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Team Intimidate

Discussion in 'Older Gen RMT' started by kaiser soze, May 27, 2011.

  1. kaiser soze

    kaiser soze Reading ADWD

    This is an idea for a triple battle team on random matchups. the basic idea is to intimidate them as much as possible and hit them with quakeslide. kinda gimmicky but it can destroy physically-based teams and can work well in a hostile sandstorm as well

    ;405; luxray ;405; @ choice specs (scarf?)
    timid/modest, intimidate
    252SA / 252 speed / 4HP?
    - volt switch
    - HP grass
    - helping hand?
    - light screen

    luxrays main job is to spam volt switch after intimidating the other team (hence the choice specs). he will be part of the first wave, so intimidate > volt switch > get a sweeper with intimidate out there. the rest of his movepool is meh though. HP grass can help with rotom -W (who could do some major damage vs this team) and water/grounds. light screen could be useful to reduce special damage. helping had is kind of filler since its special movepool isnt very wide and is focused on volt switching anyway. EVs could use a change (Im not sure if I want it to get hit before switching, and it could use some bulk)

    ;237; hitmontop ;237; @eject button
    jolly, intimidate
    252 speed / 100 attack / 156 HP
    - fake out
    - mach punch/pursuit
    - close combat
    - rock slide

    also part of the first wave, hitmontop will fake out someone, take a hit, and use red cad to switch to another intimidator. mach punch is for priority killing. pursuit if a physical sweeper wants to switch. close combat can work well because the defensive drops shouldnt be that bad with intimidate and red card can restore it. rock slide for coverage and hitting multiple targets

    ;398; staraptor ;398; @ toxic orb
    jolly, intimidate
    252 HP / 152 speed / 104 attack
    - u-turn
    - brave bird
    - facade
    - close combat/endeavor

    the final part of the first wave. u-turn to switch out. brave bird takes care of conkeldurr. facade+toxic orb for coverage. endeavor to take advantage of the self-inflicted damage on my opponent. close combat could also be an option. I want to break some speed ties, but not sure how many speed EVs would be needed to outrun other base 100s. (SD might also want some EVs or a good nature)

    ;130; gyarados ;130; @ leftovers
    jolly, intimidate
    252 speed / 156 HP / 100 attack
    - dragon dance
    - aqua tail/waterfall
    - ice fang
    - earthquake

    moving on to the sweepers. gyarados can use the lefties to its advantage with good special bulk. DD to set up to sweep, water attack, ice fang for dragons, earthquake, kinda the standard gyarados. pairs well with luxray if he outspeeds an earthquake. as you will see later, hopefully I can get double earthquakes going on.

    ;373; salamence ;373; @ life orb
    modest, intimidate
    252 SA / 252 speed /4HP?
    - heat wave
    - dragon pulse/draco meteor
    - rock slide
    - air cutter

    another sweeper, but needs work. was going to try a special set (esp bc Im very physical right now), but its special movepool isnt too wide without 4th gen move tutors. it will take the middle for the double earthquakes. heat wave for hitting multiple opponents and ferrothorn. special dragon attack for STAB. draco meteor would be nice, but Im not wild on manually switching out a lot because of it (although I could switch to staraptor...). rock slide, while physical, can help out with the flyers that arent hit by the double earthquake. air cutter, while weak, is a special STAB, can critical hit well, hits multiple opponents, and hits fighters.

    :553: krookodile :553: @ muscle band
    jolly, intimidate
    252A / 252 speed / 4HP
    - earthquake
    - rock slide
    - beat up/pursuit
    - mean look/fire fang/thunder fang

    the other earthquaker for the second wave. quakelide obviously. buldoze could be an option for speed drop. beat up could be good for triples, pursuit can hit people switching out because of intimidation. mean look to trap a physical sweeper or an elemental fang attack for coverage.

    so theres the team. any advice would be appreciated
    Last edited: May 28, 2011
  2. Toxicated92

    Toxicated92 Water Expert

    Awesome useable a team, as it kind of sorts out the problem of 'explosion triple battle' teams :D just need to be careful of explosion Gigaliths :)
    Ever thought of putting in a pokemon that knows the move 'powerswap' I recon it could be fun to have a pokemon 'such as Altaria, give him
    Power swap
    Rest/perish song
    Sleep talk/heal bell
    Evs: 252Hp - 40 Def - 216 Sp.Def
    Nature: calm (gives them a even lower attack)
    Just to make a stall that can give them a weak attack that will get lowered even more?
    A random idea, but I thought it might be valid or give you some inspiration for another team idea? :)
  3. Trick Room Octillery

    Trick Room Octillery Awesome Kecleon Dude

    Maybe use an Eject Button over Red Card on Hitmontop, because switching resets stats. EBing Hitmo resets Intimidate, so the attack loss is still on your opponent and Intimidate can be used again.


    I'm speechless. You are the sort of person everyone needs to talk to. This is truly amazing. Great work.
  4. kaiser soze

    kaiser soze Reading ADWD

    sorry I meant eject button and changed it. last time I checked power swap isnt common (especially on random, less than stealth rocks, which would really ruin me
  5. Loreni333

    Loreni333 Taking Over Serebii

    Why have fake out? Rapid spin would help
  6. cheeselord

    cheeselord Largely Inactive

    I know that the whole point of your team is to spam intimidate but every single one of these pokemon has a better ability. Maybe not luxury since your using a special set but everyone else... Hitmontop gets technition which is one of the best abilities in the game, staraptor gets reckless which let's it OHKO most things and your last three all get moxie which is just plain BEAST.
  7. CloudVII

    CloudVII Push It To The Limit

    EXTREMELY gimmicky, but when it works on physical teams, it works HARD.
  8. Loreni333

    Loreni333 Taking Over Serebii

    Would kill my friend.
  9. kaiser soze

    kaiser soze Reading ADWD

    understood, but Im thinking better defense > more chances to hit > makes up for less power. gyarados, one of my primary sweepers, has low defense. if theyre intimidated at least twice it will be hard to take down. also Im trying to go with double earthquake + rock slide/heat wake to rack up extra damage. also moxie sally doesnt exist in the games yet.

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