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Team Iron Hold... what to do...

Steven Apprentice

Steel Enthusiast
Well this is the team, please read whats after them...
Erik’s Steel Team
Team Iron Hold

Skymory~Shell Bell
Drill Peck
Rock Slide
Steel Wing
Blade Test

Skarmory - I'm not sure if I should use him anymore. He's a bit on the week side but still, has a pretty good moveset

Bastiodon~Chesto Berry
Stone Edge
Iron Head

Bastiodon - Kinda my blocker, he's there to be a nuicence. Another Im not sure if I should use.

Calm Mind
Dark Pulse
Dragon Pulse
Pulse Bomb

Lucario - She's a favorite and I love her! She can be very very powerful too.

Metagross~Adherence Glasses
Meteor Mash
Reminiscant Headbutt
Arm Hammer

Metagross - Pretty powerful, can take down most opponents, and has great defense.

Heatran~Shell Bell
Magma Storm
Land Power
Luster Cannon
Dragon Pulse

Heatran - What else?

Palkia~Pearl Orb
Space Break
Land Power
Pulse Bomb
Ice Beam

Palkia - Not your average Palkia, but that's how I like it! So yeah say something about him and I get mad, sorry bout that ahead of time! :)

The Switch

Most likely Bastiodon and Skarmory will be switched with:



Lazy Bugger!! :)
if got just 1 thing to say.


Oh and flamethrower for skarmory :)

Steven Apprentice

Steel Enthusiast
Really? It can learn Flamethrower?! O and Bastiodon I think I'm gonna change, even before you said anything to,

Bastiodon~Chesto Berry
Stone Edge

But still! Who should I switch out, here is who I am definetly not switching


LOL, Sup?
all your items are off. shell bell is terrible. replace with leftovers. also since you have a Palkia on your team your team is now considered uber which will get wrecked if thats who you are playing against -.-

im not even gonna talk about your pokemon (to many glaring problems)

theres a lot more. im sure other ppl will tell you whats wrong and that you need to reconfigure your team

Steven Apprentice

Steel Enthusiast
Okay. And this is for a battle against a friend of mine. Kinda a whos the better trainer, that and I'm suppose to use Palkia since she thinks that Dialga is better, so almost a Pearl vs Diamond with other pokes. But I need more feed back...

Still a lingering question
Who do I switch out, if at all?


The Nose of Doom
Skarmory @ Leftovers
-Drill Peck
-Spikes / Stealth Rock

Standard Skarm
(Use Shed Shell only if you really fear Magnezone or are Item claused).
If you want an attack variety go Swords Dance / Brave Bird / Steel Wing / Roost, but thats more of a gimmick imo.

Bastiodon is a poor man's Aggron, and Aggron is in itself pretty poor.

That Lucario set works, but theres plenty of others.

Meta doesn't really want Choice Specs with only Physical attacks, that should be choice band. Replace Zen Headbutt and Arm Hammer for other attacks like Ice Punch / Thunderpunch / Explosion (though I think the punches require Emerald, so I don't know your situation).

That Shell Bell is an awful item on Heatran. Give it a Life Orb if you can't stand it being constrained by a Choice Item. Explosion > Luster cannon may also prove useful.

As for Palkia, I haven't ever done anything with Ubers so i'm not really entitlted to comment.

Team as a whole is a mix of Ground + Fire weaks, but you'd expect it from a mono-steel team. If you want to use Jirachi + Bronzong over something, you may find Wish + Dual Screens useful.

Steven Apprentice

Steel Enthusiast
No this is right, but thanx for sayin something Black. Musthave, I think I'lll switch Bastiodon with Jirachi. Not sure about it's moveset though? And Idea, what if Skarmory was an Empoleon instead?
Metagross, I'm gonna defy you, and probably keep his moves, he works really well in my case...
Thanx for helping!
Chocozard was pointing out that Skarmory is severely weak to flamethrower, not that it can learn it ('cause it can't). He also meant that your team would probably get massacared by EARTHQUAKE!