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Team Legendary

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I will be available to battle on PO for 30 min before this time for the next two days. tell me if you want to battle!

I'll be on Smogon's server as Crazy Bolts if you're on.

Username: Dusk26
-Wifi/PO : Dusk26
-Tmezone: GMT +3
-What are the rules?: Dont talk about fight club

Alright man, welcome to the team.


Breader in training
-Username: Crow22ize
-Tmezone: Mountain Time
-What are the rules?: You don't talk about fight club.


"Turn up!"
Ok i got someone who is definatly thinking about joining, someone who is on the fritz about joining and one possibly joining.


Dragon Trainer
Username: Rayquaza The First A.K.A. golem12
-Wifi/PO got both
-Tmezone: gmt+02
-What are the rules?: don't talk about fight club
Not open for further replies.