the poster, the key to their next location.

    She began to scan the room, eyes sweeping over the the broken glass, torn walls, shredded gym mats...

    She began to feel very, very cold. "This, is the Veilstone Gym, isn't it?" Speaking aloud only solidified the fact, her voice echoing through the wreckage. /Shut up Moldwarp./ she told herself bitterly, /They might come for you next./

    Oh, she tried. She tried to resist thinking about the place, on where her bag went and what she needed to do. Her breath was coming out in short pants and sweat beaded on her forehead. It was unbearable. /I was almost here when it happened...

    The Cobal Badge had been her fourth, and most recent badge. It had been a long fought battle, both of their Pokemon dodging and weaving, attacking and defended. It raged on, until only Maylene's Lucario and Sosu, was left.

    They were both sweating, and Maylene's hands were on her knees, "Your pretty goof don't 'cha know? I don't now how you only have three badges." She wiped her forehead and gave the younger girl a small smile. "I won't say that. Your giving me a run for my money after all." Maylene just laughed. A Metal Claw was given. A Confusion was used. And that was all. They shook hands and the prize was given. As she walked out the gym doors Maylene called, "Autumn, your on your way. Tell Cynthia hi for me in a couple months!"
    It seemed like it was from a dream.

    The seemed to be no sign of Maylene or her Pokemon at all. /Oh, what could of happened... It was then that see realized her own Pokemon was missing. She tore through the memory, looking everywhere for her Pokemon that she was foolish enough to leave out of the Pokeballs. "Sosu! Vee!" she hissed. At first it was quiet. A little crack in the wood. The wind blew outside. Finally, a small chirp was returned. And another, and another after that.

    Slowly, she followed the trail of chirps, and found, none less than her Pokemon, engorging themselves over a little fridge in the back of the gym. The hunger pangs were back. "Hey!" she whispered vehemently. The Pokemon jumped back and looked with guilty faces. She shook her head. "You two know better than that! Now, Step. Away. From the flippin' fridge. They were gone in an eyeblink. She smiled.

    "Rumple, Solare, I believe it is our turn now." She pulled out their Pokeballs, and withing seconds, the three were devouring the contents of pie and peanut butter. A slight pang was felt in raiding another's fridge, but her hunger roared at it. The fridge was empty by the time they finished. Vee was giving Solare a pitiful glance.

    She wiped her mouth, then proceeded to walk out of the gym. Her Pokemon followed. Vee handed her the backpack. She pulled out the poster, and showed it her to her entire team. She read it to them. "Team FREEWILL!
    Ecanus wants you!
    For the fight against Team Rapture we must stand together! Join me!

    We operate in Sinnoh, you'll know the place when you see it!"

    She prodded her finger against the last sentence. "So I'm going to take a wild guess, and say... remember where we saw the ghosts?" Her team began to share glances of comprehension. She nodded. "So let's get on our way."

    The journey itself was a blur. Afterwards, she would vaguely recall running through the rain. Another flash revealed wandering through fog, falling into abandon holes, Vee pulling her out. They found another abandon house there, ate the food, and slept for the night.Another small town, but they did not stop. The damage had been to heavy there. Wandering through a mountain, Solare sending out electric flashes to illuminate the way. Eterna City. Now the mouth of the Eterna Forest.

    "It was rather peaceful, maybe that's why I don't remember it," she though out aloud to Vee, the only one accompanying her at the moment, " But I guess we're here now, and that's what counts." "Gli-gli." he said in response.

    She took a deep breath and looked down the forest path. At the side, almost out of sight if you were not looking for it, was a dark building with crooked windows and a narrow roof, it colors making it look like it was from a gothic fairytale.

    /We're almost there. And her comes the hard part, meeting other people./

    And we continue onwards...
  13. Pyroli

    Pyroli Banned

    Amelia Watson
    Team Freewill Base (Haunted Mansion, Eterna Forest.)

    Amelia felt slightly overwhelmed having all these faces around her, asking her questions, getting in her face. She blushed slightly, she had never quite been the best at public speaking.

    “Ev-ning..!” She forced out, addressing everyone in the room with a simple gesture. “Welcome to Team Freewill, otherwise know as Team Goodwill, otherwise known as Team Dream. Ack, sorry I’m probably rambling...” She blinked a couple times, trying to remember exactly what she was saying and form it into a sentence.

    As her brain whirred, she looked around at all the faces in front of her. She realized there were still people missing, because 15 trainers had replied to her notices.

    “This is, well, the base! It’s not much but. It’s a base... I’d like for everyone to um, discuss amongst themselves until the rest of our company joins us!” She smiled, it was surprising genuine, and walked to the window.

    She thought for a minute, until she heard buzzing coming from her belt. She scooped it up, listening intently.

    “H-H-e y, c-” buzz “Any-b-b-body hear me!” Static.

    She quickly pressed the button on her radio. “Hello? you’re a bit fuzzy but yes someone here can definitely hear you! I have a feel that you’re one of us?” She felt like a joyous teenager saying feels again, it brought back so many memories. “Im E, or Ecanus. The leader, who might you be?” She asked the radio in her hand. The radio didn’t even have time to answer her question before another signal hit it.

    “Hey A-m-y! Ammmmmmy! It’s Vulture, h-h-how are things at the base?”

    “Conrad? Hey! Did you pick up Oswin?” She asked, curious.

    “Of course! W-e’re on our,” Static “Way!” Replied the radio.

    “Excellent, see you two soon.” She smiled.

    “You too, sweetcheeks.” And with that, Conrad turned off his radio. Now all Amelia had was a radio in her hand, waiting for the signal, and a mansion full of her operatives.
  14. Xander Kaiser

    Xander Kaiser Any cookies up here?

    Daniel Olstad
    Eterna Forest

    Through a ruined forest of fallen trees and patches of grass blown apart, trudged a young man in a white jacket and brown pants accompanied by a tall black and white female humanoid, laminating the dark woods with an orb of light aloft her. Maneuvering around the debris was not too much of a task, scaling the occasional downed tree or two, with a few instances were the young man would rely on the humanoid’s powers, rolling away a large boulder with the ease of levitation. They hid themselves away from wild Pokémon whom often scurried by, keeping their profile to a minimum, not wanting the attention. “Keep your eye out for a mansion,” The man told the humanoid, replying with a soft mystical echo. The odd pair travelled like this, until finally reaching their destination. An eerie looking chateau, with broken in windows haphazardly mended with nailed boards. The roof was chipped, leaving a few holes that looked unsuitable for shelter. The black and white humanoid gave the man a nervous look. “Don’t give me that. Look, you can go in your ball,” the man offered, holding out a black, yellow and white sphere. Nodding happily, the female was converted into a red light, and sucked into the sphere. ‘Well, one step at a time,’ he thought to himself, approaching the heavy and battered double doors and gave a hard knock.
  15. Sketchie

    Sketchie it's about the CUBES

    Jutta Flamme
    The Haunted Mansion, Eterna Forest, Sinnoh

    “Certainly. Who might you be?” Ecanus replied. Jutta was about to answer, but more and more people walked in, so she decided to keep her mouth shut. A boy walked up to her with his beedrill and said, "This is my beedrill named Saba, maybe we can meet all of eachother's pokemon because they are all reflections of ourselves one way or another." Jutta looked now at her dragonair. She sighed, and replied in an annoyed voice, "Hello. This is my dragonair, Michael. Maybe they are reflections of ourselves... or maybe they're reflections of who we want to be."

    Suddenly, Michael head-butted her leg, nodding over to Ecanus. Ecanus started to quiet everyone down, and in a shaky voice said, “Ev-ning..! Welcome to Team Freewill, otherwise know as Team Goodwill, otherwise known as Team Dream. Ack, sorry I’m probably rambling...” The dark haired girl blinked a few times, looking flustered. “This is, well, the base! It’s not much but. It’s a base... I’d like for everyone to um, discuss amongst themselves until the rest of our company joins us!” she finished, walking over to the window. Jutta sighed. Discuss amongst ourselves... haha, great.

    She turned back to the boy with the beedrill and looked him over. Let's see, she thought, biting her lip, a bit shorter than I am, long, black hair, green eyes... don't know what the celebi thing's about, with those clothes he looks pretty strict... Jutta blinked, snapping her from her thoughts to reality. She shook her head. "I'm sorry, I don't believe I caught your name. My name is Jutta Flamme, may I ask yours?" she said, holding out her hand.

    Aiden Bradford
    Haunted Mansion, Eterna Forest, Sinnoh

    Aiden held his breath as a radio transmission came in. "He-o? You- bit fuzzy but y- yes someone here ca- finitely hear you! I have a fe- that you’re- us? I'm E- Ecanus. The leader, who m-might you be?” Aiden smiled. That transmission was just what he wanted to hear. His outgoing message found the right place and didn't fall into the wrong hands. He knew Freewill was out there. Aiden grabbed the intercom and shouted, "Passengers, we have made contact with base. We'll not only be landing shortly, but we'll see people again!"

    Aiden looked over at Caden. The two shook hands, and Aiden pressed the button for outgoing radio again. "This is Aiden-5," he said as loud as he could, "Aiden-5, calling Ecanus. I'm flying a propellor plane circling Eterna forest. The stretch of land in front of the haunted mansion would do nicely as a runway. Permission to land?" Aiden listened closely, waiting for another message. Her looed over at Caden and whispered, "I really hope she can hear us... if she can't, I'm gonna have to land this thing wherever it pleases... and I really don't want to wreck anything."

    (OOC:Hey, Oceanic, Mary's going to attempt conversation with your character!)
    Mary Williams
    Haunted Mansion, Eterna Forest, Sinnoh

    Voices were surrounding her. No one appeared to hear her first question, and the noise grew louder. Mary covered her ears. Gary took her hands off her ears, picked her up, and nodded towards girl with dark black hair, who started to speak to everyone. “Ev-ning..!” the girl said nervously. “Welcome to Team Freewill, otherwise know as Team Goodwill, otherwise known as Team Dream. Ack, sorry I’m probably rambling...” Mary ducked closer into Gary. She knew what the dark-haired girl was feeling... that confused feeling of not having everything together.

    “This is, well, the base! It’s not much but. It’s a base... I’d like for everyone to um, discuss amongst themselves until the rest of our company joins us!” the girl finished, walking over to a window.

    Mary nodded to Gary, who put her down on the ground. She looked around, and saw a boy, standing next to the door. He must have been the boy who fell through the door... Mary pointed over to the boy, nodding, then walking over and tugging on his shirt sleeve to get his attention. When the boy looked her way, Mary froze momentarily, then forced a shy smile and said, "H-hello.... m-my name is... Mary... W-williams. What's y-yours?"

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  16. ger9119

    ger9119 Well-Known Member

    Name: River Nash
    Codename: Quantum
    Type: Bug
    Location: Team Freewill Base

    River and Saba looked over to Ecanus while she did a introduction, Saba seemed to pay more attention than River did at this point, when Ecanus told everyone to talk to eachother River grew quite uneasy. He didn't expect anyone to try and talk to him but then saw Jutta head towards him and introduced herself River looked back at her and smiled and shook her hand and said " Ahhhh... Hello I'm River Nash its really nice to meet sorry in advance if i sound awkward or anything you're probably the first person to directly talk to me in awhile" . It felt good for River to open up to someone even if its just alittle bit , he also noticed Jutta looking at his Celebi necklace and he quickly tucked into his shirt.
    River then got a knee and looked at Micheal the Dragonair and said" Wow you have done an awesome job training and taking care of Dragonair this is the first dragon pokemon i've seen in person how did you capture it?" River was hoping he was'nt being too pushy with the question.

    Name" Kendra Park
    Codename: Acuity
    Type: Normal
    Location: Team Freewill Base

    Kendra was looking around for someone too talk to but everyone seemed to be partnered up at the moment she said " Well this isn't fair hopefully someone shows up " . Then she heard a loud knock which scared her and made her jump up alittle bit and said " Looks like someone else has arrived i'll go get the door". She hurried to the door all excited because she finally has someone else to talk to. She pulled open one of the heavy doors with alot of effort and said" This is alot of work if Kodiak can behave he could've helped me with this". Finally with one last heave it opened she noticed a guy standing in front of the door with a nice white jacket and Kendra said " Hi! I'm Kendra welcome to team freewill come on in" She grabbed the guy by his arm and brought him inside then forgetting to ask who he was she said" Oh sorry i forgot to ask whats your name".

    Name: Seth Ambrose
    Codename: The Voice
    Type: Rock
    Location: Eterna Forest, Team Freewill Base

    Seth continued walking with Roman then all of a sudden he said" Stop we are entering the perimeter of the base" He noticed a slight clearing of trees and looked ahead and saw the mansion" Looks very rundown for a top secret base no wonder why no one has found it yet they would'nt expect to look here at all" River pulled out a small notepad and took down infomation on the location of the base " This will come in handy Roman extremely valuable infomation, now prepare for entry we don't know if any Rapture lackeys are around and we don't want to be comprimised so they will have to feel a rock slide if anything" Roman nodded and did a rollout into the clearing and didn't notice anyone or anything out of the ordinary he looked back at Seth and raised his arm up alerting Seth that the area is clear.

    " Theres the door lets head right through the main entrance I don't think a tactial entry would be practial at this time" Seth said to Roman as he put the grapple hook back into his bag knowing it would'nt be smart to use it when trying to make a postive first impression, the double sided doors were closed but Roman was able to pull them open with ease as they both walked in Seth noticed quite a group of trainers around with some pokemon around he said to himself" Doesn't seem like any of these people are qualified to be a leader" So he walked past them pretty much ignoring everyone and said with a loud tone of voice" So whose in charge here?"
  17. Xander Kaiser

    Xander Kaiser Any cookies up here?

    Daniel Olstad
    Etrena Mansion

    Daniel stood at the doors, waiting for a response. Hearing a multitude of soft voices, he believed himself a little quiet in his entrance. He was about to knock again, he was greeted with by a black haired teenager wearing a black sweater and blue jeans, and a friendly smile. " Hi! I'm Kendra welcome to Team Freewill! Come on in!" Without another word, she abducted Daniel into the mansion, dragging him by his arm. " Oh sorry, I forgot to ask. What's your name?"

    At a loss for words, Daniel prepared himself for an introduction. But before he could even do as much as cough, the double doors swung open, revealing a teenager reaching the end of teen-hood wearing what resembled a SWAT uniform coupled with a large Golem. The two surveyed the area, full of teens accompanied by their assorted Pokemon. Barging their way past the young man, the SWAT team member called out, "So whose in charge here?"

    'Hasty,' Daniel thought, rubbing his shoulder, the point of contact. 'Can't even get a word out.' Ignoring him, he turned back to the young girl. "The name's Daniel. Seems I made it to the right place."
  18. Pyroli

    Pyroli Banned

    Amelia Watson | Malorie Weaver | Conrad Haggus-Wolfe
    ‘Ecanus’ | ‘Oswin’ | ‘The Vulture’
    Grass | Flying | Poison
    Team Freewill Base (Eterna Forest, Sinnoh Region)

    The radio in Amelia’s pocket began to buzz again, it was the transmission she had sent out earlier, being returned by the same voice.

    "This is A-Aiden-5, Aiden-5, calling E-E-ecanus. I'm flying a propellor plane circling E-E-E-Eterna forest. The stretch of land in front of the haunted mansion would do nicely as a runway. P-Permission to land?" Static

    A plane? Well that’s... pretty darn wonderful. Aiden was going to be a big help for sure, Amelia tried to maintain her excitement. “A plane? Well we’re in need of one of those,” She said into the little box. “This is Ecanus, calling Aiden. You have permission to land.” She said with a grin as she clicked the radio off.

    She was about to continue when she heard something land on the roof. Team Rapture? She took her stance and looked up, watching as two people on flying Pokemon descended from the roof, through the trapdoor she had only told two people about.

    She watched as a girl climbed off of a Noctowl, this was most definitely Oswin, who had spoken of her Noctowl, Geoff. And another, a boy, climb off of a Skarmory.

    “Conrad! Malorie! You two made it!” Said Amelia with a large grin.

    “Of course, Amelia, did you expect us to get lost?” Asked Conrad, Malorie just grinned. However their reunion was cut short when a man in a SWAT uniform spoke loudly.

    "So whose in charge here?" He asked in a commanding tone. Amelia stepped forward slightly.

    “That would be me, and you are?” She asked.
  19. Nightdreamer

    Nightdreamer rawr .

    Autumn Bellum
    The Old Chateau

    Autumn began the walk down the path to the Old Chateau. They had been there once before, in the beginning of their journey. It was a good half year or so ago, but she recalled a vague sense of fear when it loomed in the distance. Vee on the other hand, was cautiously treading behind her, shifting eyes galling left and right. A crack was heard from behind, followed by swift motion. She turned around, only to see a snapped twig and a shivering Gliscor hugging a tree branch.

    She rolled her eyes. "Honestly Vee, these supposed ghosts are not real. They're all a bunch of bedtime stories for little mites." "Gli-gli." he shook his purple head from side to side, eyes closed shut. She sighed. "I guess it's back to the Pokeball for you then." Vee was very eager to comply.

    After he had been put away, she continued onwards. The walk seemed endless. The leaves were fluttering on the trees, the crunch of the dark green underbrush was beneath her feet. She was not taking some clever side route, or tried to approach secretively. She just wanted to get it over with.

    It seemed that she could deal with horrid villains, go through a flipping living hell, be in the worse state of her life, yet still she could not deal with people. Her mother used to tell her that it was the rock miner's blood in her, while her father claimed it was the solitary scientist blood. /Guess I'm just an oddball then, who'll probably end up with half the organization and their mothers hating me./

    She was at the looming violet doors. She heard a multitude of voices from the front door, some rowdy yellers, some quiet whispers. She hoped that she muddied clothes would not deter them from talking to her. The weather suddenly felt very hot. Maybe she should bring a Pokemon out, or act like a know-it-all or be all high and mighty...

    Without realizing it, she had been leaning on the door, and it slowly creaked open. She composed herself, standing up straight and crossing her arms over her chest. She drooped her eyes and straightened her expression to blankness. /Good gosh, there are a whole lot of people here.../ She leaned into the narrow crack, in this nonchalant manner. "Um, hello!" she spoke. "Is this Team Freewill?"
  20. Sketchie

    Sketchie it's about the CUBES

    Jutta Flamme
    The Haunted Mansion, Eterna Forest, Sinnoh

    "Ahhhh... Hello, I'm River Nash its really nice to meet sorry in advance if i sound awkward or anything you're probably the first person to directly talk to me in awhile," River said. He tucked his celebi necklace in his shirt as soon as he noticed Jutta's interest in the necklace. Jutta blushed a little and stroked her blue pendant.

    River got down on one knee and looked at Michael. The dragonair cocked his head and stared back. "Wow, you have done an awesome job training and taking care of Dragonair this is the first dragon pokemon i've seen in person how did you capture it?" he said. Michael stretched his neck out and licked River's nose, smiling and yelling, "Dragon, dragonair, air!"

    Jutta patted Michael's head and replied, "I didn't really capture him at first. Back in my home region, the Almia region, there's a huge castle in the northern part of the land. It's very beautiful. When I was little, I used to go exploring in it all the time. One day, I found Michael as a little dratini, and he followed me around the castle for weeks and weeks. Eventually he followed me home. I named him Michael, and he became my partner. There's no pokeballs in Almia, so he followed me around outside until I moved to Sinnoh, bought a pokeball and he jumped right in. Soon after, he evolved into dragonair." She looked at the giant beedril. "Where'd you get that beedril of yours? It looks pretty strong."

    Aiden Bradford
    Haunted Mansion, Eterna Forest, Sinnoh

    “A p-plane? We’re in nee- f one of those,” A reply came. Aiden held his breath as another transmission echoed through the cabin. “This is E-Ecanus, calling Aiden. You have permission to land.” Aiden grinned and forced himself to not jump out of his seat. He looked over at Caden, who was smiling just as much as Aiden. "Lade! Galade, galade, Galade, lade!" he cheered. Aiden grabbed the intercom off its hook and yelled, "Passengers, I have permission to land! Please get in your seats, put on your seatbelt, then place your seat in the locked upright position and your tray tables up, and hold on tight, cause it's gonna be a bumpy landing!!" He put the intercom black on it's hook and started descending. With each circle around the forest, the plane lost more and more altitude. Aiden reached up and flipped the switch for the landing gear. He saw his runway in front of him and shoved down on the steering wheel, pulling up before the landing and sliding neatly on the ground. The plane lost its spead and stopped a few inches before hitting the door. Aiden cheered and gave his pokemon a high-five before dashing into the passenger cabin, beckoning for his pokemon to follow.

    Aiden jumped out of the plane, and his five pokemon followed. He ran into the building, his pokemon forming a semi-circle behind him. "People of Freewill," he shouted eagerly, "Aiden Bradford, your pilot, is here!"

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