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Team Instinct Hangout Thread

Class Zero

We have arrived.
Definitely a hell of a lot more Mystics and Valors than us :'D

Managed to take two gyms on my walk today, as well as reinforce an existing one that some other Instincts are controlling for now, but by the time I got home either a Valor or Mystic had taken one of my gyms away..


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Took quite a few gyms today and yet again lost them too quickly, getting quite annoying but paitence is key. Have seen no other Instinct Players in my area but they are their as they have captured gyms, unfortunately aren't that strong. I'm delovoping 'trainers eye syndrome' ha.


Alolan (and soon to be Galarian) trainer
Yeah, my town is flooded with Mystic and Valor scum as well. D:

I just got the game today so I don't have much firepower to conquer gyms. When I do, I'll make sure to take some.


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Instinct is starting to make up for lost time and getting their buts in gear. I saw a few of our gyms today so pretty much frog marched em to reinforce them. By the time I got their they already had been which I was both annoying and funny, I was rather glad though none the less, still haven't meet another member though which is hilarious. My friends have started calling us Team Extinct, were not we're just late to the game.
Went to the county fair today, there was a brutal fight going on for the fairgrounds gym between us and valor! I took it back multiple times myself, but I was definitely kicked out at some point, so not sure who has it now.

It'd be nice if we eventually just get a nice big world map like ingress has to check these things.


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I joined this team coz I couldnt choose between red or blue, fave colours of mine, then I realized they were the legendary birds XD

I loved Zapdos as a kid, so I chosen Instinct.

JX Valentine

Hey, folks! As a heads up, by request, I've added member lists to all three team threads. :D Please feel free to check them over, and if I've missed you, listed you more than once, or put you on the wrong team, don't hesitate to send me a note somehow! (It won't be necessary to send a note if you join the thread after this point. Mod team will get to you eventually, don't worry.)

Also, feel free to let me know if you'd find it helpful to order this list in a different way. I thought about putting it alphabetical order, but idk if anyone would really want that. XD


(Yes, this message was copypasta'd for maximum viewability.)


Alolan (and soon to be Galarian) trainer
Found a fellow Instinct gym earlier and placed a Raticate there, but then just a couple hours later I checked my Pokémon and the Raticate's gym symbol was gone and only had 1 HP left. Guess that means we lost control... ><

Ginger Hail

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Mystic seems to hold more Gyms more often than us around here, but there are definitely times where we manage to come through and hold one or two of the closest ones near my place at least for a little while.


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Finally hit level 5 today and joined the team :)
I feel like I see more Mystics and Valors in my area, but the gym near my house has been in a war between Valor and Instinct.

I'm nowhere near ready to challenge gyms yet, but I hoping to change that soon.


stop trying to be god ☆
i was stuck between instinct and mystic but yellow goes with the color scheme of my outfit better so...

finally got out of the house and to some pokestops today- had been out of pokeballs since sunday (and already level 6). nowhere near the level to challenge any gyms, but hopefully that can happen soon enough. my house gets jack squat pokemon-wise, and there's no gyms/stops visible in my map- which kinda sucks.
Seen a lot more Instinct gyms recently. Taken a few myself and fortified others, but they don't hold very long. Instinct players have a larger variety of 'Mons than just Arcanine, Pidgeot, etc. too, which is nice.


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I went to taco bell and past one a Instinct Gym. Had no idea I could put a Pokemon there and I could get free items. Oh well, I will go back soon. Niantic needs to say these things.


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The rivalry in my area definitely seems to be between Instinct and Mystic, while Valor gets scrub treatment.

There's also a church gym below my house (which I think is pretty damn hilarious), and Instinct recently reclaimed ownership of it. It keeps volleying back and forth between a Mystic 700-something Blastoise and a few Valor players with 300-something CP Pokemon. I'm gonna drop off my 922 CP Arcanine there early tomorrow, so I have a chance to help hold the fort for my fellow Instinct gym leaders :)


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After being humiliated at a Valor gym, I was excited to find an Electabuzz, possibly the rarest thing I've seen so far. Aaaaaaaand its CP was 22. XP

I hatched an elecktabuzz and its cp was 450. Now its 855 coz i kept ysing stardust. I use it to take down the water and flying types to take over gyms here xD


stop trying to be god ☆
went out to a college town today, and of the 5-6 gyms visible, only one was instinct for about 30 minutes and then it turned back to mystic :<

it was barely on the horizon and sort of difficult to even physically get there so i couldn't go and help out, which sucked (only got a ~650 vaporeon anyway).