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Team Magma or Team Aqua?

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Team Magma because more land means:
more cities
more infrastructure
more development

Team Aqua's plan was insanity since reducing the land would only hinder human progress.


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Team Magma

I liked Archie better than Maxie but as others on here have mentioned Maxie's plans have a more solid basis.


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Team Magma all the way, even if they got shafted when it came to the Pokemon they were given and took until Emerald to show they were a Ground type team but I love them.
Maxie's suave, expanding the land is actually beneficial, they have better uniforms and in Emerald they got a swanky new base.


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Team Magma for awesomesauce.

Plot made relative sense (expanding sea can be beneficial, yes, but already about 70% of the surface of the Pokémon World is sea, and land seems to be less common, depsite the number of population).


Maxie was pretty great, Game, Animé, and Manga-wise, moreso than Archie (whose sole reason of existance to me is him using Surskit in Manga).


Team Magma

I liked Archie better than Maxie but as others on here have mentioned Maxie's plans have a more solid basis.
I suppose that from a certain viewpoint, Team Magma's plan was more solid, but I thought Team Aqua's plan was less selfish since it would've benefited Pokemon more than humans. Granted, the plan was lofty but still more original in my opinion. But maybe I'm just biased because I loved Team Aqua's uniforms lol. I just personally found them to be more stylish and overall cooler than Team Magma.


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Team Magma had more plausible intentions, but I hated their outfits. Team Aqua was better dressed in my opinion. Also, Archie >>> Maxie.
Team Magma because they are Fire-type users.


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I prefer Magma to Aqua personally, but that's just cause I prefer Ruby to Sapphire.

Goal wise, I guess I'd side with Aqua cause I prefer water, but I still prefer magma.


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Team Aqua for sure :p I just like a watery world better than a dry one!
oh and kyogre is sooooo much cooler than groudon
I choose Aqua for a couple reasons:

Much more exciting to go under water than in a volcano
Their outfits are much cooler
More of a challenge, especially since i pick Torchic most of the time
WARP PANELS!!! Gotta love 'em! :)
Yeah I agree. Much better for it to rain non-stop than to just be super sunny. Maybe if there was fire raining down or something Ruby would stand more of a chance. I picked Mudkip everytime :p
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Team Aqua, cuz of dem uniforms.

I think the best thing for this thread would be a poll, like a few other people have mentioned.


For me, Team Aqua. The sea is really interesting if we talk about Pokémon... And I prefer the leader of this team, because he's friendly and cool.

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Team Magma naturally rests with me well due to my Type preferences. And those uniforms look much cooler IMO. Feels as though they've had much more of a design than Team Aqua's uniform.


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My type tendencies give me preference to Team Aqua, although I must admit that Team Magma has the nicer uniforms.
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