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Team Instinct Hangout Thread

Discussion in 'Pokemon GO Discussion' started by JX Valentine, Jul 9, 2016.

  1. JX Valentine

    JX Valentine Ever-Discordant

    Team Instinct Hangout Thread!

    Looking for other members of the wild, electric-yellow Team Instinct? You've come to the right place! Here, you can talk about GO, swap tips and tricks, talk about your gyms, and generally connect with the other people of your noble team.

    Please note! This is NOT an ordinary chat/OOC thread. When using these threads to chat, please stay on-topic and restrict the chatter to only GO-related subjects! Should you wish to talk about anything else with your teammates, please take it to PM or VM. Thank you!

    Team Instinct Members
    Class Zero
    Ginger Hail
    Mad Mike
    The Pokemon Master225
    The Teller
    Last edited: Sep 5, 2016
  2. WaterShuriken

    WaterShuriken Well-Known Member

    I joined Team Instinct but it seems my area is infested with Team Valor and Mystic. Gross.
  3. fleuriine

    fleuriine Nohrian Scum

    Take control of your local gyms and assert your dominance. Team Instinct shall rule!

    Also on a completely different note, while there are no team bonuses known at the moment, if there are team bonuses available in the future then egg grinding can be a great way for Team Instinct members to collect XP, especially if one has access to a bike and a couple of pokestops nearby. It appears that egg XP awarded is based upon the km requirement for hatching * 100, meaning that a 5 km or 10 km egg + a lucky egg active nets you a ridiculous amount of XP per hatch, especially if you have multiple eggs incubating at once.

    As an added bonus, a lot of 10 km eggs yield rare pokemon, meaning you have that 500 XP (1000 XP if lucky egg is active) bonus for a new dex entry. Eggs also give you significantly more candy than catching a pokemon in the wild, especially if you're at a higher level, meaning it's easier to evolve/power up rarer pokemon and thus take over more gyms 8) Basically, I think it's safe to say that Team Instinct is a good choice for the long-run.

    I'm currently collecting some data to see what the egg drop percentages are for pokestops. Currently, it appears to be about a 33%-40% chance to get an egg, with 5 km eggs being by far the most common drops. If anyone's interested in contributing, I'd be happy to PM you and get a spreadsheet set up!
  4. EmiiLava

    EmiiLava Joltik Queen <3

    Join the club. Team Blue(Valor I think?) keeps stealing my water tower/gym rip ;m;

    Yellow rains supreme a town over in two gyms which pleases me though! :D
  5. I have so far taken over a gym run by team mystic and some people I don't know reinforced it with their pokemon the pokemon I set to guard the gym is a tauros
  6. fleuriine

    fleuriine Nohrian Scum

    (Mystic is blue, Valor is red ;) )

    I feel your pain! There's a gym right next door to my house, but some Team Valor lackey likes kicking me out :''') Thankfully, I'm at a significantly higher level than him, so it's pretty easy to reclaim my yellow throne

    Just wanted to add that it's nice to see some other Team Instinct members as well! Perhaps it's just my area, but I've gotten the impression that we're the smallest team, so I think it's all the more reason for us to band together ;;;)
  7. WhiteyFox

    WhiteyFox Member

    Ugh same here. Team Mystic just can't take a break. Feels like they're using fake GPS location on their phones to get the gyms any time they want. Like 15 minutes after I got it, it's gone.
  8. Theo-92

    Theo-92 Well-Known Member

    I seem to be the only Instinct member in my area. The three closest gyms swap regulary between Mystic and Valor and everyone else I've come across are one ofthe two. I do like challenges though.
  9. once I get my pokemon higher I shall take the all the gyms in my area and hopefully my younger brother won't take them from me he joined team valor I have been doing well on the hatching side of things I have obtained a total of 11 or 12 eggs and hatched 5 of them this game rewards those who walk a lot I am currently level 11
  10. totaltrubbish

    totaltrubbish Member

    I think I'll be a bit closer to gyms when I move next week! And if we can get a patch to this really screwed up gym battle system, then I should be able to take some territory for Zapdos
  11. fleuriine

    fleuriine Nohrian Scum

    Yeah! Glory to team Instinct! Hopefully they can get the gyms sorted out soon, because there's actually a team Valor couple who took over the gym next to my house and I need to reclaim my throne :')

    [Edit] Success! The servers worked for me just long enough for me to show those silly team Valor kids who's boss B) My pidgeot, despite being a lower CP than the gym leader's pidgeot, was an MVP and carried the team! It was so satisfying to unleash a hurricane as the final hit to win me the gym :')

    Some pics!

    I'm going to have to do some level grinding with eggs today, though. The leader was a level 15 and I have to stay ahead of the curb !
    Last edited: Jul 10, 2016
  12. got some more eggs close to hatching I would have taken another blue gym down but I encountered the annoying gym glitch it almost caused my 735 vaporeon to faint to a 434 parasect but I got away in time. I was winning through sheer cp difference though so all that needs to happen is that glitch needs to be fixed. I also finlly got an eevee to evolve to flareon though I would've preferred jolteon the flareon is cp 737 it has ember and heat wave.
  13. Theo-92

    Theo-92 Well-Known Member

    .Finally took a gym then went home. As I walked through the door it was lost. Not enought Team Instinct members in my area :(
  14. bobandbill

    bobandbill Winning Smile Staff Member Super Mod

    Finally able to take my first gym due to a lack of server error. The nearby one to my flat was weakened overnight so I finished the job. :B Here's hoping the server glitches with gym improves further as it still needs work though!
  15. fleuriine

    fleuriine Nohrian Scum

    Oh man, that happened to me too! I went for a walk and took a local gym, only for it to turn around and get taken by a Valor member no five minutes later :')
    On the bright side, I helped reinforce an Instinct-owned gym at my local shopping centre!
  16. knabrub21

    knabrub21 New Member

    Does anybody know how to manipulate Eevee's evolution? I now have two Vaporeons.

    Also, I need help defending all of the gyms at Lauritzen Gardens in Omaha, NE. I can take control of all of them but they get beat out the next day. Anyone from Team Instinct, I need help!
  17. fleuriine

    fleuriine Nohrian Scum

    According to Morenoind5 on this thread, body slam eevee -> jolteon, swift -> vaporeon, and dig -> flareon

    As for your gyms, sadly, unless you have six strong pokemon stationed at a gym, there's no way to really secure a gym. Because people can challenge you with six pokemon, it doesn't matter if your pokemon has high CP (unless it has like. 1000+). However, I've found that Pidgeots with hurricane make great defenders.

    Right now, the best you can do is keep reclaiming them and hoping some other team Instinct members decide to help out :') At least you get XP for winning a gym battle, though!
  18. SoundVoltex

    SoundVoltex Well-Known Member

    Yellow and Blue are most prevalent in my area. The church down the street from my house is a lv. 7 Gym yellow. Planning on over taking a few gyms tomorrow.
  19. DizzyDevi

    DizzyDevi New Member

    My town in norway is infested with team Mystic but fortunately the team Instinct is much much more persistent on getting high CP pokemon and rules the town!
  20. The Teller

    The Teller King of Half-Truths

    My phone can only JUST BARELY play the game, so it's slow as molasses, and that's with the AR turned off, and I haven't even tried battling anyone yet. I'll challenge my first gym (Valor) later on today with my freshly caught Victreebel, for the glory of Instinct.

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