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Team Magma V-3.0

Discussion in 'Clubs' started by Wild Cherry, Feb 5, 2007.

  1. Wild Cherry

    Wild Cherry Magma Commander


    Continued from --- Team Magma (the original) and Team Magma V 2.0.

    Confirmed by Eefi-chan ^^

    Welcome to Team Magma. We are Devoted to Increasing the worlds Land Mass and caring for everything on the land. I am the owner, Emily.

    All SPPf rules apply
    No asking to be Officer, no asking for a promotion, please.
    Get along, and dont turn into a shadow-poster (inactive)!
    Once you are a shadow, you will be demoted one rank when you return.
    When we go against Aqua or Rocket in missions, we dont mean the clubs for real (due to bashing).
    All battles are Script RP battles. SRP battles are just like if you were writing a movie script, they are long, bulky, dramatic, thrilling, etc. etc. etc...

    Everything that does not concern your Script-RP, will be done so in PM, the alternative is that you actually make a long post to go with what you want to say.

    After 3 and a half weeks without posting something , you'll get put on the Bad Pickles list.

    SPAM is really a problem around these forums now. Every SPAM results in a strike (/). After 3, you are banned. The exception on this is, if you straighten up and do well in missions, 1 strike will dissapear every 2 weeks.

    After I accept your "Resume" and you become a trainee, you can go and catch a full team after I promote you to a recruit.

    Any Admin and higher can give you a strike.

    Plus, any traitor-ship is not prohibited... So please follow the rules, and PM me why you are leaving the club, if you are leaving the club...

    If you were requested here by us, it's an auto-join, If you saw us in the clubs, Post your application and see if you can come in ^^

    Team Signia's copyright Team Magma V-3.0, any idea copying will result in forum strikes

    New members will be approved by moi.

    3 Pokemon:
    Why you would like to join:
    Favorite pokemon (optional):
    Why you like Magma, and not Aqua or Rocket:
    What you would like to be called:
    How did you find out about us?:

    Mission: Fetch Sootopolis water!

    Rank: Grunt +


    Recently, citizens of Sootopolis City have reported that the water level is much higher than usual, and there are more waves than usual. Team Rocket is doing some research on the water right now. Our scientists tell us that this may mean that the volcano Sootopolis is situated in is about to erupt. However, Team Rocket prevents us from going inside.


    - Sneak into Sootopolis City and find the entrance to the volcano!
    - Once inside the volcano, go as deep as you can, and try to find out the reason of the unusual water activity!
    - Before you go back to the base, bring some water and some magma with you!
    - If you need to, prevent the volcano from erupting!
    - Bring the water and magma back to the Team Magma HQ!

    Mission: Eavesdropping?!

    Rank: Grunt +


    Our sources tell us that Team Rocket has secretly placed an electronic listening device in one of our communication devices. We scanned the area, and the ELD is currently inside the Magma HQ. However, it's protected by powerful security, so we don't know its exact location.


    - Find the ELD and disable it.
    - Find out who placed it.
    - Bring it to the lab and connect it to a computer.
    - Backup everything on the ELD and save the data on a CD-ROM.
    - Finally, destroy the ELD.

    Mission: Desert Eagle?

    Rank: Grunt +

    Equipment: Go-Goggles


    Townsfolk of Lavaridge town have being seeing a bird like figure flying in the desert within route 111. Wandering Trainers and members of the Winstrate family have gone to investigate, but have not returned. Citizens are becoming worried of this creature and are in distress that it may move toward easier prey. Because of the harsh environment, our scanners could not pick up any signals.


    - Obtain Go-Goggles from Magma HQ
    - Precede to the Desert in Route 111
    - Find mysterious bird, identify it
    - Rescue Trainers and Winstrate’s
    - Report back to Magma HQ

    Mission: Lumina Cave

    Rank: Executive +


    A miraculous discovery by the Safari Zone park rangers; a cave made by pokemon. This cave has never been seen before, it's a mystery what lies inside it. The Park Rangers suspect it was made by the Houndour and various other Johto pokemon in the east section of the park. Team Magma needs information on this cave and what lies inside it. Your mission is to go and investigate and report back.


    - Arrive at the Safari Zone-East
    - Venture into the cave
    - Take notes on the pokemon and the surroundings inside
    - Report back to Magma HQ


    Emily :: Emily :: (Magma Leader)

    Prof.9 :: Prof.9 :: (Captain)

    Cat :: Tabby Catty :: (Captain)

    NA :: Night Avenger :: (Elite Admin)

    Vantage :: Vantage :: (Admin)

    SI :: -SI- :: (Admin)

    Jimmy :: Jimmy. P :: (Admin)

    Suicune :: Suicune619 :: (Admin)

    Dep' :: Deputy55 :: (Admin)

    Polygon :: Icosahedron :: (Admin)

    Ember :: EmberGryphon :: (Veteran)

    Pajama :: pajama :: (Exectutive)

    Chosen One :: chosen one386 :: (Exectutive)

    Drifter :: Shadow Ichigo :: (Petty Exectutive)

    Dragon/MDF :: Mystery Dragon Fang :: (Grunt)

    Sk, Scizor King :: Scizor King :: (Grunt)

    Ignus :: Ultimateotaku :: (Grunt)

    Red :: the green gardian :: (Grunt)

    Chi :: Amazingchi :: Petty Exectutive

    Sarah :: .:Faithless:. :: Grunt

    Tom :: Blythio :: Grunt

    Riley :: team_magma93 :: Grunt

    Star' :: Hassan :: Grunt

    Larry :: Dark Aura :: Grunt

    Nadia :: m40ev :: Grunt

    Members on Leave

    Dep' :: Deputy55 :: (Admin)
    NA :: Night Avenger :: (Elite Admin)

    Inactive Members
    Last edited: May 15, 2008
  2. chosen_one386

    chosen_one386 Angel of Chaos

    I'd like to rejoin...

    Name: Chosen One
    6 Pokemon: (no legendaries) Ninetales, Flygon, Charizard, Blaziken, Thyplosion, Flareon
    Why you would like to join: Because I joined before in the last version and I'd like to rejoin because I love Team Magma!
    Favorite pokemon (optional): Flareon, Flygon
    Why you like Magma, and not Aqua or Rocket: I don't know. I just think they're much cooler.
    What you would like to be called: Chosen One
    How did you find out about us?: I was just looking around the clubs page and spotted it.

    Sorry if this is spam. I just didn't see my name on the user list, so I wanted to go ahead and rejoin.
  3. Night Avenger

    Night Avenger Rust In Peace

    As my name's on the member list I'll go on. ;229; ;448;

    (At the Oscuridad Forest)

    Me: Sigh... I'm tired of all this walking guys. Are you sure this mighty Mukkuhawk exists?

    S619: Sure?! You're asking me if I'm sure?! After all these hours we've been walking don't you think I'd already had told you that I'm not sure about it?!

    Dep: Woah! Take it easy Suicune! I was just thinking the same thing!

    S619: You doubted me too?! I can't believe it! Jeezs you guys, if I'm gonna be the leader you're gonna have to-

    Me & Deputy: WHAT?! YOU?! OUR LEADER?! Since when?!

    S619: I thought it was pretty obvious...

    Me: Why?! Because you didn't help stopping the Gyarados at the Nomose Gym?!

    S619: You didn't either!

    Me: I did! Remember?


    Makishi: OK. This will be a one on one battle.

    Me: OK. I believe I'm ready for this. (Squeezes Dotaitos' Pokéball) Who goes first?

    Makishi: I do. Let me introduce you to my best Pokemon. Go Gyarados!

    Me: A Gyarados huh? I think we can handle this! Go Dotaitos!

    ;130;: Gyaaarados!

    ;389;: Dotai! (Shakes his shell making some leaves fall)

    Makishi: A Dotaitos? Pretty good. It looks really powerful. Gyarados, use Aqua Tail!

    ;130;: Gyaa! (Its tail starts glowing on a cyan color as it hits Dotaitos)

    ;389;: Dotai.

    Me: You'll need more than that to hit Dotaitos! Use Seed Bomb!

    ;389;: Dotaitos!! (Fires a giant seed at Gyarados, hitting it on the head)

    ;130;: Dos? (Shakes his head) GYAA!!

    Makishi: Use Waterfall!

    ;130;: Gyara!! (Jumps and falls on top of Dotaitos with the strength of a hundred feet waterfall)

    ;389;: Dotai! (Endures the powerful attack)

    Me: Use Wood Hammer!

    Makishi: Evade!

    ;389;: Dotai! (Hits Gyarados on the head again with a full powered Wood Hammer)

    ;130;: Gya? Gyarados!

    Makishi: This is it! Use Thrash!!

    Me: Hide in your shell and use Curse!

    ;389;: Dota! (Pops into shell)

    ;130;: Gyaaa! (Starts destroying the whole Gym)

    Makishi: NO! STOP THAT!! HIT DOTAITOS!!!

    ;130;: Gyaaarados!!

    Me: Dotaitos! Its lost control! Get out of the shell now!

    ;389;: Dotaitos!

    Me: We gotta stop it before it destroys the whole gym! Use Seed Bomb!

    ;130;: Gyaa!!! Ra- (The seed gets stuck in its throat)

    Me: That's what you get for having your mouth open all the time! Now hit it with Wood Hammer in the stomach!

    ;389;: Dotaitos! (Hits Gyarados as it spits the seed at full power on Dotaitos) Dota!

    Me: Wow... Hit by your own attack...

    ;130;: Gyarados!!!! (Its eyes get blank as it starts firing Hyper Beams all around the place)

    Makishi: Great. Just great. You've just made a Gyarados furious. Now nothing can stop it, it can't even be retreated! Goodbye career! Goodbye life!

    Me: No! I'll stop this! Dotaitos! Do something!

    ;389;: Tai?!

    Me: I dunno?! Something!

    ;389;: (A green aura surrounds him) Do. Tai. Tos! (Stomps the ground with its forelegs as some roots get out of the ground hitting and trapping Gyarados)

    ;130;: Gyaa!! Raa!! Dos!! (Shakes, trying to release itself from the roots) Dos...

    Me: Now, finish it with Stone Edge!

    ;389;: Dotai! (runs and tackles Gyarados with its shell's edge)

    ;130;: Gyaa!! (Is sent flying throught the airs, hitting a wall and falling on the gym's seats, right next to Suicune and Deputy)

    Referee: Gyarados can't continue! The winner is Dotaitos!

    Me: Yes! We did it!

    Makishi: Thank you for saving my Gym Night. Here, have the Fen badge. You've earned it. Also, nice Frenzy Plant attack Dotaitos!

    ;389;: Dotai!

    Me: Thanks Makishi. Come back Dotaitos.

    ;389;: (gets inside the pokeball)


    Me: And that was all it.

    S619: I guess...

    Dep: Yeah, that's true.

    Me: I know what we can do! Lucario!

    ;448;: Luca?

    Me: Go search for Mukkuhawk please. You too Houndoom. Go together. As soon as you find it, come back.

    ;229; & ;448;: (Nod)

    Me: Now all we've got to do is wait.
    Last edited: Feb 5, 2007
  4. Shadow Ichigo

    Shadow Ichigo Left On A Journey

    I would like to join please^^

    Name: Drifter
    6 Pokemon: Umbreon, Glacia, Rentoraa, Gardevoir, Arcanine, and Lucario
    Why you would like to join: Used to be in the club but I stop coming here but now I would like to come back to this club^^
    Favorite pokemon (optional): Umbreon
    Why you like Magma, and not Aqua or Rocket: Fire rocks and being in red is really cool^^
    What you would like to be called: Drifter
    How did you find out about us?: Just looking around in the club section just found this area.
  5. Tabby Catty

    Tabby Catty Courtney loves Ruby

    Okay! Good job Emily, but personally, I like Elite Admin a lot better than supreme admin.

    Here is what Cat is doing so far:

    After Kurotsugu reluctantly made a deal to hand the Battle Tower over to Cat and her partner Saturn, former Galaxy admin and now a scientist working at the Mossdeep Space Center. The two of them make their way to Jotho and come across 9 and friends.

    Although 9 says that he is fine without Cat and doesn't need her at the moment, Cat and Saturn continue on their journey to have a monopoly over all of the Battle Towers or any stadium simalar to that and lets 9 know that she will be at his assistance if needed.

    Now, Cat and Saturn are on their way to Olivine and are approaching it.
  6. Wild Cherry

    Wild Cherry Magma Commander

    Emily is knocked out cold, as the great white beast cast over her, laying knocked out and forlorn, the blood red sun weeped into the sea. The Lugia steped down into the water and flaped it's wings, going airbourne and diving straight down.

    30 minutes later...

    Em: Ngh. ... nnh .. *Her eyes slowly open, glistening in the light* Ow, my head... *Un-clips a Pokeball off her belt* Kureno, come out.

    Kureno: *Comes out of ball and looks a little Naive about the island* Cac-turne?

    Em: Were stuck on this Island, Lugia might come back at any time, we have to go quick and unseen.

    Kureno: *Agrees with a slight nod* Cac.

    Em: *Gets up slowly and holds Kureno* Now, I have a plan...

    Kureno: Cac? Turne!

    Em: Okay? C'mon lets go.

    Kureno: Cac. *Holds onto Em, then dissapears into thin air*

    Both Appear on the other half of the island, they look annoyed, the small cave entrace sits inbetween Blu Island and Girs Island, a whirl pool dominates part of the waters connecting the two.

    Em: Oh great, now how are we going to get to that?

    ???: Nyeeu!

    Em: Whats that?

    ???: Nyeeeeu!

    Em: Oh, Kureno, theres a baby Lapras in the whirl pool, go save it with Grass Rope!

    Kureno: Cac... *Swings arms back, then lunges them forwards, seding out powerfull ropes that wrap around the Lapras and pull it in*

    Em: Nice work Kureno.

    Kureno: Cact!

    Lapras: Nyuu!

    Em: Hey there, what were you doing in that whirlpool? Wheres your group anyways, I didn't think they would migrate to the islands.

    Lapras: Nyuu.

    Em: Would you take us to the entrace there? I'll let you travel with us, to many seas, our next stop is Cianwood, right on the beach, no whirlpools at all.

    Lapras: *Cutely stares for a few seconds* Nyuu!

    Em: Awesome! So you'll come with us?

    Lapras: Nyuu! *Rubs head against Emily*

    Em: Great, Kureno return.

    Kureno: Cac *A red flash, and the pokemon dissapears into the ball*

    Em: A baby pokemon deserves something special.

    Lapras: Nyu?

    Em: *Gets a gold-rimmed black pokeball out of her pocket* This Lapras, is a Luxury ball.

    Lapras: Nyu! *Smiles and presses on ball with its nose, turning it into sparkling red light, then gets sucked into the ball.*

    Em: o.o

    *The ball rocks from side to side, 3 clicks, and a small dong is heard*

    Em: :D *Picks up ball* C'mon back out Lapras.

    Lapras: Nyuu!

    Em: Hmm, you need a nickname right? Mizo-chobi suits you best.

    Mizo: Nyu!

    Em: C'mon, lets get to the entrace.

    The tide has gone down and the whirlpool calmed, the sun is barely hanging on, Mizo-chobi and Emily sail towards the entrace to the underground tunnel.

    A figure lurks in the rocks behind them.

    Shadow Ichigo = Old member, sure, but keep up with the way we write, cause its different to when you were a member here.

    short haired sephiroth, stop stalking Night Avenger and go join Team Aqua.

    Woops, sorry I forgot you chosen one, I'm sorry.
    Last edited: Feb 5, 2007
  7. Shadow Ichigo

    Shadow Ichigo Left On A Journey

    Drifter: Man what a pain....anyways better go see what the others are doing at the underground tunnel. Lets go Umbreon


    Drifter: Well least I got the Silver and Rainbow Wings for them *Starts up the boat and goes to the Underground tunnel* The wings are in the box right?

    Umbreon: *Nodded yes*

    Drifter: Alright all set but I still got this weird feeling that we're forgetting something to bring for Em

    (At the Underground tunnel)

    Drifter: Looks like she;s not here yet. I'll leave the wings here in her office. Lets go Umbreon.


    *Leaves the box on her desk and leaves on another mission*

    Drifter: Alright time to find Entei and Raikou in Johto. Its going to be a long flight to Goldenrod City. Come on Umbreon, Lets go meet Kanna at the port at Lilycove City

    *Sailed to Lilycove City*

    Kanna: Jeez whats taking him so long?....

    Drifter: Sorry about that Kanna. I had to drop off something to Em

    Kanna: What evers. Lets just go and get on the plane okay?

    Drifter: Alright alright. Onward to Goldenrod City

    Kanna and Drifter are now on there way to Goldenrod to meet the others at the Radio Tower near the Train station.

    Drifter: Alright we're here but the gang ain't here yet.

    Kanna:Don't worry about it. Just wait here and they come to help us.

    Drifter:What a drag.

    Umbreon:Umbre! (You said it)
    Last edited: Feb 6, 2007
  8. Wild Cherry

    Wild Cherry Magma Commander

    Emily and Mizo-chobi sail along the ocean, both laughing and having fun, they come to the smallest island, with the cave that beholds the tunnel inside, two small bushes cover the entrance hole. You can see many a whirlwinds blowing, surrounding the islands

    Em: Any chace you could pull off a Tide to get rid of the bushes?

    Mizo: Nya? Nya!

    *Mizo-chobi fires a enourmous burst of water demoloshing the bushes.*

    Mizo: Nya~! ^^

    Em: I little too powerful ^^;

    *Em gets off Mizo's back and jumps onto the Island*

    Em: Mizo, return.

    Mizo: Nyuu! *A beam of red sparkles dissolves Mizo-chobi into the ball*

    Em: Now, it looks like this tunnel is pretty long, I need to get their quick. Pesado!

    *Emily's Flygon comes out of his ball*

    Em: Mind if I fly you out to the other end of this tunnel?

    *Gets on Pesado, a low growl comes from him and off they speed*

    The figure emerges from the rocks, and dives underneath the entrace to the cave

    10 minutes later

    Em: Wanna have a rest now?

    Pesado: Gonnn

    Em: *Gets out his pokeball and Pesado goes in* Phew. This area is big for a tunnel, its even got a pool of sea water.

    Lugia: There you are! Thought you could get out so easily eh?

    Em: *Looks frightened and twitches* L-Lugia!

    Lugia: Your my property and you aren't getting anywhere off my Islands.

    Em: C'mon, let me go, I'm of no use to you.

    Lugia: *Its eyes glow blue, Emily is lifted off the ground and Lugia grabs her with his feet*

    Both go underwater and go onto another island

    Em: *Hacks and coughs* Pffh Water! Ack!

    Lugia: Your not leaving the Whirl Islands.

    Em: Yes I am.

    Lugia: *Turns head around* Luu~~

    *2 Ariados and 1 Tangela come out, Tangela hits Emily, the two Ariados start covering her in webbing, eventualy making her a cocoon suspended from a tree*

    Lugia: Giii~ *The pokemon return to the forest* I said, your not going anywhere

    Em: Hey, let me down you bastar*

    Lugia: *Uses Torture on Emily, she struggles in pain*

    Em: Ow! That hurt.

    Lugia: The little one will be hungry. I'll come back soon.

    Em: O.O Help!

    *An invisible figure moves atop the water*

    Em: o-o

    ???: Cuuune.

    *The pokemon shows itself*

    Em: Suicune!

    Suicune: Cuun!

    Em: Thanks, help me down here.

    *A mystical force slowly dissolves the webbing and lifts Emily onto the ground*

    Em: Thanks Suicune.

    Suicune: *Tackles Emily and lifts her onto its back* Cuun.

    Em: What the? Where are we going?

    Lugia: *Emerges from the water, looking pretty ****** off* Where are you going?! :mad:

    Suicune: Cuun *Teleports away*

    Lugia: Aargh!

    *Fires Aero blasts into the sea, making huge waves, a small mirco-chip comes out under Lugia's wing and falls on the ground, Lugia stops and settles down and goes back under the sea.*
    Last edited: Feb 6, 2007
  9. EmberGryphon

    EmberGryphon Meowth Fanatic <3

    Copied from version 2 to make sure Icosahedron sees it; hope that's alright. ^^()
    And whoo, promotion! =D Thanks, Em; you rock~


    Ember: Yeesh. Finally. *she slips off Arcanine's back, patting him briefly* Thanks, buddy; you can rest, now. Return.

    Arcanine: Arr! *he disappears inside his pokeball*

    Polygon: *jumps of Scizor and pats him affectionately* Good job, Scizor! You want a rest, too?

    Scizor: Sci, sci! *he shakes his head, and follows behind the humans. Meowth hops up onto his back, then scrambles onto his head to ride, and he rolls his eyes up to watch her*

    Polygon: Alright. Should we go on to the hot springs?

    Ember: In just a minute! First, I'd like to drop Arcanine off at the Pokemon center. He's a little tired and I might need him in the springs.

    *they walk into the city, passing by a couple lazy-looking citizens and a few tourists half-hidden behind maps*

    Ember: Here we are! *the bells behind the doors jingle as they file inside*

    Nurse: *holding a sick-looking Pichu with a red nose cradled in her arms* Hi, there! Welcome! I'll be right with you! *she hustles into the back room*

    Polygon: You should rest, too, Scizor. *he recalls the bug pokemon*

    Nurse: *walks out back to the counter* Sorry about that! We've been busy lately- which is strange, since this is such a quiet town. We think the hot springs might have been helpful to the local pokemons' health; now that they're closed down, we have a lot of mild sick cases.

    Ember: That's too bad. Here, Arcanine's just tired and needs a quick heal.

    Polygon: Scizor, too.

    Nurse: Alright, that'll just take a second. *she hurries into the back room*

    Ember: I guess we better hurry with the mission, then.

    Nurse: Alright, they're healed up. *she hands the pokeballs back to their respective owners, and Scizor pops out again*

    Scizor: Scii!

    Meowth: Meow. *she waves one paw from Ember's shoulder*

    Polygon: Alright, we're ready. We should head out, now.
  10. Shadow Ichigo

    Shadow Ichigo Left On A Journey

    Kanna and Drifter are still waiting for the others to help them locate Entei and Raikou in the Johto region. Been waiting at the Radio Tower almosto for an hour and still waiting for them.

    Kanna:.....its been almost an hour and they haven't been here yet....

    Drifter: (Sleeping on the bench)

    Kanna: Drifter wake up well ya

    Drifter: *Yawn*....sorry about that...lets just go and find the Entei and Raikou by ourselves.

    Kanna: Yeah Lets go find those two pokemon. Oh yeah did you bring the Ultra Balls?

    Drifter: Yes I have. There in the bag.

    Kanna: Good. Now lets go and find them

    Kanna and Drifter have been searching for them almost two weeks in the Johto region. But they did had a great time traveling around the region. Found new area's to build new bases and capture lots of rare fire and dark type pokemon.

    Kanna: Looks like there not here in Lake of Rage Drifter

    Drifter: Yeah...but at least we caught some rare pokemon here.

    Kanna: Yeah true

    ????: ROAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Drifter: What the?!....

    Out of no where, Entei pops out of the bushes and now wants to challange Drifter and Kanna.

    Kanna: Finally it showed up in front of us. Okay Absol. Attack Entei with Razor Wind!

    Absol used Razor Wind on Entei and But Entei counters it with a Flamethower and hits a direct hit on Absol and sends him flying to tree.

    Kanna: Dang I didn't know it was that powerful

    Drifter: My turn. Okay Umbreon! Use Shadow Ball at full blast.

    Umbreon shoots the giant dark orb at Entei but Entei shoots a Fire Blast at the Shadow ball and cause a big explosion. When the smoke cleared up, Entei had ran off and disappear into the forest

    Kanna: Dang he's gone. But I'm glad we get to battle Entei.

    Drifter: Yeah me too. Want to look for Entei and challanging him again?

    Kanna: Yeah lets go and follow his tracks and battle him

    Kanna and Drifter have now decided to just battle Entei instead of catching it. They Decided to try capturing Ho-Oh after battling Entei.

    Drifter: Hey Kanna

    Kanna: Yeah what is it Drifter?

    Drifter: What happen to the group that we suppose to wait at the tower?

    Kanna: Thats a good question....ahhhh forget it lets just go and finish the mission before anything weird happens.

    Drifter: Got it Kanna

    Kanna: Onward to Ice Cave Frifter

    Drifter: YAHOO! Lets go!
  11. Night Avenger

    Night Avenger Rust In Peace

    Umm... Shadow Ichigo. I own Ho-oh ;250;. :D

    Me: So... What's up guys? Wanna play cards?

    Dep: I lost all of my Fire Energys...

    S619: Same with me except they were the Water ones...

    Me: I didn't have any cards either so...

    Dep & S619: -_-'

    ;448;: Luca! Rio!

    ;229;: Doom!

    Me: Hey guys! What's up?

    ;448;: Lucario!

    Me: You did? Where is him?

    ;229;: Doom! (Runs into the forest)

    Me: Wait for us!

    (Deep into the forest)

    S619: Are we there yet?

    ;448;: Lucario.

    Me: He says we should wait.

    ;448;: Luca. (to Houndoom) Cario.

    ;229;: Doom. (nods and walks away with Lucario)

    Dep: Again?

    ???: Mukku!!!!

    Dep, S619 & Me: WTF?! (jump to the floor as an enormous Mukkuwhawk cuts through the trees with Aerial Ace)

    ;448;: Luca!

    ;229;: Doom!

    Me: Great. You found it guys. Now... Let's see what you can do Mukkuhawk! Go Electivire!

    ;466;: Vire!

    ;398;: Mukku!!
    Last edited: Feb 6, 2007
  12. chosen_one386

    chosen_one386 Angel of Chaos

    That's okay. I'm going to go ahead and continue since my partner seems to have fallen off of the face of the earth...

    Okay, I believe we just trapped Raikou in a Sand Tomb....

    Me: Okay, let's run, NOW!

    *we run past the tomb as Raikou struggles to escape. We almost run smack into a wall in the back of the temple. I start taking notes quickly as Munchy is the lookout.*

    Munchy: Chosen, hurry up!!!

    Me: I'm hurrying! *finishes copying* Okay, done!

    Munchy: Too late!

    *I look around to see Raikou walking to us, roaring. I order Flygon to use Flamethrower and we run past Raikou as it is distracted. We make it out of the temple and fly away quickly. I look down and see Raikou standing on the ground and roaring at us. I breathe a sigh of relief.*

    Me: That was close... Let's get back to Hoenn!

    *we fly for a while and finally reach Mt. Chimney...*
  13. Prof. 9

    Prof. 9 Well-Known Member

    Supreme Admin? Coolness!

    Right, to make it easier for newbies to understand, here's what i'm doing.

    Me and Champ are in Johto to search for a so-called Levitate Stone, the only missing ingredient for an ubercool airboard. While walking through the region, we noticed that Team Rocket is after us, and that an unknown someone is trying to get rid of us. Part 1 of the plan is to search for a Team Magma hideout somewhere. But at the moment, we are in the National Park, and Champ is trying to catch a Scyther.

    Champ: Damn... the Scyther got away...
    Me: Don't give up, i'm sure there are lots of Scythers around here.
    Champ: You think so?... *sigh*
    Me: How about you continue your search, and i'll go sit on that bench over there.
    Champ: Yeah... okay... see ya later...
    Me: *walks out of the grass* *sits on a bench*
    Champ: *voice from far away* Stupid... Scyther... ... where could it be... Scyther... Darkfire, burn that bush over there...
    Me: *hears Darkfire using Flamethrower* *yells at Champ* Hey Champ, make sure you don't burn down the entire Park!
    Champ: Yeah... okay...
    Me: *yawn* It's a great day today... the sun is shining, Pidgey are flying around happily, lots of Parasect surround me, and... *huge eyes* P... P... Parasect? *looks around, seeing swarms of Parasect coming closer*
    Parasect in front of me: Para Para Parasect... Para Para Parasect... Para Para Parasect...
    Me: *terrified* AAGH!! GET AWAY FROM ME!! *hides behind bench*
    Parasect behind me: Para Para Parasect...
    Me: G... get away!!
    Parasect: *coming closer*
    Me: N... n... *grabs Flamer's Poké Ball, drops it, picks it up* F... Flamer! Get out!
    Flamer: *picks me up and flies away*
    *sky turns purple*
    Me: P... phew... that was close, wasn't it, Flamer?
    Flamer: Para Para Parasect...
    Me: *looks down, and sees i'm sitting on top of a giant Parasect* AAGH!! *frightened*
    *a huge Parasect wearing a crown jumps in front of me, and lifts me*
    Me: D-don't eat me! I-i'm not t-tasty!
    Parasect wearing crown: Para Para Parasect... *stings me with his other claw*
    Me =_= : *drowsy* Ugh... *drools*
    Parasect wearing crown: *eats me*


    Me: *suddenly wakes up* Don't eat me! Don't eat me!
    Champ: Calm down, calm down!
    Me: Eh? *opens eyes, sees Champ* What... where... ...Champ?
    Champ: Did you have a nightmare again?
    Me: I... guess...
    Champ: I bet it was about Parasect again, wasn't it?
    Me: Yeah... I keep getting them since a short while ago...
    Champ: Hmm... *sits next to me* I guess we gotta do something about it.
    Me: You may be right...
  14. Tabby Catty

    Tabby Catty Courtney loves Ruby

    At Olivine City...

    Saturn: So are we here now?

    Cat: (looks on map) Sure enough!

    Saturn: Great! The battle tower is just east of here.

    Cat: But I'm hungry!

    Saturn: We will go to a restruant after we get a few wins in.

    Cat: But I'm going like die if I don't get anything!

    Saturn: Okay Cat, lets go to somewhere like I don't know do you see anywhere decent.

    Cat: I wanna go to Ninja North!

    Saturn: Na, too expensive I hate sushi anyways.

    Cat: How can you not like Sushi? What about that one pub over there? It seems like a cool hangout.

    Saturn: Fine Cat, though I am not going to pay for all of it.

    Cat: Yeah, and after we are done we can go and enter ourselves as a tag team.

    Saturn: Right, we shall go and then maybe concoct a plan from there.

    Cat: Uh huh, then we are going to Sevii Islands and then we will basically have a monopoly over all the major battle towers.

    (The two of them then walk into the pub and sit down)

    To be Continued.
  15. Paden

    Paden OG swampert fan. <3

    I'll rejoin.

    Name: .:paden:.
    6 Pokemon: Swampert, Tropius, Dragonite, Pideot, Gengar, Charizard
    Why you would like to join: Vecause the old club was fun.
    Favorite pokemon (optional): Swampert
    Why you like Magma, and not Aqua or Rocket: Fire types rule!
    What you would like to be called: Paden
    How did you find out about us?: Looking at the club forum.
    Last edited: Feb 6, 2007
  16. SlipKnoT

    SlipKnoT Well-Known Member

    Me:Hold it, this one's mine.


    Me:EH EH EH, I got it.

    D55:Before we start battling this thing, why do you want to go after this thing?

    Me:Well, if we just went getting badge after badge, how fun would that be? Besides, I hear this Mukuhawk is faster, smarter, and more powerful then any other of the Mukuhawk.


    Me:Yeah, and it's not only that. This Mukuhawk is not colored normally, it's one of the "shiny" pokemon.

    NA:I can see why you want to look into this.

    Me:Not only that, I want to catch it.

    D55:You think you can?

    Me:What, you doubt me?

    D55:Not at all, but if you were right about it's power, it's not going to be easy.

    Me:I realize that, but that is what makes it so fun. The challenge in it.

    NA:Why do you want to catch it?

    Me:I hope to pinpoint the factor that makes a pokemon a "shiny" pokemon. Their aren't that many pokemon like it. I'm thinking mayby a change in the pigment melanin that occurs at birth, or something to do with the parents genes, but I want to figure it out. If I could pinpoint that certant occurence that causes shiny pokemon, I could make shiny pokemon by altering whatever changes the pokemon’s color. Besides, I want to know if something as simple as color could effect a pokemon’s power.

    D55:Interesting, that information could be very helpful.

    Me:Now, *looks at Mukuhawk* Let's battle birdy.

    Ninetales:Ninetales Nine Ninetales? (What will we do?)

    Me:Use Swift in all directions.

    *bright stars fly everywhere, but Mukuhawk barely dodges them*

    Me:Now, fire a ember directly at it, in the direction of that group of trees!

    *Mukuhawk flies backwards and dodges, and hides in the middle of a series of trees*

    Me:perfect, use Fire Blast on the trees, make sure everyone is set on fire!

    *the trees are set on fire, Mukuhawk escapes but burns a wing*

    Me:Now it won’t be able to fly as fast. Use Quick Slam!

    *Ninetales runs up a tree and jumps from a tree, and jumps through the air onto Mukuhawk. She then wraps her tails around the bird, and flips through the air slamming it to the ground*

    D55:Not bad at all.

    Me:This is not at all over. Use flamethrower!

    *the birds barely dodges it, then flies into the air, and dives at Ninetales*

    Me:Catch it!

    *Ninetales grabs the Mukuhawk in mid air*

    Me:Now, Tail Whip!

    *Ninetales spins around and whips Mukuhawk back with it’s tails, all the while in mid air. The bird tries to flap it’s wings but fails due to the injured one holding the bird back*

    Me:Now, finish this, get above it’s head!

    *Ninetales knocks Mukuhawk directly under it with it’s tails*

    Me:Now, Fire Blast!

    *a powerful blast of fire erupts from Ninetales’ mouth, hitting Mukuhawk hard, knocking it to the ground*

    Me:Now, land on it!

    *Ninetales glides through the air, and lands on the chest of the Mukuhawk, causing it to gasp for air and eventually faint*

    Me:Good, Magmaball go! *throws magmaball*

    *ball wiggles, 1, 2, 3, DING*


    D55:Good job!

    NA:Now we have that bird, what’s next?

    Me:The next gym, but first thing’s first, I have to send a pokemon back the the base.

    NA:Which one?



    PS:Thanks for the promotion Em. BTW, You deserve to own this ;).
  17. Night Avenger

    Night Avenger Rust In Peace

    Since you caught a new shiny, I'll catch one of my two new real life shinies. The second one will be kept as a surprise...

    Me: OK! Let's get-

    ???: Rooooow!!

    Me: What?!

    ;022;: Fearow!

    Me: Another shiny? Cool! Now Goldbird will have another shiny playmate! Go Electivire!

    ;466;: Vire!

    Me: Use Thunderpunch!

    ;466;: Elect! (jumps and punches the shiny Fearow, electrocuting it)

    ;022;: Roow! (quickly gets up and spins as it hits Electivire)

    Me: Elekible, quick, counter its Drill Peck with Thunder!

    ;466;: Vire! (a thunder falls on him and Fearow)

    Me: Great! Now thanks to Electric Engine you're faster!

    ;466;: Tivire!

    Me: Use Cross Chop!

    ;466;: Elec! (hits Fearow on the neck with both hands)

    ;022;: Row... (faints)

    Me: Go Ultraball!


    Me: Come on!


    ;466;: Tivire...


    Me: ...


    Me: Yes! Got a new shiny! Go Fearow!

    ;022;: Roow!

    Me: I'll nickname you Greenwing. I'll send you to the base. (returns it as the pokeball disappears into thin air)

    S619: Now, let's move on!

    Dep: But I want a shiny too!

    Me: You heard him! Moving on!

    Dep: Aww... OK...

    Night Avenger's Current Shinies:

    BTW, got all of them IRL.
  18. Prof. 9

    Prof. 9 Well-Known Member

    All right, the following pieces of RP might be a little bit scary, so if you're scared of dead people, stop reading.

    ???: *jumps out of a tree, quickly hides in a bush*
    *the two Rocket Grunt dressed as Scythers walk near the bush*
    ???: *grabs them and pulls them into the bush*
    Grunt1: Hey? How dare you!
    ???: Hm, for a Scyther, you can talk pretty good.
    Grunt2: He, eh, he meant, eh, Scyther Scy Scy Scyther!
    Grunt1: Scyther Scyther Scy Scy!
    ???: SILENCE!!
    Grunts: *startled*
    ???: You two... tell me all you know about him.
    Grunt1: Who are you talking about?
    ???: Oh, you know who i'm talking about... now tell me!
    Grunt2: Why should we? Our mission is to report to the Admins.
    ???: *takes a shoe out of bag* You'd better talk, if you don't want to die...
    Grunt2: Hah! You're gonna hit us with a shoe? How weak.
    ???: *presses a hidden button, making it change into a bazooka-like object* This is not a shoe. This is one of his damned good inventions.
    Grunt1: I'm sure it's a fake.
    ???: *fires at Grunt2, making him smash into a tree* I'm waiting...
    Grunt1: All right! All right! I'll tell you! I'll tell you! He's scared of... DON'T POINT THAT THING AT ME!!
    ???: *aiming at Grunt1* You better hurry up, then.
    Grunt1: He's afraid of Parasect! There! Are you happy now!
    ???: I sure am... but you know way too much, so I don't think I can let you live...

    Me: Did you catch a Scyther, by the way?
    Champ: Yep! Come out, Cutz!
    Cutz: Scyther time! Hey? Who's THAT guy? *points at me*
    Champ: That's my best friend Prof. 9.
    Cutz: Right... nice to meet ya.
    Everyone: *hears someone scream*
    Me: What was that?
    Champ: *looks around* It came from that direction! *points*
    Everyone: *runs to a tree covered with a red liquid*
    Me: That is... gross. *looks around and sees two dead Rocket Grunts* Ah! *jumps back*
    Champ: Ugh, yuck. Who killed them?
    Cutz: *hiding behind a bench* I'm scared of zombies and ghosts!
    Champ: Calm down, they both don't exist!
    Cutz: Yeah, sure!
    Me: *looks around and sees Shoe-ter on the ground* What the? *picks it up* This is my Shoe-ter!
    Champ: Cutz, go get help! Find a Park Officer and bring him here!
    Cutz: Yes! I'd rather do that than staying here with zombies and ghosts! *runs away*
    Champ: *sigh* *notices a small note attached to the tree* What's this? It says...

    9, after two years of searching, I have finally found your weak spot.
    Prepare for death. That counts for your friend too.
    - Hexo

    Me: Hexo?! He's here in Johto?!
    Champ: Hexo? Isn't he that guy that hates you so much?
    Me: Yeah, we've been enemies since we were babies. Anyway, we're in serious trouble. I know Hexo never gives up until i'm gone.
    Champ: What should we do? Go back to Hoenn?
    Me: No.
    Champ: But he's gonna kill us!
    Me: Still, i'm not gonna give up just because of him. It'll take a while before he can put his plan in action, whatever it might be, so that gives us some time to search for the Levitate Stone.
    Champ: Oh, it's all my fault!
    Me: How do you mean?
    Champ: Making an airboard was my idea!
    Me: Yeah, but it was my idea to go to Johto.
    Champ: But but but
    Me: Ah, never mind. If we can reach the Magma base in Johto before Hexo kills us, we're safe.
    Champ: I'm still scared. What if he does kill us?
    Me: Well, then at least we tried.
    Champ: I'm not sure. Maybe i'll go back to Hoenn...
    Me: Oh c'mon, why don't you stay, I need you! If we're together, we're most likely to survive.
    Champ: All right. But promise me that you'll go back to Hoenn if things get worse.
    Me: It's a deal.
  19. Icosahedron

    Icosahedron レミオロメン♪

    First off, before I continue with the main content of this post, I'd like to apologize to my very patient Team Magma pair, EmberGryphon, and also to Emily for that matter. I'm sorry for semi-neglecting this club, and I suppose I don't have any viable reasons for my slight absence other than that I got a bit caught up with homework and that I tend to procrastinate long posts such as those that are *required* for this spectacular club. So...gomen nasai, you two, and I hope that you understand. ^_^


    Ember: Okay then. Let's go find the Hot Springs, Polygon.

    Polygon: My thoughts exactly.

    *The two exit the Pokemon Center, as a clear bell tone radiates from above the door*

    Polygon: Hm...this is my first time in a large populated city. *He surveys the surrounding area, and takes note of the dusty dirt pathways, the rustic houses, the abundance of sand and gravel*

    Ember: Mine too, unfortunately. Would you happen to know where the Hot Springs are, Polygon?

    Polygon: No, I can't say that I do; perhaps the Poketch would reveal their location? *Rummages in backpack for the handy multipurpose tool, before pulling it out*

    Ember: If the Poketch is out only viable way of finding them, then I'm afraid we're out of luck. After all, the Poketch only hones in on the locations of towns themselves, and not the individual buildings/sites of interest inside them.

    Polygon: Ah, I understand. Thanks, Ember. *Puts away Poketch before turning to Scizor* Hey pal, you up for a short walk?

    Ember: *Addressing her Meowth who has been up to this point not missing out on anything that has passed* Hey, Meowth...we're going to take a short walk in the city, all right?

    Meowth: Meowth! Me...me owth!

    Scizor: Sczz! Scizor zor zor!

    Ember: *Giggles* The exhilaration of this adventure has finally gotten to them. Also I heard that there's a nice herb store in this town; why don't we check that out while searching for the Hot Springs, Polygon?

    Polygon: Um...okay. There's also an item that that may prove to be a valuable asset to your team, Ember; I'd like to show you it.

    Ember: Off we go then!

    Half an Hour later, in front of the Herb Shop

    Polygon: *Sniffs the air, before wrinkling his nose* What's that horrid smell?

    Ember: Let's just go in, Polygon. *opens the door*

    Polygon: *sighs* Okay...

    Voice: Welcome, dearies? Can I help you with anything?

    *At this point, Ember and Polygon are ogling at the store; there are endless doodads and gadgets as well as many, many vitamins.*

    Old lady: *Appraches Ember* Yes, I am the owner of this store; is there anything I can help you with?

    Polygon: Yes, I'll buy some Energy Root, please. *glances at Ember* Oh, and could you show my partner that special item you received shortly ago?

    Old lady: *rings up the Energy Root before heading into the back of the store*

    Ember: What is it, Polygon?

    Polygon: You'll see. *aids the old lady in carrying it, blanketed with a piece of thick cloth, to the main table* Will you do the honors?

    Ember: *smiles* Yes, I will. *pulls off the cloth, to reveal a normal-looking dark-colored piece of wood. Erm...Polygon?

    Polygon: Rub it on your Arcanine's skin.

    Ember: Ah...Arcanine, come on out!

    *Ember's Arcanine emerges from its Pokeball, looking fierce and pumped up as usual*

    Ember: *takes a part of the blackened wood and rubs it against her Pokemon's skin*

    Arcanine: *its eyes take on a fiercer, more lethal look to them and its fur begins to stand on end*

    Polygon: Yep, that would be Charcoal, which increases the strength of all Fire-types! I'll let you keep that, since your whole team is comprised of them.

    Having obtained some key items, the duo walk towards the door, until Ember remembers something...

    Ember: Hey, old lady - where are the Hot Springs located?

    Old lady: Why, they're in the back of the Pokemon Center, young lady.

    Ember: ...

    Polygon: I suppose we'd best get going over there then. I heard that the sands there are heavenly as well, especially when you're buried in them. But ah well, why stand here talking when we could be traveling?

    Ember: *sigh*

    Twenty minutes later

    Polygon: Well, we're back here at the Pokemon Center.

    Ember: *Listens as the door bells chime, then replies to Polygon* I wonder what will be in store for use there....
  20. Wild Cherry

    Wild Cherry Magma Commander

    This confuses Emily, why are old members rejoining now, why not just leave altogether?

    Read the sentence above the form.

    Sorry .:paden:. I would except you, but I need to know if you can write as much as any of the current members, write a small test fan fic and post it in the Authors cafe, then I'll see about you joining.

    = - - - - - - =

    The sky was a blanket died a purple-black, clouds formed an elysium over the stars and the moon. The light - what was left of it, gazed over the mountain near Cianwood, a small area covered in grass hides in a small plateau on the other side.

    *Suicune and Emily appear from a burst of light, Suicune rears up and Emily falls to the ground*

    Suicune: Cuuuun! *Bolts off over the mountains*

    Em: Unh, nice landing.

    *Emily takes a glance at the surrounding and pauses*

    Em: ... Where am I? I can't hear any water.

    *Emily is sitting on the grass in the plateau*

    Em: Oh crap, *Pulls out her Poketch, which is covered in cracks* my Poketch got busted from all the falls. How am I going to get to Cianwood now?

    The mass of clouds slowly moves over, the bright aurora light from the moon lights up the grass, revealing a rainbow of colours as the grass sways in the wind.

    Em: *-* Wow, thats cool.

    *Turns around - the rocky face shows a small path*

    Em: Oh goody, a way out, c'mon out Sushi.

    *Sushi emerges from its ball, giving off a small yawn and a waving of the arm*

    Em: Hey pal.

    Sushi: Beru!

    Em: C'mon, lets see where this cliff goes.

    Sushi: *Pauses and looks into the sky, the moonlight reflects off Sushi, Sushi sparkles and goes a yellow colour* Beruu!

    Em: Huh? Thats weird, shiny colours?

    Sushi: Beruberto

    Use Rollout to widen the path.

    Sushi: Ber

    *Curls up and furiously spins, speeding into the walls, tearing away and making a bigger walkthrough*

    Em: Thanks.

    Sushi: *Looks scared and waddles back to Emily* B-Beru!

    Em: What is it?

    Sushi: *Pokes a poke ball on Emily's belt and goes inside*

    *Voices are heard in the distance*

    ???: Hehehe, this was the perfect spot, we'll leave the girl here till morning

    ????: 'Chu got that right. And when we come back, BAM, we'll take her to our big brotha

    ???: Yeah, he'll pay us handsomly

    Em: O.O Better go see whats going on.

    *Emily peeks over the small path, two red-heaired men walk off, a young lass is tied to a pole on the ground, she seems unconcious*

    Em: Hey! What did you do to her?

    ???: Its none of your buisness, so shut your mouth biatch.

    Em: *Runs over to the lass, kneels down and looks over her with a glint in her eye* You *******s, you know who that is?

    ????: Yeah, Jasmine.

    ???: *Whispers to the taller one* Hehe. *Both walk close to Emily*

    Em: Weavile!

    Weavile: Wea!

    Em: Ice Beam!

    *Weavile makes a wall of Ice, surrounding Emily, Jasmine and Weavile*

    ???: You won't tell anyone what you saw *Leaps to the top of the wall and jumps down.*

    Weavile: *Slashes the ropes off Jamine and cuts the man in the chest, wounding him, but slightly goes too far and shatters the ice* Weaville!

    Em: Nice work, now, Shadow Cl--

    *A sound of a small sword is heard, everything goes silent*

    Em: Gakh! Ahhh!

    *Em's leg is cut, blood trickles down onto the ground, she collapses in pain and faints from the exhaustion*

    Weavile: *Starts to cry, shakes its head to get rid of the tears, then violently throws slashes everywhere, the two men get small cuts and get onto a fearow and fly off, Weavile runs back and holds Emily, crying.*

    Jimmy: *Swoops off Delta and runs over to Emily* Oh no! C'mon, Gotta get you to a hospital. His Gengar warps from out of the ground and takes Em away* Thanks Gengar. *Jumps back on Delta*

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