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Team Legendary

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Team Legendary​



Team Legendary has had a brief but prestigious history on Serebii. In the early days of Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl, 2 men named Haunter AND DonDemio came together to form the first Team Legendary. Serebii was blessed with a good clan with good members. The clan achieved recognition from many parts of the competitive pokemon community. Unfortunately, like all good things, Team Legendary fell into ruin. The memories lived on in the hearts of members and rivals.

After many years, The legend of Team Legendary was discovered by me, Crazy Bolts. I found the history of the clan to be very inspiring. Team Legendary had become a small foot note in Serebii's history, but my vision is to lead this clan to greatness. Beginning again in the memory of its former glory, Team Legendary will strive to achieve its former glory and provide a place for both veterans and beginners alike to come together under one group.


Please Follow The Rules

1. Follow all SPPF Rules
2. Be respectful and it will be reciprocated.
3. All members will be required to make at least one post per month unless we are given advance notice of an extended absence.
4. Have Fun.
5. Be helpful and supportive to the other members

How to Join

(Fill out this form and post it in the thread)

-What are the rules?:

A test battle won't be required, but if you wanna get off on the right note, a battle may do you some good.

-Dusk26 - PO

Battle Form
I want you guys to post your battles. Also, keep track of your win/loss record starting June 1st. We will have a monthly MVP to the person with the best win/loss ratio and/or most wins.

Who battled:
Battle score:
Who won:

Battle-Point System and Ranks/Ranking Up
Starting June 1st, 2012

Of course, we have ranks that will indicate where we are in terms of skill and prestige. I expect you to take pride in your rank and work to reach the next level above you.
This point system will help people who favor battling to prove their worth. The objective to keep getting better, so even if you reach your goal, don't stop battling and trying to get better. Obviously, these points apply to battling in our own clan. As more ranks get occupied, I will adjust the point totals. Also, once you reach your point total to rank up, you get to keep the points, so if you hit 100, and rank up, you only need 100 to hit that 200

*War team battles don't count for points*

Points for a Win
- 1 point if opponent is same rank
- 2 points if one rank above
- 10 points if you beat me

Points for a Loss
- 0 points if you lose against same rank
- 1 point if you lose against one rank above
- 2 if you lose against me

Rank Up System

Trouble Maker Rank - 0 Points
Aspiring Youth Rank - 100 points
Local Hero Rank - 200 points

I'll update the list as people get closer to ranking up past Local Hero.



This is the first rank. All great legends start from humble beginnings.

- Echonomics (EchoIsWin) - PO
- Shymain - PO
- Crow22ize - PO/Wifi
- 2coolcris - PO/Wifi
- rangerdude24 - PO/Wifi
- Bigcarl71 - Wifi Only
- LostPulse - PO
- peen - PO
- DJMonty - PO
- metroid78 - PO


You've proven that you have potential, but you need to practice and learn.

- woebegonenick - PO
- Dusk26 - PO (Tester)


Congratulations, you've proven your worth to a few. The many need more proof.



Finally, you've set out for greatness but the journey ahead isn't an easy one.



People listen to your words. Your voice is loud and far reaching.



People praise your every action. Your legacy is now great.



Mothers speak of your actions before bed. Whether from fear or respect, your name is spoken.



People have seen you, but was it really you? You are the stuff of fantasy.



Your legend will never be surpassed. You are forever in history.

-Crazy Bolts (Owner - PO)


Activity and the chat go hand in hand. Stop by!

Upcoming Events
Will update soon.

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War Team


*credit goes to woebegonenick for this banner*

Team Legendary was known for its top notch war team, and with the return of the clan, comes the return of the war team. To join, you must beat me 5 times in a battle, only then do you get a shot to join the war team. We expect the best of the best when we battle against other clans. I know that Team Legendary will succeed.

- Crazy Bolts - PO (War Captain)
- metroid78 - PO
- woebegonenick - PO


Past Wars

Team Legendary vs Magnet Risers = Risers win.
Team Legendary vs Dracarena = Drac win.
None yet.
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- Clan Opened May 3rd, 2012

- War Against Magnet Risers Starts May 19th, 2012
- War ends May 20th, 2012

- War Against Dracaena Starts May 25th, 2012​
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Still D.R.E.
-Username: Echonomics (soon to be, anyway)
-Wifi/PO: PO
-Tmezone: PST
-What are the rules?: you don't talk about fight club
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