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Team (input catchy name here) (OU Rmt)

Big Beluga

u r a fatty
I have been messin around with many OU teams, and have never been able to find a simply dominant team. I am hoping this one will be. I have done much thinking about this team and it's weaknesses, but any improvements and/or recommended changes would be greatly appreciated.


Metagross @ Occa Berry
252 HP/ 236 Atk/ 12 Def/ 8 Spe
-Stealth Rock
-Bullet Punch

This Metagross is meant to set up stealth rocks, and then do its usually job of jjust killing as much stuff as possible. Bullet Punch lets me get the edge on faster sweepers. I chose Earthquake over Meteor Mash because I already have a Bullet Punch STAB, and I needed the extra coverage especially against Heatran. Explosion gets some major last ditch damage when I'm running low on HP. 12 Defense ev's and 252 HP ev's allow him to survive an Adamant Dugtrio's Earthquake 100% of the time and the 8 Speed ev's allow him to outspeed pokemon around the 176 mark like Magnezone.


Cresselia @ Leftovers
252 HP/ 138 Def/ 120 Sp. Atk
-Ice Beam/Charge Beam
-Thunder Wave

The Special (and I guess Physical too) Wall of the team. Psychic gives a reliable STAB. Thunder Wave gives support to the team, severely crippling late game sweepers like infernape. Moonlight gives me a very unreliable recovery move due to the commonness of sandstorm in OU, but I guess some recovery is better than none. I am undecided on the first moveslot as you may have noticed because this one of the things I need help with. I am leading toward Ice Beam because with the given Ev's, Cresselia will average a OHKO on Salamence with it. On the other hand I like the 70% chance of a Sp. Atk boost for Charge Beam and the added coverage for Gyarados.


Forretress @ Shed Shell
252 HP/ 252 Def/ 4 Sp. Def
-Toxic Spikes
-Rapid Spin

Forretress is my Spinner, who can also set up some extra entry hazards with Toxic Spikes and Spikes. I have Explosion to deal massive damage once all my hazards are set. I chose Shed Shell over Leftovers because I don't really need the extra recovery, but I did need the ability to get out of abilites like Magnet Pull and Arena Trap (*cough* magnezone, dugtrio)


Heatran @ Choice Scarf
4 HP/ 252 Sp. Atk/ Spe
-Dragon Pulse

Heatran makes an excellent revenge killer and overall special sweeper. His abilites are just enhanced with choice scarf by making him faster than any other pokemon in OU, barring ninjask, without a choice scarf. Heatran also has another niche in this team using his ability Flash Fire to soak up fire attacks that plague Forretress and Breloom(later in team). Flamethrower is his main, reliable STAB move. Earth Power gives him great coverage with a special ground move especially against other heatrans. Dragon Pulse gives coverage for dragons and other neutral damage I need. Explosion gives me a very powerful physical move when Heatran is on its last limb, and is the reason I use a Naive nature instead of Timid.


Breloom @ Toxic Orb
Poison Heal
48 HP/ 252 Atk/ 208 Spe
-Focus Puch
-Seed Bomb
-Stone Edge/Substitute

Breloom provides a great partner for Heatran by together resisting all of each others weaknesses. Spore, Brelooms signature move, is a 100% accuracy sleep inducing move which annoys the crap out of people. after the foe is asleep I can attack with the powerful Focus Punch or Seed Bomb. I can also set up Substitute, but that is another problem I am facing. Do I go with the added coverage of Stone Edge, or do I use the free turn to set up a substitute.


Starmie @ Choice Scarf
Natural Cure
4 HP/ 252 Sp. Atk/ 252 Spe
-Ice Beam

Starmie is like Heatran, but with very different coverages and the ability to cripple walls with Trick. Ice Beam takes care of Salamence, Flygon, Dragonite, and Grass types. Thunderbolt is for the numerous water types, and occasional flying types like skarmory. Surf provides a reliable STAB move and Trick is there for previously mentioned reasons

I have worked long and hard on this team, so if there is any way at all it can be improved, please tell me.


Well-Known Member
I like your team for the most part. Consider the following options.
Keep Ice Beam and Charge Beam on Cresselia. Psychic is not a great attacking type. Consider Lunar Dance to help one of your frailer sweepers or Metagross after it explodes.
For Breloom, many people expect the spore punch combo. Try to fool them with Swords Dance/Bulk Up, Mach Punch, Seed Bomb, and Spore.
Since you already have a choice pokemon, and one is meant to die in the beginning I would not use a choice scarf on Starmie. Replace it with a life orb and use Recover over Trick.

Good luck with this team.

Big Beluga

u r a fatty
I like the changes to the Breloom set cakedup, now after I spore something I can use swords dance raise it's attack, and use mach punch to get anything faster. I kinda liked the idea of choice scarf on starmie, but i'll take the life orb and recover into consideration